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Announcement: The Chemical Brothers, Editors and More

Sziget has made the final major announcement before the start of the 2016 edition of the festival. The Chemical Brothers were hinted to be one of the names announced today – and they were, indeed. Here is the list of the new names announced:

  • The Chemical Brothers
  • Editors
  • Tinie Tempah
  • Laidback Luke
  • Boy
  • Kasra
  • Snails
  • Noisia ‘Outer Edges’
  • Maduk ft. MC Mota
  • Wiwek
  • 2empress
  • Apster
  • Blinders
  • Breathe Caroline
  • D-Wayne
  • Fedde Le Grand
  • Jay Hardway
  • Las Salinas
  • Nick Talos
  • Ravitez
  • StadiumX
  • Tujamo
  • Volt & State
  • Yves V

The Chemical Brothers play the Main Stage on Day -1

The Chemical Brothers need no introduction. The British electro band has a long history, and four Grammy awards under their belt. We can expect them to bring many of their beloved older songs, and materials from their latest album, Born in the Echoes, released last year.

The Chems will perform on the Main Stage, on August 10th (Day -1)

PS: It seems that last night’s “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” hint was, indeed, a true one.

Editors is another band that was hinted to join this year’s Sziget Festival. With a new album out last year, the band will surely enchant its audience with its new tunes, and well-known ones as well. They will take the A38 stage on Friday, the 12th of August.

(The leak is, once again, confirmed)

Tinie Tempah is an insanely popular British rapper, with six of his singles in the top spot of the UK charts. He’ll join the lineup of the Main Stage – he’ll perform on Sunday, the 14th.

Laidback Luke is a well-known name for electro-house fans around the world. The Dutch DJ has released a new album last November, but he will surely play some of his already popular mixes in the Telekom Arena on Tuesday, August 16th.

BØRNS is at his first trip to Hungary. The 24 year-old American singer will bring some psychedelic pop and indie rock to the far too electronic lineup of this year’s festival – through the A38 stage, on Sunday, the 14th of August.

The lineup of the A38 stage will be joined by BoyKasra, Snails, Noisia ‘Outer Edges’, Maduk ft. MC Mota, and Wiwek, while at the Telekom Arena we can expect performers like 2empress, Apster, Blinders, Breathe Caroline, D-Wayne, Fedde Le Grand, Jay Hardway, Las Salinas, Nick Talos, Ravitez, StadiumX, Tujamo, Volt & State, and Yves V.

182 thoughts on “Announcement: The Chemical Brothers, Editors and More

  1. Honestly, if it were just me, I’d sell my ticket and put the money away for a better lineup fest. But I have people coming in from the US, based on Sziget being “Best European Lineup.” GOD THIS SUCKS!

  2. And we’re sure that this is it? Like they aren’t holding back all the headliners or something? Or is it all just some cruel prank? Chemical Bros for Day -1? Is that confirmed? I’m so pissed.

  3. Majority of these names seem like they will be for the party arena, still some slots free for A38?? Today was the last ‘major’ announcement but still possible to have some minor additions. Compared to last year the A38 is very week.

    This years line up doesnt really suit my tastes but it will still be an incredible week as always.

  4. for me

    DAY 1 is the strongest it has ever been – ramones, skunk anasie and chemical brothers is a brilliant blast from the past.

    DAY 0 is a little weak for me – not into rhanna, but will likely watch for the spectacle.

    DAY 1 – Strong for me – gonna watch goran and uncle, some great smaller bands this day to warm up

    DAY 2 – sigur ross and muse, best lineup ever

    DAy 3 – almost nobody – bloc party and a few smaller bands

    DAY 4 – very strong – M83, churches, Kaiser chiefs, noel, sia, Tesco disco

    day 5 – great end – lumineers, shadow puppets, fidlar, crystal castles

  5. I just saw Sigur Ros at Primavera and will admit their new stage show was pretty amazing.

    But the rest of this lineup is absolute shit. I broke the golden rule of buying tickets before the lineup, a mistake I have made before and will probably make again. But I sure don’t trust Sziget as a legitimate festival anymore. My first and probably last. There are so many better options. I could have saved the money and seen Radiohead in Iceland, or Arcade Fire in Portugal. None of this golden oldies and button pushing crap.

  6. Why are you so pissed? You almost gave up on day -1 headliner and now they give you Chemical Brothers and you say crap?
    You criticized Manu Chao as headliner, they give you Editors as alternative and you say crap?
    Most of the electro here is for Party Arena. Just don’t go there but please stop talking bullshit.

    You don’t deserve Sziget.

  7. Its ok. After despair and asking if we should sell the tickets we have a plan Stan…

    Four days of festival, day that Tinie Tempah and Guetta play site seeing in Budapest followed by early night in hotel with nice hot showers and comfortable beds….back to festival renewed and with enough stamina to stay on an extra day for the foals and slaves gig ;)..

  8. and yeah whilst this announcement might not be my ideal it is true that 5 of the 7 days do have very good lineups.

  9. Jeff, you need to chill out. There’s a lot tof things to do on the island if you don’t want to listen to the artists you call crap

  10. and to bang on a bit too much the reason people are pissed is because this announcement is totally unbalanced. The best thing about Sziget is the diversity and this announcement is anything but.

  11. If they won’t get better names for the 25th edition, this will be my last Sziget. The Chems would have been great without Guetta or Hardwell. 3 electronic, 2 pop, 1 rock and 1 world music headliners. Is this “diversity”? I don’t thinks so, as 5 headliners is targeting the same kind of consumers.

  12. Yeah, not that anyone cares but won’t be going this year. I had a 4 year-streak but this year feels lacking for me. Good luck to everyone else!

