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50% off Sziget Festival tickets for student groups

Sziget Managing Director Gerendai Karoly has said in a press conference (the press statement – Hungarian – can be read here) that students will get up to 50% off on their tickets, if they go in groups of up to 46 people (so gather your friends and visit this site for the details).

Also, there will be half-price tickets for after 11 pm, for people who just want to come to the island and party. Also, traveller’s cheques ( can be used to purchase tickets, but this can’t be combined with any other offer. (thanks, Gleb)

This year’s Sziget also introduces the VIP Camping ticket (thanks Tetert). Basically, you pay 80 euros more than the usual 8-day camping ticket, and you get a whole bunch of extra services – access to a specific and secure camping zone, area to leave your luggage, reception, info point, Internet tent, bar, shop, hot showers all day long, laundry service, better toilets and a 24/7 cleaning service.

Another important thing mentioned at the press conference was that there will be another press conference in May, in which the rest of the line-up will be released.

5 thoughts on “50% off Sziget Festival tickets for student groups

  1. the link is all in Hungarian, can anyone give me an english version please, would really like to get tickets this way

  2. What proof of being a student is needed? Can it be ISIC or EURO 26 card or just student card from university? Are there any requirements of number of people? Can it be just me and my friend? How many people I have to gather to get a discount?

  3. Ralph: The more people, the bigger your discount is, thats all it says, up to 50% off for 46.

  4. Yes that’s right. This offer id supposed to support the local juvenile population over 17 and with a valid hungarian studentcard. Seems anybody didn’t read the article carefully? 😀

    A Diákprogramban mindenki részt vehet, aki:
    Рa [b]17. ̩let̩v̩t[/] bețlțtte,
    – érvényes, [b]Magyarországon kiállított diákigazolvánnyal [/b]rendelkezik
    – az online jegyvásárlás során hiánytalan, a valóságnak megfelel? adatokat ad meg[/quote]

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