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30 Seconds to Mars, Calvin Harris, Nina Hagen & more confirmed!

More interesting acts have just been confirmed on the official Sziget site, through a press release.

Probably the most important for a lot of you would be 30 Seconds to Mars.

This will be good news for a lot of people that wanted them very much to play this year’s Sziget Festival.

Metal fans will be happy to hear about Fear Factory and Kamelot.

German legend Nina Hagen will also be at Sziget Festival 2010, and also Calvin Harris.

Major Lazer and Young Punx, that Sziget News already told you about, are now officially confirmed. So is the rumor about Charlie Winston, that we were talking about in the last few days.

Also confirmed are Breakestra, Simian Mobile Disco, Yeasayer, Death Valley Screamers, as well as Rada.

(thanks Mirex, Mellowmaniac, Fantomas)

27 thoughts on “30 Seconds to Mars, Calvin Harris, Nina Hagen & more confirmed!

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)) 30STM is coming to Hungary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Some great bands in this package (especially Breakestra and Yeasayer).

    I hope 30stm will not be a headliner… If they will be one, then I’d happily exchange them with Blink! 😉

  3. Woohoo: Yeasayer, Calvin Harris, Simian Mobile Disco, Young Punx and Major Lazer!

    Kom maar op Sziget!

  4. Wanna only one ,ore name – Pearl Jam!!!!I think that 30TM will ply before headliner in 19:45 ///

  5. It’s hard to say! I guess there should be at least 10 more international relevant names, but you never know… There are about 1.000 artists playing on Sziget and there are an incredible number of REALLY good bands each year I never heard about before (or after). Sziget isn’t about the internationally known bands – they are just the cream on top of the ice Sziget really is! 😉

    We will get seperate anouncements about Day Zero and we will get a seperate anouncement about the party arena and other manly DJ areas within the next weeks.

    I guess 95% of the international program will be announced till the end of May!

  6. – 15.08. Yeasayer

    Actually I’m starting to panic, because this year’s lineup looked so smooth – just very few bands I want to see colliding schedulewise, but the 15th will be my personal nightmare: Kasabian, Muse, Major Lazer, Monster Magnet, Shantel & Bukovina Club Orkestra and Yeasayer all playing at about the same time. This is close to 1/3 of all bands on my must-see-list – and with my luck Breakestra will perform on the 15th as well! 😉

  7. Well, we think that, for example, Monster Magnet and Muse might attract (at least partly) a similar audience, that would probably hate to choose.

  8. If the times are as last year Muse will play untill 23:00h on the mainstage and Monster Magnet will start at 23:00h in the Rock Tent. This might cause major traffic and a overpacked tent! 😉

  9. 30 stm isnt my favourite, still it’s nice for the people who does like them. friends of mine are very positive about Yeasayer and Fear factory. Also Simian is a nice act i suppose. The line-up will be great, the small names as allways, but i still hope for ratm as one of the headliners. Mala vita(very nicee last year), zZz and michael franti are welcome too. Cant wait! See you there

  10. @Mellowmaniac: yup, that kind of traffic always tends to happen. But it’s a small price to pay…
    @casper amsterdam: we’re counting days too.

  11. The french Sziget site just made an update regarding the stage split.

    This is the (in some cases quite surprising) split for the newly announced bands:

    – 30 Seconds To Mars
    – Death Valley Screamers
    – Rada & Ternovnik

    – Major Lazer
    – Simian Mobile Disco
    – Yeasayer
    – Nina Hagen
    – Charlie Winston

    – Fear Factory
    – Kamelot

    Party Arena:
    – Calvin Harris

    Not added to a stage yet:
    – Breakestra
    – Young Punx

    Still to be announced (at least):

    – 5 international acts: Mainstage
    – 2 international acts: WAN2 / A38
    – 2 international acts: Rockstage
    – 2 international live acts: Party Arena + all international DJs

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