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Announcement: Kasabian, Ellie Goulding, Many Others

The Sziget Festival Republic has announced a new set of names confirmed to be present at the 2015 event.

Here is the short list:

  • Ellie Goulding
  • Kasabian
  • Nero
  • Kraftklub
  • Sigma
  • Hernan Cattaneo
  • Ellen Allien
  • Damian Lazarus
  • Laura Jones
  • Function
  • Stadium X
  • Lucas & Steve

Now, let’s take a more detailed first look at the names in today’s official Sziget announcement.

Ellie Goulding is one of the most sought after pop stars of our days. She has a quite successful career behind her – the 28 year old indie pop / synthpop / folktronica artist has won awards like the BBC Sound of 2010, the Pandora Newcomer of the Year in 2011, Cosmopolitan’s Ultimate Music Star award in 2013, the BRIT award for the Best Female Solo Artist in 2014. Her hit “Love Me Like You Do” holds the record of the most streamed song in a week (possibly due to the popularity of the infamous “50 Shades of Grey”).

Kasabian is unstoppable since its debut in 2004 – last year they were headliners of the Glastonbury Festival, which has confirmed it as one of the most successful British bands of the world. Kasabian has won awards like the Best British Group at the 2010 BRIT Awards, the NME Awards for the Best Live Band (2007), the Best Album (2010 and 2015), the Best British Band (2012 and 2015), and the Q Award for the Best Act In The World Today in 2010 and 2014.

Nero is a team of two British artists / producers, finding inspiration in the sounds of dubstep, d’n’b and electro house. Their second album was finished in March – we’ll probably have the chance to hear some of the new stuff at the Sziget 2015. Kraftklub mixes indie, pop, rock and punk elements into its dynamic tunes. They are considered one of the best young bands in Germany – we’ll see about that in August, I guess.

Sigma is another duo from the UK – Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie have a more melodic drum’n’bass sound. They will arrive with a live show on the Sziget stage. Hernan Cattano is considered the king of latino house. He is the highest rated Argentinian electronic music artist, inspiring generations of artists. Ellen Allien is a DJ, producer and designer from Germany – she is one of the most successful artist on the Berlin electronic music scene, and has attended some of the most important electro events all over the world.

Damian Lazarus mixes electronica, hip-hop, funk, soul and deep underground techno – he is considered one of the world’s best underground DJ’s by the DJ Magazine.

Laura Jones is one of the most popular artists from Leeds, with performances in Berlin, London, Amsterdam and Miami on her CV. She has original tunes and remixes, too – worthy of attention, I must say. Function –  Dave Sumner – is present on the scene for over two decades. He is the resident DJ of the Berghain club in Berlin, and he has published his debut album in 2013.

Stadium X is another duo (there seem to be many of these in this year’s lineup) who’s Howl At The Moon made it to the first place on Beatport. And last, but not least, Lucas & Steve, the Dutch duo who have debuted in 2010. They have potential – you should keep an eye on them in 2015, and not just during the Sziget Festival 2015.

What do you think of the announcement? What else would you have wished for?

58 thoughts on “Announcement: Kasabian, Ellie Goulding, Many Others

  1. well, for now we have big choice of electronic artists, so hopefully next time we’ll get some LIVE bands. and no matter who, but with music instruments. my personal interests are: Kaiser Chiefs, Hozier, St. Vincent,Tame Impala, James Bay, SEEED, Jessie Ware… Roisin Murphy is always big yes for me

  2. Kasabian and Ellie headliners? Realy? That’s just so sad. Just like 2 years ago Sziget has got major problems to book a fine line-up again. Plus: Their programmers still don’t have a clue whats hot and not in hardrock/heavy metal. Looks this year is gonna be poor again.

  3. @Ambassadeur:
    Amen to that! some rock/metal live bands would make a nice and necessary addition: Some suggestions of bands actually touring in Europe that period: Eagles of Death Metal, Marmozets, Refused, Swans, Hatebreed, Trivium, Sepultura, Nightwish, Mastodon, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Truckfighters, Danko Jones, Within Temptation…

    Would be nice for some variation in the, so far kinda boring, line-up!

