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Announcement: New Names @ Europe Stage 2016

While this might not have been the announcement we’ve all been waiting for, Sziget finally broke the silence about a series of new acts. This time, the performers we’ll have the chance to see at the Europe Stage.

New names for the Europe Stage 2016

Without further ado, here is the list:

  • I Ministri (I)
  • CEZA (TR)
  • John Coffey (NL)
  • La Smala (B)
  • Deluxe (F)
  • Avec (A)
  • Abu (CH)
  • Thunder & Co. (P)
  • Say Yes Dog (LUX)
  • Satellites (RO)
  • Therr Maitz (RU)
  • Maya Isacowitz (IL)
  • Fatoni (D)
  • Rilan & The Bombardiers (NL)
  • Bernays Propaganda (MK)
  • Serafyn (CH)
  • Palace Winter (DK)
  • Die Nerven (D)
  • AYKU (D)
  • Pertubator (F)
  • Groove Salvation DJ set (P)
  • En.Dru (CZ)
  • Rebeka (PL)
  • Bombay (NL)
  • Maria Christina Plata (COL)
  • F*ckaine (E)
  • The Zen Circus (I)
  • Golan (RO)
  • Isolation Berlin (D)
  • We are Match (F)
  • Queer Jane (SK)
  • Las Aves (F)
  • Salmo (I)

As you can see, some of the names were already announced by various Sziget facebook pages, but this is the first time they are put on the Sziget official page.

An interesting news also appeared in a comment on the announcement: apparently this will be among the last performances John Coffey (NL) will have – the band’s official Facebook page has just announced that the band will go on hiatus indefinitely at the end of September.

At the same time, the final lineup of the festival is taking shape. Here’s a recap of the bands and dates we know so far:

Day -1 (Wednesday, the 10th)

  • Die Antwoord (Main Stage)
  • Skunk Anansie (Main Stage)
  • Mark Ramone’s Blitzkrieg (Main Stage)
  • Pulsinger & IRL (Colosseum)
  • Tale of Us (Colosseum)
  • Woo York live (Colosseum)
  • Bin Jip (VOLT Stage)
  • Budapest Bár (VOLT Stage)
  • Magashegyi Underground (VOLT Stage)
  • Passed (VOLT Stage)
  • Spanish Wax (VOLT Stage)
  • Szabó Balázs Bandája (VOLT Stage)

Day 0 (Thursday, the 11th)

  • Rihanna (Main Stage)
  • Parov Stelar (Main Stage)
  • Jake Bugg (Main Stage)
  • MØ (A38)
  • Travis Scott (A38)
  • Afrojack (Telekom Arena)
  • Naughty Boy (A38)
  • Boys Noize (A38)
  • Datsik (A38)
  • Movits! (A38)
  • Rico & Stick, #OpgezwolleTotNu (A38)
  • DJ Sliink (A38)
  • Barbados (Lightstage)
  • Buika (World Music Stage)
  • Ilia Graziano, Francesco Forni (World Music Stage)
  • Kevin Luke (Colosseum)
  • Mind Against (Colosseum)
  • Rupa & The April Fishes (World Music Stage)
  • Teapot Industries (Lightstage)
  • The Martinez Brothers (Colosseum)
  • DJ Radnai (VOLT Stage)
  • Fran Palermo (VOLT Stage)
  • Intim Torna Illegál (VOLT Stage)
  • Ivan and the Parazol (VOLT Stage)
  • Middlemist Red (VOLT Stage)
  • Mongooz and the Magnet (VOLT Stage)
  • Punnany Massif (Main Stage)
  • Swamp (VOLT Stage)

Day 1 (Friday the 12th – whew!)

  • Manu Chao (Main Stage)
  • Bastille (Main Stage)
  • John Newman (Main Stage)
  • Vinai (Telekom Arena)
  • UNKLE live (A38)
  • K.I.Z. (A38)
  • Kovacs (A38)
  • Jain (A38)
  • &ME (Colosseum)
  • Avec (Europe Stage)
  • Ayku (Europe Stage)
  • Boddika (Colosseum)
  • Bombay (Europe Stage)
  • Brunettes Shoot Blondes (Europe Stage)
  • Bugo (Lightstage)
  • DJ Gypsy Box (World Music Stage)
  • Django Lassi (World Music Stage)
  • Enzo Avitabile + Bottari & Scorribanda (World Music Stage)
  • Goran Bregovic Wedding and Funeral Band (World Music Stage)
  • I Ministri (Europe Stage)
  • Isolation Berlin (Europe Stage)
  • Psycho Mountains (World Music Stage)
  • Rilan & The Bombardiers (Europe Stage)
  • Sasha (Colosseum)
  • Yiddish Twist Orchestra (World Music Stage)
  • Baron Mantis (winner of the Talentometer contest – Pop/Rock category) (VOLT stage)
  • Anna and the Barbies (VOLT Stage)
  • Bagossy Brothers Company (VOLT Stage)
  • Hiperkarma (VOLT Stage)
  • Margaret Island (VOLT Stage)
  • Quimby (Main Stage)
  • Run Over Dogs (VOLT Stage)
  • The Picard (VOLT Stage)
  • The Lysergics (Lightstage)

Day 2 (Saturday the 13th)

