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Vote in the Sziget 2013 lineup poll!

Like we do every year, we’re having a Sziget 2013 lineup poll this year, too.

You can go ahead and vote in it and we’ll take a look at the results on August 5, when the poll will close, too.

With the Sziget 2013 lineup close to being final, we thought it would be a pretty good idea for you to be able to have your say on what Sziget 2013 will be like.

And what better way to do that than out traditional poll?

Of course that you can state your opinion in a comment, too, right after voting. Use the comment form under this article to do so!

So, what are you waiting for? Get voting and make your opinion heard!


399 thoughts on “Vote in the Sziget 2013 lineup poll!

  1. 39 Days to go and we don’t have a full line up to poll. Trying not to be negative but as far as lineups go this is “Very bad”.
    Im really hoping the final announcement will be HUGE and a game changer. However this is unlikely as the have been fobbing us off with tourist information for weeks and lame excuses like Quimby/alice and wonderland etc. Not falling for it next year.

  2. this should be funny LOL
    Seeing as this poll is about the LINE UP
    and not about the SZIGET VIBE/ACTIVITIES

    the lineup is DREADFUL!!!EMPTY AND POOR!!
    even if you compressed all the lineup into a 3-4day festival (which you could easily with only 4 mainstage bands each day when the average festival has 9) it would make the lineup even worse and even more depressing to look at!!
    Poor effort this year!

  3. people saying the value for money is good, but sziget doesn’t have a full lineup each day the same as other fests, they’ve taken a 3-4 day festival and spread it out over 7 days, FOUR main stage acts a day?! ive just got back from Download festival where they have a good NINE acts on each day, same goes for the 2nd stage, and even more in the 3 tents that they have, not only that the quality of the acts they had on the main stage as well, they had last years headliners KoRm 3rd down on the bill, plus bands like slipknot, maiden, rammstein, headlineing, and bands like 30seconds to mars, gaslight anthem, queens of the stone age, motorhead who people have been saying as possible headliners were all 2nd/3rd down the bill, and were all popular in the band wishlists
    so value for money it is not.
    id rather watch all my favourite big bands over 4days than aload of mediocre bands over the space of 7, this years lineup is poor,

  4. I voted for good. The mainstage this year is absolutely shit, the last two slots might make it up a little but it’s still not good. All the other stages on the other hand are actually really great!

  5. I will never buy a Sziget ticket again. Worst lineup in Europe and “Vibe” a smokescreen for an epic rip off.

    Please read my earlier post in the previous thread before judging me too harshly.
    Sziget news won’t allow links to previous pages so I have had to improvise how I present the link. After the “forward slash” you can copy and paste the rest. My argument:

    Announce no Metal stage – fair enough

    szigetnewsdotcom forward slash no-metal-stage-at-sziget-2013/

    Suggest a day -1 heavy metal day headlined by Motorhead

    szigetnewsdotcom forward slash motorhead-at-sziget-2013/

    Metal fans spend the extra 30 euro as everything suggests it will be the same as last year with Metal day on day -1

    Meanwhile, Sziget invite Hungarian bands to pay their respects (cheaply or for free I would suggest) in a day -1 remembrance concert for a Hungarian Pop singer.

    Pocket the money and say it’s about the Vibe this year….

    You have to wonder why Sziget official didn’t announce no metal stage, no metal day and been honest about -1 and day 0 being Eastern European music days early enough for people to make an informed choice. Also why leave it so long before annoucing the 25% reduction in main stage acts and poor daytime lineup?

    Sziget = WOMAD / Arts festival / Glastonbury debate
    Read about the “Soul of Sziget” through the eyes of Fruzsina Szép. Fruzsi is the Programme Director of Sziget Festival and she is one of the 7 Samurais of the World Music Expo this year!

    Sound like a music festival or sound like an arts festival?

    Once you have finished being sick on yourself you will have no option but to come to the conclusion that Sziget is no longer a music festival; it’s an arts World Music Expo further demonstrated by the tacky “Alice in Wonderland” theme of day 0.

    It has been suggested that bands play at Glastonbury for a lower fee than at other festivals so it is unrealistic to expect Sziget to compete. Yes they do and it’s because Glastonbury gives its profits to charity. Now that does demonstrate true hippy values from both the organisers and the bands and this creates the genuine VIBE that Sziget PLC is trying to create

    Sziget official: Give the entire 30 Euro rip off money to charity and prove that you have a Soul.

    @Sziget news: A number of people have been writing about the poor lineup for months, Eddie, lambo, The ships cat, Wibble etc. Sziget hasn’t listened.

    For what it is worth 1 lowest to 5 maximum






  6. Sieget: Oddly enough I was giving my personal opinion on the lineup as I do not have the right to represent others, do you?

  7. You are stating it as if it is a fact, not an opinion. Anyway, I paid 200 euro’s to have a great vacation, and I’m sure I’m gonna get that. Sziget had never been purely about music. And you can’t compare it to other festivals, you only pay LESS than 30 euro’s a day for Sziget, compared to 50-100 euro’s a day for other festivals.

  8. @ Jason, i dont agree with your post also. In the past day 0 and -1 were always filled with hungarian bands. Prince was a lucky year indeed, but dont expect every year this world acts, thats not what Sziget is about and never was.
    Like Sieget says, you pay 30 euros a day and you get some much for it

  9. Anybody know about the tribute stage? I have been to Glastonbudget (yes that is spelt correctly)for the last 4 years and it was a lot of fun. It is mentioned here:

    @Sieget: I have been to perhaps 30 festivals, and all of them sold themselves as having a unique vibe. The vast majority offer non music events; so yes you can compare sziget to other festivals.

    Nobody on this forum is giving anything other than personal opinion.

    @Jason: Spot on, on comments. Bands: Franz fedinand get a 5 for me otherwise near as damn it the same but would like to have given !!! a 0

  10. Why do you complain, just don’t go there if it doesn’t fit you… This is my eight time in a row, I do not come for the music, but for the city, for the island and for the atmosphere. Respect the effort of the crew, organization, the city etc, if not you can easily make a decision not to come…

  11. Your opinion. I’d rather have a full week of great fun than three days full of world known bands. And if you don’t agree, perhaps Sziget is not the festival for you.

  12. I agree with Sieget. Its another festival, its what you like or dont like. its great that you can choose where you fill your summer with. For me that will certainly be Sziget again, never been disappoointed. But if you dont like it, there are choices enough in the world

  13. but I had an amazing time last year, you cant say that as sziget is more different this year than any other year, has less bands less rock and no metal what so ever, so saying sziget is not for me makes no sense, if it was consistently like this then id understand your view but sziget has changed this year, a more accurate statement would be sziget is not for me- anymore. which it isn’t, hense why ive not bought a ticket

  14. I don’t agree that it changed a lot compared to last year. I barely noticed any metal last year, and where I did it was vey low crowded. And the line-up wasn’t really strong either.

  15. It’s funny that last year lots of people were complaining that it was the worst line-up ever, especially Korn was a very bad headliner and now people are complaining there are no acts like Korn. For me it’s a very good line-up this year.

    By the way, did anyone see the acts of the Roma Stage are on and The Kawa Musical Circus has been on Sziget before and they were very nice, so I recommend to go see them!

  16. If I was voting for the people I was going with, I’d have to say ‘bad’ (at best), but I’m voting for me and for me personally I’d have to say ‘not bad’. For me personally it’s OK. No more than OK, but OK nonetheless. I probably prefer it to last year’s line up, but not to any of the ones before that. That doesn’t mean it’s a stronger line up, because it isn’t, but the organisers have managed to land upon a few acts that I wanted to see this year and that’s that really

    Strong points- I love Boys Noize and Tame Impala who released two of my favourite albums of last year, I’ve wanted to see Booka Shade for a long time and Blur are a pretty good headliner. Elsewhere, I’ve got in to La Pegatina who I enjoy, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs could produce a vibrant show, Nero are excellent live and Woodkid is an interesting music/art project which I’ll look forward to. I was disappointed that Empire of the Sun clashed with Tame Impala but given the reviews of their new album it doesn’t seem like too much of loss and I’ve seen them before

    Other acts I don’t mind- Editors, Biffy Clyro, Parov Stelar, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, The Joy Formidable, Erol Alkan, Felix Cartal and John Digweed

    I’d like to see a really cool headliner announced but the odds of getting Daft Punk/Jamiroquai are fairly low. I’d settle for Kings of Leon/Arctic Monkeys even though they are fairly uninspiring choices (both have toured extensively and both released their best music 5+ years ago). If more electronic acts are TBA I’d like to see Vitalic and Moderat added to the line up in the tents, and during the day in the tents I’d like to see some interesting non-electronic music (last year they had Agnes Obel who I saw at Werchter and was brilliant, someone along those lines would be much appreciated)

  17. We have a right to complain when we buy early based on the legacy of this festival. Apart from last year it has been consistent in catering for all tastes with artists of a certain calibre. You seem to be forgetting that this is a business that competes with other festivals, many of which are offering more for you money. As a customer i have every right to be disappointed with the outright exclusion of any single genre. To alter the demographic AFTER we have bought tickets is shameful, they could have been honest and said “No metal stage and no metal day” but they wanted metal fans to buy tickets. Everyone saying the vibe/atmosphere matters more are correct, it does matter more. However it is US that bring the vibe/atmosphere not the organizers, its their job to provide (In their own words) “The most awesome line-up ever”. It is far from that currently. Eliminating metal acts (and with it their fans) is akin to a form of prejudice. If they don’t want our money or attendance then they should have been honest about it.
    To those of you telling us to stop whining, be aware that its people like us that help preserve the ethos of a good festival. Telling us to go to a 3 Day with well known artists… What do you think Sziget will be if this corporate back stabbing continues?

  18. There is no guarantee that a festival is exactly the same as the year before, therefore you take a risk buying early birds, hence the price. You can’t complain that they changed things and that you have been fooled. They never claimed to have a metal stage nor did they deny it. And if you think all the organizers have to do is bring an awesome line-up you are kind of short-sighted.

  19. @Sieget: You misunderstood everything i said. My decision was based on the legacy of this festival. I referenced “last year” as being the only other year where bands have been of low calibre and devoid of real metal representation.

  20. @ky: i dont think the ethos of sziget changed. ok there s no metalname announced yet, but who says it doesnt come? hungarian bands were always booked during the first days. there s still a lot of variety and it will be a week of good music and fun again night and day. thats why i bought my early ticket

  21. I don’t know why so many people disagree with the 2 Hungarian days. its a Hungarian music and arts festival…in Hungary! The Hungarians deserve a bit of thier own music seeing as 70% of the people that go are foreign and the rest of the festival has next to no Hungarian music. Its not supposed to be an invasion guys!

    Its going to be great, and the line up is very diverse this year! more than last year I think.

  22. If you can’t enjoy a festival without a great line-up then you shouldn’t buy a ticket based on a ‘legacy’, especially not if the previous year wasn’t to your liking either. Rather bad excuse.

  23. It’s been a long read after a day of studying, but there are some things I want to comment on because I think they’re not right.

    Maybe I’ve missed it, but unlike last year I haven’t seen any suggestion by Sziget that they would have the best line-up ever this year. If ky or anyone else can show me where such a thing has been suggested, please show me.

    I also haven’t seen anything coming from Sziget that suggests there would be a metal day again this year.

    The Motorhead rumor, I don’t think it came from Sziget. If it was on the website of Motorhead, it was probably a mistake by their web team. If it was on the website of Motorhead at all, because I still haven’t seen any screenshot yet.

    The Iron Maiden rumor, probably you and I could have posted something similar with a random big act and Sziget News would have posted about it too.

    Jason, your suggestion about Sziget trying to lure metal fans, let them pay their money and then disappoint them, seems nonsense to me. Of course you can be disappointed, but I don’t think Sziget made any suggestion there would be more metal than there is now. Maybe Sziget News did, but again that’s not Sziget.

    The only info about metal coming from Sziget, as far as I can remember, are the comment by the Sziget Italia Facebook administrator that there would be metal hosted on other venues than the metal stage and the text aladi_ruals posted a few days ago listing metal as one of many genres.

    Because many of you are saying there is no metal at all:

    Wikipedia says Enter Shikari plays electronicore, post-hardcore, alternative METAL and METALcore.

    Wikipedia says Skunk Anansie plays punk rock, indie rock, alternative METAL, britrock and alternative rock.

    I know both above are questionable, but about Linea 77 there can be no doubt: nu METAL, funk METAL, alternative METAL.

    This makes both the comment by Sziget Italia and the text on the website correct.

    Besides that, maybe there is more to come. On the Hungarian stage there could be some metal bands, on the cover band stage there could be some metal bands and maybe on some other small stages too. Maybe even the Saturday headliner will be a metal band.

  24. Days -1 and 0 have always been for Hungarian music as far as I was aware, prince was a one of and the metal stage no day 0 last year was an afterthought/peacemaking exercise aimed at pacifying the metal fans.

    I personally think some people ie. sieget, warre etc. are somewhat missing the point saying don’t buy early bird tickets when you don’t know what the line-up is, we in the UK have to commit early otherwise you end up paying an extra £200-300 quid for flights and hotels so its not an option to wait to see if we like the line-up.

    I would just like to point out that I bought my tickets and flights in January and at that point Download, Reading/Leeds, T in the park, Glastonbury and V festivals all had very close to complete line-ups whilst sziget had released very few bands at all and even now with just over a month to go they haven’t completed the line-up, Why? Why am I not able to make an early decision based on the line-up? why cant they announce their structural changes and decisions early giving people time to make their decisions?

    People are forced to make their decisions based on legacy because if they didn’t there would never be anybody new there.

    Wow @Hungry 1 band and 2 tedious links(i can change wikipedia to say pretty much anything, it doesnt make it true) does not make the festival cater for metal fans.

    Rock party at Linea 77 metal fans!!!!!!!!!!

  25. @Hungry: Even though I have a different opinion to you, I have got to say that you are my favourite poster. I am a college lecturer and whatever you are studying I suspect you are going to do well. Now get back to work.

    Can anybody else give me a breakdown of their main stage line-up ratings please?

  26. @aladi_ruals: I’m just saying it’s not true that there is no metal at all, not that Sziget caters well for metal fans. 😉

    @Jason: Thank you.

  27. I’m not sure why anyone’s criticising anyone for buying an Early Bird Sziget ticket. It’s probably the last festival in Europe to announce its full line up so people don’t really have a lot of choice. I’m really not sure why they delay the announcement of one of their headline acts every year. I’ve read posts on here suggesting that it’s because Hungarians buy tickets late, but surely they can still buy them late if the line up is announced earlier? Even if this improves their chances of pulling in Hungarian guests, it massively diminishes their prospects of fans from the International market, many of whom choose between a number of festivals each year based purely on line ups and not because of any ‘vibe’

    I’m different from that point of view in many ways. I decided on Sziget this year because I was only available in August and wanted to check out one of the major festivals that I haven’t been to before (I have visited Leeds, Glastonbury, Coachella, Benicassim, Werchter, Sonisphere, Hurricane and a number of smaller festivals in the past). It has a reputation for producing good line ups, non-musical activities, an excellent atmosphere and has the bonus of being situated in a major city. The line up has fallen down this year (as it did last year to be fair) but it won’t spoil my party. However, I can see why it has disappointed some people

  28. I’m just saying that it you go purely for the music, sziget is not the festival for you. And announcing the full line-up just before the festival is also part of the Sziget legacy.

