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VOLT 2018 Announcement: Limp Bizkit, Skillet, Hungarian Bands

Sorry, my bad, misread. Corrected now.

December is still a few weeks away, and so are the first performer announcements made by Sziget Festival. Its sister festival, VOLT, in turn, is busy pumping out names and selling its early-bird tickets. Today, the festival has revealed a new round of performers to take one of its stages – and its lineup is starting to look attractive. Here they are:

  • Limp Bizkit
  • Skillet
  • Ákos
  • Tankcsapda
  • Quimby
  • Punnany Massif
  • Wellhello
  • Szabó Balázs Bandája

The early-bird ticket sale for VOLT 2018 debuts tomorrow (October 23) and lasts until Saturday (October 25). The tickets are priced as follows:

  • 5-Day Pass €150 (EB) / €193 (full)
  • VIP 5-Day Pass €200 (EB) / €233 (full)
  • 4-Day Pass €100 (EB) / €133 (full)
  • VIP 4-Day Pass €150 (EB) / €177 (full)
  • 3-Day Pass €87 (EB) / €120 (full)
  • VIP 3-Day Pass €133 (EB) / €160 (full)
  • Day tickets (days 1 to 4) €40 (EB) / €50 (full)
  • VIP Day 0 ticket €100 (EB) / €127 (full)
  • VIP Day tickets (days 1 to 4) €73 (EB) / €83 (full)

(The prices include VAT but not the €2 handling fee)

(Photo: VOLT 2018 Facebook page)

33 thoughts on “VOLT 2018 Announcement: Limp Bizkit, Skillet, Hungarian Bands

  1. I hope that rock is not dead at Sziget.
    VOLT has a nice line-up, but I’ve already seen Depeche Mode, Limp Bizkit & Hollywood Undead, so I want to believe that it’s about time to see some new stuff at Sziget, for example Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem etc. Oh, and I would love to see QOTSA, as I wasn’t at the 2014 edition. 😀

  2. Does anyone know when we got the first names last year? Just hoping that we don’t get the new Linkin Park as a headliner or some nonsense.

  3. @Bender two of them have been flagged as spam by the system… perhaps you might want to try another email address?
    later edit: I’ve approved them now. If they get lost again, mail me at istvan@ the website’s address.

  4. @Sziget News ok thanks 🙂

    Anyway The Chemical Brothers live announced for a british festival during Sziget. They may be back.

  5. I guess Snow Patrol will be one of our headliners!
    Arcade Fire announced for Southside/Hurricane.. mid-june. Damn!

  6. Let’s hope so! But as usual, I expect some smaller names in their first announcement.

    I would love Arctic Monkeys and/or Queens of the Stone Age at Sziget 2018!

  7. On this day in 2015 they announced the first names for Sziget 2016. Those were Bring Me the Horizon, Kodaline, M83, MØ, Naughty Boy, John Newman, Parov Stelar & Sigur Rós.

    So I guess that we should get a similar announcement soon…

  8. That was a great first announcement! M83 @ Sziget is still my favorite concert ever, and Sigur Ros was amazing!
    I also enjoyed the last song of BMTH and its moshpit.

    James Blunt announced at a festival in germany just after Sziget…..

  9. Thank God!
    Haven Festival (9.11/08) released a teaser for an announcement on thursday, and… the very beginning and very end of the video clearly suggest Arcade Fire.

    If Arcade Fire plays Sziget I buy my ticket!

  10. Highfield today announced: Billy Talent | Marteria | Broilers | Die Fantastischen Vier | Alligatoah | Dropkick Murphys | The Hives | Kontra K | Editors | Clueso | Madsen | Dendemann | Gogol Bordello | Bosse | Prinz Pi | Antilopen Gang | The Subways | Maximo Park Official | GLORIA | BAUSA | Zugezogen Maskulin | Sondaschule | FJØRT | Swiss & Die Andern | Adam Angst | ITCHY

    No big names and the ones I like among those came to Sziget in recent years. The only ones I’d really like to see and don’t come since 2010 are The Hives. That concert was very very good!

  11. Electric Castle from Romania will announce their first names on the 11th of December… usually some acts of their line-up also play at Sziget.

  12. Although I think that I wont even take in consideration Sziget this year (it became way too expensive for my pocket, unless you’re a partner/promoter), this can be a huge game changer, taken in consideration the promises of the new organizers of bringing more money to the festival and maybe call a huge international exclusive (somebody told about Eminem).

    Eminem + Gorillaz would by my heart, for instance, and I would probably sell a kidney to be there

  13. why would you give your kidney for a widely available artist? don’t pricetag your kidney sooo low…

  14. Gorillaz had an arena show in Budapest, in November & I don’t think they’ll play… it was the same with RHCP, remember?

  15. I still feel connected to Sziget, even if in my opinion it lost a little of its charm in the last years. Gorillaz are kind of everywhere but I couldn’t think of a better party in a festival outside of Sziget; Eminem was the big regret of the last year. Other than that I dont know which big artist I can bow for: Aesop Rock and Brand New ain’t touring for as much as I know, At the Drive In are out, so whatever, I’ll go with the flow.

    So far my big concern is to find a festival who has Gorillaz + best name possible at the lowest price

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