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30 Seconds to Mars to play Sziget 2010 on August 13

Good news for all of you guys that kept on asking when is 30 Seconds to Mars going to play at Sziget Festival 2010.

According to their official website, the Sziget 2010 date for 30STM is August 13.

(thanks, fromhungary)

Check out the dates when the rest of the acts will play on our Sziget 2010 lineup page.

16 thoughts on “30 Seconds to Mars to play Sziget 2010 on August 13

  1. I guess Faithless will play as headliner on the 13th! They still haven’t confirmed a date yet and the only source is the french sziget site with pretty old information about this…

    This way we would have Madness as headliner on the 11th (what would make sense, because they were headliner before).

  2. Chances for a new headliner are slim… Iron Maiden, Muse and Faithless are officially announced as headliners and if we will have five bands a day Madness will be the fourth headliner (11.08.). The last headliner spot goes to P.I.L. or MAYBE to a new band, but then P.I.L. and the Specials would have to play on pretty early slots…

    I guess we will get a new band for the 18:00h slots on August 12th and 14th (IF Rada and DVS will play on the 15th! If not we will get only one more band for the mainstage…)

  3. Johnny Rotten is your answer 😉
    @mellowmaniac: who knows, there may be surprises…

  4. The schedule is still speculation… Perhaps PIL will play early and The Specials after them or both play early and Faithless or another headliner will close the night. We have to wait till the next announcement to know what will finally happen! 😉

  5. sziget festival official wrote once, that there will be one more headliner… a fan of their site on facebook asked if there are any more headliners to be announced and they said yes… so actually, I think, I am sure there will be at least one more headliner

  6. @Mirex: I only found their reply on the question about headliners, that more bands for the mainstage will be announced, but nothing about them being headliner and nothing about one more headlinerslot in particular… Do you have a link? Would be pretty interesting to know! 😉

  7. @Mirex: Thanks!

    This is what I found as well… It’s not very precise, so we still have to keep our fingers crossed, that another (INTERESTING) headliner will be confirmed! 😉

  8. I’m still hoping for QOTSA. They have a couple of European gigs, starting from August 20th. There is little chance, but i’m still hoping. 😛

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