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Who do you think the Day Zero headliner will be?

Last year we’ve seen Iron Maiden on Zero Day. Who do you think the Zero-Day band will be this year? Will it be Metallica (they have a festival tour in Europe this summer), Green Day (they will announce their tour dates soon) or another big name? The Prodigy will also tour this summer, supporting their new album.

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21 thoughts on “Who do you think the Day Zero headliner will be?

  1. Good question…

    Due to the fact that they want to fill the area in front of the mainstage, the band has to be bigger than Green Day or Prodigy.

    Metallica would be a good guess – here are some more guesses:

    – Depeche Mode (but they are playing Budapest earlier this year and might be in the US at the time)

    – Bruce Springsteen (tours earlier, too)

    – Coldplay (would be swell)

    – Radiohead (yeah, this could fit)

    – Neil Young (this would be a big surprise, but he seems to discuss playing european festivals this summer)

    I think outt of these chances for Coldplay and Radiohead are best…

  2. We also think Metallica sounds plausible (if a bit expensive compared to Sziget’s standard of bands). Depeche Mode – we don’t think so. The rest of your proposals are all quite possible. Maybe Arctic Monkeys too, even if they’re not as big an act as the rest. We also heard people mentioning AC/DC, but they are way too expensive, too, and they will probably end their tour by then.

  3. It’s just wild guessing… 😉 But you’re right: I think Depeche Mode, Metallica and also Bruce Springsteen are too expensive!

    Another guess would be Kings Of Leon – but I have no idea how big they are in Hungary (in the UK they are definitely big enough) – or perhaps Take That? *cough*

  4. Plausible:
    The Prodigy
    Kings of Leon
    Depeche Mode – note that they are headliners at Arvika Festival in Sweden, which really isn’t very big venue.

    Way too expensive:
    Bruce Springsteen

  5. Well, Blink 182 have to reunite first 🙂

    As for all the bands Jonas mentioned, they’re quite plausible. AC/DC are out of the question, they play Hungary in March and their tour will be over by Sziget.

  6. Szigetnews reader Rick Daams has sent us an e-mail saying he hopes Depeche Mode or Pendulum will headline day one.

  7. Let’s go for The Bees as the starting act and The Kooks or the Prodigy as headliner. Actually I want to say U2 being the day zero headliner but that won’t be very realistic…

  8. Probably The Prodigy is more realistic. The Kooks were at Sziget last year and two years in a row doesn’t seem too plausible.

  9. On the Dutch Sziget site ( there is an announcement that on day 0 several bands will play, probably no big names 🙁

  10. It is anounced since some weeks that on Day Zero will be a Rock Against Racism festival with international and local bands. You can read about it on several sources, like the italian Sziget site!

    Chances for big names are close to zero, but perhaps there will be some “known” bands, too. One of the hosts of one of the international Sziget sites (I think it was the dutch one) wrote that there are some bands in discussion, but no confirmation yet!

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