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Anne-Marie Cancels Sziget Gig, Sziget announces Hurts

As we have all gotten used to in the last years, the lineup of the Sziget Festival is not final until the first day of the event itself. Sziget’s official Facebook page just made the announcement that Anne-Marie, the English singer-songwriter known for her collaborations with Clean Bandit and Rudimental, won’t make it to this year’s festival due to “unforeseen circumstances”. Instead, fans will have the chance to hear Danish singer/songwriter Alex Vargas on the A38 stage on Tuesday, August 15th, at 16:45 local time.

The last spot on the Main Stage has also been filled. English synthpop duo Hurts will take the Dan Panaitescu Main Stage on the 13th of August, at 19:30, and will perform until 21:00. The duo, consisting of “keyboardist” Adam Anderson and singer Theo Hutchcraft, has formed in 2009, even though its “components” have been performing together for years at that time.

The freshly formed duo called Hurts recorded its first (amateur) video in 2009 – “Wonderful Life” – using the services of a female dancer who was paid £20 for her time. The video went straight to YouTube on April 21st where it went viral, leading to the duo signing a record deal with Sony subsidiary RCA Records in July.

Today, the band has four studio albums under its belt, and an extended concert and festival experience to build upon. They have been honored for their on-stage performance at Glastonbury and T in the Park in 2011. This year, the duo has a new album to promote, called “Desire”. They will do so on the Main Stage of the 25th anniversary Sziget Festival.

56 thoughts on “Anne-Marie Cancels Sziget Gig, Sziget announces Hurts

  1. LOL

    > 2017
    > Hurts sub-headliner

    Thanks god it’s over, may 2018 bring better luck

  2. Looks like I’ll be mainly at the bar and the Cirque Du Sziget.
    What a disappointing lineup

  3. Let’s get realistic: Billy Talent, P!nk, Biffy Clyro, Mando Diao, Rudimental, PJ Harvey, Kasabian, White Lies, Georgr Ezra, Glass Animals, 2DCC, The Kills & alt-J are all good acts and all play on Main Stage.

    The real problem is the lack of proper headliners. Just add Foo Fighters & Depeche Mode to the lineup and it would look really different.

  4. P!nk is the only real headliner, okay, I can live with The Chainsmokers and we knew that they do (a) DJ(‘s) on the final day nowadays, but Wiz Khalifa, Kasabian, Macklemore & Lewis & Major Lazer are subheadliners at best (not even that for me). Except for Biffy Clyro there is no great rock act on the main stage, after 10 years this will definitely be my last Sziget, I’ve outgrown this popshit!

  5. Am I the only one to think that the new owners/manager will drastically change the festival shape after this fail (because it gonna be a fail)?

  6. I hope Yelo I hope, but i don’t think they have too big problems, the 5-day tickets sold out after all..
    All we need next year is a line-up based good festival. Most of you’d bash me for this, but my dream would be a 3-day weekender festival with 3-4 stages packed with quality artists. It will never happen though.

  7. *oh and most importantly finally leave the edm/electronic/techno crap for Balaton sound

  8. Well, drastically change doesnt mean mantain the name and destroy the rest.
    A 7 days formula is characteristic, they just need to pump up the atmosphere (the island ain’t enough, if people can make the Tomorrowland scene out of a field), to build up a whole new line up formula and give up a little budget for the quantity over the quality

  9. charasteristic, but is that worth it??
    they can’t fullfill 3, hell even 1 day with quality, there is just no point for it

  10. @Fsfsf I really understand you may not like techno, but saying it is a crap and comparing it to edm only shows a lot of ignorance into this kind of music. In the electronic music world techno is more or less comparable to hard rock/heavy metal among the rock world. Comparing Matador (just to mention a very good name playing in the Colosseum) to, for example, Steve Aoki is more or less like comparing Slipknot and Liam Gallagher just because they both have guitars.

    Techno is not main stream. EDM is main stream. Only a few very well known techno djs have more than 1 million likes on facebook while the majority edm well known djs have millions of fan.

    Also at Balaton Sound techno has only one stage that has more or less the same size of colosseum while edm is almost everywhere.


  11. There is, believe me. It’s not only about the lineup, but for sure at the same time the line up matters. Let say that they cant have all those stages for all those days. I’d rather give up three-four minor stages for a full Party Arena+A38 7 days per week and a proper line up

  12. The beer at Sziget sucks anyway. Dreher is sh*t. If you want real beer, you have to go to various cool pubs from Budapest. Mojito is cool at Sziget, though.

  13. @Bender i didnt compare them i just stated electronic music doesn’t belong to sziget the same as guitar driven music doesnt belong to Balaton sound that simple. And im frustrated that sziget has plagued with electronic music While there is a dedicated festival for it. Hell there can be party arena/Colosseum even, but ruining the a38 and the main While there is not a single stage dedicated to rock punk hardcore is a bit too much.

