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Announcement: Arctic Monkeys join Sziget 2018 Lineup

Arctic Monkeys is the name you’ve all been waiting for – and as it turns out, you were right. The Sheffield rock band with six BRIT Awards and three Grammy nominations under their belt will join the lineup of Sziget 2018 as a headliner, playing the Main Stage on the 14th of August this year, between 21:30 and 23:30 – a two-hour show. And they might also have quite a few new things to show off, as they have started recording their latest studio album in September 2017, for a 2018 release.

Although they promised an announcement to be made at 12 CET, they made it a bit early this time, surprising everyone (including us) ;).

The lineup of the 2018 edition of Sziget Festival is starting to take shape. The organizers have announced not only the names of their headliners but also the time at which they will take the stage (for some):

  • Arctic Monkeys will play on the 14th between 21:30 and 23:30
  • Kendrick Lamar will take the stage on the 8th (Day -1/Day 1)
  • Kygo will play on the 13th
  • Mumford and Sons will play on the 11th

For the rest of the acts, we’ll have to wait further.

119 thoughts on “Announcement: Arctic Monkeys join Sziget 2018 Lineup

  1. Excellent addition.
    + excellent news regarding the end show and 2 hours set!

    We also have other dates, including Bastille subbing Mumford, Kaleo on the 12th (maybe a rock headliner? 😀 )

  2. @Patrick Bateman the Hungarian Sziget website links to a website called, where you can order 7-day passes at HUF 49.500 (it says “limited availability”)

  3. Thank you. Last time I went with a 7day meex ticket was in 2016 (which never sold out)

  4. Nem, öt évig dolgoztam ott, a csoport URL-jét pedig nem lehet átírni sajna a sok tag miatt 🙂

  5. Do you have any ideia how i could join? I am not a student anymore, and kipped last year unfortunately 🙁 so the meex system does not allow me to join

  6. why would you want to hack system and advertise it openly?? It’s for students for a reason…

  7. Justice were just announced for Summer Well (11-12 Aug, Romania). They are on the “very probable list” now. Fingers crossed!!

  8. New management is not doing a bad job for now, i’m particularly happy with no more end show which was something so retarded and edm-golden-age. Let’s see what they’re gonna change inside the festival, I think it doesn’t need radical changes, life inside the festival is good, but some art and venues etc need to be renewed

  9. are these student passes only valid for hungarian students or also for foreign students ?

  10. Hurricane/southside still showed whats the difference between good and great booking. They booked mass pleasers lik am or arcade fire, but in the meantime they booked diverse quality like portugal. The man, thrice, underoath, boysetsfire, touche amore, fjort etc. Thats what missing quality underground music at quality…

  11. Perfect! Fsfsf seems you have finally found your festival! buy tickets and go to write in their forum, good luck!

  12. For the 479046795379536th time I live in Budapest. Is that hard to process that id like to have a quality fest in my hometown??? please try to use your brain cells for sec. Thanks.

  13. @Yelo it seems fake . the date is 10. of AUG but they put the time at 14.00h. so they’re trolling 🙂

  14. ^I know your back goes out more than you do, but for the younger generation it’s sad to not have endshow, it’s a really cool way to close the festival. You can have your Rammstein or sigur rós it’s fine by me but don’t remove the endshow.

  15. There is a band for fsfsf in Sziget’s lineup, but I guess he didn’t even try to listem to them: they’re Shame, a post-punk band from London, heavily influenced by The Clash. Their debut album came out 2 weeks ago and it’s very well received by the critics & it’s awesome! This is one of theire songs.

  16. sorry that is not how I work…

    I search for new bands on daily basis, as I book shows in Budapest. So for me it doesn’t work when I festival announce bands and after that I check them out. I want to see known bands on the bill. I listened to shame, in short it was a shame, but seroiusly it is just bad, but that is not point here.

    on the young-old discussion, people really want a dude playing his laptop during fireworks instead of an acclaimed band reunion show. I feel goddamn old…

  17. Hi Fsfsf, good news! Inmusic festival booked Portugal the man. It’s just down the road from you so you can skip your home town festival and come to ours :).

  18. “So for me it doesn’t work when I festival announce bands and after that I check them out.”

    so stupid!