  13. Some of you have tried the Camp Unknow for people going alone to Sziget Festival ?

    I came last year and it was amazing but this year I didn’t find friends to go with me… So I look for alternative 😛

  14. It is what it is. Just feels like there isnt anything really interesting. Chemical Bros are fun and do put on a good show. But Guetta/Hardwell is just too much on the main stage. Muse is fine, but its the same show for the same record they’ve been touring for a year now. There are some smaller bands that look fun. And the rest of the island does look fun too. I just thought this was a major music festival.

    And hell…at least I won’t feel compelled to buy an expensive band t-shirt for this one. So there’s that.

  15. Where are some german bands??? Rammstein, Deichkind, Sportfreunde Stiller????

    The Chemical Brothers are ok.. i was waiting for one more good and big band 🙁

    Rock Werchter’s line up is MUCH more better…

  16. why no one react to my comment? . Sum 41 will be before Guetta . 🙂

    and about the line up .. i listen hip-hop mostly .. the oldschool one.. travis scott is something trap-rap-bullshit so i dont want to se.. tinie tempah . ehh pop-rap.. sucks.. oke.. then i listen to some good rock/metal band too we got around 3-4 names .. and thats all my last genre i like its drum and bass.. we got wilkinson.. nosisa.. maduk .. i like them and the only 2 dupstep artist i like is datsik and excision.. so its oke.. but for a festival with the msuch diversity in the world .. i can say im a bit sad.. more than half of the line up contains only “dj”-s (let me explain .. the word DJ is come from hip-hop and it means the artist working with vinyls and disck . not USB-s and laptops.. whatever) 7 headliners.. i dont like any of that . oke chems ar acceptable for me . but the res .. i know.. muse is legend i dont say anything about them .. but what about the rest? . i call this bullshit . if i have a festival whit 7 days and so much diversity.. i could put 1 pop 1 edm 1 hiphop 1 rock/alternative 1 metal etc .. maxim 2 of one style but this .. this is weak

  17. @Daniel Heit – You aren’t kidding! Their Saturday beats all of Sziget combined.

  18. So where is the exclusive headliner they are spoken from ??? Id there still place for a Deichkind announcement in A38?

  19. Every year the same thing.
    Every year people complain.
    Every year “this will be my last sziget”.
    Every year “but what the f*ck look at werchter’s lineup”
    Every year people go to Sziget, fall in love with the festival, and come back.

    I laugh a lot cos in June it’s always the same, sometimes even by the same people that keep on saying that they’ll never go to Sziget anymore. Thanks for giving me this huge laugh every year!

    ps. @JeffKeiser don’t expect to find Primavera at Sziget. Sziget it’s a totally different kind of festival. You won’t find the good music you have at primavera, but I’ll never change the concerts of Primavera with the festival life, mood, atmosphere, people, love, joy, and stuffs of Sziget. And I know what I’m talking about. I have x2 Primavera Sound and x7 Sziget on my “career” (for now).

  20. @Jeff: Did you look at lineups of Sziget in previous years? If you base your choice based only on that award Sziget won, I can understand you are disappointed, but this is a lineup quite similar to those of previous years both in terms of how big the acts are and in terms of the kinds of music they put on the stages.

  21. I think that you people are looking at things from a bad point of view.
    In first place, dont judge Sziget only by the lineup Pov. I agree with the ones who say that this lineup aint the 2014 one and that Sziget gave us better presents in the past, but yet there is plenty of things to do and things raised way better then any of us thought it would have developed back in the day they announced Rihanna and Sia.

    Is Sziget lacking of diversity? Is Sziget becoming more and more mainstream? Yes it is.
    Must be this a problem to us, the part who will always prefer guitars to button pushing? Maybe.
    I mean, it is a problem if you are close minded and look only to the headliners and the percentual of names who have more than 2 components, but if you look for bands to be seen you have a lot of things to do and to see.

    I am honestly more scared by the clashes and the weather than from the bands, as long as they assure me at least 4-5 bands a day (and there are always 4-5 bands to see, you just need to dig deeper than the first 3 lines of names).


    About this announcement, it is okay: biggest names of course are Chems and Editors and both are welcome in this lineup. Chems and Die Antwoord will be sick, I am a little worried about Editors in the A38: Interpol had acoustic problems last year and the crowd was too big even for the new A38, I wish they will improve this thing this year.

    Other names fulfill A38 night-time and Party Arena, so why bother if it is electronic? It HAS TO BE Electronic. I would argue about this obstinacy of electronic music which must be LOUD AND CHAOTIC AND PUTYOURHANDSUP on the A38, why not Jamie XX, or Pantha du Prince, or HVOB, why all this trap, why Wiwek?
    Party Arena has some solid names if you are into the genre, I am not, so whatever, I will give a try to Nicky Romero or D-Wayne, all in all they play the same music, one is worth the other to me.

    Tiny Tempah is an horrible pick and I think many hip hop lovers waiting for a sign will be angry, to me it seems a Flo Rida less famous and with less muscles, it is a lost opportunity.

    What’s left?
    Drum n Bass is always welcome to Sziget (if there are Noisia than, even better!)
    They have to stop this trend of calling Folk-Pop-Synth artist in the day and Trap Dj in the night-time at a38 and it will be fine, but anyway, okay with me.

    My 25 cents

  22. The thing is that this was supposed to be a MAJOR festival, but only Muse and The Chems are quality headliners (and maybe Rihanna too, for the masses).

    Smaller bands you can see at smaller festivals as well. Better names than Guetta, Hardwell & Manu Chao are needed to headline the mainstage or you can’t call yourself a ‘major’ festival.

  23. @Nolieam

    Are you seroius dude “You don’t deserve sziget”?? What the actual fxck are you talking about?
    The line-up is crap people voice their opinion and we are the ones who don’t deserve the festival??

