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Akos on Day Zero

Hungarian singer-songwriter Akos will be playing Sziget’s Main Stage on Day Zero, according to the official Hungarian Sziget website.

The event will be called “Szintirock 2012” and it remains to be seen whether there will be other bands on the other stages or on the Main Stage on Day Zero.

9 thoughts on “Akos on Day Zero

  1. don’t hate me guys, but I really hope, that nothing good/big will not be on day zero, beacause I can arrive only on wednesday:)

  2. Of course there will be a big name on day zero 😉 which will be the opening of szigetfestival

  3. @Joe Kok: the official hungarian Sziget site states Day Zero!

    @Martijn: I think it would be a big disapointment for most international visitors if Akos would be the only “attraction” at Day Zero, but Sziget always tries to use Day Zero to sell mostly daytickets to the hungarians and Prince didn’t sell at all, while Akos probably will sell much better. I’m sure some international bands will perform on one of the other stages, but they will definitely not have the size of an act like Prince or Iron Maiden.

  4. @Martijn
    At Pinkpop/ Lowlands Anouk or Kane would be a big name, so why is Akos not a big name for Sziget? Because you don’t know Akos? Sziget still is a Hungarian festival.

  5. I think it could be a good thing because less and less Hungarian are coming to Sziget. So if it could bring them back! At the beginning of Day 0, it was just Hungarian bands and not World famous bands. It is a kind of back to the roots.

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