  • Muse (Main Stage)
  • Sigur Rós (Main Stage)
  • Róisin Murphy (A38)
  • Bring Me The Horizon (Main Stage)
  • DVBBS (Telekom Arena)
  • Kodaline (A38)
  • Molotov (A38)
  • Excision (A38)
  • Dyro (Telekom Arena)
  • Abu (Europe Stage)
  • Baro Drom Orkestar (World Music Stage)
  • Behrouz (Colosseum)
  • Ceza (Europe Stage)
  • DJ Tagada (World Music Stage)
  • Groove Salvation (DJ Set) (Europe Stage)
  • Kultur Shock (World Music Stage)
  • Leningrad (World Music Stage)
  • Mendo (Colosseum)
  • Perturbator (Europe Stage)
  • Selton (Lightstage)
  • Sharam (Colosseum)
  • Soviet Suprem (World Music Stage)
  • Therr Maitz (Europe Stage)
  • Värttinä (World Music Stage)
  • We Are Match (Europe Stage)
  • Bohemian Betyars (Main Stage)
  • DJ Fülöp, Lobenwein & Murak (VOLT Stage)
  • Dope Calypso (VOLT Stage)
  • Irie Maffia (VOLT Stage)
  • Marge (VOLT Stage)
  • Mary Popkids (VOLT Stage)
  • The Biebers (VOLT Stage)
  • Vad Fruttik (VOLT Stage)

Day 3 (Sunday the 14th)

  • David Guetta (Main Stage)
  • Sum 41 (Main Stage)
  • Bloc Party (A38)
  • Zedd (Telekom Arena)
  • Wilkinson (live) (A38)
  • Oscar and the Wolf (A38)
  • Aziza Brahim (World Music Stage)
  • Dirty Harry’s Dynamite (Lightstage)
  • DJ MPS Pilot (World Music Stage)
  • Dudu Tassa & The Kuwaitis (World Music Stage)
  • Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra (World Music Stage)
  • En.Dru (Europe Stage)
  • F*ckaine (Europe Stage)
  • Johannes Heil (Colosseum)
  • John Coffey (Europe Stage)
  • Landlord (Lightstage)
  • Malasañers (World Music Stage)
  • OSC2X (Lightstage)
  • Queer Jane (Europe Stage)
  • Rachid Taha (World Music Stage)
  • Sam Paganini (Colosseum)
  • Serafyn (Europe Stage)
  • Thunder & Co. (Europe Stage)
  • Babel (VOLT Stage)
  • Brains (A38)
  • Venom (Halott Pénz), Future & Kemon (Irie Maffia) (VOLT Stage)
  • Esti Kornél (VOLT Stage)
  • Kiscsillag (VOLT Stage)
  • Péterfi Bory & Love Band (VOLT Stage)
  • Szabó Benedek & Galaxisok (VOLT Stage)
  • WellHello (VOLT Stage)

Day 4 (Monday the 15th)

  • SIA (Main Stage)
  • Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (Main Stage)
  • Kaiser Chiefs (Main Stage)
  • Nicky Romero (Telekom Arena)
  • Years & Years (Main Stage)
  • M83 (A38)
  • CHVRCHES (A38)
  • The Neighborhood (A38)
  • Dillon Francis (A38)
  • Carnage (A38)
  • Troyboi (A38)
  • Tourist (A38)
  • Butch (Colosseum)
  • Cimbaliband (World Music Stage)
  • DJ Scratchy (World Music Stage)
  • Dorisburg (Live) (Colosseum)
  • L’Orso (Lightstage)
  • La Smala (Europe Stage)
  • LA-33 (World Music Stage)
  • Lajkó Félix feat. Óperentzia (World Music Stage)
  • LOLA (Lightstage)
  • Mau Mau (World Music Stage)
  • Nastia (Colosseum)
  • Palace Winter (Europe Stage)
  • Say Yes Dog (Europe Stage)
  • Systema Solar (World Music Stage)
  • The Zen Circus (Europe Stage)
  • 30Y (VOLT Stage)
  • Anima Sound System (VOLT Stage)
  • Freddie (VOLT Stage)
  • Maxisun (VOLT Stage)
  • Odett (VOLT Stage)
  • Superstereo (VOLT Stage)
  • Tesco Disco (VOLT Stage)
  • Giò Sada (Lightstage)
  • Las Aves (Europe Stage)

Day 5 (Tuesday the 16th)

  • Hardwell (End Show – Main Stage)
  • The Last Shadow Puppets (Main Stage)
  • The Lumineers (Main Stage)
  • Crystal Castles (A38)
  • Bullet for My Valentine (A38)
  • Jess Glynne (A38)
  • Parkway Drive (Main Stage)
  • Fidlar (A38)
  • Aurora (A38)
  • Deluxe (Europe Stage)
  • Demi (Colosseum)
  • Die Nerven (Europe Stage)
  • DJ Robert Soko (World Music Stage)
  • Fanfare Ciocarlia (World Music Stage)
  • Golan (Europe Stage)
  • Hackney Collieri Band (World Music Stage)
  • John Digweed (Colosseum)
  • La Cafeteria Roja (Europe Stage)
  • La Dame Blanche (World Music Stage)
  • Les Hurlements d’Léo (World Music Stage)
  • Max Cooper (Colosseum)
  • Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra (World Music Stage)
  • Photøgraph (Lightstage)
  • Salmo (Europe Stage)
  • Satellites (Europe Stage)
  • Sofia Brunetta (Lightstage)
  • Woodbell (Lightstage)
  • Bëlga (VOLT Stage)
  • Müller Péter Sziámi and Friends (VOLT Stage)
  • Palotai (VOLT Stage)
  • Tudósok (VOLT Stage)
  • Zaporozsec (VOLT Stage)

That’s all so far, with no showtimes attached yet.

