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You and the future of Sziget News

Szigetnews has been in a state of hibernation as of late, as a lot of you have undoubtedly noticed. First of all, thank you for your concerned comments and also thank you to those of you sending emails asking if we’re alright and whether everything is fine.

To answer it directly, yes, absolutely. Everything is fine. However, time has not been what it was  and this has impacted on Sziget News and, subsequently, on this wonderful community.

When I started this project, as a Sziget fan, I would have never imagined that it would turn into this thriving, vibrant community. I just wanted a place that would fill what was at that time a gap in in sources of information about Sziget Festival (it’s up to you to decide if that is still the case). I was also hoping to start a platform where Sziget fans could communicate with each other, mainly about the Sziget line-up, but also about various other related things (and less related ones, why not).

I had no idea it would turn into this and you’re the ones to thank for it. You and the other people that contributed to the website, and especially Istvan, without whom things here would have never been the same.

However, as I mentioned, time has not been as much as it was in the past and, to be honest with you, the costs of holding Sziget News up versus decreasing advertising and other sources of income have also been an issue. We have asked for the support of the community, but response has been pretty much non-existent. We’ve tried options like adding a search box but, despite the fact that it’s the same as actually getting your accommodation on their website, it didn’t do much.

Nevertheless, we’re considering ideas to keep Szigetnews going in the future and to keep it the great place you know and love.

The options at the moment seem as follows:

  1. Set up something like a Patreon, where you guys can subscribe and keep things as they were until recently. This would involve dedicating more time to it, at the expense of other activities. It would keep everything free, but those that want (and can afford it) could contribute.

  2. Turn the website into an actual forum. The advantages would be that all users would be able to post and comment in an easier fashion and we would be around to keep it working.

  3. Keep it the way it is and promote some of you to a more active role, where you could submit content.

  4. This is where you come in, if you have other ideas.

That’s what I had to say, for the moment. Let us know what you think and let’s make sure we keep things going as well as possible.

P.S.: feel free to share this with friends that have given up on us :))




150 thoughts on “You and the future of Sziget News

  1. Good to see you are doing fine, I was actually concerned!
    Although I think that news flows in a more flawless way than back in the day, I think that for us, festival-holic, places like this are useful, and it would be a shame to lose this.

    Although I think I haven’t understood fully the reasons behind this post (time? Money? Both?), my idea is that the format of the site is inefficient (compared to efestival’s forum, i.e.) so I would wave for the transformation in a forum, where you and whoever you prefer can write threads.
    On the other side, I’d be down to write content, I’d like to help!

    Thank you for your job, I appreciate it really and.helped me to get addicted to festivals

  2. Forums are almost dead nowadays (there are some exceptions though) and it would also be a lot of work to turn this site into a forum, so I would prefer the old posts to remain unchanged. This means the 3rd option might be the best if you change the template in a more catchy & user friendly one. You can have on a WordPress website more sections exactly like on a forum (but with a cooler “look”) and you can also enable the feature to create accounts and specific users to create posts for specific sections.

  3. However, I would be also happy if you keep the website with a new template AND create a forum too (let’s say,, for example)!

  4. Thanks for the worries, all fine. And I’m glad to have helped. We’ll see where most of the opinions go and move it in one direction or another. If we’ll go the crowd-sourced content route, you’ll be on the list 😉

  5. Did you ever get a feedback from the organisers that they are actually reading this place? I mean if you pay big money on this it’s not sustainable… i can imagine a scenario that a forum is integrated on the main sziget site being you as an admin. The community would be still there, possibly bigger and would cost you no dime. Big question is if they are interested…

  6. @Fsfsf: I’m sure they read some of it (we have had word from them at times). That is not an option, though. First of all, this was always meant as independent. Linking it to the organizers would stop that. Second, if they wanted to do it, they would do something like that themselves.

  7. Fsfsf, I’m not sure if Sziget would want their costumers to read some of your comments 😀

  8. First of, thank you for running this that long. It has been my source of sziget-related-anything for years, even though I have been more lurking than posting comments. I doubt I’ve posted over 5 times and I am very sure there are hundreds of lurkers like me out here.

