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Announcement: MUSE, David Guetta, Bullet For My Valentine and More @ Sziget 2016

Sziget 2016 has made its first announcement about its lineup in 2016. The names announced today, in the order they appeared on the event’s official Spotify playlist:

  • The Last Shadow Puppets (Main Stage)
  • The Neighborhood (A38)
  • The Lumineers (Main Stage)
  • Jess Glynne (A38)
  • DATSIK (A38)
  • Years & Years (Main Stage)
  • Róisín Murphy (A38)
  • Opgezwolle (A38)
  • Parkway Drive (A38)
  • Bullet for my Valentine (A38)
  • K.I.Z. (A38)
  • Kovacs (A38)
  • David Guetta (Main Stage)
  • MUSE (Main Stage)

The Last Shadow Puppets is a “baroque-pop” band from England featuring Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys), Miles Kane (ex-the Rascals), producer James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco, ex-Simian), and Zach Dawes (Mini Mansions). They have a new album on the tube for April (Everything You’ve Come To Expect) – we’ll probably hear more than just “Bad Habits” from it at Sziget 2016.

The Neighborhood (The NBHD) is an alternative rock band from the US. They made their debut in 2011, and released their first album in 2013.  The band consists of Jesse Rutherford (Lead vocals). Zachary Abels (Lead guitar, rhythm guitar), Jeremiah Freedman (Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals), Michael Margott (Bass guitar) and Brandon Fried (Drums).

The Lumineers also come from over the ocean – they are a folk rock band from Denver, Colorado. They have a new album called “Cleopatra” on the way, set to be released on April 8th.

Jess Glynne is an English singer and songwriter, nominated for a BRIT Award in three categories (Breakthrough Act, British Female Solo Artist and British Single of the Year).

DATSIK is a dubstep DJ coming all the way from Canada. He made his debut release in 2009, and he has been playing major festivals – like Coachella, Electric Zoo and others – ever since. And this year he’ll play Sziget, too.

Years & Years is a trio from London playing a mix of electropop, R&B and House. With a single album released to date, but with numerous awards under their belt, they are coming to Sziget 2016 to show their worth.

Róisín Murphy is an Irish singer / songwriter and record producer, playing / singing artpop, electropop and some other similar styles. She has released a new album last year, with a lot of fresh material to show at Sziget 2016.

Opgezwolle is a Dutch rap act with a long and fruitful career, at its 15th year at the turntables.

Parkway Drive is a metalcore band from Australia active since the early 2000s. They have released five albums to date, the latest being Ire (2015). We’ll most likely have the chance to hear materials from that one at Sziget 2016.

Bullet for My Valentine is a veteran: the Welsh band has been formed in 1998, currently composed of Matthew Tuck (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Michael Paget (lead guitar, backing vocals), Michael Thomas (drums) and Jamie Mathias (bass guitar). They also have new songs to show from their latest album, released last year, to all their fans at Sziget 2016.

K.I.Z. is the second hip-hop act from the announcement – they come from Berlin, and they are known for the black humor and social criticism in their lyrics.

Kovacs is considered one of the most interesting female performers in The Netherlands, with her voice often compared to that of Amy Winehouse. She made her debut in 2014, after a few failed attempts. Since then she performed at several local festivals, and won the European Border Breakers Award 2016.

David Guetta needs no introduction. Best known for his collaborations, the French DJ and producer will headline Sziget 2016.

Last, but not least, the biggest name announced to date: MUSE, the English rock band formed of Matt Bellamy (lead vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards), Chris Wolstenholme (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Dominic Howard (drums, percussion. They need no introduction, either.

+1 Self-confirmed: Fanfare Ciocârlia

Fanfare Ciocârlia is a 12-piece brass band from the Romanian village Zece Prajini (ten poles) in the North-East of the country. Considered to be pioneers of both the Balkan brass and Balkan beats, they are recognized as one of the most popular Romani brass bands of the world. To date, they have released 12 albums (including a Live one), and their live performance schedule is full (this month they’ll perform in Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi). But on the 16th of August they’ll play Sziget.

251 thoughts on “Announcement: MUSE, David Guetta, Bullet For My Valentine and More @ Sziget 2016

  1. I will go in order with my impressions:

    – MUSE: Seems like Sziget is doing the classic error to give performers the people ask the last year. I mean, Muse is still a good news, they are great performers and I would like to be in first line to hear them live, BUT it was like Kings of Leon (“people ask ’em, so, uhm, we spent a shitload of money to get them”), there are so many bands which are headlining this year that Sziget didn’t need to be so alternative in the headliners pick. But it’s just one name and it’s still a good name, so Im good with this.

    – DAVID GUETTA: AHAHAHAHAHAHA I hate them, so much, I feel betrayed.

    – THE LAST SHADOW MUPPETS: Overall a good call, extraordinary live performers and most important thing, it’s the most close thing to Arctic Monkeys (at least for me).

    – THE LUMINEERS: A call they should have made last year, they are okay, good live, nothing out of mind and stuff.

    – YEARS & YEARS: I saw lot of people happy for this announcement. Am I the only one to think that they are indie pop idols who will die (in an artistic way of course) soon? Anyway they seems good live, but ehm, well, I pass the words to whom actually like those.

    – ROSIN MURPHY: loved Moloko back in the days (even if I discovered them long time after they leaved the scene, but ok, u got me), she is a great call!

    – BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE: the 15 years old guy who’s in me is really happy for this announcement, because I used to listen to them when I was a teenager (this means I am an adult now… arr, feels old man). So, keeping real: the announcement is overall bad because no one listen to BfmV since 2010 I guess BUT 2 things: 1) Metal at Sziget (even if washed Metalcore) is always a good thing; 2) They are kind of good live

    – JESS GLYNNE: great performer, good pop music, saw her in 2014 with the Clean Bandit at Sziget, I am ok with this call

    – PARKWAY DRIVE: anything I said for BfmV ‘cept for the bad things. Actually happy for them to come!

    – K.I.Z. : every years we got 1-2 bands that are totally direct for german-speakers and stuff, Casper, Kraftclub, blabla. Ok, happy for them, I really dont like German Hip Hop

    – THE NEIGHBOURHOOD: Fine Alternative Rock call, enjoyable I think, maybe I will spent few minutes in A38 to listen to em

    – KOVACS: never heard before, but from few videos from youtube I can tell she’s good live but not meet my tast.

    – DATSIK: drop the bass wub wub bzzzzzzzz trrrrrrrr dooooooo duu dooooo dududuu do du do du. Like Dubstep, ok…

    – RICO & STICKS: another german Hip Hop duo, okay….

    I will complain about David Guetta anytime I will get the chance, I tell you.

  2. @yelo: – I will complain about David Guetta anytime I will get the chance, I tell you. – Are you new art?

  3. Does one have to be close minded and all metal-focused to find David Guetta trash, a waste of money, of spot and of time?