    Sziget is for us and not the other way around.

  24. Quite true, this is a blog, we are consumers, we have the right of yelling around what we think it is wrong, and stuff like that, I agree.

    But at least try to watch things for how they really are, and to do a full comparison. A festival is not only about the lineup but anyone seems to forget this or to elevate this as the most important thing in a festival.

    The mix between music, activities, location, costs (and it goes on and on) is well done and whoever says different from it is a liar or has never been to the island.

  25. in a normal world at a festival where you pay huge amount of money 99% should about the music and rest is about the other. you can have “activities” at free or way way cheaper events.

  26. shocked of reactions
    Everyone (who has been to the Sziget) knows that compafe Sziget to Werchter, Primavera or some other festivals is just wrong
    yes, this sziget feeling – you can’t find something like this at most of other festivals, but it’s ok if people don’t think about it

    music. I’ve been to 9 editions of sziget before. I remeber 2006 -2008 when you had like 2 big bands at the main stage and some small bands around. this year will be my 10th. and for me it’s the best sziget line-up ever! almost 10 artists from my top-list (with amazing after-party concert of Foals / Crystal Fighters / Slaves). + 30 artists that I like and will try to see.

  27. Ambassadeur – it’s going to be my 10th Sziget as well and I fully agree with your comment.

    Noeliam – Judging by your previous comments, I don’t think you really meant what you wrote. I understand your frustration with Jeff Keiser’s comment but remember, he is basing his judgement on the lineup only.

    Jeff Keiser – I am pretty sure you’ll quickly change your mind once you go past the bridge to the island. You’ll have a great time.

  28. In a normal world people like ffsf / art would visit websites about festivals they like and not spend any time on website about festivals they don’t like.

  29. It will be my 8th Sziget, and I think that line-up is really good!
    The best was 2014, but this year is much better for me than 2015 and 2013.

  30. this sziget feeling is most ridicoulus thing of the 21st century, and as such sziget invented it as the best business model ever. Kudos for them.

    what is it about: let’s make part-time activities at a music festival which drunk musically undereducated foreign youngsters will never exeperience in their home countries + make a medicore at best line-ups each year.

    Seriously how can any1 who actually likes music and their favourite bands can say that’s it’s not important how the line-up looks?? Music makes a festival great, not the hanging umbrellas. OMG.

  31. @Gunther

    In a normal world people let other people to have negative opinion abot their hometown festival.

  32. ffsf: nyilván azért nem a legdurvább a line up, mert már így is kurva drága a magyaroknak

    “@ffsf: obviously it’s not the most spectacular lineup because it’s far too expensive for the Hungarians as it is”
    @Patrick lécci, legközelebb úgy, hogy mindenki értse! 😉

  33. @ffsf: Sure, you may have your opinion, but what’s the point of ventilating it to those people who like the festival?

  34. I’m sorry for the last words then. I just don’t understand why you’d buy ticket for Sziget without the lineup and after the evolution we see since 3 years (and the first end show for a DJ). I wanted Tiesto as a less-bad option but got Hardwell. I’m okay with it, I might watch something else.
    Day -1 is very strong.The Chemical Brothers, Die Antwoord, Skunk Anansie and Tale Of Us could be a normal day.
    Day 0 is strong. Rihanna is a strong headliner even if I may not watch her. Parov Stelar is very good, Jake Bugg has a new album, and the night time is good with Boys Noize. If you check deeper, there’s a greaaaaaat band called Teapot Industries and they’ll play the smallest stage at 13h00.
    Day 1 is weak but strong for my personal taste. I really love Manu Chao and can’t wait to discover Unkle live. Bastille should be fun and Editors is a great addition for the A38 (they are subbing Red Hot at Werchter).
    Day 2 is amazing. Glastonbury made Sigur Ros and Muse clash, we’ll have both. There’s also Bring Me The Horizon, which could headline Reading and Download in a few years and is 3rd down here.
    Day 3 SUCKS. Sum 41 is noticeable for me as it will remind me of my teenage time (I enjoyed Blink and I’ll enjoy them). Tinie Tempah and David Guetta is the worst duo I’ve never seen… V Fest’ could’nt have done that… Bloc Party and Wilkinson save the night.
    Day 4 is the best! M83, Chvrches, Noel Gallagher are great and I’d pay to watch their shows. Sia can’t entertain the masses as well as mainstream bands like The Neighborhood. There’s also a great DJ, Tesco Disco, who will play at about 00:30 in the VOLT stage. Great party.
    The last day is good too! TLSP, Crystal Castles, Aurora, and smaller bands like Golan, Deluxe and Thy Veils.

    Anyway, even if you don’t like the lineup, don’t moan so much ’cause you’re gonna have a great time. Check deeper and open your mind a bit and it’s gonna be a gooood week 😉

  35. I make a full look at the line up now..

    Yeah, the line up is not bad, but it is also net very good..

    I miss 1 good and big band there (Rammstein, RHCP or something like that.. Radiohead etc.)

    There are lot of EDM stuff this year, i am sorry that Deadmau5 and Jack Ü are not coming this year 🙁

    We should not expect a very big line up for 2017 Sziget, cause also Balaton has it 10th edition this year, and the line up is not very good too.

    For the telekom arena i really miss R3hab, Kygo and Axwell^Ingrosso..

    Are there some more names for A38 coming, are nothing?
    Sziget austria post this is the final line up, but the official side said the last MAJOR announcement.. so maybe Deichkind can be at A38..

    They could have done a better job..

