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90 thoughts on “8 Minutes of Sziget Memories: The Aftermovie Has Arrived

  1. Great aftermovie! I like it a lot! Thinking about buying the tickets in the first 24 hours, but it’s risky, I am afraid that the line-up will be worse than last year, so there is no guarantee that it will be better.

  2. Amazing editing, colors, top quality! I just don’t agree with the pop choice of music.
    What I liked the most? I wouldn’t know how to answer but it was even better than 2014.

    @Sziget they have increased their budget so if it’s not in the music it’s gonna be in the other attractions (I hope something new like Fuerza Bruta).

  3. I think that this year will be better in any dimension from the latest one. Two reasons, mainly:

    1) The price raising. Speaking in “economicus” there hadn’t been inflaction picks to justify a price raise, so that leaves place for two reason: a not-so-wise raise of profits with nothing given back to the (stupid) consumers, a better budget to be spent for bands and attractions. IMHO Sziget did its best in the latest 2-3 year to become a true mainstream major festival, so I don’t think they want to trash all this they succeed in doing by a simple price raising with no evidence to justify it, so there remains only the second option: more budget. Considering 15 more € per day spent in the island, considering any price raise for any utilities like ticket, food and drinks, gadget and stuff (per hypothesis), times 80000 consumers times 7 days festival = 15*80000*7 = 8.400.000 €. And that’s a thing, ain’t it?

    2) Seems like this year will tour more critically acclaimed bands or better bands (according to people who have ears but also brain to judge) in august. Still there ain’t certainty about it, but hopes are for the best. Of course there’s an objection: does Sziget want good band on the island, or is it happy with just some guys dancing to some shitty and overrated dj?

  4. Of course the “””economic analysis””” is anywhere near to be satisfactory, take it as it comes, I don’t have enough data to even think to do a Economic analysis with capital E (assumed but not assured that I could be capable of doin it lol)

  5. — Language! —

    Love Sziget but as a non teen, how about some non flash-in
    -the-pan bands.

    I have seen hundreds of bands come and go and there is a reason why certain bands become classic bands. Almost everyone who thinks they are an artist is in-fact self absorbed egomaniac. At best they are as good at music as i am at middle management and so deserve as much credit i.e. f**k all. 70’s, 80’s and 90’s bands rule.

    James, Radiohead, The Who, Prince, Arcade Fire, War on drugs and as the future of rock n roll, Ty Segall to headline your 7 days please.

  6. Rihanna to play Sziget at 90%. She just announced a European summer tour and she is in Germany and Switzerland on 10-12th August!

  7. well actually looking at here dates she’s only doing stadiums and some arenas. No festivals. We may be safe!

  8. the Cure doing american shows until the end of june. And then europe shows starting in october. Could do some festivals in july/august/september. Well the stadium/arena thing (talking about rihanna and others) is not relevant at the moment.. because every artist who is starting a big tour normally announces his own dates first. Festivals announcements will come at the end of the year or in early 2016.

  9. Rammstein just confirmed Highfield festival in Germany (19.-21. August). Let’s pray 😉

    But I’m not sure that Sziget is still booking these king of bands sadfully…. 🙁

  10. Sziget 2016 ticket bought. missed last year but this will be 4th in 5 years.

    The Cure would be excellent. Radiohead may tour in 2016, that’s my I wish but not likely band

    Rihanna would put on a show and all i really want is to be entertained.

    Best bands i have seen at Sziget were Blur, Franz Ferdinand and and CeeLo Green. Best non sziget over the last 2 years would be Beck, James, Underworld and I kid you not CHIC with Nile Rogers – any of these would be great.

  11. Palinka: don’t really know rammstein as not into metal but would love a few very good metal bands at Sziget. This genre has been lacking for several years and it would give me the excuse to try a metal gig for the first time.

  12. Bought the tickets for the next year, as well. Another name I would like to see is Gorillaz… maybe for the end show! As far as I know they’ll have a new album next year, so fingers crossed!

  13. If they book Rihanna it’s probably for day -1, which is just as well, as I’m only doing five days this year 🙂

    A lot of big bang touring the first part of summer, so it will be interesting to see who comes towards the end.. Judging from bands that are touring around than and that could be suitable for Sziget, I’m guessing Prodigy, Biffy Clyro, Kodaline, NOFX, 2 Door Cinema Club and Airbourne.

  14. …and with Guetta now just announced for a festival here in Norway just after Sziget, I’m betting on him for the End Party…

  15. Fortunately Rihanna is busy for 10 August (day -1) and has another gig the 12th, so she’s unlikely for Day 0 as well. Don’t think they’ll take her for a “normal price” day.