  4. @Yelo need to tell you one moment: Jess Glynne didn’t perform at Sziget with CLean Bandit. they had 2 tour vocalists – Florence Rawlings and Elisabeth Troy

    about Roisin Murphy. this year she’ll release new album too.

  5. @Ambassadeur: ups, touché. So I can relate only of youtube videos, and I guess she’s still really good, isn’t her?

  6. @yelo: everyone may have opinion, you and art too, but it’s all the time repeating that make it annoying.

  7. Gunther, of course I was redundant, Im not gonna tell in every single post “OMG SZIGET NOOB NO GUETTA PLS BRING ARSIS, BEHEMOTH AND DO THE CLOSING PARTY WITH CANNIBAL CORPSE OMG WE NEED METAL OMG SO LULZ U SUCKER H8Z”, but man, it’s disappointing, we got Guetta, than Harris, than Avicii than again Guetta, and there is totally no art in their performance and it’s clear as the sky in the morning; of course art is subjective and stuff, but you must be really post-modern to find art in pressing button to play recorded stuff with no mixing at all.
    Please dont tell me I am the weirdo here, to think those stuff

  8. @Yelo didn’t see her live, I guess she is good, but her album is not reall special…

  9. @yelo: haha, lol on your art imitation 🙂
    Your Guetta opinion non è un problema, but why you say: I will complain about David Guetta anytime I will get the chance? That is making repeat of your opinion and is annoying. And every year has EDM DJs. Did you think there will not be this year? If you hate EDM DJs, maybe better not take care about who is there in that part of line up? Calm down and think about the other names 😉

  10. @Ambassadeur, will see this year so ahah

    @Gunther: Of course I wont be an Art, it’s not in my nature, I like confront and discussion (that’s why Im one of the most active user on this forum), but about the EDM dibate, I think that there is a lot of good EDM artist out there which are qualitative way better and can bring people (of course less than Guetta & Friends, but still…). Sziget is just focusing on moneygrabbing from people who cant afford Tomorrowland, Hungarian party people, and casual goers – and its fine for them, those are business, but I ask myself for how long people will be this naive when it comes to artists.
    Maybe it’s a fascist statement, but I cant be fine with an headliner like him which probably will be sponsorized as one of the 3 true headliners (like RW, KoL and Avicii last year).

    Just it, of course I wont lose sleep for bad announcements, but we are in topic 🙂

  11. Sziget Italia insists on buying tickets soon, as they will sold out earlier then last yeats. They also said main stage will be very crowded this years, so i hope for more big headliners to come: we can hope for Rammstein and other serious acts (I think Muse is a great start in that way). Unfortunately Radiohead will play in japan on 20th so it’s unlikely to have them, unless Sziget management makes same thing as for the Script last year. It would be great 😀

  12. I don’t understand why they put BFMV in A38 and Years & Years in the Main Stage (along with the lumineers). Btw, Parkway Drive in A38 is gonna be insane. Last year during Dropkick Murphys show it was like ice skating during the mosh :).

  13. Actually no mention of Muse day and as they usually announce day -1 artists saying they’ll play that day I think we’ll have at least another very big act. Fingers crossed!

    And actually looks like we have a new john doe, that’s a f*cking good thing!

  14. Oh god…that’s bad, very bad. Only Muse, TLSP and maybe K.I.Z. (just for the banter 😀 ) are bands I care about. David Guetta and BFMV can fu.k off.

  15. I don’t see dj’s for Telekom arena. Is there going to be the Telekom Arena this year ???

  16. Hum … I think I won’t be able to go to Sziget and for the moment I have no regret with the line-up :’)
    Only want to see Sum 41 and Bloc Party ! As a French I apologize for David Guetta … And Muse is so-so for me, moreover some of m’y friends tells me that their live at Musilac 2015 was à big joke : they were late, sound wasn’t good and they play less than 1 hour…

    If they announce RHCP and Gorillaz I cry all the tears of my body if I can’t come !

  17. Why is everybody hoping for Gorillaz? They have not gigs announced yet, why shoud they come to Sziget?
    I have hopes for Moderat, they would make a seriously amazing night show in the A38

  18. Muse playing for less than 1 hour is just bullsh*t. In 2015 Muse ALWAYS played an 18 songs setlist that lasted more or less 1h 40mins.

  19. +1 for Bender: they played 1h40m as every other show in the festival tour, and the terrible sound was not band’s fault, it was because of the festival’s organization (they admitted they were not ready for a concert that size)

  20. @Yelo Rico & Sticks are Dutch man ;p There’s legends amongst the Dutch Rap scene and I always wanted to see them live. It’s logic non-dutch people have no idea what they are all about, so I don’t blame you 😉

  21. @Bender ok then, didn’t know that 😀
    great news, hope to see them at Sziget (or at least a 4h set of Damon Albarn LOL)

  22. @Estys, forgive my ignorance, Im italian so it s like a lot far from my music taste for many reasons! Im happy you are satisfied 😀

    If Gorillaz will be called I will pass a whole day at home totally naked screamin “ALBARN” (Until my parents will kick me out, of course). So if Sziget care about the goers’ taste they should take this in consideration, ’cause I havent found yet someone not happy about a Gorillaz’s chance.

    Telekom Arena will be on, or I think they will make Nicky Romero play at the beach lol

    Am I the only one who noticed that in 3 announcement they called more punk/metal band that in the whole 2 latest year? *-*

  23. Last time he came he played in the Party Arena and I think Axwell and Laidback Luke in 2014 played in A38 just because there was no Party Arena that year. He’ll play there again for sure 🙂

  24. So.. What to say.. A bit better than feared, but nothing to become extatic about. Maybe most happy about them not booking a bunch of bands that already have announced tours that week, meaning I only had 5 of these on my list before today. I would have hoped for better, but I guess it’s on the same level as last year. I would like to know is the Telekom Arena will be on this year as well, I’m guessing so since it apparantly was a success, but they should then avoid much of the EDM on late hours in A38. My view on todays bookings;

    Muse: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about Muse, but there is no way to call it a bad booking. I agree that they might be a year late, but still a major band that was first announced to Sziget this season. Not bad and their live shows are great.

    David Guetta: Press play on tape.. Even though I thought he would be booked, why not Tiesto, van Buuren or some actual DJ instead? Anyway, he’s a crowd pleaser so there’s plenty enough people that won’t complain. Will he do the end show though (strange that it’s not announced then)?

    The Last Shadow Puppets: Hard to judge before their new album, but the names are good. Would have hoped for some AM-music in their sets, but I doubt it. Too bad for me they’re playing Werchter too..

    The Lumineers: Nice enough band, but they’ve been touring for many years now so most people have seen them. Need to present some new (good) material before Sziget to be attractive.

    Years & Years: Boring but I’m sure a lot of people will be happy. Unfortunately at Werchter as well.

