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You and the future of Sziget News

Szigetnews has been in a state of hibernation as of late, as a lot of you have undoubtedly noticed. First of all, thank you for your concerned comments and also thank you to those of you sending emails asking if we’re alright and whether everything is fine.

To answer it directly, yes, absolutely. Everything is fine. However, time has not been what it was  and this has impacted on Sziget News and, subsequently, on this wonderful community.

When I started this project, as a Sziget fan, I would have never imagined that it would turn into this thriving, vibrant community. I just wanted a place that would fill what was at that time a gap in in sources of information about Sziget Festival (it’s up to you to decide if that is still the case). I was also hoping to start a platform where Sziget fans could communicate with each other, mainly about the Sziget line-up, but also about various other related things (and less related ones, why not).

I had no idea it would turn into this and you’re the ones to thank for it. You and the other people that contributed to the website, and especially Istvan, without whom things here would have never been the same.

However, as I mentioned, time has not been as much as it was in the past and, to be honest with you, the costs of holding Sziget News up versus decreasing advertising and other sources of income have also been an issue. We have asked for the support of the community, but response has been pretty much non-existent. We’ve tried options like adding a search box but, despite the fact that it’s the same as actually getting your accommodation on their website, it didn’t do much.

Nevertheless, we’re considering ideas to keep Szigetnews going in the future and to keep it the great place you know and love.

The options at the moment seem as follows:

  1. Set up something like a Patreon, where you guys can subscribe and keep things as they were until recently. This would involve dedicating more time to it, at the expense of other activities. It would keep everything free, but those that want (and can afford it) could contribute.

  2. Turn the website into an actual forum. The advantages would be that all users would be able to post and comment in an easier fashion and we would be around to keep it working.

  3. Keep it the way it is and promote some of you to a more active role, where you could submit content.

  4. This is where you come in, if you have other ideas.

That’s what I had to say, for the moment. Let us know what you think and let’s make sure we keep things going as well as possible.

P.S.: feel free to share this with friends that have given up on us :))




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30 thoughts on “You and the future of Sziget News

  1. Good to see you are doing fine, I was actually concerned!
    Although I think that news flows in a more flawless way than back in the day, I think that for us, festival-holic, places like this are useful, and it would be a shame to lose this.

    Although I think I haven’t understood fully the reasons behind this post (time? Money? Both?), my idea is that the format of the site is inefficient (compared to efestival’s forum, i.e.) so I would wave for the transformation in a forum, where you and whoever you prefer can write threads.
    On the other side, I’d be down to write content, I’d like to help!

    Thank you for your job, I appreciate it really and.helped me to get addicted to festivals

  2. Forums are almost dead nowadays (there are some exceptions though) and it would also be a lot of work to turn this site into a forum, so I would prefer the old posts to remain unchanged. This means the 3rd option might be the best if you change the template in a more catchy & user friendly one. You can have on a WordPress website more sections exactly like on a forum (but with a cooler “look”) and you can also enable the feature to create accounts and specific users to create posts for specific sections.

  3. However, I would be also happy if you keep the website with a new template AND create a forum too (let’s say,, for example)!

  4. Thanks for the worries, all fine. And I’m glad to have helped. We’ll see where most of the opinions go and move it in one direction or another. If we’ll go the crowd-sourced content route, you’ll be on the list 😉

  5. Did you ever get a feedback from the organisers that they are actually reading this place? I mean if you pay big money on this it’s not sustainable… i can imagine a scenario that a forum is integrated on the main sziget site being you as an admin. The community would be still there, possibly bigger and would cost you no dime. Big question is if they are interested…

  6. @Fsfsf: I’m sure they read some of it (we have had word from them at times). That is not an option, though. First of all, this was always meant as independent. Linking it to the organizers would stop that. Second, if they wanted to do it, they would do something like that themselves.

  7. Fsfsf, I’m not sure if Sziget would want their costumers to read some of your comments 😀

  8. First of, thank you for running this that long. It has been my source of sziget-related-anything for years, even though I have been more lurking than posting comments. I doubt I’ve posted over 5 times and I am very sure there are hundreds of lurkers like me out here.