  16. we had ellie goulding headlining a normal price day this year. Major lazer were likely to headline before KOL were booked. Mika in 2013. Macklemore in 2014 (and it’s been the sold out day). We had Pink (I don’t remember when, I was not there). If Rihanna is available and price is ok for sziget budget they will get her. Sziget loves massive pop acts nowadays, because they sell a lot of tickets.
    As for robbie: rihanna doesn’t have hungarian dates on the tour at the moment. If that’s the only pop/playback/lipsync act that we have, with just one (good) DJ on the main (end show) I can handle it. I just need Tame Impala headlining the A38 in rihanna’s night.

  17. +1 for Tame Impala!
    Iron Maiden and Wiz Khalifa for VOLT… isn’t it time for john’s return?

  18. I’m looking at the other festivals to have some hints or name I didn’t thought of.

    The major names I saw around are:
    Beck – (Northside, in June)
    Biffy Clyro – (Rock Am Ring, June)
    Billy Talent – (2 festivals, June)
    Bring Me the Horizon – (5 festivals, June) – UNLIKELY
    Bullet for my Valentine – (6 festivals, June)
    Deftones – (3 festivals, June)
    Disclosure – (1 festival, July) ******
    Dropkick Murphys – (2 festivals, June) – UNLIKELY
    Dub FX – (1 festival, June) – UNLIKELY
    Editors – (1 festival – June)
    Foals – (1 festival, August)
    Jamie XX – (1 festival, July) *******

    [I’m tired of writing lol]
    Jose Gonzalez
    Major Lazer
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Seth Troxler
    Sigur Ros
    The 1975
    The Hives
    The Kooks
    The Stone Roses
    Two Door Cinema Club

    I exclude:
    Iron Maiden, Wiz Khalifa, Black Sabbath

  19. I asked “James official” if James would come to Sziget and they said “they had not been asked” – ask them as best live band in uk right now.

    If i was booking based on at least possible

    Beck – would be brilliant
    Disclose – Doing festivals so very likely
    John Grant / New order – On tour, doing festivals and great live but a bit too old for Sziget crowd? (Great for me)
    Stone Roses – They were at sziget 3 years ago and the crowd not impressed despite a great set so can’t imagine a re-booking
    P.J. Harvey, likely to be on tour – A bit too classy for Sziget (no insult intended)

    Sabbath, Tenacious D, RHCP & Biffy etc in Germany in June, but again, not really new sziget kind of band (unfortunately)

    Pixies, Courtney Barnett and Father john Misty in Europe in July. I would love all 3 but are they new sziget that puts booking emphasis on pop and EDM?

    If Radiohead become available – first choice

  20. Here’s the first tips from the Hungarian Fesztiválok Városa team:

    Airbourne – 2016.08.19-08.21: Highfield Festival, Lipcse (D)
    Alle Farben – 2016.08.12-08.14: SonneMondSterne Festival, Saalburg (D)
    Aurora – 2016.08.10-08.13: Øyafestivalen, Oslo (N)
    Big Sean – 2016.08.10: Ernst Happel Stadion, Bécs (AT)
    Bouncing Souls – 2016.08.04-08.07: Rebellion Festival, Blackpool (UK)
    David Guetta – 2016.08.12-08.14: SonneMondSterne Festival, Saalburg (D)
    Dada Life – 2016.08.12-08.14: SonneMondSterne Festival, Saalburg (D)
    Deichkind – 2016.08.19-08.21: Highfield Festival, Lipcse (D)
    Enter Shikari – 2016.08.14-08.16: Zaxidfest, Rodatychi (UA)
    Fat Freddy’s Drop – 2016.08.10-08.13: A Summer’s Tale, Luhmühlen (D)
    Glen Hansard – 2016.08.10-08.13: A Summer’s Tale, Luhmühlen (D)
    Kodaline – 2016.08.04-08.07: Arenal Sound, Burriana (E)
    Kölsch – 2016.08.12-08.14: SonneMondSterne Festival, Saalburg (D)
    LaBrassBanda – 2016.08.12-08.13: Picture On Festival, Bildein (AT)
    Lush – 2016.08.10-08.13: Øyafestivalen, Oslo (N)
    Maceo Plex – 2016.08.12-08.14: SonneMondSterne Festival, Saalburg (D)
    Mastodon – 2016.08.11-08.14: Bloodstock Open Air, Derbyshire (UK)
    Moonbootica – 2016.08.12-08.14: SonneMondSterne Festival, Saalburg (D)
    Motörhead – 2016.08.19-08.20: Elbriot Festival, Hamburg (D)
    Mr. Oizo – 2016.08.12-08.14: SonneMondSterne Festival, Saalburg (D)
    Nina Kraviz – 2016.08.12-08.14: SonneMondSterne Festival, Saalburg (D)
    Paul Kalkbrenner – 2016.08.12-08.14: SonneMondSterne Festival, Saalburg (D)
    Rammstein – 2016.08.19-08.21: Highfield Festival, Lipcse (D)
    Rihanna – 2016.08.10: Ernst Happel Stadion, Bécs (AT)
    Robin Schulz – 2016.08.12-08.14: SonneMondSterne Festival, Saalburg (D)
    Rudimental – 2016.08.12-08.14: SonneMondSterne Festival, Saalburg (D)
    Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar – 2016.08.10-08.13: A Summer’s Tale, Luhmühlen (D)
    Sigur Rós – 2016.08.10-08.13: A Summer’s Tale, Luhmühlen (D)
    Skindred – 2016.08.10-08.13: Leyendas Del Rock Festival, Villena (E)
    The Weeknd – 2016.08.10: Ernst Happel Stadion, Bécs (AT)
    Tiga – 2016.08.12-08.14: SonneMondSterne Festival, Saalburg (D)
    Two Door Cinema Club – 2016.08.04-08.07: Arenal Sound, Burriana (E)
    Vitalic – 2016.08.04-08.07: Arenal Sound, Burriana (E)


