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Announcement: new acts for Arena, A38, Roma Stage

No big names announced today. Still, apart from a lot of structure changes announced by the organizers, quite a few new acts have been announced for Arena, A38, Roma Stage, Giant Street Theatre and Street theatres.

Here they are, as posted on the Sziget official Facebook page:

Arena: Frittenbude, 1995, Grimus, Elektro Guzzi, Adam Beyer, The Advent vs. Industrialyzer live;
A38: Shaka Ponk, Yonderboi;
Roma Stage: Ferenc Snétberger’s students, Romengo, Fishtank Ensemble, O’Djila, Besh o droM, Etnorom, Nadara, The Barons of Tang, DJ Click, Caci Vorba, Vojasa, Gypsy Hill, Vodku, Söndörg?, Naat Veliov & The Original Kocani Orkestar, Dj Gaetano Fabri & Balkanhotsteppers, Robert Lakatos & a Rév, Parno Graszt and Fanfara Shavale;
Giant Street Theatre: Compagnie Pipotal presents Basculoscopia;
Street theatres: Cia La Tal, Blaas Of Glory, Teatro Correquetepillo, Buchty A Loutky.

17 thoughts on “Announcement: new acts for Arena, A38, Roma Stage

  1. Well I must say that was worth waiting for! Its now starting to become a joke. Think im going to be spending more time at bars than stages this year! 20th anniversary line up best ever? Starting to doubt it and the sziget organisers honesty just admit the budget isnt as good because of the economy, we’ll understand as we’re all feeling it, but stop with the pretending please!

  2. I got my early bird ticket on the last day and was hoping that when the ticket prices rise they will announce the good bands finally. I’m still waiting… So many big names on tour and what do we get? Korn and Placebo?! I really hope the “actual” line-up will start appearing on the website in the next few weeks, otherwise I’ll be hitting the bars too.

  3. going to be lots of disgruntled people who paid the extra money on the promise of the best line up and just got bands that play on rotation at sziget year in year out. really peeved to be honest because its probably going to be my last year there and i wanted to go out with a bang

  4. if you want ‘big names’ then sziget is not for you! its about finding new music and experiencing new things…..

    i bet if you have an open mind and spotify the bands already announced then you will all find some amazing new bands that you would want to see

  5. When I got my ticket for the first Sziget I thought I was going for the bands, but when I made a few steps on the island I realized it the music wasn’t what it’s ALL about. But still – this sucks:)

  6. as I am reading the hungarian information about today’s conference. what I am reading is that there will be NO MEDUZA this year and that the electronic bands will move to A38 which will be in the area behing the main stage with electornic music from 1 am till 5 am!!

  7. – There will be NO Meduza stage, NO Metal stage and NO Europe stage.
    – The program of the former Party Arena (now Arena) will start at 16:00h with “former Europestage” bands, like Amon Amarth, Frittenbude, 1995, …
    – The A38 tent will be bigger and will host DJs from 01:00h till 05:00h to compensate the loss of Meduza
    – On Day Zero will be a Metal festival on the hungarian mainstage (former MR2) ehich will be where the Worldmusic Stage has been in previous years
    – There will be a Day -02 with hungarian artists

  8. For an anniversary we expect way better bands. i am strating to regret i’ve already bought my 5-day festival ticket. Comon people of the organisation! Surprise us with some real good festival bands!!

  9. A question : Besh o Drom will play twice ? I can see them on World stage and at Roma Tent too…

  10. @Sead08: Yes. On Worlmusic Party Stage they will do a set with special guests and in the Roma Tent it will be a “smaller” performance or even a DJ set.

  11. Trying to encourage new people to experience Sziget for the first time is near on impossible now as the line-up just isn’t there. They need to get some BIG names quickly. I have 3 major festivals within an hour or so drive of me with bands such as foo fighters and metallica headlining. What’s going to entice me to pay for flights to hungary when the 2 biggest headliners are playing at V festival 40 miles from my front door?

  12. @aladi ruals

    sziget isnt just about the big bands but about experience and discovering new bands

  13. @mr_monkey:
    You’re absolutely right, Sziget is way way more than just the acts.
    But honestly? This line up isn’t worth 200 Euro’s. And the “Sziget feeling” doesn’t cost anything to the organisation! That’s just something that we, as guests bring with us. 😉

  14. @mr_monkey

    I can discover new bands at V festival, Leeds festival, Why not festival, Chester rocks, Download festival(I could easily name more) all are within 90 mins drive from my house.

    I want more of my friends to come to the festival and at the end of the day Big bands are what encourage people to go for the first time. I could go to Rock AM ring as I haven’t “experienced” that yet or Pukkelpop or lowlands, fans of all of those will say they have a unique not to be missed experience oh and also Foo fighters/Metallica/Linkin Park in the line-up.

    You can’t sell your festival because of the experience you need the big bands to encourage the people who aren’t sure about where to go to come to your festival in the first place.

  15. @Mellowmaniac : Thanks a lot ! ;D I just have something to add : I have noticed a little mistake on your website ! Actually, on the official website, it is said that Shaka Ponk will be performing on the 9th and not on the 8th as stated on your site ! Have a nice day 😉

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