    I have to confess that I feel like an update is really needed cause the current website is slowly getting outdated. A long comment section where users pretty much rant about anything they can does not really get us anywhere and pretty much never helps a newcomer trying to find help and tips from long time visitors. Turning this into an actual forum seems like the best solution out there in my honest opinion. Yes, some forums are dying off, but the success of different festival forums proves that this can be a thing. To name a few; efestivals and festileaks are living a good life, Festivals like Roskilde or Download Festival have their own ultra-active forums. Why forums:
    – it brings the community together, creating fan-made events during the festival, and why not outside the festival. (meet-ups, camp loner, ride-sharing, flashmobs etc.)
    – it can more efficiently be the number one festival information source, where you can get info and tips directly from other visitors themselves. It is easily found on google and organized sections for different discussions will grow the community much faster.
    – Oh god how i wish there was “rumours” section where we could predict and argue without getting anywhere. It has always been the most fun. 😀
    – it could easily become a great feedback tool for the festival organizers themselves.

    I’d deffo be ready to help out much as my time allows. Creating a work group to get this going is a thing to consider maybe. But lets see what rest of us think!

  9. @ siiiim: You’re welcome. It’s always been a pleasure. I’m starting to be inclined to think that a forum or subscription-based systems are the way forward. We’ll have to see.

  10. @Sziget News
    First, thanks for creating this space that linked us, sziget fans. For the better or the worst, I like interacting with everyone here.

    I could help with contents or moderation, but I think that a forum is what we need, for the reasons @siiiim said. There’s so many possibilities of topics.

  11. I would also opt for a forum. It would be nice to be able to start threads about certain topics relating to the festival. Especially for newbies that might have questions or so.

    Regardless of what this website will become, I want to thank you for all your time and effort put into this website. Always enjoyed lurking around or posting here and the website has been of great use for discussion, rumors and general information. 🙂

  12. Miles Kane will play RiZE Festival, so maybe there is a chance to bring him at Sziget. It would be cool, as here is Alex Turner, his bff.

  13. I’d put forward the Sziget subreddit as an option, though you’d lose overall control we would all be able to post and interact without the cost burden?

  14. + Cari Cari on Europe stage. A quite unknown Austrian band, but I would recommend them to fans of The Kills and The XX. Good one

  15. Have you tried to sell Sziget ticket via an affiliate link? or band Tshirts?
    Something to consider.

  16. list of places, grabbed from website
    ‘Europe Stage presented by Ibis’,
    ‘World Music Stage’,
    ‘Colosseum sponsored by Telekom’,
    ‘Cirque du Sziget’,
    ‘Mastercard STAGE by A38’,
    ‘Afro-Latin-Reggae Village’,
    ‘Before I Die’,
    ‘Budapest Park Tribute Stage’,
    ‘Caravan Tent’,
    ‘Chess Tent’,
    ‘Cinema Hungary/TEDxBudapest Salon’,
    ‘Papageno Classical, Opera and Jazz Stage’,
    ‘Dan Panaitescu Main stage’,
    ‘Giant Street Theatre’,
    ‘Hungarikum Village’,
    ‘I CHING Labyrinth’,
    ‘Magic Mirror’,
    ‘Museum Quarter’,
    ‘Music Box’,
    ‘NGO Island’,
    ‘Pet?fi Rádió – Telekom VOLT Festival Stage’,
    ‘Snowattack Retro Stage’,
    ‘Sport TV Sport Zone’,
    ‘Sziget Beach – Cökxpon Chill Garden’,
    ‘Telekom Electric Beats Arena’,
    ‘Tent without Borders’,
    ‘Fidelio Theatre and Dance Tent’,
    ‘Travelling Funfair’,
    ‘XS Land’ ]

  17. Yeah… I visited it twice but it’s a landmark and a rite of passage for every newcomer 🙁

  18. Cirque du Sziget names:


  19. Looking forward to the next announcement. Still loads to be announced. I usually see a few thing on the dance and theatre stage and magic mirror:)

  20. Timetable in 2 weeks…then its time for the clashfinders….it looks good for me…only the circus is not as good as usual…but….what?