  21. Ska Panda, I still don’t understand what those names means and from where they come out.
    Anyway, lot of them is sick s*it. David Guetta, Dada Life, Robin Schulz and Rihanna are all the things a genuine festival should avoid.

    Big up for Lush, Mastodon, Nina Kraviz, Kalkebrenner, Rammstein, Rudimental and Skindred, up to me.

  22. yelo, these are the artists already announced for the festivals near sziget. As you can see Ska Panda also wrote all the dates. I can also say that Kalkbrenner is not a real enjoyable live show, his DJsets are even worse. I’m a fan of his productions, but for a show I prefer performers like Gui Boratto (sziget 2015 was awsome), and the other ones that I see in the list up there such as Maceo Plex or Tiga.

    As for Rammstein, I’m crossing my fingers. They would save this festival with one band. I’m not their biggest fan but their live performances are incredible, spectacular.. and we need some freakin metal

  23. Rammstein are in the top 3 of the best concerts I’ve seen. Sick show! They set everything on fire! And Till Lindemann is just one of the best frontmen of this times.

  24. First names on Thursday! Let’s hope for Rammstein! Rihanna can f*ck off to the Telekom Stage if she is on the list. I’m pretty sure she gave Yahoo! an already written review (positive, of course) of her album and Yahoo! Music posted a draft of it online by mistake, because the album is not released yet and they couldn’t listen to it.

  25. I think that there will be like more than 5-6 names and that the major one will be a 1 word name band/performer (john doe never give hints for this kind of bands – remember last year with Arty and C2C); so I point my finger to Rammstein or Rihanna

  26. Last year, the first names were announced on the 18th of December and they included Florence + the Machine and alt-J. I really hope we’ll get two great names (Rammstein and somethingBetterThanRihanna – I want RHCP or Muse, to be honest).

  27. @Sziget: If you are into live concerts I can’t see how you can ask for RHCP, they’re just really bad performers. And also… @RIHANNA: is your nickname serious? ahahah, love you. Anyway, sziget Italy said there won’t be headliners in this announcement, so don’t think about last year. I think we’ll have 1-2 subs, or 1 sub and a dj or a couple of big a38 acts.

  28. Last year they didn’t know there were 2 headliners in the announcement, maybe they knew about Florence, but Alt-J for sure wasn’t expected to be headliner – it all came from the incapacity in finding true headliners.

    Hope this year they made up their mind sooner.

    Aaaand about RHCP, I wish them too… don’t care if they aren’t good live, I saw Blink 182 by live, I can see really everythingn now.

  29. Yelo, last year Sziget Italy said “at this moment we don’t know if they’ll be headliners or not”, this time they just said “no headliners”. Yeah, maybe is just to keep everybody’s expectations low, but I usually trust them

  30. I used to trust them, after the last year I actually don’t. I’m not saying last year wasn’t epic, but for sure it has been under my expectations for many reasons (and maybe I had such high expectations because I believe to their ticket selling campaign so much).

  31. Not, Sziget Italia didn’t write that won’t be headliner. They wrote that maybe won’t. It is a big difference.

  32. OK, a vague question John Doe. Will there be a band starting with R? 😀 (Rihanna, Red hot CP, Rammstein, other) :O

  33. Radiohead, (the) Rolling Stones, RDGLDGRN, R.E.M., (the) Roots, Rage Against the Machine or Robbieeeeeee Williaaaaaamsssss anyone? Ha ha ha

  34. @why: if you are italian you should be able to understand what “Non ci dovrebbero essere headliner in questo comunicato” means 🙂 they said it very peaceful and serene, without writing any “but if…bla bla”.