245 thoughts on “Announcement: New Names @ Europe Stage 2016

  1. Im listening to the band I didnt knew about released, they are many and they are small and some of them are great.
    I want to put the stress on:
    -Fran Palermo (VOLT)
    -Marge (VOLT) [I decided I want to marry that girl]
    -Teapot Industries (Lightstage)
    -Landlords (Lightstage)
    -Ocs2x (Lightstage)
    -Giò Sada
    -Avec (Europe)
    -John Coffey (Europe)

    Oh yeah, one spot on the Main Stage goes to… another hungarian band, yeah. Boehmian Betyars, which are not only hungarian-who-sing-in-hungarian (so I guess 40% of the attenders arent interested by the start) they also make some weird mix of ska-punk, gipsy and country, which is okay for the show but I find quite awful.
    If they wanted to get something like Gogol Bordello, they should have called Gogol Bordello…

    Apart from this (that it is just my impression of course), the other names are quite good!

  2. Exit Festival got Geaorge Clinton 🙂 just sayin’ but maybe its az Exit-exclusive 😛

  3. Of course my keyboard does what it pleases.
    I wanted to add to the list also:
    – Giò Sada (Lightstage)
    – Sofia Brunetta (Lightstage)
    – Say Yes Dog (Europe)
    – Les Aves (Europe)
    – Deluxe (Europe)
    – Golan (Europe)
    – Photograph (Europe)

    Also, I’ve discovered a whole new world listening to Satellite and Golan, Romania should deserve more space on the international scene, tho.

    Also also, since they have called to perform in the Lighstage 3 bands from the latest italian X Factor edition, it would be cool if they managed to call one between Cranio Randagio, Urban Strangers or Davide Shorty, really good performers

  4. Another Hungarian band on Main Stage? So that means we have only two spots left for the Main Stage…

  5. So, for Main Stage we have now to get only the Day -1 headliner and the act who will be before Guetta? I feel that we’ll get the last headliner in June again (maybe on the 1st of June?), as there aren’t so many days left until the end of May.

  6. I thought there was 4 main stage acts missing? Day -1 head, 1 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday ?

  7. guys . you all forgot about Halott Penz ? they will open the main stage at -1 day or no? that means die antwoord will headline

  8. Halott Penz didn’t announce that they’ll be on Day -1. Marky Ramone was announced as Day -1 opener.

  9. @camper hallot penz is not on the main stage so there still are 2 spots left on the David guetta/sum 41 day

  10. @Daniel Heit , there are no empty spots on saturday, Bohemian Betyars will open main stage

  11. Yup with the mandatory Hungarian openers there’s only two main stage slots left plus a couple of decent slots left on the A38 stage where we could have reasonable names. No one has a clue who’s gonna be the two main stage names n last year they claimed to only finalise the deal with kings of Leon late so maybe sziget don’t even know yet….either way reckon they’ll leave it till June as its closer to the event invade they still need to shift tickets.

  12. I think that the 7 days passes will be sold out, as for the day passes only the Muse and Sia days will, and maybe Rihanna (the day is poor if not for her).
    No way day 1, 3 and 5 will sell out. And also day -1.

  13. Until now, I find Saturday and Sunday the poorer days in term of number of bands I want to see, but yet there are already (even if we are close to the fulfillness of the program) enough bands that will clash, surely enough to make myself struggle to pick the one I will see and the one I’ll not see – and this must mean something.

    The only thing I regret of Sziget so far is that they could have done better with the BIG names: I feel somehow something is missing – maybe because I had expectations of other names, and in this way it is my fault (sure not of Sziget). This being said, with the undercard (and the very undercard – like Lightstage) names they are doing a great job and I think that this year neither I will find enough time to leave the island to get to the city, for the third year in a row.

    I am patiently waiting for the last important names, since they will mean a lot to my final judgement to the festival, to tell if this will be a very good year or a wonderful year.

  14. Same feeling here… I still hope that we’ll get one more big name for Day -1. Maybe not so big as Muse or Rihanna, but The Killers, Mumford and Sons or Rammstein would be great for me.

  15. Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz) “is convinced that the band will will be time for a tour at some point this year” (NME Magazine). So, Gorillaz for Day -1? 😀

  16. *Hewlett is “convinced that there will be time for a tour at some point this year”. Sorry for the mistakes from the previous comment.

  17. I really think they should add cage the elephant and flatbush zombies to the A38 line up. Crystal fighters would be great too

  18. Don’t know what to expect for the Day -1 headliner as Sziget is posting the same “festival is much more than music” stuff for some days… Could be a surprise or it could be just a decent name in the end. I hope for the first option. It’s the same for the remaining A38 names too, I guess.