    My hope now is that we will get a ferris wheel this year again..
    The new colosseum looks cool

    If they make a little bit nicer looking mainstage and bring good venues, i am ok with this year edition 🙂

  36. @ffsf: “which drunk musically undereducated foreign youngsters ”

    I think it’s personal… you don’t like foreigners that’s it? That’s how you describe the people of Sziget? I’ve never witnessed a fight in 2 years, everyone is so happy, so peaceful, so kind and generous. I’ve made friends and met a lot of amazing people there. You should be proud of Sziget, regardless of the music (which is still GOOD for me).

  37. But will The Chemical Brothers sell out the festival…

    They post at 9th may that 90% of the passes are sold out.. now 1 month later we have the same sitatuin, nothing is sell out….

    I am excited if there will be more people than 2015 @Sziget this year

  38. sorry I wasn’t meant foreign as a negative word. Sorry again.

    It’s more along the lines that wealthy foreigners come here to get hight and drunk cheaper than at home and the music acts are just their for the backround music. It’s just frustating that the organizers don’t have to try harder line-up, because the festival sells well with it’s weak line-up.

  39. Implying that drunk musically undereducated foreign youngster dont bring LOAD of money to Budapest and Hungary.
    Show some respect.

  40. I said i would’t rant again about this years Sziget DJ festival but holly molly it is even worse than my worst fear.

    Representing the over 40’s – the lineup is far, far far too DJ heavy. My 4th and last Sziget and I will leave the island to the dance / pop kids.

    So many excellent bands are on tour Radiohead / Arcade Fire / Tame Impala / RHCP / Beck / Robert Plant / Pixies / PJ Harvey / New Order / John Grant / Grimes / Cortney Barnett etc. Has any artist going to Sziget this year ever produced an album that has made it in to a top 20 albums of the year chart? I would be curious to know if this years Sziget lineup is the poorest lineup in history based on album review score e.g. metacritic or

    Really pissed off that i bought a ticket just after the Muse annoucement for what is in fact a teen DJ festival.

    I’m going to go around the festival selling life insurance policies as if this event is 95% sold out, the place will be full of young stupid people and i may make my flight money back!

  41. How can Tomorrowland afford all the big electro names + amazing Stage designs?

    The stages at Sziget also don´t really look very cool or special..

    Where do they spend all the money ? 😀 Or does Tomorrowland just have the 5x higher budget than Sziget..

  42. jesus really is that a factor how the stage looks? who the hell cares as long there is quality music on it.

  43. Angry jj, not all young people are stupid 🙂 .. It is a fact that the Sziget line up goes more Pop and edm like for every year..

    i see it for 25th Sziget 2017.. Headliner

    * Justin Bieber
    * Beyonce


  44. I think their budget is higher. And art is all around Sziget, but not on the main stage 🙂 Artists production should fill that gap.

  45. ffsf: Yeah i care about, and when you look at all the other festivals in europa, they also care about

    The stages gets bigger, nicer designed and with more LED / light effects.

    Sziget wanted to be a little “dreamland”, so also the stage designs could be something cool, like a stage looking like a tree or something else.

    I know some people don´t care about it, but i like colours and nice designs 🙂

  46. @Daniel Heit. Per day Sziget is one of the cheapest festivals you can go to. So they don’t have such a budget and typical just have two expensive names (This year Rhianna and Muse).

    Actually a lot of us are bitching but is there any one of those days you wouldn’t spend 40 euros to attend?

  47. seriously feel confused that a tree looking stage is as or even more important than quality bands. Whatever happened to people??

  48. ok I wouldn’t pay 40 Euros to go to day 3…but it is a nice opportunity to explore Budapest which is just about the prettiest city in eastern Europe..

  49. it is not more important, but the line up now is final, so the music part is fixed this year.. what i say is that i have no big problem with this line up, when the rest is good 😉

  50. @Hullabaloo: Last year’s “expensive” names were generally better – Robbie Williams > Rihanna, Florence + the Machine > Sia, alt-J > Manu Chao. Even Avicii is better than David f*ckin’ Guetta as headliner.

    Let’s say that Martin Garrix is the same to Hardwell and Muse and The Chems are better than Kings of Leon and Ellie Goulding.

    Now that I paid from the very start for a 7 day pass to get at least the same headline quality, I’m very dissapointed. Yes, I understand that there are nice smaller bands too, but I can watch those at cheaper festivals.

  51. @Sziget, yeah I was disappointed too. I like the guitar bands so its the nightmare announcement really…but I brought the tickets already so want to put a positive spin on it ;p…

  52. For a major festival like Sziget there should be really an exclusive headliner like Coldplay @Glasto..

    There is no WOW factor in this line up.. instead of David Guetta they could book a good headliner.. i dream of a good sub-head before Guetta.. but they fail with the sunday line up this year

  53. Still an better line up than sziget 2013…… with that being said I’m glad I’m also going to rock werchter this year 🙂

  54. Well, David Guetta IS an exclusive headliner all in all.

    Trolling, of course, but your butthurt is becoming funny. If you dont like it you can sell the ticket, also – considering that there will be a sold out in few days – at an higher cost.

  55. @Sziget: I don’t agree last year’s headliners were better than this year. Maybe they were better for your taste, I can’t argue with that, but this is how I compare the headliners of this year to last year:

    Chemical Brothers equals Florence + The Machine
    Rihanna > Robbie Williams, Robbie was a hit machine from the past, Rihanna is very popular nowadays
    Manu Chao equals Alt-J
    Muse > Kings Of Leon
    David Guetta equals Avicii
    Sia > Ellie Goulding, especially after the buzz around her performance at Coachella
    Hardwell equals Martin Garrix

  56. Is it possible to have Biffy Clyro in A38, on the Sia day? At least one more rock spot would be nice.

  57. @Gunther: Maybe you’re right, but Manu Chao doesn’t equal alt-J, as alt-J are now more popular than Manu Chao, so alt-J > Manu Chao. It’s a similar situation as you said about ‘Rihanna > Robbie Williams’.