    Roisin Murphy/Kovacs/Jess Glynne: Boring, “girls showing off their voices”-acts. Far away from my music taste. Would have hoped for totally different undercards.

    Parkway Drive: To hard for my taste, but I’m sure those looking for metal/hardcore/heavy will be happy enough.

    K.I.Z/Rico & Sticks: German/Dutch stuff.. I can accept some Hungarian acts as it is a Hungarian festival, but drop these acts. Should have been put on Europe Stage or never been booked at all.

    The Neigbourhood: Interesting band that I probably will give a listen to unless it conflicts with something better.

    Datsik: Do not know about him, which in general is better than bands/DJ’s you know you don’t like 😉

    If I’ve calculated correctly there’s only 11 slots left in “prime time” on A38, so this year I actually have count on the Main Stage acts, although I usually prefer the smaller bands in A38.

  25. @tmolvik I totally disagree with you when you talk about dutch and german acts. There are shitloads of duck people at sziget and the number of german people is growing every year. Last year for Kensington (dutch) and Cro (german) the A38 was almost fully packed, and was pretty full also for Selah Sue, Balthazar (belgians) and Fauve (french). Also the number of people attending Kraftklub (german) at Main Stage was in line with the crowd of the other english spoken band that played at the same slot the other days. Music for major stages doesn’t only have to be american or english. As italian I’d be really proud if an Italian band gets a Main Stage slot (like Subsonica in 2010) or an A38 slot (like The Bloody Beetroots in 2011 and 2014 or Crookers in 2012) 🙂

  26. Kind of agree with you tmolvik

    Muse: Great for me

    Last Shadow Puppets: Good for me

    The rest except Guetta: Not to my taste but some quite interesting names

    Guetta: Have seen at Sziget and he was truly, stunningly terrible so I want to warn people – avoid avoid avoid, for the love of God avoid!

  27. @tmolvik are you serious about Roisin Murphy??? Girl shows off her voice? Maybe you need to listen some of her albums and Moloko albums too.

  28. It seems that Muse were the second most voted band on that Sziget Wishlist app, after Arctic Monkeys… So most of them got what they wanted: Muse + Alex Turner @ Sziget!

  29. Seriously! Guetta!!!!
    He was awful last time. Yeah he’s got the tracks, but as a DJ he really can’t play. He was dropping the sound on obscure lyrics and expecting everyone to sing along. I mean what is that?
    There was hordes of peoplease leaving and that’s the first time I’ve ever seen people leave main stage and I’m a 4 year veteran!
    Drop Guetta get Terminator X or get back Jaguar Skills.

  30. Because they’re booking mainstream artists like Muse, David Guetta, Bullet For My Valentine,Bastille, Bring Me The Horizon (they become very popular with their last album) , even The Last Shadow Puppets, in particular Alex Turner (even if they’re joining many different festivals). Mainstream doesn’t necessarily mean bad acts ( I love Muse, BMTH, BFMV and The Last Shadow Puppets) and i think they’re great bands. The fact is that Sziget wants the sold out this year.

  31. @Ambassadeur Showing off their voices doesn’t mean their voices are bad, but it’s just boring and Moloko is the main reason why I can’t stand her 😉

    In general I don’t have any problems with Sziget booking mainstream bands, because let’s face it, there’s are reason they’re mainstream and a lot of them are also quite good. I however feel that Sziget is lacking a stage that focuses more on up and coming/smaller non EDM-bands. I like EDM, but not that they are using all three stages for that kind of music. A38 shold have started earlier with those kind of bands and/or Europe Stage could have prolonged its opeing hours with that focus.

    The way it is now the smaller (and maybe more interesting bands) get’s marginalized because there a too few slots on the main stages, and as Sziget want to cater for both EDM & rock/pop-fans the mainstream bands booked in both genres takes up all available slots (which is natural as they bring the revenue). If you compare Sziget to other similar sized festivals it doesn’t have many available slots for mainstream/indie and the other stages are very specialized. Main & A38 has maybe 8/9 good ones, while at Werchter, Roskilde, Glastonbury etc one stage alone has almost the same. I understand that the heat could be an issue at MS (although people will come anyway if they’re interested), but A38 should be fine.

  32. I think we have chances to get good names in the next announcement: among available artits we have Rammstein (playing 19th in Germany), Moderat (playing 13th in Germany), Massive Attack (playing 24th in Croatia), Gorillaz (no schedule yet), Noel Gallagher (playing 10th-13th in Germany), Disclosure (playing 19th in Holland), Eagles of death metal (playing 15th in Germany), Chemical Brothers, Tame Impala, Paul Kalkbrenner…What do you think? 😀

  33. If Gorillaz was to tour I think Damon Albarn would have included them in his Roskilde appearance, as they have played with the Syrian National Orchestra before. It would have been great, but I’ll take that project as well.

    Out of the others I only want Moderat, but can live with Noel Gallagher, Massive Attack & EoDM. My hopes are for Ezra Furman, Biffy Clyro, NoFX, Nothing But Thieves, Royal Republic, Kaiser Chiefs, Levellers, Garbage and Belle & Sebastian out of those I know are on tour.

    I was excited about Chemical Brothers last year, but seing them at RW last year was the biggest disappointment of that festival season. I see a lot of people who critisize DJ’s still want Chemical Brothers, but if there are anything that are pre-programmed it’s them. Yes, their visual effects are good, but as everything is synced with their video, there’s no room for mixing. No one would have noticed if they weren’t there at all. A lot of cool music, but that is one of the biggest hype’s I’ve witnessed.

  34. Wait wait, I actually don’t know how the Chemical’s set was a Rock Werchter last year, but I’ve seen them both live and djset and you can really see the difference between the 2 shows. I personally think Chemical Brothers deliver sick shows. Last time they were at Sziget was massive, so I really hope they’ll be back to close the Main Stage one of the days. Last time was Kasabian co-headlining + The Chemical Brothers headlining, a perfect combination to me 🙂

  35. @JumboJack and @tmolvik I would take Rammstein, Gorillaz, EODM, Chemical Brothers, Biffy Clyro, Nothing But Thieves and Royal Republic from your lists 🙂 And also my hopes are for Boy Better Know (R&L), Crystal Castles (R&L), Die Antwoord (SonneMondSterne), Digitalism (SonneMondSterne), Foals (Oya, Lowlands), Jack Ü (R&L), Jamie XX (Oya, WOW, Flow), Stormzy (Oya, WOW, Flow), Two Door Cinema Club (Arenal Sound), Twenty One Pilots (R&L). And bands like Tenacious D (early June – Germany and early July – Sweden, Denmark) or Pendulum Live (only Ultra this year?) would be really great 🙂

  36. Form efestivals: Guy from Warsaw close to RHCP (he saw them a few days ago on invitation only event from backstage) posted in one fb group I’m part of: “Informacja jest nieoficjalna lecz potwierdzona przez cz?onków zespo?u – RHCP zagraj? na festiwalu w Budapeszcie w 2016 roku!” which means “Information is unofficial but confirmed by team members – RHCP will play at the festival in Budapest in 2016!” with link to Sziget site.