    Anyway, as I always do, I was checking sziget italy facebook page to see what artist they “liked” recently. They’re last relevant “likes” are:
    Tale of Us,
    Joseph Capriati,
    Marco Carola,
    Gabry Ponte, italian dj from the band Eiffel 65, now edm dj (wtf?)
    Fedez, italian fake rapper teenage idol who sell out arenas (OMFG)

  35. Well, it’s in a little more than 24h! John you surely have some hints for us, especially if it’s not headliners 🙂

  36. From that clue I’m having a

    Could be a random Italian band, but I’m guessing black sabbath.

  37. No Black Sabbath because they come in Hungary late June and they are in the USA at the Sziget’s dates !

  38. It should be Adele, but “dio cancaro” is used by Italians when people are angry, so it will be Rihanna, sadly!

  39. Dio Cancaro is a blasphemy italians use to say. It became famous on internet in this year because of a facebook page, La Fabbrica del Degrado, whichade a famous an old man who went on a bike in the streets of Padova yelling “Dio Cancaro” like crazy everytime someone approached him.
    So Dio Cancaro became an italian meme just like “escile” for Emily Ratajkowski

    IMHO it is just a fake, nah?


  40. If it’s an Italian band, it could be Fleshgod Apocalypse, I guess. If not, I guess it will be another metal / screamo / punk rock band.

  41. I’m guessing that some of Two Door Cinema Club, M83, Prodigy or Sigur Rós are in the announcment.. Just too bad I don’t want any of them 🙁

    Hoping for Kodaline, Biffy Clyro, NOFX among those that already have announced they’re touring, but will as always hope and pray for Weezer.

    Dio Cancaro… No idea.. Linked words could be two, god, cancer, nuts but they don’t really give any meaning..

  42. Not the real John Doe so can take that ‘hint’ with a pinch of salt.

    I definitely see TDCC playing sziget this year so could well be in the announcement. A decent band for an afternoon slot but having not been around for 2 years i can see them playing the A38.

    Money is on Rihanna as she has recently announced the big European tour but she already has gigs on the wednesday and Friday which would have been the likely days unless they revert back to the old way and she closes the festival.

  43. I’m convinced we won’t have such a big name as Rihanna, Biffy etc..
    And I’m also laughing because on this blog I can’t use the F word but I can say DIO CANCARO MAIALE as much as I want! That’s amazing!

  44. If they choose to have Telekom Arena this year as well (which is ok, if they then avoid all the EDM acts at A38 and main) I would guess we’re getting a name or two for that stage as well. Maybe Kalkbrenne, Mr. Oizo, Kygo, Biosphere or Robin Schulz.

    I still have a feeling that Guetta might be announced for the end show though, but if Sziget said (maybe) no headliners, than probably not.

  45. Was last years first announcement not Robbie Williams? Makes sense from a publicity point of view to announce 1 of your biggest acts first to increase the number of early tickets so that your budget increases for the rest of the slots.

  46. Riiiiiight…. It’s “joNh doe”, not “JoHn doe” ….. saaaaad 🙁 REAL JOHN DOE, WE SUMMON YOU

  47. Robbie weren’t announced before the 2nd of February. Should be earlier unleass they have a real big name, but I don’t think it should be in the first batch. That could cool off some of those (many) only doing 5 days..

    I’m looking forward to knowing who -1 will be, but for me there aren’t many artist that can make me upgrade my ticket.

  48. I’ m betting on bring me the horizon too. No headliner, but big enough to make people talk about the announcement. Some dj can also be, yeah Schulz or Kalkbrenner (maybe he’s too big and too chillout for the party arena).

  49. Happy with the announcement:). Sigur ros must be headlining one day:). M83 and parov stellar are amazing.

  50. Sigur Rós ? M83 ? BRING ME THE HORIZON ? John Newman ? Naughty Boy ? MØ ? Parov Stelar ? Kodaline.

    Sigur Ros, M83, amazing!
    The other names are good too!!
    Supposedly none of them will headline.

  51. Sigur Ros great, will headline if they don’t put some dj after them I suppose. M83 magical. Kodaline and Parov Stelar good. John Newman not my style, but seems good, I’m looking at some ao his rock am ring 2014 afternoon. Bring me the horizon overrated teenage idols but still good if you want to have some random moshpit. Good start

  52. Sigur Ros would be great al 19.30, with the darkness coming down and the atmosphere rising (and a lot of weed too). I really like this announcement. And type777 was right about BMTH, new john doe?

  53. Great names! Next step: The Last Shadow Puppets at Sziget 2016!!! Alex Turner and Miles Kane are BACK!

  54. Keep faith to your promise, Art, vanish.

    Know just half of the band, I’ll tell my pov later; for the half I know, happy but not impressed

  55. I also have the feeling type777 is someone who Knows. But bring me the horizon was very easy, and just one of eight bands.

  56. At 9:20 on Sziget Official appeared the album with the first names but, for some reasons, not as a post. Maybe an error of facebook with the programming post. Anyway that’s why I didn’t consider him. The hint of Newman and BMTH arrived the night before

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