  58. @Sziget: You’re right that Alt-J is more actual than Manu Chao, but still I think about the same amount of people would like to see them. If I remember it right, not many people were excited to see Alt-J headlining last year.

  59. So are we missing some spots in A38 now or is the line up 100% complete??

  60. @Daniel Helt: probably they will still announce some Hungarian DJs as fillers for those stages.

  61. At least it’s going to be easy to choose which the bands to go to 🙂
    Yeah, I expected more of the line up too. Got my ticket in January, and was really hoping for Arctic Monkeys, Beck, etc.

    But… I know Sziget is going to be a lot of fun anyway and I can always entertain myself around the island. Especially at the world music stage, there’s an awesome vibe there.

    Cheers and see you in August!

  62. Hello my name is Lukas and it will be my first Sziget ever this year!
    I read here for a long time and now i decided to ask you a question.

    I don´t know if it is allowed to ask this, if not please ignore my post..
    The very important thing is, that i am from holland ;)..

    So… maybe you will know in Amsterdam lot of people smoke.. and not just tabac^^..

    So i heard that hungary has VERY strict laws in drugs..
    Do i get into prison when they find 1g of weed in my tent???
    Or is it not as strict at Sziget with weed as normaly in hungary?

    Cause i don´t want get into prison for many days for just some little smooking a plant..

    Maybe someone knows how strict the handling with cannabis is on the island?

    nice greetings and i am excited see you all ! 🙂

  63. @Noeliam – thanks for putting the effort into creating the Clashfinder.
    Really hope Chvrches won’t clash with SIA – and M83 won’t play at the same time as Tesco Disco!

  64. @Lukas: short answer: A LOT.
    They say they will improve the controls on the entrance and I dont know what happens if they catch you with weed or stuff, but for sure it isnt a situation I would get into…
    I think it isnt worth the risk, but some people succeed into bringing drugs inside

  65. Thanks for the answer Yelo ! Of course, it is not worth it to ruin you 7 days of fun and the problems you can get..

  66. Let me also hope for Biffy Clyro for A38, but maybe he’s too big for that stage! Same thing goes to Editors and it was the same about Interpol & Dropkick Murphys last year, though.

  67. Lukas I know how some shows can gain some value when you are on drugs; two years ago I went to Sziget with a friend o mine who used to be a lot on drugs and he was all concerned about how to find some pot before he got to the island, but once inside all those worries disappeared.

    I cant tell you what Sziget feeling is and how commercial it actually is, but I can tell you for sure that you won’t need drugs that week to feel relaxed and in peace with the world (assuming you smoke pot for that reason, most of the people I know do it because of that ahaha) – to speak the truth I didnt need alcohl as well, but it is another topic i guess 🙂

  68. @Lukas put the marijuana in your pants and pass the security controls, nobody will touch you (especially in your pants). There’s a shitload of weed on the island but it’s hard to buy it there cos people just bring it for personal use. And I’ve also smoked weed close to security without being “arrested”. In 7 szigets I’ve only seen cops once arresting a drug dealer but I saw that man standing in the same place for days asking every people if they needed weed or something else. If you do this you just want to be arrested.

    The thing is that they’re looking for dealers not festival goers that just want to have fun. So if you want to bring 3-4 grams for personal use to pass the week with your friends and smoke some weed during concerts do it. I’ve done it more than once and I’m not doing it again just because I’m going by plane this year.

  69. Thanks guys for your answers 🙂
    Yeah it is a little bit a stupid situation, because here nobody cares if you smoke and it is more or less legal.. and i read that you can get into prison for 2 years and more just for 1 joint and that would not be funny 😀

    The best i will try without something and if i want something to smoke i can make a look around the island if i find some nice people to smoke a little bit with 😀 .. ^^

  70. No i come with 1 friend but he doesn´t smoke anything 😀 .. i am very excited what will happen on this island and the line up looks good 🙂

  71. You can join “Camp Unknown”. It’s for people going alone and two is fine as well 🙂
    You’ll have fun anyway!

  72. Noeliam, I’ve been talking this page for news updates every day and you repeatedly mention “Camp Unknown”. Me and a friend are travelling around Europe this summer and making a stop for 7 nights at Sziget (first festival we’ve been to). How do you ‘join’? Sorry if I’m being dumb!

  73. Just got my tickets to day 6 (8) of Sziget festival 2016….Foals, Crystal Fighters and Slaves…I actually thinks its the best day 😀

  74. @Lukas: 4 years ago a friend of mine did not hide the weed he brought with him (inside an open tobacco packet), it was confiscated but that’s all, and he had way more than 1g so do not worry 🙂

  75. Crap line-up for a Major festival… just make it an EDM party next year… f*ck me for buying tickets so early!

  76. @Beidi look for “Camp Unknown @Sziget Festival 2016” on Facebook. If you don’t have it, let Szigetnews send me your email by email if possible 🙂 I can give you the details.

    It’s gonna sell out guys, you can still sel your tickets afterwards if you’re not going. and for your flights tickets I’m sorry…

  77. Ah will everyone stop bitching about the lineup and just go and have a good time?

  78. @Orangejuicer 😀
    They can keep “bitching” but in the end i’m sure everyone will have a good time at this amazing ARTS AND MUSIC FESTIVAL.

  79. I will have a good time at Sziget Arts & EDM festival but would have prefered a Music and Art festival personally.

    NOS Alive line-up at Sziget would be perfect rather than the current selection of second tier EDM & pop for 5 of the 7 day headliners.