  14. @1975 maybe commercial beer (still would choose Soproni), but stating Dreher is the best beer in Hungary is just bold…

  15. … we should take away the bad feelings for beer or musik tasts….and try to feel happy to be at the szigetfestival 2017….for the people and for us. we should be a bit more modest…and we should make a better festivalchoice in 2018…

    Thats all we can do now….

    Drinkin Dreher and listening to the music we get….


  16. That’s the spirit szigod. Too much moaning on here when there a lot to be excitied about. 700 for a beer is not crazy money. About 2 .20U.K. Pounds. A drink at a uk festival is easily 5 pounds or more. So it’s cheap compared to the uk. There’s loads of really cool music if you ignore the headliners. Visit the circus or the world music during headline sets and you’ll be more than entertained. So excited for Interpol, pj jarbey, alt j, white lies, metronome, vaccines, kasbian etc

  17. @lol yeah it’s not much, but the minimum wage is just twice as much in the uk than in Hungary, i guess… Love when Western Europeans comparing sziget catering prices to their festivals…

  18. Nothing wrong with the beer price. Not more expensive than in an average Budapest club (and at least it’s not some f#cking Pécsi sör)

  19. @Fsfsf this will be my 9th Sziget in a row and electronic music has always been a part of my Szigets, from Main Stage to smaller stages. In my first Sziget Fatboy Slim was headlining the main stage for example, the party arena was already there and was following the trend of electronic music during those years. Electronic main stream music was different, that’s why party arena was different. There was no Colosseum for the “underground” but there was Meduza stage ( And before Meduza, since the beginning of the 00s, there was Cinetrip ( Also all the small branded staged that are all over the festival were always full of electronic music. I strongly agree when you say that is shit that there’s not a single stage dedicated to metal or hard rock, but saying that electro doesn’t belong to Sziget is pure false.

  20. And I forgot, before the djs came to the A38, the program of the stage ended at more or less at 2:00 and the last performance was an electronic one. So it was like it is now, with the live performances going till 1, and then an electro act for 1 hour and close. Now it just keep going with djs playing. It’s a plus, not a minus.

  21. too true bender, I’ve been the last 8 years and there has always been lots of electronic. It used to be a 5 day festival plus 2 smaller days.
    Now it’s 6 plus 1. So much more is going on for longer.

  22. Fact is that there’s nothing to be positive about: They sucked big time. You can still enjoy the party but you must be blindfolded if you say that nothing went wrong this year.
    This spot is not only a celebration area. I like to believe that the insider we had reported our impressions to the management (and they did not care at all about it lol) so yeah, negativity is good when it’s deserved.

    And this year they well deserved it…

  23. Folks, this year is going to be my 3rd Sziget and I honestly couldn’t find any party stage/tent playing 60s/70s and/or Indie/Alternative – any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

  24. ….yeah…not so easy this year….

    please try:

    Marta Ren (Worldstage)
    Kensington (A38)
    Alex Vargas (A38)
    and maybe some of the europestage?

    goog luck….and try the bars in the city……there is no alternative than to open the mind……sorry

  25. @Szigod, thanks, but I actually wanted to know DJs playing rock songs in any tent. I’m quite aware of the live bands and the Tribute stage. I would like to escalate after the lousy headliners.

  26. There has been this place close to main stage that has DJ-s playing guilty pleasure, mostly rock-orientated. Best place to be if you want to get way from those EDM parties going all over the island at night. It’s just on the right side of the main stage, in the woods. There’s also Tesco Disco on Friday at the Volt Festival Stage. It should fit your criteria as they play more alternative music for dancing.

  27. We stay in the city this year. Does anybody know…what I need…to go by boat to the festival? There are regular boats and Sziget extra boats…do I need the city pass or is a weekly public traffic pass enough? Thx…

  28. @Matthias Tribute Stage at nights have DJs that play mainly oldies but goldies rock music. 😉

  29. @Szigot If you have the city pass, you don’t need anything else to go to the festival by the normal Sziget boat.

  30. Seriously that is the need?? Djs playing rock songs?? Dont want to live on this planet anymore. ..

  31. @Matthias
    See Rone. King of electronic music (A38).
    Glass Animals is a good indie band (Main).
    Nothing But Thieves is nice indie rock (A38).

  32. @Fsfsf, you’re the one strange guy going with headphones to a festival!?!?! I’d simply like to hear some good music after all my bands have played.
    @Lex, again, I’m quite aware of all bands, but thanks!
    @Sziget, thanks, that’s maybe what I was looking for.

  33. no i’m the one who goes to a festival for the live music and not some z grade “dj” “playing” songs on spotify…

  34. Bands are great but sometime a great dj playing indie and rock classics is a great way to finish an evening.. I agree bands playing later would be great. Maybe the a38 could have bands playing later. I’d love the weld music stage to be live till4 or 5 as well

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