  19. There was an announcement today for Day 0 at VOLT, by the way: Ella Eyre, Lost Frequencies and others.

  20. On 9. may they said 90% of 7 day passes are sold out.. a few days before the 9th they say that 75% are sold out
    Now it is the 23th and they are still available… i think they just wanted to create a big hype.. maybe they don’t sell as much tickets as they say… also with the 5 day passes maybe the have sell less this year and wanted to sell more 7 day passes
    Also Balaton Sound don’t look to sold out this year

  21. I think sales went fast before the prices go up and less fast for a while after that.

  22. Please not Queen, they are like the cover band of themselves. Freddie’s gone? Move on, I say, it’s like “Hey we are the Bon Jovi, ‘cept for the little issue that Jon Bon Jovi is fékin dead LOL”

    Sorry, I had to say that, I hate those things goin on with GnR, AC/DC and also Queen

  23. With the new update of the sziget-app…you better can find clashes….Shit…Muse and Kodaline play at the same time….grmphhh and a lot more….

  24. if you pick your favorits…you can see the times they are playing now in the app….

  25. Times for 10-08 are not filled in yet.
    Every band for that day plays at 12:00am..

  26. I think it’s because they still don’t know if die antwoord are headiner or not.

  27. Interestingly, Halott Penz and 2 from Irie Mafia are listed as “DJ’s from the main stage” the the 14th at 12:30am.

  28. On their website if you enter on the “DJs from Mainstage” programs page, you’ll see that those will play on the Petofi Stage.

    However, the only DJ from the Mainstage seems to be the guy from Halott Penz (Venom), as Irie Maffia (as a band) also plays on the Petofi Stage.

  29. Balaton Sound will announce new “information” and detailed schedule tomorrow. Does this mean that new names for Sziget are on the way this week or next week, as they also announced new names for VOLT yesterday? 😀

  30. Do I have the right to be upset? If there were a chance for them to make 2 bands clash, they took it. Just a brief list:
    – Rihanna + Movits!
    – Manu Chao + Goran Bregovic
    – Muse + Leningrad
    – Churches + Noel Gallagher
    – Nicky Romero + M83
    – Hardwell + Bullet for My Valentine
    and I havent took in consideration the minor stages. I mean, why do you call the big names for the World Stage if u let them play when the main names on the bill are performing? Just go callin some random world music hungarian band instead, u save some money.

    Apart from this, many names missing to the schedule time yet and I am kinda confused by the timetable of Europe Stage, Petofi and World Stage.

    MAAAAAAAAAN that last headliner should be reeeeally good I think

  31. The good part is that SUM 41 will play at 5:45 PM, so there will be a subheadliner between David Guetta and SUM 41!

  32. Day -1 Headliner
    – Gorillaz (My dream!) (0,1% chance)
    – The Chemical Brothers (30% chance)
    – Die Antwoord will headline a we will get some smaller band (69,9% chance)
    Day 3 Sub-headliner
    – Biffy Clyro (70% chance)
    – Another Hungarian Band (Tankcsapda?) (30% chance)

    I don’t believe in some big surprise…

  33. I still think that Biffy Clyro will sub Guetta… They would make up for the very poor headliner and they would target a rock fanbase with them and Sum 41. It would be a smart booking as well. They don’t have anything before Pukkelpop as well.

    I believe that we could get a surprise, as in a name not much discussed, but not with a “wow” factor. Gorillaz would be perfect!

  34. It is concerning the day -1 times are not scheduled yet. Clear indication they haven’t made a booking yet. Die Antwoord would be a shockingly bad headliner in my opinion. Are they popular in Europe? I only know them for being particular bad actors in a mediocre movie. On the other hand I suppose lack of times does indicate they are trying to book a headliner…don’t let us down Sziget!!

  35. And Noeliam while I agree guetta is a bad headliner I think with enough alcohol and tongue placed firmly in the side of your cheek fun can be had 😉

  36. Where do you see the Time table? I can’t see it on the iPhone app and website !

  37. You have to click the star of an artist to mark it as favourite, then you can see the time of the act in the favourites section.

  38. @Hullabaloo I don’t like EDM but I enjoyed Garrix, Avicii and Harris. I now when to get in the mood but it’s a personal vendetta against Guetta 😉

  39. @Noeliam. I suppose someone needs to hold him accountable for his crimes against music 😀

  40. If Gorillaz (dream choice), The Killers, Mumford and Sons or Rammstein will be Day -1 headliners, I’ll be very excited about it.

  41. Gorillaz’s performance, Coachella 2010. :O
    Maybe one of the best concerts ever according to the youtube vids.

    But don’t dream.

  42. Ninja from Die antwoord said in an interview they toured with Eminem in South America, so maybe Eminem for day -1? 🙂

  43. If Die Antwoord will be headliner i am VERY angry 😀 .. Eminem would be awesome 😀 .. but we dont should expect to much.. maybe they really have no more big headliner for us..

  44. Eminem, Gorillaz and RATM (or so) are all good candidates and I would love any of them… Hope they will listen us for once ahah

  45. Hey ! Volunteer program registrations started yesterday.
    I don’t buy my ticket yet (and I think I won’t buy it instead of I win it, my friends can’t follow me this year 🙁 ) so I’ll apply to be volunteer !

    For the others who are interested by that I spoke with the French team of Sziget, they said me that Hungarian have priority and you have to speak at least English. I don’t hope a lot for me … 😛

  46. Allow me to post this again. We will do a szigetnews meeting, would be nice to put faces on pseudonyms 🙂

    Where/when do you think is the best place to meet?