    Below that there is a small handful of good bands (M83, Noel, TLSP & UNKLE to name every single one for me) and ruck loads of generic EDM. To only have Muse and 4 other half decent bands at a full price festival is criminal whether it’s over 3 days or 7.

    Oddly enough, the Foals, Crystal Castles and Slaves gig the day after Sziget (on the day I fly home) has more bands I really want to see than the ENTIRE Sziget line-up.

    Allow me my (what i am sure some see as my misguided) anger and I’ll allow you what I see as your blind love of a shocking line-up.

  80. Fair enough! It’s just a matter of taste then. I like the lineup as it is because I don’t need more bands. I’m also going to NOS so it helps.
    Crystal Castles will play at Sziget on the 16th, it’s Crystal Fighters that will support Foals 🙂

  81. @Noeliam: Hey man, I see u guys talking about this foals/crystal fighters gig on the 17th, can u help me finding more info or telling me the tickets website? Cheers.

  82. @noeliam – Oops I meant i am a fan of Crystal Fighter although the duet Crystal Castles were quite good before they lost 50% of the band i.e the singer. I’m off to Nos too as well as one UK festival – i try to do 2 or 3 festivals every year but never again Sziget as it’s become a Chav festival and that is not for me.

    I am trying to sell my Sziget tickets. I can’t get money back on the flight but hoping to hire a car at Budapest airport and go on a European road trip for 8 days instead.

    I have emailed Sziget about selling my ticket, so far without reply. The main problem according to the website is the ticket buyer needs to present their passport; anybody on here ever worked out how to sell tickets?

  83. There’s no name on the actual ticket. They only need the passport to match it with the ticket onsite, for security reasons.
    I’d buy you a beer at NOS if you want 🙂

  84. Why are you all so negative about the line up… imo opinion there are some very good names to see everyday.

    Day -1:
    Marky Ramone (legend)
    Skunk Anansie
    Die antwoord (fkng awesome)
    The chemical brothers

    Day 0
    Parov stelar (great party)
    Rihanna (it’s fun cause you know the lyrics to every song she does)
    Travis Scott (crazy live performance)

    Day 1
    John newman
    Manu Chao or editors (both are very good)
    Boys Noise

    Day 2
    Bring me the horizon
    Sigur ros
    Muse or kodaline
    Rosin Murphy

    Day 3
    Sum 41 (best name of the day)
    David guetta (his set at ultra was very good)
    Bloc party

    Day 4
    Years & years
    Kaiser chiefs
    Noel Gallagher
    The neighbourhood
    SIA (coachella performance was very good)

    Day 5
    The lumineers (perfect band for the last day of a festival)
    The last shadow puppets (closest thing to artic monkeys I guess)
    Hardwell (he is amazing live)
    Crystal castles

    So much to see everyday and I didn’t even mention the names of the party arena, Europe or world music stage. And if there’s no music you like you can always go to the giant street theatre or the circus or one of the other million things to do at sziget

    Just chill and stop complaining, you know you are going to have a great time 🙂 🙂

  85. @Szitizen Exactly this! There is also the likes of Tourist and Jake Bugg. Not to mention the great Colosseum lineup!

  86. @Szitizen, I agree there are plenty of acts that will be good live. Also stuff I wouldn’t normally watch so I’m looking forward to experiencing some different kinds of live gig.

    However, I can see why people are bitching. I expect most people on here are into indie/rock bands and looking at the line up I don’t suppose there are that many acts people would pay to go see when they were on there own tour.

    The headliners in particular are disappointing if your hoping for a triple A touring band you’ve only got one there in Muse and I imagine pretty much everyone has already seen them as they tour like hell.

    Anyway for me aside from the day when Guetta plays where I really struggle to find anything of interest aside from the Sum 41 gig all the days have a nice path of interesting bands spread across the stages.

  87. @angryjj @Noeliam NOS alive lineup is close to perfection and can make the Sziget one look very underwhelming! I’ve waited too long for friends and girlfriend to make up their minds and by then tickets sold out. Flights aren’t cheap either so I might have to give it a miss. Have fun!

    @Orangejuicer I share your optimism but please not Jake Bugg. Hilarious description (not mine) of his latest effort: “The chorus is just Bugg shouting “it’s on” over and over again in a silly voice, like Brian Molko being repeatedly run over by an ambulance.” 🙂

  88. “The headliners in particular are disappointing if your hoping for a triple A touring band”

    But aren’t people hoping for a bit too much then? Keeping in mind the lineups of the past years, I think we’re already quite lucky having Muse this year, as usually there is no triple A touring band at Sziget at all.

  89. I don’t think people expect too much I think it’s a weak set of headliners and it appears the Sziget business wants to move more towards the main stream market…would you choose 2016 headlines over and of the previous few years?

    2012 – Placebo/korn/stones roses/snoop dog/killers
    2013 – Nick Cave/Biffy/Blur/Mika/Guetta
    2014 – Blink 182/Skillrex/queens of Stone Age/deadmau/Macklemore/korn/prodigy/Calvin Harris
    2015 – Robbie Williams/ Florence/ kings of Leon/Avicii/Alt J/Ellie Goulding/Garrix

  90. I think the subheads this year are better then last year”s

    Die antwoord > irie mafia
    Parov stelar > Quimby
    Bastille > the script
    Sigur ros > Foals
    Tinie tempeh < major lazer
    Noel Gallagher = kasabian
    TLSP < limb bizkit

    So Imo 4 subheads are better this year, 1 is equal and two are worse.

  91. 2014 was massive, end of discussion… I wonder how they did to put together THAT lineup with the budget they had back in the day.