  19. @Noliem

    Then I’m stupid, but still feel likeI “study” myself beforehand and like what I like because they are good. and not “let’s listen to this random band from the bill, ah ok, that are not that good but hell they arer coming so I lie myself into that they are good” that’s the stupid!

  20. So you criticize and you don’t even check out the names you don’t know?
    I’m glad that you finally admit it anyway… we can move on 😉

  21. I have pretty big musical knoweledge so I know basically everyone on the bill at least by the name, but still I always check out the uknown. All I’m asaying that if there is a pretty good band out there I’d already know them before they come over here. That was my point. My english sometimes not perfect sorry for that.

  22. But why say
    ““let’s listen to this random band from the bill, ah ok, that are not that good but hell they arer coming so I lie myself into that they are good” that’s the stupid!”
    when people specifically recommended you critically acclaimed Shame?

  23. I didn’t know them, and and few you wanted to sell them as my type of music, I listened to them and it’s not good. that’s all. And sorry if it would be good I’d already listened to them.

  24. “And sorry if it would be good I’d already listened to them.”

    Can we do a statue of this for the art of freedom application?

  25. you can do whatever you whatever you want mate.
    You asked me and I told you what I feel. You don’t need to accept that.

  26. Just for informazioni,Fs here we don’t give a damn about your musical tastes, if you have some recrimination to do about the lineup write to the Sziget staff…

  27. @fab1

    I already acknoweledge that this is years’ line-up is light years better than the previous. That’s a fact. Still I have the right to have an opinion. I tink… you can think different

  28. Yeah but your opinion doesn’t count if you say that a band is automatically bad if you don’t already know it
    also, budapest is big and you don’t represent it, neither does your musical taste.

  29. So why do you care, as a budapestian, about sziget lineup? why do you say “it’s my hometown festival”
    oh well let’s move on

  30. I’m not tryna be Jesus but this forum should be a site of peace regarding recent announcements

  31. there is peace in here. next to love revolution people can have healthy arguments i think….

  32. I like Fsfsf….because he has a taste….and its ok, that he is not that positive with the lineup etc….but every other should be thankfull for the lineup….and be glad.
    Noone must take over the meaning from Fsfsf. So lets go on…be happy und lets hope for a wonderful Sziget 2018…

    I do it…..

  33. Yes,i’ ve been at 10 Sziget editions instead spent time complaining in italian festivals forums! 😀

  34. @Fab1

    you are soooo tough. I envy you. You spent 10 years at the same festival instead of you I went to a whole lot of different festivals in different countries every year during the same timeframe. truth I went for line-ups and not hanging umbrellas but everyone is different….

  35. Fs usually i’m going to Sziget and another Festival,different every year… So another usefull comment (like all the others…)

  36. Fsfsl. Can you say which festival was your favourite of them all?

    Personally I think szigets hard to beat regardless of the line up as it’s got lots going on, nice vibe plus the cities stunning. I think for listening to bands you actually wanna watch the solo gigs are usually better.

  37. My all-time favorites are Fluff, Groezrock, Heavy fest, Slam Dunk, Punk Rock Holiday but these are heavily genre oriented.

    I loved frequency back when it was in Salzburg and wasn’t trying to rip off sziget with bad line-up choices and had decent bands. I aggree that Novarock has bad infrastructure, but i can live with that as long as there are good bands (sadly its not the fact anymore).

  38. Exactly, and a lot of festivals are like a bunch of solo gigs aggregated… I can say that among those i’ve visited (there are many where i’ve never been obviously…) Sziget and Glastonbury have a special atmosphere.. It’s not just about the concerts,but these create a community among the partecipants,i can’t explain It.. and of course these always have ‘important’ lineup…

  39. I badly want to try punk Rock holiday but every time I remember its on its already sold out. I think next year I will try to be more organised.. I tried NovaRock last year but wasn’t impressed largely due to the festival site.
    Despite all the bitching above I do understand what your getting at and I suspect there will be a general trend for Sziget to continue moving further and further away from line ups you would like as it moves forward. Its a business and the driving force is going to be ticket sales…. that said I’m usually pretty happy sitting in a field in the sun, drinking a beer and listening to some innocuous indie music…call me a fair weather festival goer ;).

  40. wow David, you are sir a true gentleman. You can reason and not just tell me to go elswhere if I don’t like something. Fab1 could learn from you!