  21. AM new album is officially out. Hard to judge it at first (but imho it is a great piece of work), totally not a festival thing, so I guess it is not a good news for our business

  22. Listened once and think it’s dreadful. People say it’s a grower but it was painful on first listen and I’m not sure I can endure the suffering required to let it grow…

  23. I hope they won’t play more than 3-4 songs from it at Sziget… listened to it about 5 times and it’s still a boring album. The only decent tracks are Star Treatment, Four Out Of Five & She Looks Like Fun, the last 2 maybe because they have more guitar on them. The rest would be very very boring for live events…. even these 3 are.

  24. Anyone know when the next announcement will be. We haven’t heard much for ages

  25. By the trend, it’s pretty realistic to expect something by the end of May, and probably it will be the last announcement!

  26. Still have loads to announce, map, stage times, drink prices, magic mirror, jazz and opera. Theatre and dance stage, camp fire, art zone, karavan stage, light stage, retro stage, tribute stage, quite a few bands for main. Stages, volt stage, ambient beach.

  27. More than half of the lightstage has been announced, plus a lot of mid-small sized stages have their lineup half spoiled by few announcement. So dont expect a clear announcement for those (they always do this).
    And we also have a list of the activity stages and prices if I do recall well… So I think that by the end of the month we will have a daily timetable that will fill most of the gaps that remain and than it will be just a matter of filling the less relevant holes – even though, after I saw the relevant scheduled organization in this year (wow, a trend in the announcements!), I would not be surprised if we get the whole thing together in one time!

  28. On 24th but I can’t tell you my source guys so please trust me. Before the announcement an artist will play in Budapest who will be one of the biggest name in it.

  29. @Szigod: I don’t know but there will be names from all of the three main stages so the chance is great I think

  30. I read above or in another forum (cannot recall) that timetable will come, so I think this will be our main final announcement!

    And Bonobo is a dope comeback!

  31. Guys, Bonobo is playing in Budapest next week! Do you really think he might do Sziget as well?

  32. Ghost’s new releases are pure masterpieces… what a shame that Sziget doesn’t want awesome metal bands anymore!

  33. Guys.. what do you know.. we will get more names? or only the hungarian wave remains? 😀

  34. Actually i miss the names like in 2016 was .. sum 41 .. bmth.. parkway drive.. bfmv .. this year we got almost nothing to “crush” .. 🙁

  35. @SkaPanda….tomorrow is the day???
    …and Sziget official doesn´t proclaim nothing til now?

    We will see….I´m looking toward the festival….Its like a very long brilliant dream every year….

  36. so seems that there’s no announcement tomorrow, so it was just a false rumor, unfortunately …

  37. @Szigod: Bonobo will play today in Budapest and the booking manager said they have to wait until this day so they will announce it tomorrow. I’m studying at a music industry school and she told us this that’s all I know.

  38. Bonobo is a cool act….perhaps they announce the next wave a bit later…..sziget germany said also that the would announce last week anything…but there was nothing…..

    So we still can wait and hope and dream a bit more longer…..
    77 days left…..

  39. Sziget germany answered today, that the timetable will be announced very, very soon…..sounds good….

  40. They seem to have removed it. Weird!
    It was there. I took a screenshot of it.

  41. I saw it too… I hope they’ve not got our hopes up for nothing and don’t address it

  42. Really? gorillaz and seasick steve is the only 2 artist im looking forward that day 😐

  43. I’m more bummed about Bonobo/ Cigarettes After Sex. Saw the first twice but I don’t want to run after the latter to get a good spot for Gorillaz. and I don’t do half-concerts.

    Also Wolf Alice/Liam Gallagher could’ve been avoidable… I’ll go for Wolf Alice-King Gizzard back to back!