    My 25 cents are that the Party Arena was a mistake: they should have focused more on other attractions or other kind of music or – if they really wanted to keep the arena – make more people play there in order to get the A38 rid of any mainstream electronic performance and make its night time a temple of IDM, Drum N Bass and every kind of experimentation.
    That is the only “huge” mistake Sziget did, a part from that I guess that the “mainstreamizitation” of the lineup occurred long long time ago, back from the 2009 (Tool and NIN on the Main Stage, c’mon man!), the problem is that until 2014 with few exceptions (David Guetta, Snoop Dogg…) they assured an absurd level of quality – they could have been also mainstream (6 out of 7 2014’s headliners where mainstream, indeed) but they assured majestic performance or good mood.
    In the last 2 years the quality dropped down (even tho some really good names remains, as Florence, Muse, Chemical Brothers…) and this is something Sziget has to fix asap or they risk to become the new V Festival of Eastern Europe and it is something they shouldnt really want to happen.

  92. @Szitisen: I dont really think your statement is right, but I think it is a matter of tastes.
    Surely 2 hungarian subheadliners wasnt a big deal (even tho Irie Maffia did a really sick show!) but Bastille and The Script are equal to me and nothing can be really compared to Kasabian.

    This being said, the subheadliners picks this year are really really good with the only exception of Tinie Tempah maybe (never heard about him before, but I dont think it is of my taste)

  93. I think the headliners this year are better than in 2012, 2013 and 2015.

    2014 was a very good lineup, but even then people were complaining about the lineup…

  94. I agree, tinie tempah is a weak subhead, I think he should switch position with sum 41

  95. If you want a really great line up you should go to werchter this year I’m going and everyday there are so many great performers. I’m going to both festivals this year and werchter line up is definitely the best one

    Day 1

    Kaiser chiefs
    Nataniel ratelif
    Ellie Goulding
    Paul McCartney

    Day 2
    Bring me the horizon
    Robert plant
    The offspring

    Day 3
    Band of horses
    PJ Harvey
    tame impala
    Paul kalkbrenner
    Red hot chili peppers

    Day 4
    Jamie xx
    Iggy pop
    Macklemore & Ryan lewis
    Florence + the machine

    And that’s just the ones I really want to see. This must be the best line up ever.

  96. Holy shit.. the Sziget line up looks really bad when you look at Werchter´s.. this is really diversity 🙂

    If they had given us Rammstein or RHCP instead of Chemical Brothers or Manu Chao, this would have saved the line up for me.. now it is to much pop und edm.. but the trend goes on, i am sure next year we will see acts like Justin Bieber or Beyonce at Sziget..

    Also with Muse, i know lot of people like them, but there music is more soft rock for me.. there is no hard rock headliner, for a “major” festival a dissapointment.

    I don´t know if the “Sziget feeling” and the “Szitizens” are the same people like they was 5 years ago, cause now i am sure there are coming tons of young people who likes david guetta and his “cool” beats..
    I just hope that Sziget do not get a V festival.. I am ok with David Guetta and Hardwell in the line up, but as most here say, 3 Electro and 2 pop headliner and just 1 rock is NOT diversity 🙁

  97. Rock Werchter’s line-up is pretty bad this year, they had better line-ups in history. Nos Alive is the best this year I think…
    So Werchter headliners from my point of view:
    Paul McCartney – Yeah he’s a legend, but lots of people will care only about songs from ‘The Beatles era’ and the atmosphere of the rest of the concert will be dull.
    Ellie Goulding – We saw her last year and we all know that it wasn’t something amazing.
    Rammstein – This is the only band which is amazing and it’s sad that Sziget didn’t get them. It’s a little bit weird that they’re touring without a new album but still their shows are brilliant.
    The Offspring – old, boring, soporific… when they released their last big hit? 10 or 15 years ago???
    RHCP – Their best years are gone too but still I like their last album and that new song. The problem is that thay are quite bad live…
    Editors – They will be at Sziget in A38 arena…doesn’t need more words…
    Florence + The Machine – She’s cool but really the same headliner 2 years in a row?
    Macklemore – He’s OK…

    The undercard is good but Sziget has great undercard too 🙂 And you should keep on your mind that Werchter is only about music…there is nothing more to do! That is what makes Sziget much better, also with beautiful Budapest…

  98. Chemical Brothers’
    Manu Chao
    David Guetta
    >> 2 EDM: I’ll miss
    >> 2 Pop: I might watch Rihanna, will miss Sia
    >> 1 World Music: Will watch
    >> 1 Rock: Will watch
    >> 1 Electro: Will Watch
    so 3, maybe 4 out of them. I’ve watched 6/7 headliners in 2014 and 2015. So that’s poor. I consider Sigur Ros and Noel Gallagher like subheadliners but we also had Kasabian and Foals last years as great subs, and QOTSA, Placebo and Outkast in 2014.

    I’m probably happy because some friends will be there and we’re full into the Sziget vibe, which some people won’t understand. There’s nothing as near as entertaining as Sziget in Lebanon, so I might try and say that it’s a cultural difference, but the thing is I have friends from all around the world that get this vibe, whether they have access to a lot of concerts (Italy etc.) or don’t (Georgia etc.) so I really don’t know what differenciate people that complain from people that don’t. In the end in can work in favor of: one or two special bands, musical openness, history with the festival etc.

    It’s late I should stop speculating. They said schedule next week, let’s hope that they take care of the Kodaline/Muse and Editors/Manu Chao clashes.

  99. I´m nearly 100% sure that we will get Eminem as 2017 Sziget headliner, same like Muse 2015… 😀

  100. I love sziget but I’m usually able to be very critical without being angry or other childish things, so that’s my analysis:

    -but I always look at the whole lineup to judge it first, like it was a poster of a normal 3-4 days festival.

    and for my personal taste the headliners are of course not incredibly good but they could fit a Euro major festival like T in the park or similar, in particular with the subs and the undercard of main/a38/world that I find interesting.

