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An all-new stage – The Rock Stage

The official Hungarian site lists a new stage for this year’s stage, that looks like a follow-up to the now gone Hammer World – The Rock Stage. This is where metal, punk, hard core, pop-rock, hard rock, blues and indie rock acts will play and among the acts listed for the new Rock Stage are Expatriate, Donots, GWAR, Turbonegro, Life of Agony, Brujeria and Backyard Babies.

15 thoughts on “An all-new stage – The Rock Stage

  1. A follow-up, perhaps, but definitely different. Hammerworld was more metal, this is more…rock.

  2. Danko Jones are mentioned (on the hungarian site)? Can’t read or speak hungarian so don’t know the context . Are they playing?

  3. 1.
    I am X
    Nouvelle Vague
    Snow Patrol

    Miss Platinum
    The Ting Tings
    Die Toten Hosen
    Bloc Party

    Primal Scream

    The Subways
    Manic Street Preachers

    Disco Ensemble
    Danko Jones
    Maximo Park
    The Offspring

  4. hi,
    i have some questions for you all..
    first of all, is there a chance that the tickets will e sold out at any time? or can i just buy tickets even when ill get to sziget? and what are the prices right now its 150 euro.. will it be different at august?
    seconed question is what good rock acts can you reccomend me? not acts like placebo or something like that, a litlle bit more.. noisy acts.=]

  5. another question,
    how many headliners do we have left?
    we need a day zero act right?
    is there a chance for pearl jam? they are arround that time.
    any rumers about headliners?

  6. Love the schedule.

    1. Pop-Day
    2. mixed Party-Day
    3. Powerdance-Day 😀
    4. Indie-Alternative-Day
    5. Rock-Day

    As I just said, love the mix and diversity.

  7. The line up is really bad. Yes you can buy tickets there, they just went up from 120euro, they won’t go up again. Don’t think theres any chance of Sziget selling out especially with no real big names.

  8. The lineup is GREAT from my point of view! Lot of cool bands and really good mix of a bit of everything. Of course one or two good metal bands would really make the party. I cant wait..

  9. i bought my ticket in the end of july last year, and there were no problems.

    Lily Allen surely is not a headliner. I won’t believe it.

  10. I think it’s too great see Offspring and Ska-p the same day….and not Ska-p BEFORE Lily Allen, oh my God I hope in another great band for the first day headliner!!

  11. I hope Buena Vista Social Club will play the same time as Lilly Allen, so I can just change the stage.

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