  44. Are you all seeing an actual schedule? I saw a couple of times when I clicked on acts but now not even seeing those :/

  45. No more dj’s on the world stage after mindnight ???
    Borgore will play during 3 hours ??? Please this is too long…
    And I love above and beyond but playing during 3h30….why they don’t put another trance dj (like last year).

  46. Has anybody good hints for the other stages or the circus? Mike Love on the Reggae stage per example…anything good in the chilloutarea?

  47. @Szigod – If you like lively rock music I recommend Thunderpussy. Bizarrely playing the Magic Mirror but if their first album released this week is an indicator I think they will be making quite an impact this year. Apparently they are Mike McCreadys favourite band right now and he plays on one song on the album..

  48. Sounds not bad…and the show is good..and I love the magic mirror..maybe I will try them….thx

  49. I’d also add beans on toast. His music might not be to everyone’s tastes but lyrics are great. He’s like a singing comedian/activist. If you like comedy the day with Adam Bloom and Paul Foot should be solid too.

  50. *Steve
    where did you see Bizarrely in the line-up? can’t find them anywhere…

    More recommendations for rock music lovers are required 😉

  51. I’m was saying i though it was bizarre Thunderpussy were playing the magic mirror ;p
    For rock there isn’t much, my baby play decent bluesy rock, shell beach if you want a bit of hardcore.
    Run over dogs are also rocky but I haven’t listened to much.

  52. I dont know if I got the wrong Apey and the Pea, but the guys I found play something in between Stoner Metal and Death Metal. Which is weird given Main Stage of Sziget (not that I’d be bothered in case)… Can someone doublecheck for me?

  53. @yelo I’m pretty sure you heard the right band. I got same and can’t believe two bands chose that name…

  54. My baby are one of my favorites…saw them 5 times…always good to party on…
    The Meute is also special…

  55. The Luminarium won’t be back this year unfortunately. I will certainly miss it. 🙁

  56. So there’s still quite a bit to announce. Map, drink prices, light stage times, arts workshops and many other activity timings, Hungarian film times, how the new payment thing will work, Can’t wait to be back on the island for my 9th time. Wonder if we will have fireworks following artic monkeys. Will the secret club toi toi make a return? Will tesco disco be back?

  57. We should have a szigetnews get together for la
    Brassa banda. Who have played Sziget almost as much as goran. Highly reccomend German brass band techno.

  58. @Ben Tesco Disco will play on the last day on the petofi-volt stage after AM 😉
    and I might take on your offer for LaBrassBanda!

  59. Good choice…brassbanda…but…they are clashing with mumford…mike love at reggaestage on wednesday could be alternativ? So Ben is from Germany?

  60. We still don’t know who will play at the Elrow Party, so I think that Justice still have a chance…

  61. No they haven’t. Usually Elrow artists are tech,no / deep house one. It basically is an alternative Colosseum.
    The last day is really filled with techno in the night (Colosseum + Elrow + Gorgon City) tho.

  62. Jamie Jones * Art Department * De La Swing * Tini Gessler for the Elrow Party. No Justice.

  63. Also, if anyone’s interested (hope not), future and nicki minaj will be performing in Budapest

  64. Of course it wasn’t Justice lol how are they suppose to fit into Elrow format?
    It’s like asking Caribou to perform a Dubstep set at Cocoricò, it makes no sense!

    Jamie Jones is huge tho, totally a Colosseum headliner for me

  65. Little Simz will play Summer Well Festival in Romania on the 11th of August. I think she might play 1 or 2 songs at Sziget with Gorillaz, even if she wasn’t officially announced.

  66. @Ben Smith

    The last few years the map was officially released around two weeks prior to the festival. So if that’s the case again, we can expect it the end of July.