    I’d go for 12pm at the Mambo restaurant. We could eat (good) italian food there, and there’s the lightstage for concerts. If it’s possible to do it on day 0, there’s a band I have to watch (Teapot Industries) who will play at 13h so it could be nice for those who want to stay to enjoy a concert together.
    Or we meet a day later, if some of us here only have the 5 days pass.

  47. Let’s just meet at Tale of us on the first night when we’re off our tits haha

  48. I will definitely watch Tale Of Us.
    I chose Tueday at noon for many reasons: enough time to wake up (10am?), long before the main stages start (4pm) and there’s a good restaurant, drinks and concerts.

    We will decide later obviously, and the more the merrier (bring your friends).

  49. Is there anyone who can check the timetable of August 12th on the app and write here if Bastille (main stage) and I Ministri (Europe stage) clash?
    Thank you!

  50. I was just kidding, I probably won’t be able to speak by that time. Yeah sounds good!

  51. The Strokes would make sense for -1 headliner. I’d be disappointed, but would survive it.

    Still wondering if they’ll wait until after Glasto and then announce Coldplay or something. I know they’re exclusive, but that exclusivity would have to end after the fest, right?

  52. For sure they would. They have an 8 day break in US tour right around day -1. So logistically it fits perfectly for Coldplay. I think Glastonbury exclusive and budget restriction arguments made by others make it unlikely tho.

  53. I was thinking about Coldplay yesterday too, maybe they’re waiting for Glastonbury to pass, also Michael Eavis (Glasto’ founder) likes Sziget. And they could easily come from Philadelphia to Budapest in 4 days.

    BUT that would cost a lot.

    I think that Gorillaz or someone else who’s not touring is more likely.

  54. What i would wish more than Coldplay would be a new Main stage design :D.. nearly every festival has a cool main stage design.. and Sziget ones looks very boring.. they should build a new stage with more colours, more colour effects, led screens or whatever 🙂

  55. If the money they spend goes to David Guetta, way better they improve the Main Stage

  56. I prefer to stay in the front of an upgraded main stage in silence instead of watching David guetta :))

  57. What would be with Tiesto as the last headliner?.. I know another Dj.. but he is at Untold festival, so not far away.. and he was Balaton 2015 and people like him, so maybe they will trey him for Sziget..

  58. Is there stil a chance for a last headlinder? What do you think guys? We almost in june. Maybe they’ll just announce a few small bands.

  59. I’d say it’s 99% certain we will get one final rock/indie headliner for day -1. No way it’s gonna be another DJ. I expect the announcement will be within the first two weeks of June like it was last year.

  60. They can call themselves also The Revenant Ponies, I wanna see them live on that goddamn Main Stage.
    Them or the Gorillaz, they can pick lol

  61. @Daniel, the most popular rumour has it they had a new supergroup consisting of RATM without Zack, Chuck D (public enemy) and B-Real (Cyprus Hill). We will find out in about 25 hours…

  62. So another band as an alternative for RATM? I don’t need this, we already have TLSP as an alternative for the Arctic Monkeys.

  63. Well it’s unlikely they gonna launch a total new band tomorrow and headline Sziget in August but if it is gonna be RATM related I suspect it’ll be this new line up. Of course tomorrow’s announcement could be something else altogether.

  64. Honestly I think we are just dreaming on… I can’t see a way in which Sziget calls a reunion of RATM and the day after Rihanna, I mean, it would be too much inconstant (sadly). Seems like Prophets of Rage aren’t Sziget material nowaday.
    In any case, Prophets will announce the tour tomorrow, not today, so well, let’s wait 🙂

  65. Agree we are dreaming but we can still hope for a few more hours ;)….website countdown was a load of shite but they are meant to be on kevin and bean show in 6 hours so for me that’s still today!!

  66. I also was dreaming of Coldplay, Deadmau5, Maroon 5… all of them at day -1 as a “big headlining group”.. lol

    I am excited if they will bring us some more good Telekom Arena names, cause with Afrojack, Nicky Romero etc. there are still good names now..

    Tiesto for the party arena would be to big i think :/..

  67. So prophets of rage next announcement planned on the 4th June. Presumably it’s gonna be the tour dates.

    Last year KOL were announced at Sziget on…the 4th June. Coincidence? Probably, but it makes one think! 😉

  68. I realize that I just attacked you!
    Thank you for providing some alternative but the 15th is my favorite day/night. Also, I wouldn’t go out of the island at night, at all!

  69. Well, if you are a mainstream safe choice dude then “that”, otherwise if you are into quality music then it’s defeater. Easy.

  70. Ok, guys, stop the flame, he just did a proposal, in case one of you were looking for an alternative to the island 🙂

  71. @ffsf; thx for this! Have seen Defeater many times, and it will be a blast to see them in Budapest @ Durer Kert!

  72. Next week new names!!! Sziget official post that in a comment on the entry from today 🙂

  73. I just finished the first day of Revolution Festival Timisoara last day and i talked with some guys 😀 so thats my source . And im also a lucky person . I had chance to take picture and to talk a bit with Dave Lombardo !!!

  74. Crystal Fighters are releasing more tour dates tomorrow, anyone think they could be at Sziget?

  75. They can fit, they also have the name on the bills of some festivals near to Sziget in term of dates.
    I assume they are likely

  76. Looking at the kills schedule they look like a dead cert for the 14/15th. It fits wolfmother schedule too but dunno if they’d book them.