  4. They didn’t book refused in 2012 why would they book now? Sziget as you mentioned knows nothing about the genre (which just just pathetic if you just won best major festival, another joke but still). And refused was the THING in 2012 and now too, so I don’t see them booking them, they’ll book them after they release a crap album, destroy their legacy and noone cares for them anymore in 2018.

  5. @Agony well, it’s not boring for me at all. I don’t like artists from your list, but think they must be to give us variety and give me time to check what’s going on at other stages%)

  6. @Art

    Coming to the festival for quit some years now. And even when they still had the Rock & metal stage (bring that back!), they had troubles booking just the right artists for it. And if they did, they book the same acts (Enter Shikari, KoRn) over and over again. If even there is nothing else out there. 😛

    But hey, lucky enough did see Deftones, Rise Against, Faith No More, Suicidal Tendensies and Bad Religion in the past years. So who knows where in for some surprises 😉

  7. @Art @Agony: last year they added NOFX and Korn in late-April/early-May (if memory serves). I think it’s safe to say that we shouldn’t be coming to any conclusions with only 29% of the line-up announced.

    Everyone also needs to keep in mind that Sziget had a great undercard even during the years that their headliners weren’t jaw dropping. AND, in comparison to those years, their budget has been increased by approx 20-30% (again, if memory serves). The lineup will come together in the next month or so, and I’m sure we’ll get some more diversity. Sziget falls on a week where not much is available, but people fail to remember their increase in budget and their booking of Robbie Williams for day -1. This will give them more money to be more flexible with at a later date, whether that means them locking down a couple great and unexpected headliners OR an unbelievable under card if headliners are in short supply.

    TLDR; everyone, relax!

  8. @Thetrootroo
    Fair enough. But still a bit worried. Kinda same development as in 2 years ago, with a really disappointing line-up as final result (remember the poll at this website). Hopefully the’re able to surprise us! I don’t even have a big wish towards headliners, but hope to see more guitar orientated live bands on the bill. And last years pointed out, thats not the speciality of the Sziget bookers.. but again; let’s see. I stand down relaxed 😉

  9. @Agony
    I don’t mind electronic music, but I could imagine how disappointing this lineup would be if I did mind it. Fingers crossed for some solid headliners or some more rock / punk undercard bands.

  10. Ellie Goulding is after Martin Garrix but before Kasabian and Alt-J on the line up of the official sziget website. Wouldn’t be surprised to see her headline, likely in combination with a dance act like Avicii or Major Lazer. I can understand that this will be disappointing for the diehard festival/rock fans but she has 4 tracks on spotify that have been listened to 150m+ times each. From a mainstream point of view she is way more relevant than acts headlining other festivals like Chemical Brothers, Underworld and even Blur. They have had their peak in the days that many young festival goers weren’t even born.

    Can’t really blame sziget when they actually choose for her. She has a decent band supporting her and it would be more ‘live’ than many other acts that have been announced so far. I also think it wouldn’t be worse than acts like Skrillex/ Placebo/ Korn/ Mika/ Biffy Clyro that were on top of the bill in the last 2 years and who also rarely headline other big festivals.

  11. @Finge: also, no matter what your tastes are, she’s fantastic live and a real talented woman all around. writes (mostly) her own material, and is a multi-instrumentalist. no hate on her at all! just not my first preference, though the time I did see her she was an excellent live performer.

  12. @Finge haha. Biffy Clyro headlined Reading in the same year as they played Sziget. Also, i think Ellie Goulding will fail as a headliner(hope she’s not).
    Still hoping for guitar-driven bands

  13. I’ve seen her live, she’s ok not great. Sounds a but airy between songs and giggles a lot.

  14. @D Could be, but they are not that big on mainland Europe, for example at Rock Werchter 2014 they played in the afternoon with Triggerfinger, Black Keys and Pearl Jam after them. Frequency 2014 even worse, playing before Bastille and Macklemore.

    Personally I also hope for more guitar-driven bands but looking at other festivals, which bands are around and big enough to headline?
    Only one I can think of so far is Linkin Park.