  29. As for the mainstage ratings:


  30. That’s not a legacy that’s a deficiency, as times get tougher for the festival and across Europe generally they are only losing out announcing the line-up so late. People have to plan holidays ahead of time they cant just drop everything and go so are more likely to chose somewhere else and lets face it the average wage in hungary means the festival has to target a lot more outsiders. The headliners bring fans with them why announce a headliner at the last minute it makes no sense from a marketing point of view get them out early and give more time for ticket sales.





    SUNDAY AUGUST 11, AZEALIA BANKS 0, THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM 3, FRANZ FERDINAND 1, DAVID GUETTA -1928747738 hope he falls off stage and is replaced with a cd player but then again nobody will tell the difference.

    the ? means I’m of an open mind so ask me after the festival 🙂

  31. I’d rather ‘rate’ the main stage by three categories

    1) Would happily see- Blur
    2) Happy to see if there’s no one else on- Dizzee Rascal, Nick Cave, Biffy Clyro, Editors, David Guetta
    3) Have no real intention of seeing- Alex Clare, Skunk Anansie, Die Arzte, Regina Spektor, Ska-P, Mystery Jets, !!!, Seeed, Enter Shikari, Mika, Azealia Banks, The Gaslight Anthem, Franz Ferdinand

  32. Hmmm, lemme chip in on this main stage rating.


  33. I know its not exactly proof but if you check the facebook page you will see:

    Sziget Festival Official Marti Stybaniewicz: We’ve been working hard and doing our best to present the most awesome lineup ever. We’d really appreciate if you’d be just a tiny little bit more patient to see, it was worth the wait. Thank you.
    Monday at 18:47 · Like · 3


    Paul-Arthur Jonville
    How much Artist will be add in the Line-up please ? 🙂
    Like · · 5 hours ago
    Tobias Lux likes this.

    Sziget Festival Official A lot!

    A lot ey? Interesting! They also say numerous times today that the line-up will be announced very soon.

  34. OOOhhh and this:

    Mike Chapman
    Either you are struggling to confirm big acts … Or … You have a major kick ass line up coming our way? Which one is it???
    Like · · 20 June at 20:31
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    Sziget Festival Official Definitely the latter… You’ll see!
    Monday at 18:36 · Like

  35. The organisation will always claim their line-up to be awesome, it gives hope but don’t get to much hope lol.

  36. We’ve been here before though building up expectations only for them to be let down with an underwhelming announcement. I’m just hoping for an announcement with a less electronic feel to it for all those who’s musical tastes don’t involve the constant thud thud thud that dance music provides.

    Just off subject does anyone know if the Jack Daniels bar is returning this year?

  37. I agree, I love electronic too but there’s enough of it now. And Jack Daniels is on the sponsor list so it’s likely.

  38. It seems weird for them to post saying there’s a lot to be announced and they’re looking to provide the ‘most awesome line up ever’ when there appears to be about ten slots available on the major stages. There’s also inconsistency regarding when said names are going to be announced. Some posts have said ‘in the next few weeks’ whereas others have said ‘VERY soon’ which suggests in the next week (or so has been the case so far this year)

  39. ‘(Very) soon’ is relative, they just say that so people get excited but they still don’t have to commit to a date.

  40. It doesn’t specify what there is going to be the most awesome line-up of though, it may be the most awesome line-up ever of clowns on the circus stage for all we know 😛

  41. I love Sziget festival, but we need some big names in the line-up. Rammstein, System of a Down, The Gossip, Foo Fighters, Muse, Radiohead, ect.

  42. Gossip really aren’t in the same league as those other bands. I have no idea why you included them!

  43. Could it be possible that Chuckie takes Slash with him to Sziget because they play Tomorrowland together?

  44. Sziget is like a holiday and festival all in one to me. And I go for the sziget atmosphere more than the bands these days. But the bands do add to the atmosphere as well and I do under stand that sziget band annonces are later than other festivals it just seems it has now peaked with the bands it has hosted and also with the cull on the metal/rock stage it is on a downward spiral (no pun) with the bands it hosted there .

  45. @ Eddie Maybe they’re not in the same league as the other bands, but, believe it or not, The Gossip are a great live band. I caught them by accident in a small tent in a festival a few years back and they were brilliant – the best party band ever – check them out if you can!

    Regarding Enter Shikara & Skunk Anansie being metal – well, I’ve seen them both at festivals, and I’d rate ES as being heavy electronica for kids & SA as alternative rock. I wouldn’t rate either of them as being metal – in fact, I didn’t rate either of them much!

    Finally, I can’t believe I’m reading posts here from people saying that they don’t go to music festivals for the music – huh?!?! Why not save your money and get a city break or, for those of you who are UK based, why not get down to your local county show and watch the sheep dog trials?

  46. I don’t think I have ever seen such a polarised discussion. Just from the comments made here there is a clear pattern; UK visitors to Sziget are pissed off with the line-up; mainland Europe visitors are generally fine with it. As has been pointed out already, the reason is obvious.

    UK visitors have the additional cost of flights and have to mitigate this cost by booking early bird tickets based on past line-ups. The cost of the flight is, especially from Northern UK visitors like me, more than the ticket price and I’m afraid we expect a good vibe and good bands, not one or the other.

    Please don’t write that Sziget is not about the bands because if Sziget feels the same as you then don’t expect UK visitors.

    Sziget, you are not Glastonbury. You are lucky enough to have the best location of any festival (including Glastonbury) that I have ever attended. This does not mean you can get away having only 4, 4 main stage acts. Just to put that in perspective, Reading (9 main stage acts daily), Glastonbury (8 or 9 daily), RockWercher (7) the next lowest I can find anywher in Europe is Benicàssim at( 6)Even if Sziget had a full line-up !!! and Azealia Banks should not be anywhere near the main stage, it’s embarrassing.

  47. Jason, that’s a bad excuse. Just because you are from the UK doesn’t mean you have to go by plane, there’s plenty other ways of traveling. Besides, like 90% of the people I know from my country go by plane too.

  48. I am from Finland and going to travel by plane. I booked flights and hotel and bought early bird ticket in March. This is my third Sziget (2009, 2011) and I am really excited to attend again this year. Personally, I’m fine with the line-up. Of course I would like to see bands like Foo Fighters performing on Sziget, but I am also happy to discover new bands that I don’t know yet. That’s what Sziget holiday is all about for me (and of course partying and exploring Budapest bars and Spas).

    I have not been following newest music trends or what is hot in UK or Netherlands etc. For example, The Editors that many of you have given good points in your ratings: I don’t know a single song of them 😀 And also Tame Impala, I don’t understand what is so great about their music. I have tried to listen but I just don’t get it.

    After listening to the Sziget playlist on Spotify and based on my preivous experiences, I’m waiting to see for example bands Biffy Clyro (seen), Bad Religion, Ska-P (seen), Parov Stelar, Zaz, Hadouken! (seen), PASO (seen), Leningrad, Flogging Molly (seen many times), Gaslight Anthem, Franz Ferdinand and Nick Cave.

  49. Editors aren’t hot in the UK. I’m not convinced they ever were either, as they lacked an edge even at their best (first two albums). That doesn’t mean I don’t like them, I prefer them to Biffy personally, but their last two albums haven’t been very good and they’ve never got above mid-main stage slots in the UK.

  50. Im from london, and me and the 10 people im coming with (on my recommendation based on last year) are all very excited about going, and have had no complaints from them – in fact there are some very good names there but because they are not big names people start shitting themselves.

    But then they are smart enough to know if you buy a ticket to a gig where you dont know what the gig is yet (early bird), then you might be dissapointed with the music! But at least with sziget the good times will always be there.

    By the way, if I remember correctly the line up last year had far worse votes at this time, and rightly so because I though last year the line up was pretty poor. But I had one of the best times of my life! So far I havnt seen a single post that talks about how crap sziget was last year due to the music. Because it wasnt. you were all too busy having fun and enjoying that vibe you all like to shoot down now.

    Discuss the line up yes, but a valuable lesson that was learned last year was that the line up at sziget definatly does not dictate how good sziget will be. Stop criticizing sziget because ultimately you know you will have a good time “based on past experiences”. Just enjoy the festival, If not and your all still bitter about it when you are there, then just go find a tree on the island to sit under and sulk for the whole time, or dont go at all and save yourself the stress because its not worth the money! I’m sure everyone would rather that then some raging music snobs acting pissed off and taking over the place.

  51. @Sieget: I can’t help but feel you type before you think. I cannot get to Budapest cheaper than the 210 euro I paid for the return flight by either train or car.

    I could cycle but the 2182km is a little longer than my current personal best of 18km. I could perhaps swim to mainland Europe but I only have my Bronze swimming certificate and don’t like swimming where I can’t touch the bottom anyway. Is the Sea deep do you know?

  52. @Nick: Personally I thought last year’s main stage line-up excellent.

    > This year I would pay to see Blur and Nick Cave and perhaps Franz Ferdinand.

    > Last year Stone Roses, Killers, Vaccines, Noah and the Whale, The XX (Who were poor as it happens)Placebo, Snoop & Glasvegas

    Yes it’s subjective but the main stage schedule has been cut to 4 acts, 2 lower than at any other festival in Europe and half that of most.Do you not in any way feel a little disappointed about that? The acts that are playing the undercard are also average at best or do you disagree? Is there any chance that you and your friends could list your band ratings for this year’s main stage line-up?

    All of the other stages have a good schedule (unless you like metal) but I was hoping to sit in the sun rather than be stood in a tent.

    As for the voting button on this site: I would take that with a pinch of salt. It is very easy to place multiple votes if you have a mind to do so.

    Sziget will be excellent and nobody is going there to sulk, but who in their right minds believes the line-up does not matter at a music festival?

    Every business aims to satisfy its customers and to improve year on year. I am hoping Sziget official is reading the comments and taking on board all of the comments, both positive and negative. Sziget the business should of course take on board the positive comments and continue doing the majority of things very well indeed. It should also recognise a theme in the negative comments and work on them, this year there are 3.

    1.Before early bird tickets become unavailable, announce the general themes of days -1 and day 0 (Metal day, Hungarian Remembrance Day etc.)

    2.Have at least 6 acts on the main stage (I am in Hungry for the guaranteed sunshine and want to be outdoors) If these could not be terrible (e.g. !!!) that would also be an advantage

    3.Don’t ostracise one music fan demographic, this year Metal fans

    You have then got rid of 99% of all complaints and everyone can be happy.

  53. I paid 200 euros for my flight ticket aswell, and I’m pretty sure you can get cheaper if you go by car with some other people, or even solo by train.

  54. Paul-Arthur Jonville
    How much Artist will be add in the Line-up please ? 🙂
    Lubi? to! · · 20 godz. temu
    Tobias Lux lubi to.

    Sziget Festival Official A lot!
    19 godz. temu · Lubi? to! · 2

  55. Die Ärtze, Azealia Banks, Besh o droM, The Bots, Deichkind, Dubioza Kolektiv, Emir Kusturica, Fanfara Tirana, Figli di Madre Ignota, Flogging Molly, Hadouken!, La Pegatina, Leningrad, Noisia, Pannonia Allstars, Parov Stelar, Seeed, Ska-P, Skip&Die, Skunk Anansie, Söndörgo…

    And that’s just my A-list… add to that all the fillers and discoveries and again Sziget’s lineup is excellent for me.

    (Just needs Russkaja, Black Sun Empire and Paramore and I’m voting best ever.)

  56. Jason, I agree with you if you are only talking about the main stage. Who wouldn’t want to see even more established artists!

    We cant compare our own opinions on last years and this years line up, because its impossible as you can only base these on personal music taste…for example… I would give or take the Stone roses (and they were really boring live, i nearly fell asleep during thier 12 minute rendition of ‘waterfall’), I cant stand the killers, The Vaccenes do nothing for me, the XX are a band to listen to at home on your hi-fi, Glasvegas had one same old average boring song, Placebo are cool, Snoop was really fun, but not something I usually listen to.

    This year’s is far more suited to my music taste based on studio music, Blur being a favorite band of mine and graham Coxon being the reason I picked up a guitar (and Jonne Greenwood but I can only dream of Radiohead playing sziget nowdays). Nick Cave and the bad seeds I think are great, and will put on a great show I think. Don’t like Franz Ferdinand at all. Biffy will be fun and I’m a big fan of thier first 2 albums, hopefully they play some older stuff! Dizzee notoriously puts on a great show…I could write on forever!

    Also dont forget the amount of talent on the smaller stages. Its not all about the main stage, and it never should be. There are some really interesting acts playing and the live dance music may come as a pleasant surprise, or it may not – you never can tell with live music, that is why the ‘vibe’ of a festival is so important in case the live act is below average.

    I appreciate that people are pissed off because last year I was a little deflated by the line up too. But I still went, and found some awesome bands and music that otherwise I would be watching an expensive big name, were amazing! So I was almost glad. Hence I said to myself I will definitely be here in 2013.

    Also I think this whole band rating thing is totally unfair because this is I presumably based on hearing a couple of tunes and recorded music rather than a live performance. LMFAO I still cant stand to listen to but I watched them because I thought it might be fun. They were awesome fun – still crap music but awesome fun! Who really cares that much when you have a couple of Unicom shots in your belly?

    Agreed sziget official should DEFINITELY take note of the complaints. This is very important. As part of a successful buisness model you need to recognise what people like and dont like, and if you just ignore this and do your own thing your business will eventually fizzle out and die or move location. Hopefully a few things change next year and sziget wins back some of the people who they offended/dissapointed, but for now with less than a month to go whats done is done and we should all be getting excited rather than filling forums with stories of regret and anger.

    I also don’t want to sound like I’m defending them in anyway I am merely expressing my outlook on the whole negativity that is on this site. The bottom line is that you cant judge a festivals success by line up ALONE. line up helps, yes, but it is by far the be all and end all.

    I just know It’s going to be a really really successful festival. its what you make it so make it FUN!

    Sorry for the obcene length of my post!!!

  57. Even though I’m really looking forward to this year, it’s probably going to be the last time. Not because of disappointing lineups since i never really cared about that, but because they removed lots of stages that made Sziget great. I really miss the jazz stage, the metal stage, the medusa, and the original party arena which went on until early morning; they were great additions which made the festival more diverse and enjoyable. The only positive thing they changed is the payment system.