  77. Crystal fighters anounced world tour dates but no festivals, dates in august or in Hungary so there is still a chance

  78. crystal fighters and slavves will play on the Foals show the day after sziget in Budapest.

  79. Foals + Crystal Fighters would have been must-see for me if they were playing Sziget… I’d like to rest after Sziget but I don’t know if I can miss that.

  80. Foals, Crystal Fighters, Slaves – I mean that’s just WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!

  81. Too bad for the ones who goes to Budapest just for the festival -.-
    Same as last year with Bad Religion, even tho I hoped for Slaves til the very last

  82. YES !!! Rammstein or Deadmau5.. PLEASE 🙂
    I also would be very happy with Coldplay :p

  83. I’m not gonna say what my dream bands are, seems like a sad game to play 🙂 everybody’s so disappointed always at the end.

    Talking about facts, Mumford and Sons just announced American tour dates for September – October, and their last euro gig is July 8th in Hyde park. So it could be a booking like KOL last year.

    Also I can’t see the reason Chemical Bros haven’t been booked, they are in Europe in August, they have history with sziget and a very good appeal on szitizens; and both alternative and pop audience like them.

  84. The Killers, Mumford and Sons or Rammstein would be ace.

    Gorillaz – dream choice.

  85. Do you really believe that Rammstein will be booked now in June with this lineup already announced? I dreamed of Rammstein for months but now I would be very surprised to have them in the lineup. It’s totally unrealistic to me.

    Mumford & Sons and The Chemical Brothers look more realistic. I’d love the have the Chemicals as I don’t see them live since Sziget 2011 while I saw the Mumfords twice in the last 3 years. The Chemicals’ set at Sziget 2011 was just sick, huge! Fingers crossed!

  86. Last year Kings of Leon also was booked in June.. so everything is possible 🙂 (except of Coldplay 😀 )…

  87. I reminisce the guy claiming that RHCP and Sziget had some kind of unofficial agreement… Sadly, it seems it was not true.

  88. I think it will be someone from Rock in Vienna like Rammstein, Iggy Pop or Biffy Clyro, and sziget just waited for the festival to be over to be able to announce the acts

  89. Takin a look at the nearest festivals to Sziget, my bets are (not my wishes, tho):

    – Deichkind / Underworld / Wolfmother (Any day)
    – Primal Scream (10-12-15th August)
    – Eagles of Death Metal (12-13-14th August)
    – The Internet (11-12-13-14th August)
    – Circa Waves / Garbage / Maximo Park (13-14-15th August)
    – Peaches / Skepta

    – G Eazy / LCD Soundsystem / Iggy Pop / Deadmau5 (10th August)
    – PJ Harvey (14th August)
    *RHCP, Biffy Clyro and Chems seems not be touring during by mid-August but it is a conjecture o’ mine

    A38 (Daytime: 1 spot 12th, 1 spot 13th, 2 spots 14th, 1 spot 15th / Nighttime: 2 spots 12th, 1 spot 13th, 1 spot 14th, no spots 16th considering Noisia and the other DnB artist will take them)
    – Aphrodite / Example / Zomboy (12-13-14th August)
    – Rat Boy / Zebrahead / James Bay (12-13-15th August)
    – Boy / Jennifer Rostock / Nada Surf (12-14-15th August)
    – Clutch / Jose Gonzalez / Michael Kiwanuka / Adam French / Savages (12-13-14-15th August)
    – Floating Points / Caravan Palace (12-14th August)
    – Boysetsfire (12-15th August)
    – Four Tet / Pantha Du Prince / HVOB (13-14th August)
    – Blossoms / Catfish & The Bottlemen (13-15th August)
    – Young Fathers (14-15th August)
    – Jamie XX / Zeds Dead (14th August)
    – Stormzy / Dua Lipa / The Kills / Battles / Royal Republic (14-15th August)
    – Lush / Daugther (15th August)

    COLOSSEUM (assuming 2 spots left the 12th and 14th since there are only 2 names instead of 3)
    – John Talabot (12th August)
    – Jeff Mills / Ame / Clap!Clap! / Loco Dice / Nina Kraviz / Seth Troxler(12-14th August)
    – Roman Flugel / The Black Madonna (14th August)

    – Hannah Wants / Martin Solveig

    I havent seen if any of those bands will perform in Hungary during the summertime (this job took me 2 hours, so Im a little tired ahah).
    I still strongly hope and believe that the last headliner will be an outsider, but, if not, I would not be surprised to see there Deadmau5 (other names in the list except for Underworld maybe seems to me too much weak). About the other Main Stage name, the 14th, I think there are superb names to pick among: my hopes are for Garbage or Maximo Park.

    About the A38
    . I think that James Bay and Catfish (maybe also The Kills and Daughter) are unlikely – too big
    . I would like to see Michael Kiwanuka announced just because in this way he can have the chance to blow Sziget out the day before his performance for the third time in a row
    . A night with Four Tet, Pantha Du Prince and HVOB would send me to heaven

    About the Colosseum, that is more a dream that a bet, since I think that that lineup is full right now, but yet (for how good it is) I really want to see those guys live, so… ahahah

  90. Excellent work. You could have waited a day and saved yourself the effort but where’s the fun in that :D.

    I fancy the kills for the pre Guetta slot on the 14th or an A38 slot on the 15th. Their tour schedule has a 4 day hole in it from 13th at flow festival to the 18th at Pukkelpop plus they cancelled back in 2009.