  41. Have to comment now that we’re all friends again 🙂 gonna be the 9th sziget for me. Lineup is shaping up much better than last few years, just gotta say, even though lineups are not always the greatest, @fsfsf it might no be your opinion, but in mine, Hungarians throw the best festivals out there. Great atmosphere great parties and I’ll keep coming back as long as I’m able (for both Sziget, Volt and Budapest in general) from Holland. Already looking forward to this year! And meet up sounds good! (I don’t always respond but I do read everything :-))

  42. Lowlands Festival (17-19 august) announced:
    – Gorillaz
    – Kendrick Lamar
    – Dua Lipa
    – The War on Drugs
    – Bonobo
    – Dropkick Murphys
    – Fatima Yamaha
    – Grizzly Bear
    – Rag n Bone Man
    – Stormzy
    – Bicep
    – Brockhampton
    – Floating Points
    – Ho99o9
    – Little Sims
    – Rhye
    + others

    If TWoD may be confirmed, I strongly hope that Sziget will book Gorillaz (along with Justice + Kygo would be an awesome electronic triplet for the headliners), Bonobo and Dropkick Murphys as headliners for the A38, Fatima Yamaha and Bicep for the Colosseum, Floating Points, Ho99o9 and Little Sims for the A38 and Rag n Bone Man as an early slot in the MS

  43. I hope we’ll get something cooler than Dua Lipa as the female headline act… Florence / Paramore / Bjork or Lana del Rey worst case scenario are way better than Dua Lipa. Bonobo has a separate gig in Budapest.

  44. @Sziget: Dua Lipa played last year on Balaton Sound’s second stage so no chance she headlining on the Main Stage

  45. There’s no way Dua Lipa will headline. I do expect her name to be announced for this year’s line-up though.

  46. Arctic monkeys’s performing time was removed from website… perhaps it was a mistake and they will still play before end show

  47. Hope in humanity was lost already when they let button pushers to play on the main stage at a live music festival years ago….

  48. Isn’t that the dream. You get a proper headliner for the last night then one of the DJ “headliners” plays after. I get an earlier night and you get an extra proper headliner. Win win ;p.

  49. Sincerely as long as they’re there I don’t care if they play at 19:30 or 21:30, but I really doubt that the most awaited group of the last couple of years would not play the real headline slot.

    Anyway who do you guys think will be the last 3 headliners? Arcade Fire are out and looks like there’s no proper headliner around (except big djs, but we can’t get 3 more djs headlining). Surely we’ll get some info when R&L finally announce something. Foo Fighers have a hole in their tour in August but can’t see any gig in California announced, so maybe they’ll be at Outside Lands in San Francisco. Any ideas?

  50. I think we’ll get a female act next (hopefully Florence + the Machine, Paramore or Bjork) & maybe 2 DJs or maybe only one DJ and they’ll surprise us and bring The Killers, Nick Cave or Gorillaz!

  51. I really don’t think that AM will play at 19h30…

    Anyway! For my predictions:

    Bjork or Florence or The XX (as “female fronted” acts)
    Deadmau5 (my favorite DJ around)
    The National (don’t have anything in august but some of the band will be around for Haven festival so let’s dream of having them subbed by The War on Drugs)

    Arctic Monkeys – Kendrick Lamar – The National – Bjork –
    Mumfords and Sons – Deadmau5 – Kygo would be great for me! But I don’t mind something instead of Bjork/Deadmau5 so I can be far from the main stage, but I reaaaally want The National).

    Also, for Collosseum, I hope that Sziget will bring Elrow for one night! (and David August, and Dixon, and…).

    For World Music Stage: Tinariwen, Alpha Blondy, The Cat Empire

    For Europe Stage: Nekfeu, Lomepal, Biga Ranx* (cancelled last year)> french acts

  52. When TLSP played at 19:30 in 2016 the atmosphere sucked because in the front rows some kids waited for f*ckin’ Hardwell & the fireworks. AM has to headline the last day & I’m happy that crappy End Show era is gone.

  53. When TLSP played at 19:30 in 2016 the atmosphere s**ked because in the front rows some kids waited for f**kin’ Hardwell & the fireworks. AM has to headline the last day & I’m happy that crappy End Show era is gone.

  54. Arctic Monkeys will headline, period, there is no way that the biggest band Sziget hosted in the last years (along with Muse) receive a 3rd slot, no way.