    Still going to be a great week, but after that, it’s time to move on to a different festival.

  58. @Sieget:
    1. Engage brain
    2. Decide what you want to say
    3. Do some research to see if your arguement makes sense
    4. If you still think it’s worth saying, post it and wait for feedback
    5. Get a friend to check your sziget flight tickets as you might have joined the army by mistake

  59. @Sieget

    For me it is roughly 1300 miles so in my car it would cost me around €700+ in petrol I can only fit 2 other people in the car(with luggage) so thats still €233+ each without parking, tolls etc and I’m the only one I know going from England(I meet people there from all over europe). My flights cost me €240 so door to door it would be about €280 (and I dont have to drive) its also 2-3 days less holiday I have to take from work, from England flying is the only realistic way of getting there. Flights are currently over €400 so we have to book early to get the costs down and we STILL dont have a full line-up or even a full line-up of headliners.

    All we want is for the headliners and an idea of what stages are going to be cancelled or introducd to be announced early like every other festival around europe so we can decide that perhaps this year Sziget is not for us.

    It would be interesting if the lineup was mainly rock/metal to see what the reaction would be, I think the people who are complaining would switch around quite a lot.

  60. I haven’t been to Sziget before but it sounds like they had all these awesome stages so everyone who came for the main line up loved it because of all the extra stuff as well. Now they’ve removed a lot of the extra stuff and the main line up is clearly not of the same caliber (opinions aside, the last two years have had much weaker line ups on paper whether you like the bands or not). This is probably due to finances but I do think they could have had it clear to people earlier that their favourite stage/genre was going to be missing from the festival. It doesn’t effect me really, I don’t like metal music (two of the most boring gigs I’ve ever seen (in my eyes) were Rammstein and Metallica, they just aren’t for me) and I haven’t been to the festival before so I don’t know what I’ve missed on the smaller stages but I can totally understand why people are complaining

    A couple of years ago I went to Benicassim when it started producing really weak line ups, and there was definitely a feel around the place that it wasn’t what it once was. I hope this isn’t the case with Sziget, though if they announce a really good Saturday headliner I’ll be fairly happy with the line up anyway

  61. @ Jason, keep respect for someone’s post, its about personal taste. if the trip becomes too expensive, there are enough nice festivals in the area. The big headliners of Sziget always come in late, thats the risk you take with buying an early bird ticket. Last year i bought also an early ticket, eg.even though Snoop Dogg isnt my kind of music, it was a great performance that night.
    This year, there also lot of names to be announced. so sit back, relax, and look forward to a great Sziget again.
    About the hungarian bands: they always had their place during the first two days, and i think it must be possible to keep it that way. its fun to discover unknown bands and talents. When you go to Werchter you have indeed a better line-up, but after the last gig everything is done. In Sziget you have so much more, so yes its not only the line-up that makes Sziget a great experience. But offcourse it matters too. Personally im happy with the line-up, all people im going with are looking forward to an amazing week again like every year, but again thats personal taste (or maybe thinking positive and enjoying the good things).

  62. @ Eddy: maybe some smaller stages are yet to come, like Hungry said in an earlier post here: Roma stage has already some nice names

  63. Jason, you argue like a three-year-old.

    Get a cheap diesel station car, can fit 4-5 people including luggage. If you don’t know anyone with such a car then you can buy one cheap for a few hundred pounds/euros and sell it afterwards, only costs you insurance for a month. Toll is barely anything.

    I know for a fact that from The Netherlands a train ticket to Budapest is around 100-140 euros, getting from England to The Netherlands for sure isn’t more than 140 euros.

    Busses I honestly don’t know, but can’t be over 300 euros I assume, so that’s three alternatives already.

  64. Anyway, the new Moderat is out today, it’s REALLY good and they’re amazing live. They also have a Sziget-sized gap in their tour schedule. I really hope they’ve been booked!

  65. Do they not see that by announcing the headliners late they only lose out? I cant speak for other countries but generally people in England book summer holidays well in advance so even if a massive headliner comes in for the saturday it wont make a difference to tickets sales.

    Its so mind numbingly infuriating I just want to grab the organisers and shake them violently to knock the sense into them. And if anyone points out that the headliners traditionally come late I know but they shouldn’t.

    The lineup is the bait to get new people to experience the festival for the first time without the lineup they will go elsewhere.


    @Eddie you will have a good time even without the lineup its a great experience whether it will entice you back for another round is another thing.

  66. Why is it so hard to understand that Sziget is a complete package deal festival experience? It’s NOT about headliners. There are plenty of other festivals with better lineups, but they don’t have the atmosphere, weather, diversity, Budapest, etc etc. I repeat, Sziget is NOT about headliners. Those who skip it because of the lack of headliner announcements are not to be missed.

  67. @sieget its a massive hassle to save 10-20 euros isnt it? Last year I left my front door at 13:30 and arrived at my hotel at 19:30 If I were to go by bus or train or hovercraft or amphibius world war 2 landing craft it would take me the best part of 2 days to get there. So I will just get the early bird ticket the early flights and save myself the hassle, thanks for the advice though 🙂

    Eddie Palinka is not great it creates a whole new world of head pain the next morning 😛 same as unicum

  68. I think you missed my point. It’s not about saving 10-20 euros. You guys say that you MUST book early else you have to pay 400+ euros. With my three alternatives I tell you that you don’t have to book early to get a ‘cheap’ transport.

  69. @ Rb Kaper I give up!!!! Headliners attract new people who then come back for the experience and increase the overall attendence for the next year which creates an experience for the next lot of newbies its a self fulfilling profacy.

    If Sziget in the previous 25 years hadn’t had some huge headliners YOU for one would never have gone there in the first place and it would still be a small mainly hungarian festival that nobody else knows about. Come back in 5 years and see where the festival is without big headliners.

  70. @sieget What actually happens in england is people either buy early bird or dont go at all. I go regardless so will be booking up in january next year even if they get rid of music completely 🙂

  71. @ Rob and Aladi: i agree with Rob, i never went to Sziget first time because of the headliners. Off course its nice to have some nice big names on it, but for me there s much more that made me decide to go first time. And now i go again for same reasons 🙂

  72. @Rob Kaper Just out of interest what made you go that year? and having looked there were some fairly big bands there 😛

  73. I think what people outside the UK possibly don’t realise is that festivals here sell out a lot quicker. Glastonbury sells out in September (over 170,000 tickets) in an hour before even one band has been announced, Leeds/Reading used to sell out in an hour before they screwed over their fanbase and T in the Park and V used to sell out within a week before the recession

  74. @Aladi_ruals: I was dating a Hungarian girl and therefore happened to be in Budapest in August.

    These days I’m a seasoned festival attendee and I usually make my picks long before lineups are announced. It’s easy to look up what kind of festival one can expect based on reports from previous years and to me Sziget has plenty of attractive qualities that it does not need to depend too much on headliners.

    Of course you need a few bigger names, but it is definitely not the foremost quality of Sziget nor the direction I think the festival needs to go.

  75. To be fair, the line up was far from the most important factor in me choosing to visit Sziget. I’m 24 now and have been to well over 20 major festivals. Frankly, I’ve seen most of the potential headliners likely to turn up on any line up inc. Nick Cave, Blur and Biffy Clyro. All I wanted was an interesting, diverse line up that catered for the needs of the people I’m coming with as well as myself. Does it suit me? Yes. Does it suit them? Not really. We’ll all enjoy it regardless as we’ve booked an apartment/hostel in Budapest and we’re all treating it like a city break/festival which means that the line up is less important, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t appreciate some big names to round it off. I’ve commented on here a number of times that I think the tents are really strong, but the main stage needs a lot of work

  76. @eddie

    There’s plenty other festivals near the UK that don’t sell out quickly. I mean, if Sziget is an option, why not other European festivals?

  77. I am not a fan of Facebook or Twiiter, anyone had any contact from the organisers or know where @John Doe (Think that’s the right spelling) is hiding?

    Last year Mr Doe was able to name 9 out of 10 bands days before they were officiall announced.

  78. Sieget, I can only speak for myself. I am a teacher and so only have a six week period in which I can attend festivals which has ruled out Werchter, Hurricane and Glastonbury this year (all three I would have considered). I have always fancied trying Sziget, but my point isn’t about that really. People in the UK are used to planning which festival they want to visit months in advance. I had decided on Sziget before last year’s festival. By the time the entire Sziget line up is announced most European festivals have either sold out or have actually occurred which means you have to take a calculated gamble regarding the line up. For me it wasn’t much of a gamble as the line up wasn’t the most important thing, but for other people it is and it has been disappointing for them. I have no problem with this and I’m not sure why anyone else does

  79. First of all
    Day Zero is very very diaspointing. No international act at all. Quimby may be famous in Hungary, it’s not in the rest of the world.
    It is also pitty that there is no metal at all.
    On the other side: the World Stage always gives surprises. Also on the other stages there are lots of unknown bands and artists. Hope they suprise me. So: mixed feelings, but it sure isn’t a very good line up

  80. John Doe was killed in late 2012 by a Hungarian secret service agent for giving away his countries secrets, mainly the designs for the new rubix cube and designs for a biro that works in space.

  81. No, not ‘only six weeks’, ‘only a six week period’ available for me to go away. I cannot pick and choose the dates of my holidays. There is a clear difference between the two and I would never complain about my six week holiday filled with lie ins, the Ashes and a week long trip to Budapest 😉

  82. @Aladi_ruuals: Ahh that explains things; don’t mess with the Allamvedelmi Osztaly. As for the Biro that can write in space, the Russians use a pencil:)

    Enter Shikari live at Glstonbury were really quite good. If you want to get a feel for how other Sziget bands will sound live, Dizzee Rascal & Tame Impala are live later today on the BBC website

    If your not in the UK you might need to use a proxy server

  83. That’s just too easy Jason 🙂

    And Eddie, maybe you can’t go to any festival you want, but six weeks in the summer is a reeeaaally long vacation period with a loooooot of festivals every week.

  84. I have voted for ‘not bad’ because I am going for the vibe, the feeling, the people, the weather, and not only for the line-up =) Normally I have a list of bands I want to see, but 90% of the time I can’t even see all the bands I want to see because I am having a good time on the other side of the Island with my friends.. so yeah, I actually like this line up, there is only one band I want to see right now and that is Flogging Molly (that one is important) and I’m going to watch the Hungarian bands @ -1 day because those artists rock, I love them =) If they announce some of my other fav. bands, then I will go see those as well =) but I am going for the festival+everything else and not only for the music =)

  85. @Sieget: I like easy like I liked your easy mama 🙂

    Love and stuff all the way from the UK which you can come and visit by hiring a cheap diesel car and driving over with friends:)

  86. Uhm, I know Sziget is not about line-ups but I have been lucky enough to go on 2009 and 2011 and those line-ups were HUGE! I hoped they would have done something really cool for their 20th anniversary but unless they announce something like Daft Punk and My Bloody Valentine this year is gonna be one of the poorest of all time.

  87. Just been to the Sziget facebook site. Someone asked when the remaining acts would be annouced and how may main stage acts per day. The reply was “In the next few weeks and “4 or 5 acts per day as usual”

    I have checked the main stage line-up for the last 4 years and it has always been 5 per day, never 4 so they are being dishonest. Still as we all thought it was only 4 this year there is a chance of more acts unless thats a lie too?

  88. aladi and jason are you guys killing your own festival mood? funny to read this. good there are some people like sieget who look forward. last year there were complaints aboit the line up too. but afterwards everybody had a great time. this year will be amazing again, the total package

  89. @eddie, a few festivals in the same period as Sziget are lowlands(was sold out in less than a hour, with no names announced) and pukkelpop.

    I am going to pukkelpop, because they announced there acts on time. The fans of pukkelpop are this year complaining as well, they think there line up is poor. i disagree, there lineup is great. To name a few: prodigy, eminem, Nero, slayer, deftones, triggerfinger, Neil young, the xx, nine inch nails, knife party. It has a little bit of everything, the main thing sziget is missing this year..

    I was at sziget on 2011, I went for the headliners, I wanna come back for the atmosphere. But still there need a few great acts, to make it worth my money to go. Sziget, has nice acts, but announced them way too late. And so it became way to expensive to go to Sziget.

  90. Nah 2011 was the total package since then Sziget is somewhat diluted.

    Don’t get me wrong I will have a great time because of the weather and the people I am with but I’m not fooling myself by saying there isn’t a thousand other places I could be and be having the same great time with the same group of people.


    Colorful musical genres Roma Tent at Sziget Festival MTI / PRAE.HU Indian circuses, French guitar music, traditional Serbian and Hungarian Vlach Gypsy brass music for those interested in the Roma Tent Yeni Raki 7 August to 11 August at the Sziget Festival in Budapest. This year’s Yeni Raki Roma Tent is named after one of Turkey’s favorite drink. First occur in Hungary Roma musicians from the band Mascarimiri southern Italy Salernóból – informed the organizers of the MTI. A day in the mystical, magical stage show of the Kawa Musical Circus Radzsasztánból in India and take part in the daily Snétberger Music Talent Center students. Will feature international performers Dutch Amariszi Balkan-sounding band, the French Lacto Drom, Christophe Lartilleux manouche guitarist band, living in France, Spanish gypsy Juan de Lerida, the Tsigunz Fanfara Avantura named Polish team, the Bulgarian Balkan Khans formation Terne Chave and the Czech Roma and non-Roma musicians comprising both combined. Serbia-traditional Guca brass festival comes to Slobodan Salijevic Orchestra and there will be Phurikane After Fanfara Transilvania Transylvania and the wind band as well. Action of gypsy music authentically interpreting Stars of Kanizsa band, and the band Harmonia Garden stílusötvözet? special.Concerts in Rome Hungaricum State Folk Ensemble, the band will entertain Vojasa mainly of traditional Hungarian-Rumanian gypsy music the audience. Closing day of the festival, cimbalom player Kalman Balogh and the Gipsy Cimbalom Band music of the Baltic and Balkan concert closes this year’s program of the Roma Tent. 

  92. I doubt they have the budget for the rolling stones.

    @sieget its all about the vibe nothing to do with the music

  93. Just listened to the “Calexico” set at Glastonbury, absolutely brilliant

    @Sieget, if the Stones played Sziget you know you would be there. I am 99.9% certain this won’t happen but we can all dream!

    The last act could be any of these going on their tour schedules:
    Kings of Leon
    Iggy and the Stooges (my least favourite option)
    Iron Maiden

    Can’t be Florence and the machine or Neil young as they are playing elsewhere. It isn’t likely to be Kraftwerk as they have gigs either side of the 10th in Scandinavia.
    Anyone spotted any other possibilities?

  94. @Aladi, that would make it a perfect Sziget act wouldn’t it 🙂

    @Jason, depends on what other acts are playing. If it’s like yesterday I’d definitely go for Chase & Status instead of those old guys. It’s all about nostalgia, they should’ve stopped a long time ago.