    For the main stage still wouldn’t be surprised with Prophets of Rage. The US tour starts on the 17th August which gives them just enough time for a lucrative festival headline gig.

    Praying for Slaves to play despite this foals gig on the 18th in order to avoid being dragged to an unsustainable 8th day of concerts by my girlfriend who loves them.

    Finally what about cage the elephant? Currently starting the European tour on the 17th August in Portugal…

  91. Is this hype worth losing a half day of study for the Corporate Finance’s exam I will have the next week? I really hope so lol

    The Kills might be a good announcement, yet I would even consider Prophets of Rage for that spot too. I mean: Sziget used to put headliners before DJs (at least until last year since I cant see TLSP to headline Sziget), RATM and Cypress Hill are legends, okay, but it was like 5-10 years ago and even if they did history of Crossover, Nu Metal, Rapcore and whatever you want to call that wave of music I personally loved, nowaday they are far from the mainstream area, so, well, they can be a Uber “sub”-headliner and for headliner there can be something more mainstream (still I wish for Gorillaz but it isnt likely).

    About Cage The Elephant but also the other bands who stopped their tour for 2 weeks and started again from Pukklepop or Sonic, I guess they are in vacation from the tour, it is likely and that is why I think there wont be Red Hot Chili Peppers nor Chemical Brothers (even tho they play in Italy during Sziget, so I dont know really). Hope to be denied on this

  92. It’s not a bug, it’s a page with bands that already played at Sziget or other festivals organized by them.

    No chance for RHCP as they play in Budapest on the 1st and 2nd of September

  93. @Baptiste, @Sziget, It seems that it is true.. they are included in the current line-up

  94. Editors are true. They have already been added to the app. 12 th August presumably on at same time as Manu Chao and Goran Bregovic.

  95. @Noealim , they have already removed… 10 minutes ago they was in alphabetical list

  96. Editors the same time of Manu Chao and Goran Bregovic?
    They are evil monsters.

    PLUS “Ehi, it is a seven days festival so you dont have to face so many nasty clashes” Sure man, sure

  97. I really hope that they will fix it and don’t put Editors at the same time as Manu Chao! It’s a great addition but I won’t miss Manu Chao to see them in a tent.
    Manu Chao wil have the smallest crowd. he’s already a small headliner, playing opposite Goran Bregovic and now maybe Editors?

  98. @Kylian. I also had it on the iphone app. Also A38 at 12th which means they will have the 10 pm slot which overlaps pretty much completely with Manu and Goran. They finish at 11, Editors at 11:15.

  99. I hope they’ll move Unkle to 1:30 and Editors will take the headline slot!

    Manu Chao>Editors>Unkle is a nice evening!

  100. Well, they are a very good booking. If they’ll play after Manu Chao in A38, it would all turn into a great night, I guess!

  101. so Editors … Noisia’s new show and Maduk is confirmed.. i think this sounds good 🙂

  102. IF they let em play after Manu Chao, if not it is just a waste.
    I mean, to have Leningrad and Muse / Goran Bregovic and Manu Chao to clash means that they frustrated half of the World Stage budget, since there will be only a portion of the crowd watching those; if you put also a band which is the goddamn headliner of Werchter (and this year Werchter has THE lineup) to clash with 1) Manu Chao 2) Goran Bregovic, I cant help but asking what is wrong with the organization, it means that the biggest part of the budget spent on bands that day goes to waste.

    Of course I will wait tomorrow to speak or maybe some time after, but I am worried about this: there are hours when there is nothing really worth in any stages (for example the -1 until 19: Rico & Sticks are worth for mostly only the people from Germany , Punnany Massif most only for Hungarian and Jake Bugg and MO have been to Sziget in the latest editions) and hours when they concentrate all of the quality of the day.

    This being said I would wait even more later then the announcement, remember of The Bloody Beetroots in 2014 and their switch with Jimmy Eat World to not clash with Deadmau5.

  103. Editors are similar to Interpol and Interpol played at 23:45 last year, so I have some hopes that they will play at the same time. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s announcement now… I hope for another ‘bang’ with the Day -1 headliner, then all the other announcements are forgiven.

    They started with a ‘bang’ with Muse and they should also finish with another ‘bang’ for the last headline spot.

  104. They announcement was made on 6 june, never happened this year to advertise the line up 2 days before

  105. They should, but they didn’t advertise when they announced Muse… you never know with Sziget. They advertised Rihanna only this year.

    They did this for Robbie Williams and Kings of Leon last year, though.

  106. They may annouce something tonight, like ‘tomorrow we’ll fond out the -1 headliner’

  107. So, it’s official: “We will have our last major announcement round tomorrow for #sziget2016! Stay tuned!”

  108. I can´t sleep until 11 o clock tomorrow 😀 .. Coldplay would be the biggest deal they could make.. but Glasto exclusive 🙁

  109. I am actually scared of 50 Cent and Scooter because they will be around during Sziget… that would be a big waste of money :S

  110. There is also Beyonce… I really hope that they won’t waste money like that, as Gerendai said that he doesn’t want to spend too much money for big names (and I guess this is the reason why we don’t have RHCP).

