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2 live Miss Platnum songs

Here’s a live performance by Miss Platnum, for the ones of you who want to get a preview of her show at Sziget Festival 2009, on August 13, at 15:00 hours, at the Main Stage. The songs are “Give Me The Food” and Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back”.

13 thoughts on “2 live Miss Platnum songs

  1. Who the fuck cares about a 50 your old romanian noname singer. I paid 180 euros for this shit…

  2. Come on, I love her. She’s the reason I’m going for. Maybe not everyone shares your taste…

  3. This is beginning to seriously annoy me and I’m sure I’m not the only one who holds this view:

    Would people who dislike a certain band please stop complaining about them. Your tastes are not the same as everyone else’s. Music has many different genres and this is a festival celebrating an enormous number of them. Which is personally what I love about Sziget.

    Besides if you don’t like a band then go and see another one or go into Budapest and sight-see. There is a plethora of stuff to do so stop complaining.

  4. yeah but ive been going for 7 years and i so agree there is other stuff to do and see. but considering the first year i went the festival was a full 7 days and cost me bugger all and there was loads of bands i wanted to see, where as now its 5 days costs 150-180 euros depending when you got your ticket and the line up IS very weak. so i think its ok to have a moan about it. i will still have an amazing week though dont you fret. but seriously the line up is shite. out of 5 days i actually want to see 2 bands and 1 dj. bit crap. and its definately not just me thinking it. i will most likely wait for the line up before buying a ticket next year and end up paying more for it! i’m not asking much just a band a day id like to see. and before you say it i do have a very varied taste in music from death metal to ska to opera to dance and everything in between. so nu nu. ha

  5. I will admit that the line-up is weaker than previous years however that doesn’t instantly make it bad. 150-180 euros is a standard price for a festival and since Sziget is a week long and in my experience has better facilities than other festivals you certainly get your money’s worth. Plus even if it doesn’t have as many larger bands this year it certainly has a lot of top quality artists and I often find that smaller bands are brilliant. Festivals are about having a good time and Sziget will provide that with or without such big names.

  6. What the fuck is this shit. It’s horrible, goddamn justin timberlake cover song from an old bitch. awful

  7. I repeat my sentiment. There is no need to be downright offensive because you don’t like some music. If you don’t like it then don’t go and see it. Simple as.

  8. OOOOld? Are you kidding me? It’s one thing that you don’t like her music, but insulting her appearance is just low. Stop complaining and pick another festival.

  9. You have to forgive him: If you are 13 everyone older than 25 seems to be an “old bitch”! 😉

  10. If you’re 13 there’s no reason to post in a blog like this! 😀

    imho Non is completely right! E.g. for me this year will be fantastic with a lot of artists I’d like to see and so on. It’s always a matter of taste. And OSKAR, it’s great that it’s your seventh year, you’ve to be very proud of that if you repeat it again and again. But it’s just logic that there is a mainstream movement which is willing to pay the 180€ for the line-up given (and which you’re calling shite). Apparently you aren’t one of that majority and they won’t change the festival for a bunch of people like you and your comrades.
    I’m sorry, didn’t want to be rude, but it’s so annoying that you always tell us how bad sziget is; then don’t go. If you go then don’t complain (that much). And it’s very surprising that if you’re taste’s so varied you can’t find any pleasure in this line-up. My taste is, according to your post, not that different from yours and I will have a splendid time down there.

    Merci for your attention 🙂

  11. I’m completely with watermelon! This year we are traveling to Sziget with 10 people and we all think that this year’s line up is the second best so far (behind 2006).

    Usually we has two or three “must see” bands each day and have gone with the flow to pick some other artists, but this year we have six to nine bands EACH day we are looking forward to and several of them at the same time…

    But as we know: once you’re there the program doesn’t matter that much anymore and you are just happy to share the experience! 😉

  12. i have to say i never say sziget is bad, i bloody love it! but its the people that make it not the bands, but usually there is stuff i want to see, and this year there isnt, andthe cost is pricing out a lot of my serbian and ukrainian friends, which is a real shame as its when i get to see a lot of them. but i havent at any point said im going to have a shit time, its going to be amazing as per usual, i just feel for the money theyre charging the line up is very weak. anyway, enough about this, mines a freaking dreher!

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