    Asked the guy on fb, he said “100% sure thing”

  37. Well, it’s a bummer. RHCP did great things in the past but as far as I know they are terrible live, expecially nowadays. You know my hopes were in a different direction. For sure it’s a big name anyway, nobody will say they don’t deserve the headline spot 🙂

  38. I love this kind of leaked news: it makes my partecipation on this forum even more useful.

    On other hand, I would be really happy to have RHCP at Sziget, because I’ve never seen ’em live (and Ive seen worse horse’s s**t live, I guess) and also because it will bring maybe some friend o’ mine with me in the Island this year too.

    Hope they wont lose the chance to call At the Drive-In and Massive Attack tho

  39. #JumboJack Pukkelpop usually in March, Lowlands already started giving some names: Chvrches, Chris Liebing, Speedy J, Damian Marley, Flatbush Zombies, Ghost, Jamie Woon, M83, Oh Wonder, Paul Kalkbrenner, Philip Glass Ensemble – Koyaanisqatsi Live!, Recondite, Rodhad, Sleeping With Sirens, Sum 41, Tale Of Us, Aurora, The Black Madonna, Dr Krapula, Dub Inc., Espana Circo Este, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Giraffage, Islam Chipsy, Mick Jenkins, The Rumjacks, Tiggs Da Author and Sevn Alias.

    For RHCP I really hope one between john doe and type777 appears to give us some hints or also just for saying “it’s false” 🙂

  40. It seems pretty legit, but I will only bleive it onc they announce it.. please dont play with my feelings 😀

  41. RHCP would be nice and would convince more some of my friends 🙂 Don’t expect Damian Marley as he has a show in Budapest end of august, but I’d really love some reggae: Protoje, Chronixx, Alborosie, Groundation, some other Marley or Naaman (french, not famous but amazing!).

    Why don’t they release the dates for the headliners? Maybe they’re trying to sell more 7 days pass?

  42. @Noeliam yes i think they want to sell as many 7days as possible before announce headliner days. Maybe the -1 and 0 day headliners will be announced first, to persuade people buying a 7days instead of a 5days (and many -1 day tickets like they did for Robbie last year). If they really booked RHCP they may be the -1 or 0 headliners, so to see both them and Muse (many of my frieds like them both) you have to buy a 7 days pass

  43. @Lukas it also says “The exact performance date will be announced soon.” so it’s not set yet

  44. It is a problem that he is not doing the end show. This means we will get one more trash mother**cker ruining the main stage. This year we should organise an egg/tomato/bottle throwing for him, so he would never return…

  45. I suppose there are two alternatives:
    – Sziget listened to all the people who wanted an “old school” end show and so they will call The Chemical Brothers to do it.
    -Otherwise we will simply have Jack U

  46. First of all they should’t spend all that money on fireworks and an usb dj. Chemical Brothers’ music is much better, but their ‘concerts’ are not live either. Get LCD Soundsystem, that would be the only decent option.

  47. Speaking about Djs on the Main Stage this year I was expecting for Disclosure, Jack U and The Chemical Brothers.

    With that ashameful announcement I expect we’re gonna get Disclosure and Jack U but not Chemical Brothers, or maybe we get Chems and not Disclosure. Just to say that I wait Jack U as next headliner-dj announcement

  48. @pago: why do you say that Chemical Brothers concerts are not live? Cause they don’t use real instruments? You don’t think that playing with Ableton live controlled by such a huge mixer (like Chemical Brothers do, and even Daft Punk, etc..) plus drum machines, modular synthesizers and keyboards is not a live show?
    You know man it’s dance music, I think you understand how hard it would be play all the sounds live with instruments. Simply because they are mostly electronic sounds produced by computers, most of them would not even exist without electronic equipment. So yes, there is a “playback” part is this performance, because the bass lines, or drum lines, or vocal loop lines are often just played turning on their channel on the mixer. But that’s how dance music works, playing with loops mostly. Is HOW they do it that makes it special.
    And trust me, it’s not easier to play this kind of music (in a good way like they do) than playing real guitar + drum + bass.

  49. Biggest issue here is that we just repeat the already announced headliners and artists at other festivals. If Sziget (and Pukkelpop for that matter) wants to be recognized as main festivals, they need to be able to come up with some new names as well.

    Sziget kind of did with Muse, as they were among the first ones to announce them, but I think the same should be the case with at least half of the headliners. I just hope that the RHCP rumour turns out to be fake (or that they play -1) and they they come up with some artist that maybe haven’t announced their tour yet.

    Moby or any Damon Albarn project as the end show would have been great, but if it has to bee a DJ, let it be Tiesto or van Buuren.

  50. Who cares if they announce an artist first or not? God some people really are pathetic. It is always good to have a surprise but when you are at the festival you won’t care when they have announced the names… Sziget doesn’t have the money to get europe excluse acts (which is a fuc*ed up trend btw, why try to exclude other people from seeing their favourite bands?), so yes we will get bands that are on tour. If you have a problem with that try to think maybe.

  51. Speaking of exclusives, is there a possibility for Paul McCartney to play in some festival other than Pinkpop (announced today) and maybe Werchter (could share a headliner). He’s not the Sziget kind of act, but would love to see him

  52. I dont see how Moby can be a name, since he has no partecipation in any festival til now. Tbh I don’t expect much Gorillaz either: I do really wish they come but keeping things real it’s not likely, not right now at least; so ok, if we want to wishlist I can be the first in line, but man, wait a min, no?

    I’ve seen the announcement of Pinkpop and I think it’s good, but only 4 name til now is not big deal (also because Rammstein and RHCP are mostly everywhere in Europe this summer). Paul McCartney would have been a thing back in the days, right now, well, he’s a great name and great performer but personally I won’t overjoy for an announcement of that kind.

    Also I want to stress the Wercheter lineup this year: they are totally killing it and right now they have the most of the headliner touring Europe in summer, IMHO the best festival this summer if things remain this way. Sorry for Tmolvik but Sziget should take inspiration from that line-up.

  53. I don’t think Werchter’s line-up is the best this year, NOS Alive’s line-up is much better…

  54. Rock Werchter is all about the lineup though. I have been to both festivals (Werchter in 2013 and Sziget in 2014). You really can’t compare them. The lineup at Rock Werchter is always much better than Sziget (IMO), but Sziget is better at everything else. I doubt I’ll be going back to Werchter, but I will definitely come back to Sziget!