  95. @Aladi_Ruals i’m very bored about this “Sziget is all about the vibe nothing to do with the music”. That’s not true. Sziget’s vibe is the most important thing but we’re talkin’ about a MUSIC festival. Music is very important.

  96. Bender I 100% agree with you the comment was a sarcastic dig at sieget who was saying the rolling stones were terrible 🙂

  97. Music is very important, but not always mainstage headliners. That’s a personal preference and I understand for some Sziget lacks good names in that area. For others like me the remaining lineup however is more than good. Especially the world music stage is always a Sziget specialty.

  98. i agree with rob, world music stage will be good again and the rest of the line up is certainly ok, and still names to come. together with all the other good things at Sziget it will be a good year again. one month to go!

  99. Quite a few sites giving away Sziget tickets in competitions now. Tell-tale sign that they are struggling to sell out

  100. Explain? Sziget hardly ever sells out and these competitions exist as marketing opportunity for almost every festival, including the ones that do sell out easily.

    Also, Prince was a huge headliner but also a financial burden, almost bankrupting the festival by himself. Gross income from drinks etc are way lower than in western Europe so Sziget will never be able to compete with our most prominent headliner driven festivals. You simply cannot ignore that when judging the lineup.

  101. I would love to see Green Day at Sziget….they don’t have shows in the beginning of august,so maybe they could have time?
    Another possibility: Arctic Monkeys or Kasabian

  102. kathi, would be great names. i saw green day last month and thursday again on werchter. great performance last month

  103. Rob- if Prince cost that much why book him? He’s not worth the type of fees he gets paid and putting the long term financial future of the festival at stake is reckless at best. I’m not saying that’s what happened, but you seem to think so

  104. Dont forgot also that Vodafone sponsored 2011 (and Prince with it) but pulled out of 2012, day 0 in 2011 was an extra €45 to get in to see Prince (if you hadn’t bought camping tickets) so surely the combination of the 2 would have funded Princes gig.

  105. hmmm.. no motorhead for sziget…. they cancelled their european tour 🙁 all hope on Iron Maiden!

  106. This is the first time I’m repsonding on this website. To be honest, the line-up is very very poor. Only 5 acts on the mainstage a day were fine by me, if the were of outstanding quality. But most of them are just lame. My third year @ Sziget, but most my last 🙁

  107. Agony, im curious if you will say the same after the festival. I bet you will have the time of your life again.

    Btw post on offical sziget facebook:

    Sziget Festival Official: Július 20. körül tesszük ki a térképet, addig valószín?leg már b?ven kint lesznek a nevek. 😉

  108. If we have to wait until July 20th, this is so unfair!!!

    Maybe they want to wait for the last moment to decide which band can come (a big big name vs. a big name) depending on the number of tickets sold

  109. Somebody explain Sziget Organization that the number of daily ticket sold depends on the bands playing that day (and most of all the headliner). Daily tickets are sold mostly for the bands, weekly ticket for the vibe (imho).

  110. @Crazyfrog I always had fun at the Sziget festival. However, the perfoming bands are as important to me as the atmos and party. Because I’m from the Netherlands I’ve to book my flight etc. early. Now I’m feeling a little bit misleaded by the lack of descent acts, the few bands each day at the mainstage and the total absence of metal/hardrock acts.

    Ps. could you translate that Hungarian sentence for me. Not a clue what it’s saying 😉

  111. Translation is “the festival map will be released around the 20th of July,by that time all the names will probably have be released”.

  112. @Bender they would sell more of both types of ticket if they got the line-up out early and it was any good. Waiting this long and still having 1 of the headliners unannounced is only going to put people off buying tickets.

    It would be interesting to see the full attendance figures for the last 2 years, anyone know where I can get them?

  113. @Aladi_Ruals
    According to the Hungarian Wikipedia page about Sziget the attendance was 382,000 in 2010, 385,000 in 2011 and 380,000 in 2012.

  114. The official site said 390.000 in 2009, 382.000 in 2010, 385.000 in 2011 an 379.000 in 2012

  115. @Agony: I’m afraid there are only 4 acts per day on the main stage this year, not the 5 of previous years.

    I have facebooked Sziget asking them the following questions:

    Why have you reduced the main stage acts from 5 acts per day (As was the case in all previous Sziget years and is actually the lowest number of acts in any European music festival) to 4 acts per day?
    Why have you have got rid of the Metal Stage & the Hungarian Stage?
    Why have you got rid of metal day (day 0 on 2012)
    What are you offering in their place?

    I think everyone on facebook should ask them the same questions as I am getting replies from them but no answers. If you get a reply please post.

    Bla Blah Blah, it’s all about the vibe posters now’s your chance

  116. They wrote not probably. Something like : had already long. So i think the names will come at the next thursday( they like that day to announce:D)

    this week is unlikely because of the Volt festival is in this week.

  117. DAMN RockWerchter starting tommorow, they’ve got Kings of leon and then Blur ONE AFTER THE OTHER. They also have Biffy clyro NOT EVEN ON THE MAIN STAGE, nick cave? they got him as CO-CO-HEADLINER. So many NAMES…
    Too bad the dates didn’t work for me. And yeah, Of course sziget vibe is much more awesome.
    But The jealousy ….

    Plz give us good news Sziget2013!!!

    *sry for poor english…

  118. @HGPM Rock Werchter has only 3 stages and no night program. You only listen to music and nothing else. I don’t like that kind of festival. Yes, monster lineup. But, I repeat, nothing else.

  119. i go to werchter for 15 yeard, they have every year an amazing line up but its a completely different festival. after the last gig there s nothing to do any more. and only 3 stages. thats why i like sziget more, even with a “weaker” main stage

  120. Its ok though Agony theres a great band called The vibe playing who are filling in all the gaps, they are the only reason a lot of people go to sziget so they must be pretty damn good and it seems they only play at sziget too so it will be an exclusive gig.

  121. Maybe the vibe is the last headliner. We just stand under the Main Stage feeling how beautiful is to be there. Lol

  122. Wovenhand, that liftst up Day zero. Please à few more bands of this quality and I will be satisfied

  123. Sieget i think with such bitter thoughts they better listen home to a cd: less costs, can pick the band they want, front row, …
    Come on guys, it will be great again, one month and the good times begin

  124. Whats the point in all the sarcky comments about ‘the vibe’? Everyone that’s been knows how great a festival it is, so whats the point? Just goes to show that these people will winge about everything and anything even if the line up was fantastic. Simple solution to those people…don’t go this year! Sell your ticket, just spend a week in beautiful Budapest doing whatever you want to do and be done with it and stop posting sarcky and bitchy comments aimed at people trying to put some faith in an otherwise bitter and sour forum. Alternatively come to Sziget but leave your handbags and attitudes at the front gate!
    I for one cant wait, think the line up is WAY better than last year, and I’m going to come away from Sziget feeling great after having a great week. Ignore the bitchy ‘anti-vibe’ comments guys. The quote “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that he does not become a monster in the process” comes to mind on this forum. ENJOY!

  125. @Nick: A lot of non-English reader here wont understand “Sarcky/sarky”. Also it is not that people are out to ruin the festival, more that they have been duped by immoral marketing practices. Selling tickets is difficult and flights are non-refundable.
    I am very pissed off about the lack of dialogue/clarity from SzigetOfficial and as a customer i have every right to moan. Thanks to SzigetNews we have a legitimate place to debate our grievances.

    The anti-vibe comments are directed at those who say the line-up doesn’t matter. The line-up is VERY important. The vibe is present regardless.

  126. Nobody ever said the line-up doesn’t matter. Nick is right, the attitude you find on Szigetnews is not the kind of attitude I want to find on Sziget. 🙂

  127. Nick is totally right here. line-up is something personal. I like the line-up also more like last year. But i wasnt complaining last year, just looking forward to discovering music, having fun, party and smiling.
    Ky duped by marketing practices? Sziget is not about the biggest names, never was. You can like the line-up of last year more. But you are not “duped”. Last year they announced Dimmu Borgir at 26 june. Sziget is always late with big names, its the risk you take with early birds. (yes i know you have to order your planetickets, but when you want to go to sziget i hope you are a little openminded and positive..)
    You can moan till august and get on the plane with a mad face. Or you can look forward to a week of fun and good music. At the end, after the festival i think you had the time of your life again

  128. As ever,

    @ Nick, Warre and Sieget and a few other are happy with the lineup and Sziget 2013

    @ Wiggywam, Agony and Bender and many many other are not happy with the lineup and Sziget 2013

    Facebook has similar feedback comments in that people are generally pissed off with the main stage lineup quality (e.g. the band !!!), lineup quantity (From 5 acts per day to 4 acts per day)lack of Metal (both Metal Stage and Metal day)removal of the Hungarian Stage, possible removal of Blues stage and lack of clarity on what to expect from Sziget festival this year.

    If Sziget answered the many facebook questions (as summarised in my last post) then we would at least know what we have paid for.

  129. The sarcasm aimed at the vibe is because we get a lot of rubbish about that being the most important part of the festival. Lineups bring the people and the people bring the vibe. Change the people you change the vibe.

    As an example we have a festival in england called the V festival it used to have a really good vibe to it UNTIL the organisers decided to change the direction of the lineup, which in turn changed the people who attended, which inturn CHANGED THE VIBE so now it is just a bunch of pissed up chavs and not a particularly nice place to be.

    We all know that sziget isn’t about headliners, we all know that sziget announces bands late but because the lineup in general has been poor both last year and this then people are getting a little bit pissed off, that is then compounded(especially from my point of view) by the decision to 1. Victimize rock/metal fans and kick them out and 2. not even have the decency to explain why or even to announce the change early enough for those fans to make a proper choice about attending.

    Dont forget those rock/metal fans also added to the vibe in the previous years so already you have a change in vibe!!

    I will come on here and slag off the festival all I want(i have tried to do it constructively), thats my choice where else can I do it? If you dont like it dont read the boards, go and live in your little ecstatic vibe bubble and look forward to the festival.

    Come August I will be looking forward to it as much as anyone and when I get on that plane I will be as happy as anyone else on the flight I will have a great time at the festival like anyone else but for now I’m being mr moan from moantown and if you dont like it at least you have a decent lineup to look forward too.


    Anyone up for visiting the ruin pubs I shall be going to a fair few(especially on sunday) and I’ve heard they have a really good vibe too? 😛

  130. I just hope I don’t run into people like you, because they are the ones ruining the ‘vibe’. 🙂

  131. If you run in to me you wont even know it I will be just as happy as you vibe people are. Like I said I will be fine once I get to august 🙂

  132. they are streaming live music from VOLT festival at the moment, good chance to hear some Hungarian music at the moment. listening to kerekes band that I watched last year at sziget. I think im becoming a fan.

  133. Sziget Festival Official commented on their Facebook page:

    “There will be no metal day neither metal stage at Sziget Festival – as we stated earlier. The timetable you saw previously was not a final version – please be patient (yes, we understand how much you hate to hear this by now), and wait until we announce the official timetable. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.”

    So its now official that there will be no metal day nor metal stage. The good news is that the timetables we have seen so far were not final versions. So there is still a chance that for example P.A.S.O. and Ska-P are not performing at the same time.:)

  134. What if there won’t be a last headliner? If the timetable we saw was not final, I’m afraid they’ll put Editors as headliner and find a group for the afternoon @ Main Stage that’s easier to find.

  135. They could do that, or they still get 5 acts per day 🙂 it could either go very wrong or they could come with big surprises, you just don’t know.

  136. I agree with both sides of the argument here, I first went to sziget in 2011 with a day ticket as I was travelling Europe at the time and happened to be in Budapest. On the back of that one day (although I can’t remember much but the pictures showed I enjoyed myself) I booked 7 nights camping last year an even though I wasn’t overly excited about the majority of acts on show (my favourite gigs were Paulo Nutini and Two Door Cinema Club) I had the most unbelievable week of my life, met people from different countries who I now consider proper friends an have come over to the land of the Emerald Isle to visit so I think even though it is being way over played in this thread, the vibe at sziget is like no other festival, whether that’s in part down to the sunshine or whatever people are smoking who knows but it is great. Now I would generally consider myself a shallow headline follower for festivals and booked a week camping this year on the basis of two things? 1. The great Craic I know I will have this year no matter what 2. The fact that I felt last years line up was rather weak and I thought this year would have bigger names. (I had hoped eminem would close the festival not somebody playing a cd but again that’s all completely down to personal choice) we irish/British can’t expect names like we get at oxygen/Glastonbury because you have to take into consideration what is popular/ listened to by the rest of Europe….BUT..I do believe people have the right to be very disappointed about who we has been announced so far an what we haven’t been told by the organisers as yet. To start the main stage at 4.30 is crazy to me (although this may well change if they plan on pulling something out of the bag late on or it has been part of their plan all along) everybody says the cost of the alcohol is cheaper than everywhere, absolutely but bare in minding people who are travelling to Hungary for this festival have already shelved out nearly €600 just to get there. Personally I hope they announce some big names so everyone here can lower the blood pressure and start to look forward to what is no doubt going to be an unbelievable drink fuelled week of shenanigans.

    Artic Monkeys may well get the nod for Saturday night!!!!

  137. GOOD NEWS: 30 Seconds To Mars can’t play the 10th because they are in Australia. Thank god!

  138. Agree with Aladi 100%.

    I will not be moaning at the festival at all. I am gonna have an amazing time regardless.

    “Immoral marketing practices” – Yes, i think it is immoral to change crucial facets of the festival with absolutely no prior warning.

    This is undoubtedly to ensure early-bird ticket sales.

    4 Weeks to festival and NOTHING on the official website to indicate additional bands. The Facebook page says “soon” “be patient”, how about fuck your one/two word answers and give us some dialogue, just explain it to us.

    So yeah im pissed off now but how can i be when im drinking on Obudai in the sun!

  139. Did a little search today and found a lot of self-confirmed names:
    Shout (Emergenza- scandinavian winner)
    Inbred Knuckleheads (fun ska band)
    The Yellow
    Coffeeshock Company
    Charlotte Savary is going to guest at the Wax Tailor show
    Ash is a Robot (punk/hardcore band)
    Heymoonshaker (decide self what genre this is :P)
    James Grow (techno)
    Scarecrow (blues-ish)
    miXendorp (Blues-beat)
    Dave Herrero (Blues)
    Hot X / Tibor Horvath (techno)
    Micheal Schack (drummer of Netsky Maybe solo show?)
    Sikztah (techno)
    Youthstar (mc for camo and crooked)

    and last but not least Firkin 😀

    And the biggest news boys and girls, YES THERE IS GOING TO BE A BLUES STAGE miXendorp is playin at the blues stage says his bandsintown gig

  140. I asked a number of questions on Sziget facebook

    Is there a Blues stage?
    Is there a Hungarian stage?
    Is there a tribute acts stage?