  67. @Sziget, I saw the recorded streaming of Gorillaz at Rock Im Park and there were guests (between the others even De La Soul), none of them were in the lineup… So I think it will be Gorillaz and friends, IMO
    Of course I’m not expecting Snoop Dogg or Vince Staples, but still

  68. Yellow Days cancelled Sziget? On the Passport it can be seen “TBA” before Goo Goo Dolls on the A38 page!

  69. Yeah I hope this doesn’t mean drink prices will go up significantly. I expect it to go up a bit, which is normal. Just hope it’s not a big increase. :p

  70. Ok so I just asked the Dutch Sziget Facebook page about the price list of the drinks and they assured me that there won’t be a big price increase this year and that prices will be similar to last year’s prices. 🙂

  71. Really looking forward to my 12th year. I hope they are doing something about the dust at least near the foodstalls at the back of the main stage

  72. Now that there are not so many rock bands booked, I hope that at least we’ll find some awesome “party rock” at Jack Daniel’s during the nights!

  73. Sorry to repeat myself, but is there any Rock/Alternative/Indie DJ party going on after the Saturday/Sunday concerts?
    Fsfsf is going to roast me as last year, but I still weren’t able to find a non-electro party at Sziget after 4 years.
    Any hint would be much appreciated!

  74. @Matt Yes, usually at Jack Daniel’s Experience (look it up on youtube to see some clips from the last years at Sziget), but you might find some cool music at the Tribute Stage during nights too.

    @Szigetlover Petofi VOLT Stage (00:30 – 05:00). Looks like it’s basically an AM afterparty.

  75. Can anyone give us an update, please? What are the beer prices? Is something new? Is the Sziget flu spreading?

  76. Hey Matt,
    beer price is 750 for draft and 800 for cans. No big changes, only circus has moved to the other side and there‘s again a secret toilet party. For now, no flu detected. Headache of the alcohol, as always.

  77. @Victory, there should be a path between unicum/drk and bacardi/coloseum which leads to some Showers and toilets.

  78. Muse were also going to do arena shows only in 2016… Until Glasto & Sziget announced them! ?

  79. Does anyone realize the massive growing of the festival… The europestage was full in the evening… The main was fully packed… And til the night… The streets were full… Puhhh… The atmosphere is going back… Or? What do you mean?

  80. Well, it topped the previous record by almost 70k, it’s a regular day of entrance, it has to mean something.

    IMO the road taken by 2016 with marketing and s*it, is good, and then they lost track with 2017 – they could have done the same amount of people by just avoiding that shi*show of a lineup they pulled together back then. 2018 just gave to Sziget what it deserve, because it deserves to be up there with Glasto or Primavera or even Coachella, sometime even more than some of mentioned.

    Sziget belongs to the big cash cow that run the circuit and define new trends. What we have to hope for is that it will define some good trends and not the cheapas* trends of Chainsmokers & Co.

  81. So, Ed Sheeran, Metallica or… Rammstein? According to Sziget standards, it will be Ed Sheeran next Thursday…

  82. Having been to Sziget 2014, 2015, and 2016, I decided to take a break as I believed the line up was decreasing in quality whilst prices were increasing. Sziget 2018 seemed to be a huge improvement in terms of the line up so I was looking to go again Sziget 2019 however the news of Ed Sheeran is a huge disappointment.

  83. Why is Ed Sheeran a huge disappointment? He is the best selling live artist on the planet right now, it would be a really good booking for Sziget. Most of the dates are prolly going to be huge shows, multiple days in a row at the same location, all sold out. I doubt there will be much more festivals besides Sziget during his tour. I do understand the point of the festival being full of teenage ladies now and prolly selling out at an early stage. I find that annoying, too. But I’d choose Ed Sheeran over any EDM DJ, so I’m good.

  84. I’ve really wanted to return to Sziget since 2015 but the lineup got worse each year. Last year it picked up again.
    Announcing Ed is another step in the right direction when you compare with other years Day -1 headliner.
    2015 – Robbie Williams
    2016 – The Chemical Brothers
    2017 – P!NK
    2018 – Kendrick Lamar

    The acts are getting bigger each year, hopefully with the next few announcements they can really pick up the diversity of each day again

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