  55. I like Muse but this just means that the Grammys totally lost their significance. Drones is not even a good album

  56. Massive attack would be perfect. PJ Harvey, Jame xx and New Order from Oya would be equally welcome

  57. First names for Frequency in 2 days!

    @Bender of course they deserve main stage, but at Sziget i think it’s more likely to see them in the tent for a great night show (like M83)

  58. @Noeliam, the same thing I thought, although I would sleep better to Sigur Ròs than to Massive Attack

  59. Speaking of which, what do you think of Massive Attack playing after Sigur Ros?
    And Iggy Pop before Muse?

    Tomorrow frequency’s names 🙂

  60. Having Massive Attack instead of a crappy dj for main stage closing show would be amazing, but i think it’s a bit unrealistic.
    Iggy Pop before Muse could make a great rock show, but Iggy is for sure headliner size act, putting him before Muse would mean the overall Main Stage lineup is very very impressive (never say never!)

  61. wow that’s impressive, my badm i didn’t know he could be but so low in the lineup, always seen him as one of the big names. Maybe the new record made with Josh Homme will give him a higher spot 🙂

    btw, is it possible to see Iggy and Josh playing together this festival season, having also Eagles of Death Metal on tour?

  62. Deadmau5 was announced for one festival in England which is held during Sziget, so he also could be a possibility 🙂

  63. with deadmou5 the end show would be sick! In 2014 he did the opening show, let’s hope he’s a serious possibility instead of guetta-like djs.

  64. Since it has to be a DJ doing the final show, I’d rather see Deadmau5, Skrillex or the Chems instead of Guetta, Avicii, Kygo, Tiesto, Garrix and so on…if you know what I mean

  65. Muse changed the time of their Sziget event to the 13th of August, so it seems that we’ll have them on Saturday!

  66. First names for Frequency that could show up at Sziget are: Paul Kalkbrenner, Damian Marley, Massive Attack (at this point it would be a shame not having them at Sziget), Die Antwoord (don’t like them).

    @Ambassadeur: I know it’s a different kind of festival bud Iggy is headlining Rock in Vienna with Rammstein and Iron Maiden, so i don’t think he’ll be an afternoon act in other festivals, maybe sub-headliner.

  67. This also means Sigur Ros are probably headlining the A38 as they usually want complete darkness (or subbing the Main Stage with a sunset concert)

  68. Last year we had Interpol (that are clearly main stage material) headlining A38. We also have Bloc Party headlining A38 (they are definitely smaller than Sigur Ros but main stage material as well) so, saying that I’m pretty sure Sigur Ros will be playing the 19:30 MS slot, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll be playing in A38 in the end.

  69. If Sigur Ros clashes with Muse, I won’t forgive Sziget!

    Sigur Ros at sunset followed by Muse would be amazing!

  70. @anthony I think you should read through my post again. I personally don’t care too much about it, but Sziget wants to be one of the main festivals in Europe and to get the monetary muscles you’re talking about they need to attract crowds. You don’t have to go any longer than this forum to see that most young people can’t afford to go to multiple festivals in Europe throughout the summer. The bigger names have a major influence on which festival people choose to attend, and therefore being able to announce them first is a major advantage. If it hadn’t been the case, most artist would have announced most of their Europe dates at the same time, but they don’t. Sziget has a great advantage in focusing on other aspects than music as well, but being the first festival to announce i.e Muse will still play an important role in ticket sales, whether you think it’s pathetic or not. That being said, I agree with you that exclusivity is negative, but it’s unfortunately a part of the same money carousel as well.

    @yelo I still love how we can have this totally opposite view on Werchter 😉 Even though McCartney could be interesting, I’m more and more likely to sell my tickets and try something else this year (been to Werchter last four years)

    BTW I saw that this streaming-famous G-Eazy is on tour now, so I bet he will be announced for Sziget. Fits right in the profile (unfortunately).

  71. Rihanna for pukkelpop on thursday. I have a feeling that she will do the end show at sziget this year.. That’s why they didn’t put Guetta in that slot.

  72. Just for your info. Rihanna was supposed to play on August 10th in Vienna football stadium, now her show is rescheduled for August 9th in Stadthalle. So she is now available for Day -1 on August 10th. Is it only a coincident? And The Weekend is no longer on the schedule for that Vienna show.

  73. @baszki I think it’s just a coincidence. Surely Sziget already had its day-1 headliner since a while, since it’s a “thing” now? Especially after putting Sum41 that day.

  74. Rihanna can actually be the -1 headliner, would fit in the Robbie Williams’ charachter (big pop headliner). Between her and RHCP, IMHO, RHCP all life long.

  75. Sziget is not new to last minute booking (although it may even not be a last minute booking), so maybe Rihanna could be day -1 headliner. On the tour page of Sum 41 website is written they’ll play aug 10th but it’s probabily just the starting day of the festival, not the day they’ll actually play: they are not pop and not big enough to see the minimum (huge) number of ticket to fill the main stage arena for the first day

  76. @baszki I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that. For me it looks more and more like she will do day -1. First of all she is one of only a few artists touring now that are likely to sell enough tickets and secondly she fits Sziget’s profile perfectly. The only thing I see going against it, is that she very seldom plays two days in a row. She’ll need those days to smoke, take some unsexy pictures and updating her Instagram-profile.

    Is by the way Sum41 confirmed on the 10th, or is it just like @JumboJack says?

  77. Sum 41 playing day-1 “rumor” started with Sziget Ukraine saying it, I guess we can trust them 🙂
    RHCP-Sum 41 for day-1 and Rihanna-Sia for day 0 is realistic?

  78. It may be. Maybe they are trying to make Sziget a proper 7 days festival, with more than one interesting (aka not hungarian) acts in day -1 too.

    It’s strange they have not announced -1 and 0 days headliners and the closing show, which is among the first things they did last year, and apparently worked well, so why not doing the same this time?

  79. JumboJack, the day -1 was close to be fully-hungarian only the last year: two years ago we got Ivan & The Parazol (Hungarian, okay, but they wrote the ’14’s anthem), Leningrad, The 1975 and Blink 182

  80. To be fair we only got big international acts in 2014-2015 and few other years for day -1. Sziget usually had hungarian acts for that day, with great part of the stages closed and only opening during day 0 or 1. Day -1 is a very strange day, is for people to “settle down” a little bit of course.
    Looking at what they did last year with Robbie I think that from now on they will try to get 1 big act act for the main stage every year for day -1, which can be a rock or a pop act. Especially now with the prices increased, they can’t go back to the hungarian acts formula.
    So, for me both Rihanna and RHCP can fullfill this spot of a “Only one show that does the all day”. maybe with a decent sub when it’s a good year

  81. RHCP are playing pretty much everywere this summer, i’m not sure they could sell enough for day -1, but with sum41 (and maybe another band) they could make a pretty solid lineup for a ’90s rock day for nostalgic guys 😀

    don’t know really, just random thoughts 🙂

  82. Rumors have started to appear in Romanian press, that Rihanna, Sia and The Weeknd will play in Bucharest in 12-14 August Weekend.
    Also In the same Weekend there will be other 3 Festivals in Romania
    Summer Well Festival – Hurts, The 1975, Years and Years, The Neighbourhood, Sundara Karma confirmed.
    Spellground Festival – The Kooks, Royksopp, Oscar and the Wolf, Amber Run confirmed.
    Rockstadt Extreme Fest – Parkway Drive, My Dying Bride, Misfits confirmes.