    I got an offical answer saying yes to all 3. I also saida about there only being 4 acts per day as shown on their own website (but then taken down.)They responded that this was only a draft and not the official lineup and to be patient. Make of that what you will.

  141. I think this year has just been a complete fcuk up from the start, with only 29 days to go until the festival kicks off and still no full lineup including a headliner the organisers have got some serious explaining to do. Looking at the facebook site its not just the English who are seriously pissed off about it.

    This festival would be bust by now in England and I’m seriously worried that it may well be going that way anyway.

  142. @Aladi_Ruals: Yes I agree it has been silly.

    Here is a transcipt of my last 2 contacts with Sziget offical

    ME: You’ve reduced the main stage acts from 5 (which is the lowest in Europe anyway) to 4, why? Why are you having 2 Hungarian music days on day -1 and 0, have you got rid of the Hungarian stage as well as the Metal Stage and Metal day? .Shame on you sziget

    Sziget reply:So You think that it’s not okay, that there are two days for the Hungarian people on a Hungarian festival? Cool story bro, You must be a very nice person.

    My reply: You have deliberately missed my point. You had a Hungarian Stage last year that played Hungarian Music for the length of the festival AND had a Hungarian music day on day -1. This year you have reduced the main stage acts (unless you can tell me different) and I was asking if you have removed the Hungarian Stage as well as Metal Stage and Metal day. Don’t be rude, it’s not nice

    There reply: We do not need an own stage, No one said that everyone have to arrive on the 5th

    On a different thread someone asked about the line-up so I replied

    About a month ago there was a link on Sziget’s webste (Hungarian only) showing the times. This link is now down but it confirmed the times for each of the bands listed above and it confirmed only 4 bands per day on the main stage. Only Saturday headliner to announce and 1 act on A38 and the schedule is full. I have asked Sziget to confirm (or not) these facts but they won’t respond. Also heavy metal day and heavy metal stage questions ignored. Same with Hungarian Stage and Blues stage. The “Sziget Vibe” this year is to rip off guests.

    Sziget Festival Offical replied: There will be no metal day neither metal stage at Sziget Festival – as we stated earlier. The timetable you saw previously was not a final version – please be patient (yes, we understand how much you hate to hear this by now), and wait until we announce the official timetable. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

    I asked: It is like being stuck on a train in a tunnel. All you want is information even if it is not good news. Thank you for the information. Is there a Blues Stage? Is there a Tribute acts stage? Is there a Hungarian acts stage?

    They replied: Yes, you’ll find all of them at the festival.

    So there will and won’t be a Hungarian stage and there website may have posted the wrong schedule and at least one staff member is bloody rude.

  143. Was that first reply really from an official Sziget employee? Would be shocking to see that kind of attitude towards their costumers.

  144. @jason Yes, he once wrote that he doesnt work for them… I won’t find this post now because it was in 2012 but I’m pretty sure I read about it, I just don’t remeber when 😛

  145. He seems to think he has some insider knowledge but goes quiet when challenged on anything. If I remember correctly he also has trouble remembering which country he’s from as well.

  146. I which case I apologise to Sziget official for suggesting they have been rude. I still feel their pre festival Public Relations have been a shambles.

  147. Thats putting it politely 🙂 It could be even worse at the festival if they “forget” to get English programs printed again!!

  148. Aladi_Ruals & Kauoua: Yep, you were both correct. He sent me a message to say he was simply a helpful fellow but does not represent Sziget. He has been many times before but has no source other than an internet connection; the same as the rest of us then.

    Johan: Thanks for posting about the bands yesterday, some look interesting, “Heymoonshake” in particular.

  149. It does have an official page just an unofficial hanger on who likes to answer questions he only thinks he has the answers for

  150. I’m not sure that the people that run the Facebook pages actually know anything about band announcements. I asked the Sziget UK one a while back whether they had offices all over Europe and they said they did, but they seemed to be fairly clueless about which bands were to be announced and where the bands that had been announced would appear on the line up. The main Official page seem to have standards lines given to them to repeat to attendees, with the most recently one apologising for the frustration of the wait

  151. @Jason. Just realized i have been clicking like on all your posts.

    I said to them:

    4 Weeks till Sziget, starting to think this Facebook page is not official. says nothing about more bands. Only here we see “Plenty more bands, soon!”. I don’t believe you. Never has any festival left it this late to announce the full line-up. No dialogue at all from officials. We know nothing except where to buy groceries etc. Why not tell us the plan: “We have decided to add extra bands to the bill and although we do not have an official date the full line-up will be available at least two weeks prior to the festival” < That would be useful. Official site says nothing so i don't believe this page anymore.

    And SzigetOfficial replied:

    This page is the official Facebook page of Sziget Festival. We know this situation is getting annoying, but all we can do right now is to ask for your patience and understanding. We'll announce the rest of the lineup in the next few weeks.

  152. Here’s the number on the website anyone dare to call it?


    I don’t dare by the way 🙂

  153. Except for Skunk Anansie, Editors and Blur there actually isn’t that much that has my full interest. Hope they’ll have a couple of nice additions to the line-up, because the line-up is not as good as it was the last two years.

  154. Hi,

    as I’m not going to Sziget this year I originally decided not to participate in discussions, but reading all the stuff anyway I want to add my two cents of opinion.

    I went to Sziget seven times over the years and brought many people with me. All of us were deeply in love with Sziget and the main reason was the way Sziget was different to all other festivals we knew at that time: all kinds of music, a chilled and lovely atmosphere and people from all around the world meeting (with mostly Hungarians on site) and having a good time and usually don’t caring that much about the lineup, but being open to all kinds of new bands and music.

    I personally and also all of my friends, think that Sziget lost a lot of it’s “original” charm. Less and less Hungarian people attend Sziget, the lineup and the festival got more and more international and commercial (and comparable to other festivals) and a lot of changes were tried to improve the festival for the new audience, which many visitors from former editions didn’t appreciate. E.G. in our first years there was a whole metal area, then a metal tent, then an (amazing) open air stage (with less but bigger bands), then metal day and finally no metal at all. At the same time electronic music grew stronger and stronger at Sziget – what might be a sign of the times, but shouldn’t be (in my opinion) of Sziget.

    A lot of people are complaining every year that the lineup is weaker than in the previous years, but if you look at the past schedules and try to be objective you will get to the point that the international lineup grows and grows and that Sziget NEVER was about headliners, but always about the whole experience (even though in some years, like 2007, they were lucky to get some huge names).

    I just found the schedule of 2006 and want to point out some significant differences between the festival then and the festival now:
    – on the mainstage each day performed 4 bands and the co-headliner was always a hungarian band -> this year there seem to be 4 (or 5) international bands
    – on WAN2 (now A38) of 6 bands not more than 2 bands a day were international bands -> this year all 7 acts seem to be international
    – Hammerworld (the metal stage) had 9 bands each day (more than mainstage and worldmusic stage together) -> this year there will be not a SINGLE metal band on the whole festival
    – there was a jazzstage, a coverband stage, a Krishna stage, a stage for fashion shows and some other things to explore that got lost over the years -> now there are another 3 additional international bands at the Party Arena, there is the Mambo Stage with lot’s of (usually) Italian bands and there are additional partyfloors with electronic music

    My friends and I all decided to skip this year’s Sziget because we can’t relate to it anymore in the way we did in the past. Maybe it’s because we grew older, but for me the main reason is that the festival got louder and louder and there aren’t that many places anymore where I can relax or just discover something new. Especially last year I had the feeling that I couldn’t get away from electronic music kind of everywhere I went. Especially later in the evening most stages were fully electronic, all booths had a PA with electronic music and also there were several small areas for dancing with nothing else but electronic music. The worst place of the festival was all day right outside the A38 where you simultaneously had to listen to the music from the mainstage, the A38 and of three mainly new party areas next door. In the past the setup was that at whatever stage you were you hardly heard any other music than that of the band playing that stage.

    Don’t get me wrong: I DO like electronic music, but I don’t want to listen to it all day kind of everywhere I go. If I would, I would go to an electronic music festival and not to Sziget.

    I think that this year’s line up on mainstage, A38 and party arena is very strong, but particularly the world music stage is MUCH weaker than last year and the loss of metal music (which always was a noticeable part of Sziget) is inexcusable for me.

    I do understand that people aren’t happy about Day Zero and Day -01, but Day -01 was ALWAYS (since there is a Day-01) about Hungarian bands and on Day Zero there were some specials (Reggae Day, Metal Day), but usually not as big as Iron Maiden and Prince (and Prince was a huge financial loss for the promoters) and many of the specials were related to Hungarian artists, too.

    You definitely have to decide on your own if Sziget is the right festival for you or not (or not anymore), but please stay with the facts, like Sziget was never really about headliners, Sziget never announced a big part of it’s lineup early, Sziget gets more international every year (bands and visitors) and Sziget changes all the time. If you don’t like it: don’t go. If you went there because of a recommendation and you didn’t like it: don’t go again. If you care about the lineup that much, don’t take the risk of buying early bird tickets and booking a cheap flight early, but wait till you can decide if your money is spend well or not (even if you might have to pay a little more in the end, instead of crying about how unhappy you are with the billing after you bought the cat in the sack). And also don’t forget that it’s pretty much subjective how much YOU like the lineup. For every one complaining about the lineup there might be ten people being happy about it and twenty people not caring about it – even though they don’t participate here on this board.

    I hope everyone here going to Sziget this year will enjoy Sziget as much as I did in the past!

  155. Just a point from me- I don’t think the headliners are weak, but the rest of the main stage is. I’m only interested in Editors and only for their first two albums. If you’re only going to have four main stage acts then they should be of the right quality. It is the ‘main’ stage after all. At the moment I think the Arena and A38 line ups are stronger

  156. Spot on Mellowmanic. Although my Sziget debut was last year, where there was quite a ‘big’ line up, I still felt the festival was very much about what you make it rather than name dropping big bands to all your mates back home. There are PLENTY of other festivals to go to if you want massive names, but you wont get much else and it will cost you a fortune in food and drink too. And really, the line up is not bad at all. The metal is a loss I understand, but I think a lot of people would complain even if it was still there. From the last few posts by the angry mob it does seem like they will have a winge and a moan about anything even some random bloke called tomi is now the main focus in line up forum. Also, being half Hungarian I can read what Hungarians are saying about the festival and there is a lot of disappointment with how ‘foreign’ the festival has become and is geared mainly towards the Dutch and German crowds. Now it seems the Brits are being targeted but THANK GOD they have 2 days of Hungarian music because they bloody deserve it! Im so glad they recognise the imortance of this being a Hungarian festival and its not ended up like Primavera. This festival is not supposed to be a global invasion of Hungary but a celebration of its diversity and culture, and I cant wait to go back to my motherland and experience the music, culture, people and food I so dearly miss! Keep up the good work Sziget I say. I’m sure most of the angry mob here know exactly how to organise a festival for 400’000 people but until they take over keep up the good work!

  157. I love music festivals. I love holidays abroad. Any bands I like being at the festival are just a bonus – lucky me Biffy and Franz! I am MASSIVELY excited for Budapest and Sziget as it’s my first time to either… Line-up is not top priority. People who are 100% focused on line ups shouldn’t go to music festivals, they are more than that.

  158. Oh and @ Nick – you’re spot on! I was at Beni last year and was (obviously being naive) horrified by the fact the entire festival seemed to be FULL of Scots/Irish/Welsh/English… All the restaurants even put on special festival food/drink which consisted mainly of British food/drink. The only thing Spanish about the holiday was the weather!!! Not really the point of going abroad is it? Hence why I’m keen for Sziget!!! :)Excited to see what Hungary have to offer!

  159. sziget does have a unique sparkle about it and an amazing vibe, and even if sziget has always not been about the headliners, in previous years they had bigger better names than they do now, whether they meant to do it or not ’07 you had faithless, madness, nine inch nails, the chemical brothers, the killers, Tool, to name a few, luckily I decided not to go this year so not going to moan too much anymore, but my decision was based on the lach of value for money for me, I was really happy with the lineup at the start, but its gone down hill. but that’s personal choice I guess, another mans shit is another mans gold, I loved all of last years headliners.
    a festival is deffinatly what you make it though, the vibe is from the people, and has nothing to do with the festival or the bands, (other than the people it attracts, in England some festivals have bad reputations for bringing a bad crowd, but when ive been ive had an amazing time) sziget has a good vibe but its not a vibe ive never felt before, and wont feel again, every where I go I like to bring that same vibe with me, so to say I get that vibe from the festival is wrong, its all Cliché, the festival is not for me this year so im not going, so I will be taking my vibe elsewhere. I hope the people that are going have an amazing time, and the people that bought early bird tickets and aren’t happy, I feel for you, luckily I was spreading my vibe around south east asia and missed the early bird window, im sure you will still have a great time, as everything is always good after a few cheap beers (the main source of Szigets VIBE, cheap beer and sun makes everyone happy right, hense why I love south east asia so much 😛 )

  160. Hmmm, Lambo I see your point but I dont think your opinion speaks for the masses at all. If it were that easy to create such a good vibe you could just sit in a hot sunny park with some cheap cans of beer and save yourself the money, you wouldnt even need to go anywhere else. The vibe is created by the people yes but is definaitely influenced and controlled by the atmosphere of the festival. No? Otherwise whats the point in a festival?

  161. Also South East Asia is DEFINITELY NOT just about good weather and cheap beer. Its South East Asia!!! Just like Hungary and Sziget, and anywhere else in the world for that matter…unique culture, landscapes, food, people, language, art, music…these things attract people…not just sun and beer pal!

  162. One last “word” about how subjective the appreciation of the line up is and about how people seem to complain about each year’s lineup while saying everything was better in the previous year:

    I read several times how big and great last year’s lineup was. Please take a look at the poll about last year’s lineup on this site and believe me: it was the same discussion every year.

    I do understand that many people would like to get different bands on the mainstage, but compared to other Sziget lineups the mainstage lineup is great. Nick Cave, Blur and David Guetta are on level with the headliners of the past and Biffy Clyro are (depending on from what country you are from).

    Franz Ferdinand did headline Sziget in the past and Mika, Ska-P and I think also Die Ärzte did co-headline Sziget before.

    Editors and Gaslight Anthem do pretty often play later slots at other festivals and Skunk Anansie, Dizzee Rascal and !!! did perform at Sziget mainstage before.

    I think you can complain about the repetitiveness of the mainstage program (as with bands like The Killers, Placebo or 30STM in the past), but it is not weaker than before.

    A38 got much bigger in the last couple of years and about 50% of the bands performing there are on par with bands on the mainstage or even bigger.

    My recommendation to the organizers about how to improve the Sziget festival for many visitors and to get rid of many mainstage discussions would be to make the A38 stage an openair stage (obviously at a different location) and put the last two bands of the program on a tentstage (because of noise restrictions).