    About the last three headliners, I have a basket of names and those are:
    – Eminem (announced only dates until 15th of July, can’t tell what happens next – although it’s unlikely)
    – Bjork
    – The National
    – Gorillaz
    – Florence + The Machine
    – The XX (unlikely as it would be too similar with Pukkelpop headliner’s of the last year, bringing shade to the originality of the picks)

    for the DJ sets I consider viable either Justice and Deadmau5 and some §hitty dj like Axwell & Ingrosso or Tiesto or whatever.

    If I had to make my call, except unexpected names, my triplet would be Bjork/Florence – Gorillaz – Justice/Deadmau5, but I consider that a best case scenario.

    This year is stuffed with smaller name, so I’m not even counting the acts I’d like to see. Too bad for Bonobo, I’m really dying to see him and I regret everything of picking Macklemore over him in 2014. Well, I was young and foolish.

  55. Why do you all think that Bjork could headline? She doesn’t fit the festival at all. Her show is very specific and not for “mainstream” audience which Sziget mostly attracts. I also think that day wouldn’t sell well at all (and I admit it’s a shame).

  56. Sigur Ros, 2016.
    Bjork is classy and I think not that expensive. If you as a festival succceed in bringing valid headliners enough to get sold out of multidays on your side, you have the chance to call somebody to make the critics enthusiastic and bring value to the definition of variety.
    So yeah, if the lineup will be solid (except Kygo – which is solid in its own awful frame) I could see a classy act headlining, maybe lowest spot of the 7, but still

  57. Last time The National played on the island was the last day of 2011 at 17:30, soooo long ago. I saw them many times before, I’ll see them again at Primavera Sound but I would be delighted to see them in Sziget’s lineup as they’re a in the top 3 bands/artists I love the most (with Metallica and Nick Cave).

  58. I was actually disappointed by the audience during Sigur Ros. Many people didn’t care about them and waited for Muse. Some groups of people were chatting too loudly and disturbed other people including me 😀

  59. I don’t know man, after BMTH and before Muse was a bad slot indeed, but K was tripping big time listening to them ahah

  60. I was among those who attended Sigur Ros only to be in the first rows at muse, but actually I enjoyed their show also

  61. Sigur Rós’ concert was the best of 2016’s edition imho. But true, I had to argue with a couple of groups of people to make them shut up. But that was not even close to when I watched Nine Inch Nails surrounded by Eminem fans at Pukkelpop in 2013. H O R R I B L E.

  62. @Yelo yes, Trent threw the guitar away and left the stage 10 mins before the time the concert should have ended. Around me I was the only one singing, screaming, headbanging. Well, the only one giving a sh*t. Frustrating.

  63. I think this is the fate of every non hip hop sub to Eminem. Years may pass but still he converges all the attention of the day upon him…

  64. Sigur Ros was a bad placing indeed!
    But Bjork would headline outright!
    I’m more concerned about The War on Drugs.

    and for Liam maybe it’s the first day of the festival, I was expecting him before Arctic!

  65. And in 2014 it was cool as for the majority of the people there meant 1 hour and a half back to high school, but the concert really sucked

  66. It was a nice concert for me! First headliner at my first sziget, on the barrier, and in retrospective it’s even better because it was one of the last show with the full lineup.

  67. It was a great show, my first and last time seeing my 12 self favorites. But blink is probably the worst live band in the history of bands.

  68. Fsfsf. What are you 12 favourites? I watched blink 182 last year at Nova and I it was dreadful. I know it ain’t the original line up but headline material they are not…

  69. New names for Balaton Sound. Looks like this year we can avoid almost every EDM big dj. They already have: The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Axwell & Ingrosso, Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, DJ Snake, Alesso. This is very good for us!

  70. Anyway blink182 would be better than rihanna for example. I remember her show in 2016 and it was the worst show ever.. at least for me)

  71. I would always appreciate to see one of those childhood rock bands like Limp Bizkit, Blink 182, Rammstein, Korn,…
    I will never go to a gig of them, but festival is totally a different thing, And also we can add Prodigy to the same category.

  72. @Vlad: Calvin Harris rarely tours festivals these days;
    Afrojack is not main stage headliner size;
    One between Tiesto and Van Buuren wouldn’t be bad if we have to get a dj headliner.

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