  111. I’m also scared of Lana del Rey, but I really hope they won’t screw it up in the end.

  112. I’m sure it’s gotta be indie/rock for day -1 they need to sell the tickets and Rihanna isn’t appealing to that crowd. I think Mumford or libertines could be likely. Also money’s an issue Rihanna’s cost plenty these two are relatively economical and will pull a different crowd.

  113. The pessimist in me thinks that with Sziget having already sold out of 5 day passes and over 90% of 7 day passes, why would they spend big on the final acts?

  114. @EnglishSzitizen: I don’t think that you need to spend too much to have a big final act, but the reason to bring a big act at the end, even with sold out passes, is because they need to generate some buzz and they need to show that they can be compared with bigh festivals such as Glastonbury in terms of line-up and diversity.

  115. Agree 100% with Yelo. Final act has to be a name not just for this year but also to sell tickets in 2017 prior to the announcements.

  116. Hey not really related but needing some help
    I’m coming from Australia and will be needing to buy a tent and some other general camping kit. I know Auchen is pretty much the place to get it all from. I’m arriving on the 2nd of August in Budapest will Auchen still have plenty of stock so close to festival with such high demand?

  117. I hope for something better than The Chemical Brothers for Day -1, but they’re really possible…

  118. @SkaPanda @Sziget Aren’t The Chemical Brothers Britisch? Which would mean John isn’t talking about them (:

  119. The Chems before Guetta and The Killers for Day -1 would be amazing, though. 😀

  120. The Chems before Guetta would never happen!
    Is it the real john doe @Szigetnews? If yes, we can assume it’s The Killers.

  121. Agree, Chemicals before Guetta (so playing with the sunlight) is quite impossible.

    If that’s the real John then it’s killers only.

    If both hints are true it’s more likely to have killers before guetta and chemicals on day -1.

    But I’m confused

  122. Yeah, maybe you’re right, but The Killers are too big to coheadline… Maybe it’s The Killers and Biffy Clyro.

  123. We had kasabian, placebo, qotsa, outkast at that time
    spot. It’s not really coheadline if there’s a dj after the band. It’s usually a headline band and a big dance party to close the night.

    I think we will know in few hours 🙂

  124. The thing is… The Killers are a way better dance party than David Guetta, hahaha. They can be compared to Outkast only from that list and Outkast played on the last day, before the End Show…

  125. Not discussing about the personal taste of anyone, but what makes The Killers so special? I mean, do they have something like Chems or Rammstein, or what? Because I like their music, but it is not that kind of band I would crave for 🙂

  126. You can’t deny Killers are a big name and will sell the tickets.

    BUT I saw them a few years ago and they were a terribly boring live act…so I personally am hoping this rumour is wrong.

  127. @Yelo The Killers were huge from the begining. They were asked to headline Glastonbury after their 1st album. I don’t know if it’s something special for you or not

  128. I like The Killers because I really like them on record, and I listen to them more than to The Chemicals. While I agree that The Chemicals are better live, I never had a bad experience at a concert so I’m sure I’ll enjoy The Killers.
    Also, I’ll watch The Chemicals at NOS so I’d rather have The Killers at Sziget 😉 Also, it’s an American band so harder to watch.

  129. No I mean, I recognize the big piece of indie music they are and I am good with it and surely I wont be disappointed by the pick (if it aint fake, and Type777 usually is the one who knocks, out there), but you know, my question was made because also Bloc Party at their first album were considered already legends and to have them as headliner right now would mean a joke. same words goes to Kings of Leon the last year too: okay Sex on Fire, cool 5 minutes, okay the other song, but the show was nothing ungorgettable, imho…

    Anyway, just wait 11 I guess, or something to which we can really trust of

  130. will they add the new artist to spotify before the announce them other socials?

  131. @Yelo: I can name you a lot more songs of The Killers with the crowd singing than KoL: Mr. Brightside, Somebody Told Me, Human, Read My Mind, All These Thins That I’ve Done, Spaceman, Smile Like You Mean It etc. KoL have only 2 or 3. The Killers would be way better thank last year’s KoL.

  132. … Oh crap … With Chems and Editors I want my ticket …

    If I come to Sziget, I come alone this year … Also I have to be in Budapest in the middle of August to find a flat for a semester 🙁
    But I have my friends going in holidays in France on the other side … I don’t know what to do x)

  133. I have to say, after holding out hope for so long, I’m totally underwhelmed by this lineup. At least it looks like there is some other fun stuff to do on the island, but I doubt I’ll even watch much music. Budapest is still a cool town and maybe there’s some good things on shore too. But I though this festival just won the “Best Lineup in Europe” award? I just don’t get it. God I hope there are some good drugs on the island.


  134. This Announcement is OK but it could be better.
    And now I have no idea which act is playing 19:30 slot on Day 3…Sum 41 or Tinie Tempah???

  135. Tinie Tempah followed by Guetta…I might have to slit my wrists…

    Shockingly bad announcement.

  136. omg this festival awful.

    out of the 21 new bands 17 consists 2 or less members, so without further research they are in the button pushing business… Awful how this festival went downhill from a live festival into an alectronic music hazardous area…

  137. And with all electronic music they somehow conspire to class bring me the horizon with Molotov, Leningrad with Muse…

  138. @Langouste there’s a camp for people going alone 🙂 Check “Camp Unknown” on FB! Il y’a aussi des francophones 😉

    @all the others. I can only agree that Tinie Tempah followed by David Guetta is the worst thing that could have ever happened. I will be elsewhere.

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