    Usually all the events that are happening in Romania in the period of Sziget, are liked to Sziget.
    So you can expect to have some of the above bands at Sziget.

    I am a Romanian, but this year I will go to Sziget, It will be my first Sziget, Can’t Wait!

  83. Would be really strange if they are planning to use RHCP on day -1 and not announcing it yet, but I can’t remember if that also was the case with Blink182 (but I’m sure someone here knows). I agree with JumboJack though that I don’t think they alone can sell enough tickets, but if they’re being joined by Sum 41 and a couple of other ok bands, then maybe.

    I still have a feeling on Rihanna, but for some reason i think Green Day can be pulled out of the hat as well. Rumors have it they’re working on a nw album so maybe?

  84. @tmolvik
    blink-182 announcement happened in the end of April or in the beginning of May actually. That was the final of the “pros” for going to Sziget’14 so i clearly remember it 🙂

  85. Rihanna also announced for V festival (20 august), together with a bunch of acts including some sziget names + Faithless, Kaiser Chiefs and Sia. And Justin Bieber which I really don’t think is considered by sziget.

  86. when the V festival poster appeared I thought it was a joke and they will come up with the real names…

    I am really afraid that Sziget will go to that direction 🙁

  87. It’s like 5 years that V festival has taken this direction. It’s not so stupid, they actually know their audience (which is made of first time festival goers, MILFs, cool teenagers, fans of Kylie Minogue.. let’s say is the festival for the typical “non-festival people and music”). So they started doing a ONLY radio friendly lineup, with all the hitmakers that their audience listen to everyday.
    In my opinion Sziget is trying to follow more the Lollapalooza/Coachella style… We’ll always have great part of the lineup made of bands, but also some pop/hip-hop solo artist and some dj on the main. Which is not so bad for mainstream festivals that want to represent all the genres. Only thing that concerns me (about Lolla, Coachella and also Sziget) is the undercard. This festivals used to have sick undercards, but in the last few years they kinda decided to focus less on the quality, and assembled undercards mostly made of pop acts with one MTV hit. Of course the music have chanced, but man… nowadays you have to be an “alternative” festival to have a good undercard. Last year Sziget A38 and Colosseum was good for me, don’t misunderstand me… I’m talking in general, about festivals.

  88. In other news: 40% sold out (press conference yesterday, 2 months exactly after the beginning of the sales).

  89. Wow, well, I guess that their objective to have the festival SOLD OUT at the end of April seems now achievable, depending on the next names that will be announced.

  90. There were some discussions around here about some posts in which Sziget Italia was telling everyone to buy their tickets until the end of April, hinting that they expect to be sold out until then.

  91. I guess they could be right!
    40% after two months, with a lot of names and headliners to be announced… but if I remember correctly they sold ~10% in the first 24h!
    May would be my guess if they bring good names in the next announcements.

  92. Nice analysis Noeliam!
    You need to know also the 40% of what has been sold. I seriously doubt they have sold all the global amount of tickets. Chances are they sold the 40% of the 7 days ticket, which is a news in any case but doesnt mean they will sold out soon.
    It is likely that this year they will sold out the 5/7 days pass in July but not in April, usually you understand it is coming when the “private” camping get sold out, which happens usually 2 month before the critical moment.
    Of course we don’t have any further analysis like trend or stuff to try to anticipate this situation, but surely it will depends a lot from the other 2 big headliners (assuming that Muse are one of the 3, assuming David Guetta isn’t one of them, assuming they will have 3 major names like the last year were Florence/Avicii, RW and KoL).

    Back on the bets on the names who will come, I raise my finger to:
    – Maximo Park, Kelis, Milky Chance, SHY FX (Forgotten Field)
    – Massive Attack, Jamie XX, New Order, Eagles of Death Metal, Lush (Oya)
    – Daughter, Sia, PJ Harvey (Way Out West)
    – Iggy Pop, Four Tet, The Black Madonna, Stormzy (Flow)
    – Paul Kalkbrenner, Tale of Us, Disclosure (Lowlands)
    – Die Antwoord, Jennifer Rostock, Foals, Rudimental, Dada Life, Dub FX, Zomboy (Frequency)
    – Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Example, Faithless, Jake Bugg, Kaiser Chiefs, Rita Ora, Sigma (V)
    – Boy Better Know, Hannah Wants, Imagine Dragons, Jack U, Nothing But Thieves, Slaves, The 1975 (Reading/Leeds)

    Any analysis? 🙂

  93. I’m at work so I’ll add my predictions later, but for the names you gave:
    Milky Chance played last year;
    I would take a cardboard marked “F*CK NRA” if Eagles of Death Metal come;
    I’d say Sia is likely to sub the pop headliner or a DJ;
    Paul Kalkbrenner is already at Balaton (or Volt I forgot);
    I hope Disclosure won’t close the main stage;
    Foals headlining would be immense;
    Justin Bieber is european festival exclusive to V (not confirmed but I’m sure Sziget won’t even approach him… or they will lose credibility);
    Imagine Dragons are european festival exclusive for R&L;
    Jack U for the closing show would be insane!


  94. Oh and even if it’s 40% of 7-days passes, it’s impressive because we only have Sum 41 for day -1 so far (only announced by Sziget Ukraine) and Parov Stelar for Day 0.

  95. It’s great to know that Justin and ID won’t play 😀 I also hope Rihanna is not able to play at Sziget because she doesn’t have concerts 2 days in a row (10th and 11th) and I think organizators won’t put her on a regular day (for example 14th) 🙂


    I was bored today so I tried to put Sziget line-up together. I know that some days are strong and some weak or some names are put on the wrong stage and time so if you have some tips, what should I change, write it here and I’ll edit it 🙂

  97. Would sell my soul for this lineup, but the kendrick lamar-bloc party and Rammstein-CHVRCHES clashes would kill me

  98. I can see Bring me the Horizon more likely subbing the end show than The Last Shadow Puppets. And kendrick lamar would be crazy, maybe too much. This predicted lineup would be ace. But I’m afraid that they don’t really care about having Rihanna for a regular day. We had ellie goulding closing the main last year….