    If I’m on a summer festival I don’t want to spend much time in a tent, while the sun is shining and also don’t like to be in an overcrowded tent like it happend to be pretty often in the last years.

  163. Nick: I disagree, I do think Lambo speaks for a lot of people on this forum whether you think so or not. I am not a Sziget “winger” just like you are not a Sziget kiss ass? Play nice or I will take my ball home.

  164. Jason, I am a ‘sziget kiss arse’ because I like the festival. You are a ‘Sziget winger’ because when you’ve ran out of things to moan about the festival, you moan about the line up and now random people on facebook apparently. So you can take your proverbial ball and do what you will with it, maybe moan about the ball quality? Id rather not play in your game thanks.

    All I was saying is that its not just about good weather and beer prices because as stated early up in the post “It has a unique sparkle”.

    Its not a bad line up, just not to everyone’s taste.

  165. Mellowmanic is right, a lot of bands in A38 are really good, and I actually don’t understand why they don’t play in the open air. Hadouken! and Flogging molly were awesome in there early slots outside. I think there act will be quite less exciting in a tent.

    I think the mainstage could easily contain 5 acts a day. Like triggerfinger, Hadouken, Flogging molly, Parov stelar band. I don’t understand why they put these in a stupid tent. Sziget always has good weather, go outside a watch these acts. I would enjoy that much more.

    As well I want to point out, that sziget is less orientating towards the dutch. No more special dutch acts. (like De jeugd van tegenwooridg in 2011 or Kees van Hondt). Only 3 trains are going form holland this year, years before there were 5 trains. As a Dutchman, I think this is a good step.

  166. Also no word about a Holland meets Hungary stage like last year. Which is a good thing, it looked a bit out of place in an international festival.

  167. @ Mellowmaniac, good to see you back with you 7 Sziget experience and wise opinion!

    Fully agree with you!

    I will go back for the 4th time in a row this year and I know why I am coming. And bands is about 25% of the reason I am at Sziget.

    For big names, I am going to Reading 🙂

  168. Mezzezo: I agree, put some of the tent acts on the main stage (from mid-day ish) so we can all enjoy the Hungarian sunshine.
    Nick: Please try to stop whinging and being so angry about anybody who does not share your opinion. I enjoy the Sziget vibe (or sparkle as you call it) like I enjoy the vibe at 90% of the festivals I have attended. Music matters for me at a music festival. The line-up is not good for rock/metal fans and its exclusion from this year’s Sziget has come as a very unwelcome surprise and caused a great deal of hurt and anger from the lovers of this type of music.
    Another issue that has caused in my opinion justifiable consternation is the lack of information coming from Sziget official. Metal music being cut from the schedule, plans for day 0 and day -1, the planned number of main stage acts per day, the main stage line-up; would there be Blues stage this year, a Hungarian Stage, a tribute acts stage? There is a month to go and despite dozens of requests for information Sziget remains tight lipped on almost every issue. The PR is shocking and again I would argue that the anger on this forum is justified. You can disagree all you want but that is how I feel and I am clearly not alone. Nick, whinging at the whinges is still whinging; and my ball is a metaphorical one as I find the proverbial type to have poor literacy.

  169. When I booked in January my flights were £200, Hotel £47 per night so it has cost me £700 from the time I booked. If I waited until the headliners are announced (bearing in mind they STILL haven’t announced them all) my flights would cost £315 hotel is £68 per night and on top of the extra price for tickets I’m looking at over £1000. I have to take that chance and buy early and use previous years lineups to make my decision. Do people really think that I should pay that extra £300 and wait until the last minute to make my decision because sziget cant get their act together and announce the line-up within a decent time of the start of the festival?

    As someone pointed out on the facebook website all they had to say is there’s been a delay due to flooding or funding delays or whatever and people become more understanding but all we get is be patient we will announce something soon.

    Sziget is a holiday not just a festival for me and I will have a great time regardless of lineup BUT I am first of all a music fan and 7 days at Sziget without anything muscially to look forward to is long enough for the vibe to start to get tiresome especially with the constant thud of the electronic music in the background at every bar. The return of the jack daniels bar should mean there is some respite from it and I am very happy that it returns. Now hopefully a couple of decent bands to look forward too 🙂

  170. Aladi, i hope you like one of the bands already. When you say nothing to look forward too, that means you only look forward to the headliners? 🙂
    but like you say, jack daniels is always a solution 🙂

  171. Oh dear…it seems there is no point with this forum. Read your earlier posts Jason, you are the one being ‘angry’ and posting angry comments and just generally being negative about almost everything and being a bit mean to other posters on this forum who are doing the same thing as me and trying to lighten up the situation a bit…and you tell me to “play nice”!?

    The sparkle you and I refers to comes from the bloke you agree with lambo who said sziget had a sparkle, and then said it didnt really, and that it was all because of cheap beer that its great. I was mearly trying to defend the reputation of all festivals, and Sziget and an entire region of Asia that places are great not just because of just weather and beer.

    I think its time I bow out of this forum. Its going to be a great festival. Shame a few people are just going to keep posting negative and bitchy comments about Sziget and the up-beat on this forum, which is going to put a hell of a lot of people off (and I know this because I was reading this forum last year and the amount of bashing the festival got I ended up thinking I’d made a mistake! How wrong I was!!!).

    Jason: Please bring your ball with you, I bet its great fun!

    Only 26 sleeps!

  172. @Jason @Aladi, you have both completely summed up this festival. Obviously we will have fun regardless but bad PR makes people angry. Exclusion of rock/metal acts and no definitive reason or answer makes people angry. Vibe vibe vibe yeah we know, the vibe will be great. The line up is not. Simple.

  173. yeah I said sziget has a unique sparkle, its 7days of music in the sun with people from all over the world and cheap beer, that alone doesn’t account for the vibe as you could find a similar vibe in Ibiza. fact.
    and as for the sun and beer comment I was referring to an earlier comment as to why sziget is better than other festivals with better lineups, it wasn’t a personal quote. but you cant deny the combonation of sun and beer does make people more happy? no?
    and please don’t call me pal you don’t know me, I know all about thai/laos/Cambodian culture ive seen and experienced it all, ive spent 2/3 of this year living out there, getting blessed by monks in temples, staying with jungle tribes deep in the northern thai jungle, I have a Cambodian girlfriend of 4months, please don’t try lecture me what south east asia is or isn’t, all I said is they have cheap beer too, which they do and is one of the many advantages holiday makers get from going there, in Cambodia the average price of a beer is between 20-60p
    I wasn’t attacking anyone in my original post, infact it was the opposite and even said I wasn’t going because it wasn’t to my personal taste, and I hope everyone that is going has a good time, I have a good time no matter what festival I go to, the sziget vibe for me was with it being 7days in the sun and cheap beer, it felt more of a holiday than a festival. which for me gave it a unique sparkle over the standard wet muddy british festival. and for the record, me + all my friends + relaxing with some music and a crate of beer in a local park in the hot sun = deffinatly a good vibe, but again that’s personal choice

  174. @warre at the moment I have Blur just to say I’ve seen them, Gaslight anthem, joy formidable and Bad religion just out of interest to see what they are like and Biffy Clyro who I have seen numerous times supporting other bands and at other festivals and am not a huge fan but will watch the show, other than that theres nothing that really catches my eye. In past years I have found some really good bands to go and watch for the first time on the smaller stages but as I’m a rock/metal fan I have to hope that one of the bigger names on the bill or the headliners are more suited to my tastes.

    I have gone through near enough every act on the bill to see if theres anything and AS YET i havent found any little gems like I did in previous years (I found 3 feet smaller 2 years ago and they were amazing and hardly what i would call well known).

    I certainly wouldnt say that I go to festivals for the headliners I’m far more interested in discovering new stuff but as my tastes are no longer accomodated finding new stuff that I like is getting increasing more difficult.

    @Nick would you prefer we were happy on the boards and had a big demonstration at the festival and bring everyone else down or vent our frustrations on here and get pissed and have a great time at the festival?

  175. aladi, know how you feel tbh, blur are the only fresh exciting thing on the bill for me too, seen biffy twice, enter shikari 3 times, dizzy rascal twice, chase and status 3times, seen hadouken, skunk, nero, david quetta and a lot of the other acts at least once too, so from my personal taste theres nothing appealing for me to warrant buying a ticket. which is fair enough, there not bad acts and all put on a good show. but I have failed to find anything this year too, last year my top 2 finds before the festival were the dutch hardcore hiphop act Dope D.O.D who were insane live and I still listen to now and have all their ep’s and albums, also the Hungarian Metal band Subscribe who were also really great live too. theres nothing like them this year

  176. For the acts I want to see are:
    Main Stage-
    Blur (brilliant live band with loads of classic hits)
    Nick Cave (someone I never really ‘got’ before but I like his recent album and he gets in to it live)
    Biffy Clyro, a band who I’ve never been a fan of but have gradually released enough albums with a couple of decent tracks on to get to a stage where I’ll enjoy most of their set
    Editors, a good live band with an OK back catalogue

    I think the main stage headliners are well rounded and Blur are a genuinely major pull (and there’s still one to come) but the rest leaves a lot to be desired

    The Joy Formidable are pretty good live and have some cool riffs
    Nero are amazing live
    I really like Booka Shade and I’ve never seen them
    Empire of the Sun (if they don’t clash with Tame Impala)
    Boys Noize, who has an incredible back catalogue and is unreal live
    Erol Alkan is pretty good too

    Everything Everything I’ll watch if they don’t clash
    I quite like some Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs stuff
    Woodkid really interests me
    Parov Stelar should be good if I can get in to the tent
    Tame Impala I like a lot (both albums are brilliant)

    World Music-
    La Pegatina are really good
    PASO will be good if they don’t clash
    Calexico same as above

  177. @Lambo apologies for causing you so much offense! No need to get so agressive. You cant expect me to know that you’ve been praying in a jungle and getting blessed by monks for 2/3’s of the year after saying “the main source of Szigets VIBE, cheap beer and sun makes everyone happy right, hense why I love south east asia so much”. Everything else you said I totally agreed with. Sorry for calling you pal to its a habit of mine.

    I too spent close to a year out there. Had a blast and found it such an amazing place I’m actually going to be ex-pating there next year hopefully. So I totally get your enthusiasm for the place.

    @Aladi, you don’t have to ask me where you want to vent your frustrations. Take a banner with you if you want I’m sure you will be very popular.

    Anyway…..we don’t want to turn this forum into a ring so lets not! You all hate the line up and I don’t. End of.

    On the subject of the line up, I definitely think its stronger than last year, and words cannot express my joy at the Blues stage making a return. I checked out Heymoonshaker and will definitely be watching them.

    All in all I’m happy with the PR but I’m frustrated about the rest of the names not being announced purely because of the anticipation now! Ugh, I didn’t care before but now I just want to know!

    Anyways, enjoy the festival!

  178. Aladi, you really picked a wrong place to stay, that’s crazy expensive for Budapest prices 🙂

  179. Hey I never said I couldn’t afford it 😛 very nice hotel very close to the island and very good breakfast too 🙂

  180. I still had hope for 5 acts per day, and a good new headliner. But I can forget about that now 🙁

  181. Is that for REAL!? Mika headlining a major European festival? At least Tame Impala don’t clash with Empire now

  182. sorry didn’t mean for it to sound aggressive, that’s cool where you thinking of expatting? I’m planning on moving out to Siem Reap sometime this year, working etc. im only 26 so not at the retireing age yet 😛

    for me this years festivals undercard is good in places and weaker in others, they have some big undercard acts mixed in with some acts that shouldn’t be on a main stage of only 4bands, which makes it look weaker, they could shuffle it around and add chase and status, nero, hadouken, bad religion etc on main stage and it would look a lot better imo, I bought my ticket last year on the strength of KoRn alone and was blessed with the fact of loving the other 4 headliners and were the top 5 acts I wanted to see out of the whole festival, the undercard last year was very indie and started to bore me abit thought 2door and vaccines were pretty dull tbh, but subways, lmfao and sum41 all did good sets

  183. @Nick: Sorry if I offended, I react badly to criticism; not one of my better personality traits I have been told. By the way, it was me who got the blues stage confirmation from a Sziget official on Facebook so I’m not all bad.

    @Aladi_Ruals: I’m at the Aquincum hotel at the bottom of Obuda Island this year. I paid a bit myself but as it’s our (me and my girlfriends) only holiday this year I decided to go luxury.

    I want everything to be perfect and I guess I have been a bit negative but come on Sziget, give us information.

  184. The choices at the same time as Mika are Mokoomba, Chriss vs Dandy and Hadouken… Nothing against Mokoomba but I’ve listened to them and there’s like five bands I’d rather see on the World Stage who I’m missing on other days due to clashes

  185. I’m at the Aquincum(it is very nice) too until Friday then move down to the novotel danube as a friend is coming for the weekend but he wont be attending the festival so wants to be closer to the centre.

  186. My bad, it’s actually Leningrad. I might actually watch Leningrad given the other choices

  187. On a serious note, if the TBA act on the main stage on that Saturday isn’t up to standard I might not even come to the festival that day, I could have a night out in Budapest instead. At the moment there’s only Editors I like playing before 23.30, and I could easily give them a miss as I’ve seen them a number of times before

    I don’t want to sound all doom and gloom because there are plenty of bands I want to watch, but I think that’s the worst day I’ve ever seen at any festival. I’ve heard good things about John Digweed and I’d like to see Parov Stelar, but I get the feeling the tent will be actually rammed for him. I have little/no interest in any of the other acts. I’m in to my music, so I know most of the acts playing that day, but they just aren’t my thing at all. Enter Shikari and Hadouken are the musical equivalent of Haribo. Packed full of energy but there’s no depth to their music at all. Dub FX don’t stand up to the other Arena 19.30 bands, they’re not even close. Gesaffelstein is getting some hype but clashes with Digweed. I just don’t get it

  188. @ Eddie its the same with me on the Sunday I might pop on for gaslight anthem err I mean TBA but that’s about it.

    Tour of the ruin bars anyone??? 🙂

  189. Aladi- The main stage on Sunday is of no interest to me (I’d have watched Gaslight but that’s it), but the rest of the stages are genuinely strong. The first half of the first Empire of the Sun album was serious dreamy and had two massive hits, Tame Impala have produced two of the most well received albums in the past five years and Boys Noize is one of the most highly respected and rated DJ/producers on the planet. All three of his albums are good (especially the first) and his live show is the best I’ve ever seen at an electronic gig (and arguably the best I’ve seen full stop). I would strongly advise all three of them (Tame Impala and Boys Noize were definitely in my the Top 10 of my wishlist for bands to see this year)

  190. NOOOO! Mika is headliner of the saturday. My god! just shoot me.. this is the worst major festival line-up EVER!

  191. Last year mika was at one festival in my country. All rock fans were moaning before festival. It was very fun after, when everyone said that his perfomance one of the best…. Saw him 3 times – he’s amazing perfomer

  192. the arena is by far the strongest stage on the lineup, it should be the main stage! lol wish I was going just for that lineup, but if im going to sziget I would want to be outside in the sun not stuck in a tent all day/night would be a shame,
    main stage is so so so weak, I don’t even like gaslight anthem but they are by far a more worthy headline act than mika, why have mika headline when dizzie rascall would be a lot more of a suitable replacement headliner? he has a lot more hits!