    I have to confess that I feel like an update is really needed cause the current website is slowly getting outdated. A long comment section where users pretty much rant about anything they can does not really get us anywhere and pretty much never helps a newcomer trying to find help and tips from long time visitors. Turning this into an actual forum seems like the best solution out there in my honest opinion. Yes, some forums are dying off, but the success of different festival forums proves that this can be a thing. To name a few; efestivals and festileaks are living a good life, Festivals like Roskilde or Download Festival have their own ultra-active forums. Why forums:
    – it brings the community together, creating fan-made events during the festival, and why not outside the festival. (meet-ups, camp loner, ride-sharing, flashmobs etc.)
    – it can more efficiently be the number one festival information source, where you can get info and tips directly from other visitors themselves. It is easily found on google and organized sections for different discussions will grow the community much faster.
    – Oh god how i wish there was “rumours” section where we could predict and argue without getting anywhere. It has always been the most fun. 😀
    – it could easily become a great feedback tool for the festival organizers themselves.

    I’d deffo be ready to help out much as my time allows. Creating a work group to get this going is a thing to consider maybe. But lets see what rest of us think!

  9. @ siiiim: You’re welcome. It’s always been a pleasure. I’m starting to be inclined to think that a forum or subscription-based systems are the way forward. We’ll have to see.

  10. @Sziget News
    First, thanks for creating this space that linked us, sziget fans. For the better or the worst, I like interacting with everyone here.

    I could help with contents or moderation, but I think that a forum is what we need, for the reasons @siiiim said. There’s so many possibilities of topics.

  11. I would also opt for a forum. It would be nice to be able to start threads about certain topics relating to the festival. Especially for newbies that might have questions or so.

    Regardless of what this website will become, I want to thank you for all your time and effort put into this website. Always enjoyed lurking around or posting here and the website has been of great use for discussion, rumors and general information. 🙂

  12. Miles Kane will play RiZE Festival, so maybe there is a chance to bring him at Sziget. It would be cool, as here is Alex Turner, his bff.

  13. I’d put forward the Sziget subreddit as an option, though you’d lose overall control we would all be able to post and interact without the cost burden?

  14. + Cari Cari on Europe stage. A quite unknown Austrian band, but I would recommend them to fans of The Kills and The XX. Good one

  15. Have you tried to sell Sziget ticket via an affiliate link? or band Tshirts?
    Something to consider.

  16. list of places, grabbed from website
    ‘Europe Stage presented by Ibis’,
    ‘World Music Stage’,
    ‘Colosseum sponsored by Telekom’,
    ‘Cirque du Sziget’,
    ‘Mastercard STAGE by A38’,
    ‘Afro-Latin-Reggae Village’,
    ‘Before I Die’,
    ‘Budapest Park Tribute Stage’,
    ‘Caravan Tent’,
    ‘Chess Tent’,
    ‘Cinema Hungary/TEDxBudapest Salon’,
    ‘Papageno Classical, Opera and Jazz Stage’,
    ‘Dan Panaitescu Main stage’,
    ‘Giant Street Theatre’,
    ‘Hungarikum Village’,
    ‘I CHING Labyrinth’,
    ‘Magic Mirror’,
    ‘Museum Quarter’,
    ‘Music Box’,
    ‘NGO Island’,
    ‘Pet?fi Rádió – Telekom VOLT Festival Stage’,
    ‘Snowattack Retro Stage’,
    ‘Sport TV Sport Zone’,
    ‘Sziget Beach – Cökxpon Chill Garden’,
    ‘Telekom Electric Beats Arena’,
    ‘Tent without Borders’,
    ‘Fidelio Theatre and Dance Tent’,
    ‘Travelling Funfair’,
    ‘XS Land’ ]

  17. Yeah… I visited it twice but it’s a landmark and a rite of passage for every newcomer 🙁

  18. Cirque du Sziget names:


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