  99. Ah, also The Prodigy, Axwell V Ingrosso, Paul Kalkbrenner, Gorgon City, Skillet and Stereo MC’s at Volt Festival.

    Sad for Prodigy and Kalkbrenner…

  100. Yes Biffy Clyro seem to be great live!
    Bullet for my valentine will play the last day! Could they headline the A38 against the end show?
    also, names ruled out because of Strand Festival: Hollywood Undead, Tom Odell, Chase & Status (dj set).

  101. I really hope for Tame Impala and Noel Gallagher too and I dream about Gorillaz for the End Show. 🙂

  102. Biffy Clyro would be the best news, they are a great live band and have a new coming album to defend.
    Walk Off the Earth seem to be in Europe this summer, could be a suitable band for sziget.
    Seems like Foals are going to be everywere this summer also.

  103. New names for Balaton Sound. We can rule out Adam Beyer ? Adriatique ? Alan Fitzpatrick ? Alan Walker ? Dixon ? Don Diablo ? FEDER ? GTA (WE ARE GTA) ? HVOB ? Kraak & Smaak live ? KSHMR ? Madcon – the official page ? Martin Solveig ? Matador ? NERVO ? The Game

    I’d have loved to have Hvob, Dixon and Adam Beyer at Sziget but fine, I’m going there too 🙂

  104. What is the deal with Strand/Balaton? Are all names for those festivals Hungarian exclusive or is it just a history if not booking the same bands?

  105. Yes its the same management as Sziget so they keep them exclusive to still give them a chance to sell more tickets.
    However, there are still exceptions.

  106. Ok, nice to know. I guess that the exceptions then maybe are more in the local band/DJ-area?

  107. Yes hungarian bands are often shared. The exception can also be if a band cancels and they replace it with a VOLT/Balaton/Strand name.

  108. Well after the Reding/Leeds announcement today I would gladly take the Biffy Clyro/Fall Out Boy co-headliner. In addition The Vaccines, Twenty One Pilots & A$AP Rocky would be great additions.. Crossing my fingers!

  109. From the latest Reading/Leeds announcement I would love to get to Sziget Skindred, Die Antwoord and Cage the Elephant. For real, man, would love to see them

  110. Now if they announced names today for Balaton Sound, I expect them to announce new names for Sziget in mid-March, as day did last year on the 19th (I guess that it will be 14-18 March week this year). They didn’t announce any day headliner in that day, though, but they did on the 2nd of April.

  111. We have some other official names from artists’ websites:

    – The Lumineers 16 aug
    – John Newman 12 aug
    – Years & Years 15 aug

  112. Can someone make the point of the official/strongly rumored dates we have for the artists announced? Thaaanks 🙂

  113. Officialy announced by bands:
    10th August: Sum 41 (according to Sziget Ukraine)
    11th August: Parov Stelar
    12th August: John Newman, Kovacs
    13th August: Muse, Sigur Rós, Kodaline
    14th August: —
    15th August: Years & Years, CHVRCHES, M83
    16th August: The Last Shadow Pauppets, The Lumineers, Bullet For My Valentine

    My guess is that David Guetta will play on Sunday 14th (he’s playing in Germany day before). Bloc Party are playing in Slovakia on Saturday 13th and MØ is playing on Friday 12th there so they will propably play around these dates.

  114. Confirmed:

    Day -1: Sum 41 (i’m still not sure 100%)
    Day 0 : Parov Stelar;
    Day 1: John Newman, Kovacs;
    Day 2: Muse, Sigur Ros, Kodaline;
    Day 3: /
    Day 4: M83, Chvrches, Years and Years;
    Day 5: The Last Shadow Puppets, The Lumineers, Bullet For My Valentine;


    David Guetta could play friday the 12th (Day 1): it’s a friday, on a weekend and there’s Muse headlining the saturday.

  115. Really hope Guetta plays the 12th in a “all shit main stage day” that includes Bastille and John Newman.

  116. That was also my thought when I put Guetta there 😀
    Guetta/Bastille/Newman/x could help me have a nice day far from the main stage (unless my friends want to see Bastille).

  117. LOL!
    I hope cor a big clash at the A38 like I dunno, Bloc Party, meanwhile Guetta is playing on the MS

  118. Sziget Italia will announce 2 Italian acts for Europe Stage this evening. Not of much interest for you guys but just to let you know 😉

  119. It actually is interesting to me ‘cuz Im italian ahah

    Anyway in late 2015 Sziget Italy asked the italians to suggest ’em an italian band who we would have enjoyed to see at Main Stage. Wondering if they kept on doing this project and we will have an Italian band on the MS or A38 this year

  120. I’m Italian too, and i hope for a good band of ours on MS or A38, but don’t know who could be famous enough to do so. It may be an interesting question to our non-italian mates: do you know any act who could fit bigger stages?

    Maybe Bloody Beetroots (again)? I’d like it 😀

  121. In Europe Stage they usually call underground people (where for “mainstream italian artists” I mean pop singer like Vasco Rossi, Ligabue, Eros Ramazzotti, etc). I bet in one artist from the italian Indie scene, like I 3 Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Afterhours or Ministri and totally dont think they will call something so international like Alborosie and Bloody Beetroots (remember they did Sold Out in A38, just imagine what kind of problem it will be to have them in the Europe Stage).
    Maybe for a better spot, maybe in A38 or MS, who knows

  122. Ministri as told here and Zen Circus as predicted to a friend.

    Good calls for italians, but they have a good sound so maybe also foreigner people may appriciate it a little

  123. Great proper rock bands, recommended to everybody 😉 very happy with this announcement

  124. Ministri’s concert at Sziget 2012 was just sick! Great name! I’m very very happy!

  125. Lineup of the warm-up party announced: Bombay, Rilan & the Bombardiers, Mikey Nice, Winner 3FM Talent Contest and more TBA.
    I don’t know any of them, is it worth it?

  126. Of course ahaha
    I have never heard of it 🙂

    Personally I dont know any of those artistis btw 🙂

  127. Official dates announced at Sziget page:
    10th August: —
    11th August: Datsik, MØ, Naughty Boy, Parov Stelar, Rico & Sticks
    12th August: Bastille, John Newman, K.I.Z., Kovacs
    13th August: Bring Me The Horizon, Kodaline, Muse, Róisín Murphy, Sigur Rós
    14th August: Bloc Party, David Guetta, Sum 41
    15th August: CHVRCHES, M83, Nicky Romero, The Neighbourhood, Years & Years
    16th August: Bullet For My Valentine, The Last Shadow Puppets, The Lumineers

    Only Jess Glynne’s date is still unknown.


  128. Yeah, I guess we will get one huge act like Rihanna or RHCP with hungarian support…

  129. Do you know if the acts announced until now are all MS/A38 material? Some of them should be for Telekom arena, right?

  130. @JumboJack I’m not 100% sure about Nicky Romero (I really hope he will play in Telekom Arena), but the rest is definetely MS/A38 material.

