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First Europe Stage Performers Announced

Sziget’s Europe Stage offers its visitors a good look at the emerging talent from the local music scene of various countries. Although it’s called “Europe”, sometimes it expands its boundaries beyond the Old World, featuring performers from beyond it – Full Trunk, for example, is a band coming all the way from Israel. Each year, bands with an incredible variety of styles and backgrounds perform on this stage. For this year’s anniversary edition, Sziget has announced the first artists and bands to perform on this popular stage:

  • ALMA (Finland)
  • Elle Exxe (UK)
  • Klangstof (Holland)
  • BAZZOOKAS (Holland)
  • Biga * Ranx (France)
  • Käptn Peng & Die Tentakel von Delphi (Germany)
  • Riky Rick Makhado (South Africa)
  • Clément Bazin (France)
  • Tre allegri ragazzi morti (Italy)
  • Full Trunk (Israel)
  • Oligarkh (Russia)
  • Brutto (Belarus)
  • BRUTUS (Belgium)
  • NEMO Music Store (Switzerland)
  • VAN HOLZEN (Germany)
  • Leyya (Austria)
  • Greetings Sugar (Romania)
  • Dremen (Spain)
  • ZOO (Spain)
  • IRAH (Denmark)
  • Klara & The Pop (Czech Republic)

The Europe Stage is a popular venue close to the Main Stage (apparently still bearing the late Dan Panaitescu’s name) and the A38 stage. It is always filled with emerging talent from all over the old world. Who knows, maybe this year’s performers will grow to become tomorrow’s headliners at major international festivals…

Have you had the occasion to see any of the above Europe Stage bands live?

Tell us what their performance was like!

33 thoughts on “First Europe Stage Performers Announced

  1. Never heard of any of these, but we loved the Europe Stage last year. Some really good stuff.

  2. I’m sure i’ll discover something nice, but for now I’m really happy with Biga Ranx 😀 Check out his song “Liquid Sunshine”, so chill!

  3. Just know Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, I saw them live once… they are history in the italian indie scene, like for real, but yet I dont like them: lyrics are ordinary (and in italian), their presence on stage is quite ordinary as well, dont know if I can suggest them to a foreigner, but of course give them a try by yourself first!

    Gonna listen to the other names asap!

  4. Brutto is a very popular band in Belarus. They evolved from the band Lyapis Trubetskoy which once played at Sziget Main Stage (in 2010) and were quite known in Europe. They have strong political lyrics, but they sing only in Belarusian/Russian, so I hope you will enjoy the music and vibes if you come to check them out.

  5. The Wailers have just been added to the V Festival lineup. Does anyone think they could play at Sziget?

  6. Lowlands Festival announced another bunch of names: Migos, Skepta, Kovacs, At The Drive In, Death Grips, First Aid Kit, Jonna Fraser, LÉON, MHD, PVRIS, Sampha, The Pretty Reckless, Canshaker Pi, HAUS, Jeangu Macrooy, John Moreland, Parcels, Shovels and Rope, The Ufoslavians

    I’d love to see Skepta and PVRIS at Sziget…fingers crossed 🙂

  7. Sorry….but…this bunch of bands and artists is the sadest anouncment for the europestage since the beginning of this stage…and i loved it there the last years….Puhhhhh

  8. Not keen on this either. Too much pop music – we need cool chilled rock, electro, folk etc for the warm day times sets

  9. Listened all the bands and I can say, that this year line-up of Europe Stage is really good.
    So different, unique and fresh bands.
    I liked Brutus, Alma, Klangstof, Dremen, Käptn Peng & Die Tentakel von Delphi, Full Trunk.

  10. I havemt seen anything official about a38 being open on day -1. That would be fantastic . I’ve been going to sziget for years and there just seems to be more and more stuff every year. It was a shame when the main stage went from 5 acts to 4. I would extend the main stage again to 5 big acts or even 6. Maybe 2 Hungarian/smaller acts playing at 2 and 3

  11. So, Gorillaz will have an own festival in UK this summer and they’ll play there on June 10! Those who said that they won’t be available this summer were liars! Now let’s hope we get them for Sziget.

  12. Nobody said Gorillaz won’t tour this summer…they’re just not available for festivals…

  13. Well, they are, at least for their own festival… and I think they can headline other festivals this summer too, for the right price. 😉

  14. Saturday at Reading is already sold out, so if Sziget has booked Eminem they’ll announce him in the next one. No reasons to wait longer

  15. Also, I noticed that Werchter had a special announcement for belgian bands, and Electric Castle did the same today for Romanian bands. Maybe Sziget will follow them, and that’s why we don’t have any hungarian name for now.

  16. Ed Sheeran ruled out because of American tour.
    Pink is now the most likely pop headliner I suppose. I can see her subbed by Chainsmokers for day 0.

    One between Em and JayZ can be the “Big” name of this year, because the rest of the names around are just playing everywhere and are not THAT big (not saying this is bad, I’m just trying to think about marketing and stuff).
    Or they can do a “kings of leon” kind of booking; less likely.

  17. I highly recommend Naaman for the new Europe Stage names, if you like reggae! One of the best artists of the whole lineup so far for me 🙂

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