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A new venue + news for those going to Sziget alone

According to the program on the official Hungarian website, there will be yet another venue at Sziget 2012.

It is called the Inmedio Drink & Bar and a lot of acts will be playing it every day.

The fun will begin every day (starting on August 8) at 14:00 hours and the last act will go on at 3:00 am.

The full schedule is already in our line up page.

We also have some other interesting info. A Facebook event page has been established for those planning to visit Sziget 2012 by themselves and meet new people. Camp Unknown is the name and they plan to camp & have fun together.

Check out the event page to find out more details.

(thanks, mellowmaniac!)

17 thoughts on “A new venue + news for those going to Sziget alone

  1. It’s pretty cool that they just announce a whole new stage. It’s not really my kind of music, but Sziget seems even more diverse than last years.

  2. Those two dubstep dudes is recommendable!! Savage & MC Fantom ,,nice announcement by Sziget btw!

  3. This question does not belong in this topic, but hope someone can help me out.. At day 0, the metal acts will perform on the Hungarian main stage.. Now I’ve looked on the map of Sziget, and can’t find that stage anywhere! Does anybody know where it is? 🙂

  4. @bartel_744:
    The hungarian mainstage is known as MR2 and you can find it as such on the map, BUT this year a lot will change and the MR2 (or Hungarian Mainstage) will be where in the last years the Worldmusic Stage has been.

    The new map will be published soon and I’m sure there will be some surprises…

  5. @mellowmaniac
    Thank you.. Im looking forward to it! 😀 Cant wait to be at Sziget again, it was the best time of my life!

  6. Only 20 days to go!!! I remember when it was 120 days. 🙂

    Any idea when the new map will be announced?

  7. BTW Inmedio isn’t a new stage: it was there at least last year, but this year they added it’s schedule to the “official” Sziget lineup.

    But there is some great news (at least for me): part of the “Holland meets Hungary Stage” schedule is published and at least three REALLY great hungarian bands will perform there:

    09.08. 16:30h – Random Trip
    As far as I know, Random Trip is a loose collective of musician active in other (often well known) bands doing mostly improvised music between Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Rock,… If you look at the already performed musicans (from bands like Turbo, Irie Maffia, P.A.S.O.,…) you can get a clue that it will be pretty freestyle.

    10.08. 16:30h – Turbo
    Turbo is my favorite hungarian rock band. They do have this particular distinctive 70th feeling making their music deeper and more groovy than that of most other rock bands.

    11.08. 16:30h – Grand Mexican Warlock
    Another hungarian crossover rock band. They sound a little bit like the more progressive stoner rock version of bands like Alice in Chains or Stone Temple Pilot.

  8. …I did think it is completely new until I saw it on last year’s map, too. Sziget seems to try to add value to this year’s program by featuring lot of smaller stages (and for me it works).

  9. They seem to still add more stages to the schedule on the official site and I’m still hoping for the return of the Reagge stage, Amphiteatrum and Dance & Theatre stage…

  10. @mellowmaniac
    I saw on your page, that russian band Drugoy Veter will play at Mambo Stage. What is the source?

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