    + I found Jess Glynne’s date too – 16th August 😀

  131. I think also Naughty Boy is Party Arena material.

    i did a partial prediction of the time people will play, if I find the time tomorrow I will write it down (I dont know how to use the clashfinder 🙁

  132. I dont know, I think he’s the one I care less about in the whole line up til now. I just hope he won’t steal a spot in A38

  133. Same here! Someone I’ll surely won’t watch.
    I really like the idea of a night with Parov Stelar followed by Datsik, and I love the days 2 (Muse, Sigur Ros) and 4 (Neighbourhood, Chvrches, M83). And I hope for a good alternative to Guetta, maybe Bloc Party in the A38 or someone good at the World Music stage.

  134. Considering the datas we have I think we already have 4 A38’s headliners, which are K.I.Z, Bloc Party, M83 and Parkway Drive (I consider the headliner spot the one took by Interpol et cetera the last year) and 2 MS’s headliners (of course).

    Im curious to know who between The Lumineers and TLSP will sub-headline, for the rest, I think that Bastille and Sigur Ros are sure sub-headliners calls.

    About the night at the A38, giving for truth the fact that Nicky Romero and Naughty Dog belongs to Party Arena, we only have Parov Stelar, Datsik and CHVRCHES IMHO.

    Want new names now lol

  135. Naughty Boy is A38 for sure. He could have played in the old Party Arena when it had the 19:30 spot for live acts, but the new Party Arena is all about djs.

  136. I see that Mumford and Sons are also in Europe in the summer. Did anyone saw them live? Are they a good live band?

  137. I’d love to see Mumford & Sons live, i’ve been told they’re really good live and i like their music. Their last show in Europe is scheduled for early july, i’m not sure they’ll be around for Sziget, but hope so!

  138. I saw M&S twice and they’re a brilliant live band. Would be a great headliner for Sziget.

  139. VIP camping sold out today. Is it earlier than last year? I don’r remember, but seems like they’re selling very well

  140. Yes it has been sold out since a few days. Last year it was may at the earliest, even june I think.
    So the 7 days passes sold out ~2months after.

  141. i saw the news in Sziget Italy 2 hours ago so i didn’t knew it was alredy sold out. So tickets could really sold out in may this year, as said some time ago.
    I hope in new names soon

  142. I’ve contacted Sziget Italy and they confirmed new names will be announced soon…HYPE!

  143. yes they always say soon… that means nothing as it can be one day as well as a month in their case

  144. What do you think about Dub FX in the A38 night-time? I saw he’s touring in Italy in late July (or at least he have a date in Rome), and I rememeber he was at Sziget few years ago.
    I would love to see him in A38!

  145. Dub FX would be a very nice concert. In 2013 he had the 19:30 live slot in Party Arena, so now he would surely play in A38.

  146. Dub Fx is playing at a festival in Slovakia on 12th August so he is nailed on for playing at Sziget 🙂

  147. lol I have seen just now that tickets for day -1 and 0 have the same cost of every other day ticket (59€ now, 65€ then), so maybe there won’t be a super big headliner on day -1 like Robbie.

  148. @JumboJack: on the official website, still says that DAY -1 TICKETS ON SALE SOON!
    Only day 0 are at the same price, for now.

    I really hope new names tomorrow!!

  149. well you’re right, i am tired lol.

    Hope in new names tomorrow too, but having no official statements today is not a good sign i think. Probabily just German/Austrian names for Europe stage as Gunther said before.

  150. I take everything back, Sziget Italia and Sziget Official confirmed it!
    Hype over 9000 now!

    I bet on Rammstein and/or Massive Attack, and the -1 Day headliner (they have to sell those tickets sooner or later)

  151. Ok, Im very excited for the new upcoming names!

    My suggestions are:
    Steve Aoki, Crystal Fighters, Massive Attack, Jamie XX, Stormzy, PJ Harvey, Lush, Daughter, Foals, Kaiser Chiefs, Ratboy, Jackmaster, Blossoms, Sia, Dub FX, Zomboy and Rammstein.
    I mean, probably a couple between those will be called, but those are just my impressions.

    Also, about the RHCP thread. I dont know if that rumor were true or false, but I guess that we’ll know tomorrow if that’s true or not

  152. Well, I’m going with my predictions too 🙂
    Jack U (end show)
    Massive Attack
    Noel Gallagher
    Jamie XX
    Dub FX
    Sub Focus

  153. At least tell us if it’s the end show… or the day-1 headliner… or how many names… or the first letters… or the names 😛

  154. @Sziget: I have 7 of those names on my “Clashfinder-guess”, so I think it could be true. No -1 headliner there, but all bands are possibilities (de german ones I don’t have a clue about).

    Would be nice with some clues but whoever gave them to us last time (don’t remember his name) said it was the first and last time he would do it, som maybe he was serious about that..

  155. Where did you see that @Sziget? I think it’s plausible. Noel + Sia as the bigger names (headliner and sub?).. I really don’t want to have Jake Bugg again, and Wlkinson for some good dnb is also nice!

  156. Does anyone know when tomorrow they will announce the new names? and will they add the artist to spotify first?

  157. If the email is true Crystal Castles will probabily play on 16th.
    They would be great addiction, other names are disappointing for me :-/

  158. Yeah, if it is true I would be happy only with Crystal Castles, Oscar and the Wolf and Die Nerven. The rest is not much good :-/

  159. Noel Gallagher is a great booking for me! I loved Oasis and quite liked his solo albums.
    Unkle is good trip-hop too!

  160. None of the names are very exciting, but Noel Gallagher, Crystal Castles, Jake Bugg and Oscar & The Wolf are decent enough..

  161. That’s on a private Sziget Facebook group from Romania. It was posted by a fan and he said that those are his “predictions”. The guy, however, is not German and he’s not even a Sziget official stuff member from Romania.

  162. I find it very strange if they don’t announce the -1 headliner now, but I’m sure that some of the names on that list will be included. I’m hoping for Biffy Clyro, Fall Out Boy, Nothing But Thieves, NoFx, Garbage, James Bay, Teenage Fanclub, Royal Republic & Fidlar. I guess that means I’m hoping that the “prediction” is wrong 🙂

  163. Yes, from official German newsletter. I dont know why People still think these names are in doubt.

    Someone failed in The German tech team.

  164. I really hope these are not the correct names 🙁 i wanted to see so much Pendulum Live or Eminem on -1 .

    P.S. Nobody noticed that Bullet For My Valentine will play on the A38 ? .. That sounds a bit dangerous . even the Dropkick Murphys was full house and this band is a bigger act i think . i will be there for sure.. but im afraid what will happen . thats not a light/chill styled music.

  165. @timfcsm I think it’s because every foreing version of the website except for your own country’s redirects to english version. Are you German or Austrian?of you are not that May be the reason

  166. @JumboJack
    for example, nederlands and hungarian versions don’t redirect me to english, I think it’s because they have newsletter in their own language

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