  15. The edition 2011 remains for me the best Line Up !
    METAL/ROCK: Motörhead – Judas Priest – Within Temptation – Deftones – Suicidal Tendencies – Helloween – Sonata Artica – The Haunted ….

  16. @papa Sziget never will back in the metal age. Stop to dream and go on or visit other festival.

  17. @John Doe
    Will Sziget book more (Hard)Rock/Metal acts once again, like they did several years ago?
    There are enough people who want the Metal-stage back 🙂

  18. guys this year Sziget doesn’t meet the expectation. Some artists are good (like Knife Party,Nero etc.) but, at this moment, all big festivals in Europe are more interesting than Sziget…Pukkelpop too 🙁

  19. Almost every person who posts on here has completely different tastes haha. No one seems to be pleased as a result but all for different reasons

  20. Well, we already have some great names: foals, kasabian, alt-j (not so great live), interpol, subways, enter shikari, etc. But even last years we had stronger names in the first anouncements. Seems like they gone crazy with a lot of average djs, instead of booking proper bands, with instruments. (Btw, i really enjoyed The bloody beetroots last year)

  21. What do you guys think, will there be another announcement before they increase the prices (May 1st) or we’ll have to wait for a month?

  22. I think I know why they book medicore “artists” to the fest. They won the award again, that’s enough publicity and foreigners still would come for the “sziget feeling” and the cheap beer. So basically they don’t care about the line-up’s quality. I wish sometime sziget goers realise that and stop coming, and the sziget crew have to come up with a decent booking. wishful thinking, I guess.

  23. @art…thats a good reason to come 🙂 …but we want more. I like the bands til now…but I think there will come the bigger mainacts in the next 2 month..

    @john…is there the europe stage also in 2015???

  24. FFS (franz ferdinand & sparks)and hot chip were announced today for rock en seine

    I really hope to see them at sziget, +the libertines

  25. Thursday new names coming for Balaton Sound. Let’s see who else we can count out

  26. Rock en seine program looks pretty average, no new names that weren’t announced for other festivals already.
    I don’t think liberines should headline any midsized or major festival in Europe, they are like the size of Interpol, bands like Alt-J or Foals are more popular.

  27. I think they’ll book The Offspring to make people asking for more rock happy exactly like they did last year with Blink 182 (then KoRN came too). But we already had QOTSA. Lenny Kravitz too?

  28. ok , let’s play … my current whishlist:

    Tame Impala
    Chemical Brothers
    Major Lazer (or Diplo…)
    Roots Manuva
    Todd Terje
    Linkin Park
    Franz Ferdinand & Sparks
    Mark Ronson
    Limp Bizkit
    Mr Oizo

  29. Alpha Blondy
    Amadou & Mariam
    Ben Howard
    John Butler Trio
    Kendrick Lamar
    Major Lazer
    Panteón Rococó
    Rebel Sound
    Robert Plant
    Stephen Marley
    Tame Impala
    The Gaslight Anthem
    The Libertines
    The Wombats
    Tiken Jah Fakoly

  30. Bands that should be playing, because they are “actual” as they like to say it at sziget offices (these bands not reflect my tastes only, it lists all the “cool” artists in 2015 and of course they are in Europe in August:

    Manchester Orchestra
    Kendrick Lamar
    American Football
    Years & Years
    Frank Turner
    Cancer Bats
    Modern Life is War
    Coheed & Cambria
    The Menzingers

    Any of these would be quality upgrade, most likely won’t happen, though

  31. yea sorry you cant look further your radio pop mainstream music. i seriously feel sorry for you.

  32. But normally I listen spotify, anyway, why are you still speaking about Sziget if your idols are this shits band? Come on, visit the world my friends, you will find more than Sziget.

  33. What about Madeon ?
    He cancelled last year, since he released his (excellent) debut album.

  34. ok dude wish your favorite bands can be that “shit” like refused… Wonder what you favorite not shit bands are, just to have a laugh.

  35. Haha totally agree with Art, fine list of names. And indeed ‘why’ there is more music than commercial hits 😉

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