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Vote in the Sziget 2014 lineup poll right now!

The Sziget 2014 lineup poll is here!

Like we do around this time every year, we’re starting a Sziget 2014 lineup poll, where you can vote and check everyone else’s opinion about the lineup of everyone’s favorite festival.

And just like every year, the poll, which starts right now, will be available to vote in right until Sziget 2014 starts.

That means it will close on August 11, at midnight.

With the Sziget 2014 lineup close to being final, we thought it would be a pretty good idea for you to be able to have your say on what this year’s festival will be like.

And what better way to do that than out traditional poll?

Of course, you can always state your opinion in a comment, too, right after voting.

Use the comment form under this article to do so!

So let’s get voting and make your opinion heard!

P.S.: the poll is also on the right side of the site, for your convenience.

9 thoughts on “Vote in the Sziget 2014 lineup poll right now!

  1. I chose Very Good because there’s a lot of diversity, big bands I like (Blink-182, Deadmau5, The Bloody Beetroots, Placebo…), “new” bands (Imagine Dragons, Bastille…), great DJ’s (Madeon…) and only one clash for me!

    It would have been excellent if one of my top 10 band was present but it’s ok!

  2. I really dig the line up this year, I only have a few suggestions.

    -It is really time to forget names like Placebo, SKA-P, Korn, Prodigy, etc. I like them, but booking them continuosly in a rotation (next year i can guarantee skunk anansie) is just not fun anymore. Please, get one(!) just one rock band with actuality. (foo fighters, linkin park, kings of leon..)
    -There’s no point of putting Hungarian bands to the main stage but i guess it is just for saving money after booking some bigger names to the main stage.

    Anyway, it’s gonna be a super party, can’t wait for my 5th Sziget in a row!

  3. and yeah I almost forgot it:

    massive thanks for the organizers for Blink, A day to remember and Jimmy Eat World! (the “smaller” foreign names are excellent in general this year)

  4. Bands I’m really, really looking forward to (even if I don’t catch the full set) — Queens of the Stone Age, Outkast, Blink 182, Deadmau5, Axwell, La Roux, A Day To Remember, Jimmy Eat World, The Bloody Beetroots, Angel Haze, Brody Dalle, Madeon.

    There’s nobody on the lineup who I dislike particularly. Closest would probably be Calvin Harris and that’s just because I’ve seen him before and he was rubbish.

    Not like you’re forced to watch anyone you don’t like!

  5. hi all! it’s actually an offtop question, but anyway: what is the cost of various Sziget souvenirs/merchandise staff? thanks in advance.

    as for the poll – i’ve opted for “Very good”, there’re some top bands for me (maybe, actually, for the younger me) in blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, The Kooks and Klaxons, some interesting performers in Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Outkast, DARKSIDE, Angel Haze and some less known, but definitely very attractive acts in London Grammar, Wild Beasts. i couldn’t say it’s “Excellent” only because of few clashes that will force me to skip some shows that i was looking forward to only a few weeks ago 🙂

  6. I am a Szitizen for 6 years, and I think, that this year line-up is excellent and the best for all my sziget-years.

    Really, this year there are less rock, that it was before. But number of first-class bands are huge! It twice bigger than in 2013 for example.
    A lot of bands, that was a headliner some years ago this year aren’t a headliner.

    I think it happened because they shorted a list of stages for 30%.
    Also it was good commercial decision to sell Early bird tickets before 31.12.

    Shedule also is great this year. (except clash The Bloody Beetroots and deadmau5)

    In the past, when I compared the line-ups of other festivals with Sziget, I said to myself “yes, the line-up is worse, but Sziget – it’s about atmosphere” .
    This year line-up is not worse that in another festival and together with great Sziget atmosphere will do an amazing week! 🙂
    Can’t wait!

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