  193. Mika headlining? Very disappointed. I am still gonna really enjoy the festival, but I do worry that I am trying a bit too hard to convince and tell myself that sometimes. It WILL be a great week, but it does seem I am having to force a bit of enthusiasm, I was expecting better things.

  194. Ambassadeur- Mika being good live doesn’t mean he should be a headliner. There a loads of good live bands around, and there are literally hundreds that are bigger than Mika and far more worthy of that place on the line up

  195. @Ambassadeur Nobody is arguing whether Mika deserves to be there or not but there are bigger and better bands playing at the same festival who could headline. I was laughed at by some people when I said Mika was on now they are going to be hysterical.

  196. On Sunday Editors headlined a day above of Depeche Mode, 30STM, Of Monsters and Men, The Gaslight Anthem and Bastille. Just seems strange that Mika would be above them and also headlining now.

  197. he deserves to be a POP headliner
    every year before there was minimum one pop/electronic headliner (till last year) and it’s good. why not? to present one music style
    just go to see Leningrad – they will make good ska-show as they always do

  198. That’s fine have him headline the A38 whilst the grown ups get to watch a proper act……sorry being a dick now will be quiet, I appreciate your argument but still fuming at this news 🙂

  199. Actually Leningrad were pretty good last time a saw them so yeah party at the world music stage.

  200. too bad most of people can’t understand leningrad’s lyrics%) it’s modern poetry ahahaha

    mika isn’t worse choise, actually

  201. Yeah I got that feeling 🙂 noticed a lack of feedback from the site too and its little helpers.

    You cant announce that there will be new names and that everyone should be patient then make it blatantly obvious no new names are to come.

  202. propper piss take . mika headlining gaslight anthem missing off the list . thought they said they were busy finalizing something major for us . lies n deceit again

  203. the other TBA spot on the mainstage is for the Dutch band Kensington. They where announced before but now on no other stage. Pretty big in Holland, so all spots for mainstage (with Gaslight Anthem and Kensington) are filled… what a lame mainstage lineup.. unbelievable!

  204. wondered where kensington were . they sound ok will give them a look prob if nothing clashes

  205. Wow. Sziget I’ve been attempting to defend you and what you stand for but you really have done a big poop on a lot of your fans by making mika a headline act so the hope for some more decent names to those offended are kind of gone…on the other hand I really wanted to see mookomba so that gives me a reason not to watch mika. I guess after all this hype we have been fed about exciting new names is kind of an anti climax now especially to those who already hated the line up. I feel the death of sziget coming soon with this kind of approach….shit.

    @jason – yeah I want to work in either kuala lumpur or Saigon as a geoscientist. I’m only 28 so a young(ish) pup too! Good times ahead I hope!

  206. wait.. Kensington on the mainstage? WHY NOT FLOGGING MOLLY OR PAROV STELAR OR EVEN TRIGGERFINGER? Or sebastian ingrosso, or nero, or i could name a few more acts that would be more ‘appropriated’ for the mainstage. they are way better than over hyped Kensington, they suck big time. with triggerfinger their would at least be a little bit of decent rock music on the main stage.. Kesingston should be on the europe stage (if it still exsits.), there where triggerfinger was on sziget 2 years ago.

    Sorry for the rage, but I am really glad I won’t be attending this year. I could do with the line up, it isn’t that bad. But the time table is rubbish, Wrong bands at wrong times. And acts on the wrong stages. (in my opinion) Like blaudzun, why in the arena? that’s a place to party not to listen to a dude with a guitar.

  207. Are Kensington definitely on the main stage? I’ve never even heard of them, and I see myself as someone that knows about music outside the UK

  208. Whoops with appropriated i mean: appropriate or suitable.. I should read before I post. Sorry.

  209. I can’t see Kensington being on the main stage. They’re half way down stages at minor Dutch festivals (below the likes of Blaudzun). I would expect them to be on a smaller stage

  210. @nick, im guessing the last bit of your message was for me! 😛
    my mates talked highly about Saigon, im hoping to do Vietnam later on this year for a month, didn’t get chance before.
    its a shame about the lineup, so many more options on the lineup that would be classed as a more worthy headliner than mika, definatly not going now

  211. the really bright side for me kees van hondt isback at sziget thats gonna be awesome, but thinking aboit the fences and securty at the tent…… Probably not many trees time 🙁

  212. Sziget replied to one of its questions about the program from a Hungarian girl Melinda.

    The sziget reply at the end is “The timings that we have given are final”.

    Sorry chaps and chapetts. What I drag I feel for you I really do.

    Last year there were about 4 bands of the hundreds that I actually wanted to see There are about 15 this year So not a big change! But what I’m hoping is a repeat of last year where by I get smashed at the blues tent to some Hillbilly playing the banjo and then actyually find myself enjoying LMFAO, and then go and find some awesome music in the smaller tents and my good friend Unicom will dance the night away!

    @Lambo – Yeah it was meant for you! Sorry Jason! Saigon is an incredible place and Vietnam on the whole is just stunning. A small amount of people there can come across rude sometimes but you get used to that especially if you live in London like me! But all in all I had the time of my life in ‘Nam’ and would definitely go back in the blink of an eye.

    @Jason – Fancy bringing that ball with you now??? I’m game! 🙂

  213. Yeah that’s probably the only reasonable explanation. The floods probably didn’t help too. Poor Sziget, I’m still sure they will put on a great show, and i’m sure it will still be a great week!

  214. would it be possible to restart the poll and compare what peoples opinions are before and after yesterdays news? It seems even the most optimistic people were at least expecting more bands to be announced.

  215. I read Vale’s post a month back and have posted it on facebook, with a few minor changes

    “The Arena and A38 tents are big but nowhere near big enough to accommodate everyone at this year’s Sziget; as the main stage is so, so weak this year I have serious Health and Safety concerns over these tents ability to cope with demand. Please remember, more people attend Sziget than Glastonbury which has very similar sized tents but also 2 open main stages with 9 acts on per day.
    The dance music tent (called the “Arena tent” at Sziget) & A38 tent have the majority of the acts that people want to go to see this year. I fear 2 things may happen:
    1. There will be very strict security to enter these tents. This will result in hundreds of people at the entrance waiting to enter on a one out one in basis. The people lucky enough to get in will stay in. If it is the same set up as last year each has a bar and toilet facilities so people will not leave meaning a great deal of frustration for those outside. With the international tolerance for queue jumpers differing from country to country (0 tolerance in UK) there WILL be trouble.
    2. There will not be enough entrance security or there will be a security breach resulting in crushing
    Either way, be very very careful in and around these 2 tents this year as I have genuine concerns”

    I am pissed off with Sziget but this is not why I wrote this. I have genuine fears on these tents ability to cope and I just wanted this forum to be known that this is not me simply being spiteful.

    Aladi_Ruales: I am at the hotel from the 4th until the 12th and will be the hungover looking one with the big haired girlfriend at breakfast (you will know when you see her.)

    Have a top festival guys and Girls and enjoy Budapest.

  216. @Jason, these are very valid concerns, at Download Festival this year I young lad died in one of the small tents that was rammed full, in the village area of the festival, this was on the Thursday before the main festival had even started

    fifi I love your vid, a part of me does wish I was going now 😛 but as said in jasons post, I had to miss out on crookers last year who ive been waiting years to see, because the tent was so rammed full, I can see this year being worse, due to the likes of chase and status, nero, Sebastian engrosso, nesky, flogging molly etc playing the in the tents when most are main stage sized acts

  217. Flogging molly and chase and status clash, and I think something big also clashes with Netsky but I don’t remember. So these won’t have those problems.

  218. I just called Sziget wonderfan Helmeczi Tomi a smeghead(in a roundabout way) and now he wants to be my friend HELP I think I have a stalker.

    @Jason I will be the fat one munching my way through breakfast sometimes with some friends and sometimes on my own 🙂 also very much hungover I might add.

    PS. Sziget official wrote this on Nick Rowsons comment on facebook. “There will be a blues stage at the festival. The timetable we published yesterday is not complete, there are more acts, stages and programs to be announced. We’ll keep you updated” I’m not holding my breath.

  219. No disrespect to you Sziget news but what’s the f*****g point. No one from Sziget official was/is listening to the fans so what was / is the point of posting?

  220. My opinion (in horrible english, sorry…)
    I think that in the last two years we are living what I call “the return to reality”: I try to explain.
    On my opinion during the years 2009-10-11 Sziget has tried to become the best festival in Europe, but they have failed because it costs too much. Some of the possible reasons:
    – creating a city where thousends of people live and have fun 24/7 for a week is more expensive than a normal festival of 3-4 stages (Werchter style, or Hellfest style if you like metal), so a big part of the budget can’t be used for the bands;
    – international crisis and fascist hungarian government have scared the sponsors, so less sponsors=less money;
    -the new major of Budapest has been during the last decade the worst enemy of the festival and, becoming major, he can create many problems to the organizers;
    – during the last years the cachet of most important bands of the world has raised up very much.
    I think that the organizers are trying to return to what they were before 2009 (even if in different ways): a second choice festival for the names but maybe the most beautiful for the location.

    In english you say “not to bite off more than one can chew”; I’m from italy and in my country we use an another proverb with the same meaning: don’t do a step longer than your leg. I think that the organizers have done exactly that step, and the only remedy is disappointing hte high expectaitions of the customers.

    One last thing: I agree with all of you about the lack of clarity of Sziget about their choices and, for my tastes, I think that the line-up is better than last year.

  221. I think it’s better than last year’s too, but not the few years before that, and I’m aware that it’s purely down to my taste

  222. @FAB: forse è meglio che li abbiano cancellati, dopo le tremende buffonate che sono riusciti a organizzare in questi ultimi anni (mi riferisco alle cose fatte al parcheggio della fiera di Rho, per esempio). Che amarezza dover andare sempre all’estero per avere un festival decente…

  223. “Many big international names are unable to accept invitations because of a lack of time”

    Perhaps that’s because you only ask them a month before the festival!!!! Mr Gerendai has a lot to answer for.

  224. Aladi, where did you read he asked them a month before? Stop making stuff up and being so negative. Obviously they did their very best to get some good names, that’s what pays their salary.

  225. I was being sarcastic but it doesn’t take a genius to work out that announcing artists early equates to higher ticket sales and their promise of lots more bands to come and then subsequent anti-announcement on an updated program means something went horribly wrong.

    Oh and perhaps the drop in sales also equates to the amount of rock/metal fans who’ve been shit on this year.

  226. Presumably, the comment about international artists being unable to accept invitations due to lack of time means that a number of artists were approached but were unavailable during Sziget week – and, most probably, those that were available were too expensive ….

  227. Kensington
    “SZIGET info: we will be playing the HMH Stage, August 7th at 18.00. Who of you will we be seeing there?!”

    Holand meets hungary stage will be again.

  228. The Budapesttimes article kinda says it all. Unwilling or unable to book some serious international acts to attract people to the festival. So we put in a circus and giant Wheel of fortune. Hey, now less people are coming!? SURPRISE!

  229. If they think this years ticket sales have dropped wait until next year!! Theres going to be a big shock in store for Mr Gerendai.

  230. I have been to dozens of festivals and like everyone else from the UK, have spent half of the UK ones wet and cold. Since reaching 40 I prefer spending the cash to get a summer sunshine holiday and festival experience rolled into one so have been to several mainland European festivals ver the last 3 years.
    I loved Sziget last year; for me it had a great mix of big name bands of all genres as well as the weird and wonderful, such as the Hungarian village and small Circus tent. This combination created the excellent “Vibe” of last year’s festival. The bands and the Vibe were not as varied as some European festivals but Sziget has a better location than all and better weather than most. As a British person I want to be outside watching bands. If you want to start the daily program at 4pm and put most of the best acts indoors then you are not utilising your second best asset, the sunshine.
    If Sziget wants to downsize the main stage element of the festival then that is fine, let everyone know before the tickets go on sale. If Sziget want to move away from Metal, again it is up to the programme organisers but let people know. If Sziget wants to ignore what festival customers want then expect a smaller turnout this year & plan for a much, much smaller turnout next. Those of us from other Countries who need to provide notice for work and need to plan holidays several months in advance can no longer trust Sziget to deliver a premier festival.
    Sziget has got so many basic things wrong this year it is truly remarkable. It is almost as if someone on the inside is actively TRYING to destroy Sziget. Has someone checked to see if the Sziget Mayor has infiltrated the Sziget organisation by putting a dreadlock wig on? I bet he has and booked MIKA as the Saturday headliner to ensure everyone in Budapest gets a good night’s sleep? Whatever the reason, I’m going to enjoy this year but take my money elsewhere next.

    Mr Gerendai: Sleep well this August & enjoy the empty streets 2014.

  231. It’s not that simple, and besides that they are not obliged to inform people about changes in stages etc.

  232. @Sieget Why is it not that simple? would you care to explain?

    You are right though they aren’t obliged to tell anyone but in that case they cant moan when they are 7-8% down on sales either.

  233. Jason I agree totally, the main thing that put me off this year is that over 80% of the acts I want to see are playing indoors, and at early times, what I liked about last year is that you could spend most of the day outside on the main stage watching all the bands, then after the mainstage headliner head over to a38/arena to watch all the main dance acts, so you never really missed out on anything, it was like a perfect festival, setup-wize, but this year the bigger dance acts like chase n status/Sebastian engross/netsky etc are all playing at 19:30? its stupid, if theyre playing at that time they should be playing on the main stage, I would have maybe considered still going if they had arranged the lineup so it was a decent main stage

  234. After the sound and the thunder…

    McGregor’s theory of human motivation – Theory X and Theory Y – put into a Sziget context. Forgive the liberties I’m taking along the way.

    Theory X: Sziget organisers assume festival-goers can be treated according to mushroom management principle ( “we’ll keep ’em in the dark and feed ’em loads of shit”). Accordingly, they fail to book big names and then set out to string fans along with a sustained campaign of misinformation aimed at deliberately misleading fans whilst keeping their hopes and expectations alive. Because, at the end of the day, they’re only customers and they don’t matter

    Theory Y: Sziget organisers have genuinely tried their best and had held out hopes of improvements to the line-up even beyond the point of reasonable/rational expectation. In clinging to the increasingly unrealistic hope that things WILL get better they make encouraging noises that ultimately serve only to exacerbate the situation and create currents of anger and mistrust amongst the customers when that was the last thing they wanted to do because this is a business that relies on goodwill, committed long-term repeat customers and strong emotional ties to the ethos of the event.

    Take your pick. My view: I’ll give ’em the benefit of the doubt and go for Theory Y. The marketing has been bad from what I’ve seen and the PR simply atrocious. If you don’t step up and take control you get enthusiasts championing your cause and they usually only make things worse in the absence of definitive comment. I think they were hoping against hope to the very end that they’d have positive things to announce and in so doing they’ve only made it worse for themselves. And from a marketing perspective you need keystone bands early to encourage others. Bands like to keep the best company. Delay those important early headline bookings and you make the whole process that much more difficult.

    Whatever the underlying explanation, I imagine all non-domestic performers want paying in a ‘hard’ currency, which is a disadvantage to organisers using ‘soft’ forints. The forex costs can’t have been helpful, so I’ll also expand my benefit of the doubt to include the complex economics of running an international festival in a non hard currency country.

    Do these guys want to run an unpopular festival and give themselves an even steeper hill to climb next year? Have they wiilingly indulged in bad faith? Of course not; they’re folks who’ve made some basic mistakes which they didn’t do enough to put right before they helped create the bad feeling demonstrated on this and other threads. Human failings, I’d say.

    As for the line-up…The best band I saw last year was HK et les Saltimbanks. Never heard of them before I caught their set by happy accident. Now one of my favourite bands. THAT is the sort of thing that leaves me knowing I’m going to have a bloody good time again this year

  235. I couldn’t buy my tickets yet because of my work schedule. I would like to be there for a week, but line up makes me annoying. I hope that you are planning to add some good names. Otherwise it seems a big dissapointment.

  236. @friendless drinker

    I’ll drink with you, you sound like a really interesting guy and I really enjoyed your theory.

    Can any festival organisation with 20 year of experience really be so inept as to fall into category “Y”

    It would be like me forgetting how to order a pint of beer, not gonna happen until I am very close to my death.

    RIP Sziget?

    As for your last paragraph about unexpected musical treats: Shakka Ponk were my favourite gig of last year. I heard them on Spotify before going to Sziget but was not impressed. Somebody told me to give them ago live and walking into the A38 Arena, the place was bouncing. I have never seen such energy in a band and I was truly blown away by their performance. Can anyone recommend a band that sound 100% better live?

  237. Saying getting big names to your festival is like ordering a pint really proves you don’t know anything about what you’re talking about 🙂

  238. Is it just me or is there someone on this forum who gets a perverse pleasure from the bit of power they feel from winding someone up 🙂

    @Sieget: You may enjoy the book “The Wasp Factory”

  239. @Sieget its not that simple.

    @friendless drinker JD bar most of the time monday to friday or out and about in budapest saturday/sunday nights I will buy you a drink 🙂

  240. does anyone has the link to order budapest city pass? cant find where i can order online.
    Two weeks to go, im really looking foward now! and the weather looks nice 🙂

  241. The Hungarian Stage line up is uploaded.

    I know this won’t be a solution for the moaners, but there are a lot of cool bands on list.
    If you want to check them out, my favourites are: Subscribe(nasty,mindblow act) Turbo(ass kicking psychedelic rock, sounds like a vintage trip), Mary Popkids(“just”feelgood).

  242. @Castor: Think “Turbo” sound excellent. I am listening (via youtube) to their live A38 performance in 2011 and am loving it. Thanks for the advice.

  243. SUBSCRIBE!! they are amazing watched them last year they have a good nu-metal sound theyre great deffo worth a watch

  244. @Castor, Lambo: This is pretty cool actually. Listening to Subscribe and Turbo. Gonna go through the whole Hungarian stage program now!

  245. I also give a thumbs up to Turbo – saw them a few years ago (3?)and they were excellent

  246. They’ve made Empire of the Sun later so they don’t clash with Franz Ferdinand, just so you all know

  247. Hmmmm firkin, Paddy and the rats & lochnesz haven’t been given à stage yet maybe some sort of irish pub stage?

  248. Wouldn’t the organizers complete the line-up before 20 july? and release a map of sziget? It’s 21 july, and I haven’t seen anything..

  249. There will be an interview with 3 organizers on facebook at tuesday. I think the map and the two tba will be revealed until the interview. ( I hope 🙂

  250. Sziget Festival Official

    Unfortunately Azealia Banks, performer of Sziget Festival Main Stage, has cancelled her show at Sziget Festival due to unforeseen physical pressure of her tour. Instead you can enjoy the unique and world-famous French percussion band, Les Tambours du Bronx! They will definitely make the audience dance with their production, so get ready for some rock, afrobeat and industrial sounds!

  251. I am not too bothered that we have lost her, but I am hoping that it is because of her tour pressure, not the fact that Sziget cannot afford to pay her. Looking forward to the question and answer session tomorrow, still really looking forward to the festival though; all these cancellations and stuff are really worrying me.

  252. Sad to hear, was one of the names I was looking forward to. Even more time at the world music stage for me then! (still happy I’m not a headliner fanatic and therefore actually love the lineup)

  253. subscribe doing a ratm tribute, that would be sick! the tribute stage lineups better than the main stage line up id be at that stage all day haha

  254. I based my decision to go to sziget this year for the first time purely on previous lineups, as they were really good. So gutted about this lineup, a lot of the headliner and big bands are very similar for example franz ferdinand, balthazar, biffy clyro, peter bjorn & john and more. Hoprfully they’ll release a couple more bands that will improve it, huge arctic monkeys fan so theyd be sick, also some good rap would be good ( I certainly dont count dizzee rascal or anyone else who is supposedly rap as good rap/hiphop) maybe wu tang as theyre touring at the moment or talib kweli, pro era, something like that. Overall I voted Bad! 4 acts per day on the main stage is awful!

  255. Can’t believe we still don’t have 2 names on a 4 acts per day Main Stage. Seriously, I really don’t understand how could they make such a terrible mistake this year. I’ve never seen a worse organization (obviously related to music). NEVER.

  256. Bender, then you haven’t seen Romania’s so called “largest festival” this year, Felsziget/Peninsula. (It is called Felsziget, because it used to be sponsored by Sziget, until they pulled out 2 years ago)
    Anyway, this year it was supposed to be a 4 day festival, with Kaiser Chiefs, Dragonforce, Ska-P and La Roux headlining (La Roux was never officially announced, it was left TBA until the end of the festival, but we knew about her because the organizers released – by mistake – a poster of the line-up, with her included).
    However, 9 days before the festival, KC and DF cancelled due to financial reasons, the organizers have been lying to them for months, not paying their fees, this went so far that they couldn’t buy their plane tickets, and had to cancel. Three days into the festival, La Roux officially stated that she wouldn’t come either, and Pitchin Dirtyphonics also cancelled. On the last day of the festival, Aly and Fila also cancelled due to financial reasons, and the organizers only told us a couple of hours before the gig. There were plenty of TBAs in the line-up, which weren’t sorted out until the start of the festival, and when the times of the said gigs came, they just put on some local bands.
    So, all you guys pissed about this small mock-up at Sziget, shouldn’t really complain. There are far worst organizers in the world. And the funny bit is, if it were in a western country, they’d get their asses sued, but in Romania, they might just get away with it.

  257. @Jozsi
    1) do you know that Felsziget is organized by a part of sziget team? That doesn’t surprise me.
    2) you can’t compare those festival as well as you can’t compare sziget lineup to glastonbury’s one.

  258. I hope this organisational disaster doesn’t apply when the festival has actually started. I’ve been to a number of festivals before that have made basic logistical errors during the festival, but not one that has made so many before it’s even started

    1) Staggered announcement times that have only served to infuriate customers and clearly haven’t resulted in late sales because…

    2) They’ve now extended the date for buying tickets. I’m not sure why you can’t buy up until the day of the festival, mind. It smacks of desperation when you tell people they have a matter of hours to buy tickets before announcing the next day that they’re still on sale

    3) The line up assembly itself, which has been a complete mess. For all the people claiming it isn’t easy to assemble a line up, I get that. However, every other major European festival has managed this year, and they’ve also managed to replace artists that have pulled out. When you only have 20 main stage acts over the festival (which less than most three day festivals), to have only 18 confirmed less than two weeks before the festival starts and to have replaced a drop out with an almost unknown act is poor form in anyone’s book

    4) The map. I’m not really bothered about the map, but they clearly made a hash of releasing it following a number of ‘it will be here tomorrow’ announcements on Facebook. I’m guessing it was due to the cigarette shop, but they didn’t publicly announce that that was the case for whatever reason

    5) The schedule. They released an unconfirmed schedule (why?) and then released another schedule which was supposedly the final schedule. Everyone kicks off. They’ve clashed Flogging Molly with Die Arzte, Empire of the Sun with Franz Ferdinand etc etc. So they change it, which means that Empire of the Sun now clash with David Guetta AND Tame Impala which is probably even worse than before. In honesty, I think they might have changed it because they told Empire of the Sun they were headlining the stage, but because headlining that stage meant 7.30pm Empire of the Sun kicked off as they wanted a night time show. However, due to the lack of transparency available we’ll never know

    I’ve not been to the festival before, I don’t mind the line up and I’m certainly going to enjoy myself. However, I have not been impressed at all by the organisation of this festival. I’ve been to Glastonbury, Leeds, Coachella, Benicassim, Werchter, Hurricane etc. A lot of the major festivals, and I’ve never come across anything which has appeared to be so much of a mess before it’s even started

  259. 1. Sziget used to sponsor Felsziget (Sziget means island, since the festival is on an island, felsziget means peninsula, since the festival used to be on a peninsula, until this year, when they moved it), but they pulled out 2 years ago, for various reasons. As far as I know, the Sziget team did not organize felsziget before then, and they were definitely NOT involved with this year’s edition, and all the failures of the felsziget organizers. This was exactly what I was trying to say, I understand that some people are pissed at Sziget organizers, but they really shouldn’t be, there are far worst festival organizers in the world, like those of felsziget, who lie and cheat bands and fans. In my opinion, Sziget’s problem is simple: although as they stated, they’re budget is bigger by 100k than last year, it’s not enought to compete with other festivals in Europe, like Werchter, that’s why the line-up seems weaker, especially on the Main Stage. I am still confident that Sziget is Sziget, and they won’t do what felsziget did. They’ll come true, albeit it is a bit strange to leave two TBAs this late. However, if I’m mistaken, and they don’t announce the names until a week from now, then yeah, it’s pretty f**ked up, that might damage the festival a lot.
    2. Of course, I was just saying that the organizing of felsziget was so unprofessional, that the organizers should be sued and thrown into jail, regardless of the fact that the tickets were cheaper than at Glasto, Sziget or Werchter, they still stole money from people and basically did false advertising.

  260. Anyone else in the UK still waiting for their Sziget ticket to be delivered? I’ve bought mine off seetickets and its getting a little bit close for comfort not having the ticket, the last few years the tickets came months in advance.

  261. @Eddie. Empire of the Sun had show at sziget 2 tears ago at party arena at the same time, so it’s not a problem for them. problem is in all people who asked to change their time

    and actually, this is first time, when sziget made so much mistakes. been ther 6 times before and every year was perfect. something happened

  262. I have a slight hope for Mondo Generator on 11 august, it’s the band of Nick Oliveri from QOTSA they’re touring europe that time and only 11 august is free… so Sziget… for the sake of good music tell us you booked them…

  263. Lemmy Kilmister on fb:

    Motörhead To Play the Wacken Festival in Germany on August 2nd!
    In the face of cancellation reports and other gossip, Motörhead is delighted to announce it will headline Germany’s Wacken Festival (the biggest metal fest in the world) for 85,000 fans on Friday August 2nd. The band look forward to comprehensively kicking everyone’s ass, just as they always do.

    So the Motorhead tour restart…

  264. On my wishlist for the TBA that are available would be Maximo Park, Manics or BRMC.

    Not holding my breath though…

  265. I,m going this year for the second time.
    The line up is quite poor, a lot of electric music, i think a luttel bit of that is more then enough.
    Then again, i love the sziget vibe anyway. I hope the line up Will be a litlle bit better.

  266. posted on official facebook:

    Sziget Festival Official: Because the organizers will make an announcement very soon. By the way, only one of the two remaining acts is said to be a “bigger” one.

  267. so the first is Babylon Circus. It just proves again the bookers aren’t able (or haven’t the financials) to book something descent for the mainstage. Wondering what the second name will be..

    What also worries me; what if acts like Blur or Editors unfortunately cancell last-minute. It seems there will be no backup plan at all.. just empty slots..

  268. They won’t cancel, but bad thoughts can become real, so don’t stop if you want it

  269. @Agony: to me Babylon Circus proves that they ARE. Good addition to any festival lineup, year round.

    I’m really hoping all the crybabies start cheering up in a few days or else get lost on the way to the island and never make it there.

    From Saturday onwards it’s time to party not bitch!

  270. The Fratellis as sub headliner has to be one the single worst festival announcement I’ve ever seen in nearly ten years going to festivals. It’s completely laughable. An act who had ONE hit single SEVEN years ago, and haven’t released anything vaguely decent since. They were crap live even back then. They are an act that have been booked because for five minutes of their set they’ll be able to film the crowd getting in to the festival and having a party. The rest of the hour + that they’re on stage people will be nodding off due to the dull splurge they’ve produced on their records. Pathetic.

  271. I’m seriously considering not even going to the festival until Parov Stelar on the Saturday. It really is THAT bad. I cannot believe that that’s the line up for a major European music festival on a Saturday. The Saturday is usually the big night! The only decent act on the main stage is Editors. Why the hell are they below Fratellis!?

  272. I reckon they were after Kendrick Lamar as their hip hop option. It’s a real pity they didn’t get him because his album is pretty good and I’d have been really impressed with his announcement

  273. I’ve been waiting to post because i wanted to give them time to announece everything, initially I was disappointed being quite a guitar/rock guy, but I’ve been thinking about it, and in comparison to 3 day festivals like all the UK ones I’ve been to ( it helps that I went to download and got a lot of it out of my system) it isn’t so bad really in terms of total acts.

    Biffy BLur END show/Guetta
    Franz Nick Cave Chase Status
    Shikari Dizze Rascal Editors
    Fratellis Mika Mystery Jets
    FLogging M Bat for Lash The Cribs
    Joy formid Alex Clare Hadouken

    Empire/sun Nero Bad Religion
    Reg Spekt Everything ev Tame Impala

    Anyone who thinks a line up like that at a 3 day festival wouldn’t generate a lot of interest in the uk is probably just wrong, and thats without all the cool international acts/ stages, so in the end I’m reasonably happy

  274. Cant find the italian band amycanbe and the batucada sound machine in the stagelists….did they cancel?

  275. Hope the beer is cheap, im gonna need it with this lineup
    Metal stage gone, come on…… why did i buy the damn ticket

  276. Hi, does any one have any info on the day dreamer boat parties? I’ve booked one on the 10th but want to know if clashes with the colour festival. Cheera

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