    MUSE CHEMICAL BROTHERS RIHANNA NOEL GALLAGHER (for sure he is more worthy head than sia)

    -plus COLOSSEUM lineup super brilliant as always
    and a lot of World/Europe/Light stage interesting artists that I didn’t put in this “ideal”poster
    make this an interesting festival for me.

    -also DAVID GUETTA, HARDWELL, JOHN NEWMAN, TRAVIS SCOTT, NICKY ROMERO, AFROJACK, NAUGHTY BOY and other acts that I don’t even consider may be interesting for someone. I won’t waste my time complaining about them. They’re just a surplus for me.

    -the problem are actually three: 1)the price has increased for every type of ticket but we don’t have headlining size bands before djs or some improvements. 2) as Noeliam says we have less live rock/alternative music on main and a38 on the top of the schedules, and instead we have more djs and pop (cheap). 3) clashes between the good similar acts.

    -In any case I prefer festivals with not so big headliners but good acts allover the lineup and during sziget week i have this. If it wouldn’t be for price increased I wouldn’t find any problem.

  101. i will be there .. but for me all the 7 headline act’s aren’t interesting.. i dont care about them :)) i want to see Sum 41/BMTH/BFMV .. Excision and Datsik .. Wilkinson/Maduk/Noisia and Die Antwoord 🙂 so .. i go for fun 😀 even if the headline act are crap for me i will be there and party like hell 😀

  102. just to mention .. i am an oldschool hip-hop head 🙂 i listen 80% only hiphop 🙂

    P.S. Hip-hop Kemp anyone? 🙂

  103. im a rock fan at heart, but the chemical brothers put on a great show, it can be pretty heavy too. Lets start posting great videos and get excited about the sziget:) my 7th

  104. I think that Sziget wanted Gorillaz this year, but they decided to release the album in 2017 only! I hope they’ll make the 25th edition of Sziget something special, with way better acts than the 2015 and 2016 edition and with Gorillaz as one of the headliners!

  105. It seems as though people complain about the lineup every year. I went back to the 2015 lineup page on this website and people were saying it was the worst lineup ever hahaha I guess you can’t please everybody…

  106. the 2015 compared to this one was way worse – excepted for the night time at the a38 (that part of the lineup was massive) and few names in the Colosseum (Dixon and Ellen Allien over all)

  107. I really think Pukkelpop’s lineup is worse. And also as a festival, Pukkelpop is so much worse than Sziget.

  108. I also think pukkelpop is worse this year although they have a few names I really wanted at sziget this year (cage the elephant, Damian marely, biffy Clyro)

    But on the other hand they don’t have Muse SIA, Manu Chao, skunk anansie, TLSP, kaiser chiefs & editors.

    I also think Manu Chao is a really great headliner, he is amazing. The big mistake sziget made this year is tinie tempah imo

  109. Instead of David Guetta i would prefer Jack Ü, he is much more cooler and more party like.
    Sziget posts the new line up with “Sziget 2016 line up” on facebook
    Seems there are no more acts(also little and maybe middle-big acts are possible?

  110. I would prefer any DJ instead of David guetta haha let’s hope he won’t be able to the festival and they will get a replacement 😉

  111. We should say thank you to Sziget to not bring us RHCP!
    They played yesterday at Nova Rock festival here in austria and they were terrible.. just horror
    They forgot their texts sometimes.. the singing was bad and also they had no live in their performance..

    So we are much better with Muse..

  112. Guetta”s set at ultra this year looked pretty good actually much better than avicii last year so at least it’s an improvement. If only we would have a band like kasabian instead of tinie tempah -_-

  113. @Ben I think they wont but some part of the set should remain, it is impressive tho!

    No words on Guetta, he could be the greatest performance ever I will prefer to watch Brains in A38 in any case, they look good

  114. I’m not a big fan of Guetta either, but his set on Ultra last year really was good – so if you don’t have anything else to do atleast give him a chance 😀 I really like the line-up this year, but to be honest I still expected something “bigger” because most of the names I could see in festivals here in Finland too (and finnish festivals usually don’t spend much coin on bands, except last year provinssi had an unbelievable good line-up). But to me it’s cheaper to fly to Budapest, stay there for two weeks and attend sziget whole 7days than attend almost any 3day festival here – so I’m quite happy all in all

    I’ve updated the clashfinder.

    They added the Collosseum times, so on day -1 we’ll be able to catch Chemicals and Tale Of Us.
    Editors confirmed 10pm.
    They moved Molotov, clashing them with Sigur Ros (instead of BMTH, I remember people complaining), and they moved Excision from 1h30 to 03h.
    Halott Penz/ Sum 41 / Tinie Tempah / David Guetta is the worst day main stage lineup I’ve ever seen. I’ll watch Guetta but none of the others are worth. Ok to give Hungarian bands the chance but only Hungarians will come see this artist at 16h under the sun.
    They moved Oscar & The Wolf with BOY, so the clash with the first VS Sum 41 will only be 15 minutes instead of 30.
    They put Troyboi clashing with Sia, and moved Carnage and Dillon Francis times.
    They also moved Noisia’s time (they will play 1h30 instead of 03h… that changes my plans)

  116. I remember that last year we had some nice Hungarian cover bands on the Tribute Stage… Will they announce some bands for that stage too?

  117. Oh sorry in my big paragraph I made a mistake I just have to correct! I’ll watch SUM 41 (NOT GUETTA!!!!!!!) but all the others aren’t worth it.

  118. These bands have been announced to tribute stage:

    Stoned (Rolling Stones)
    Pearl Jam Tribute by Grunge Electric
    Maroon 5 Cover Show
    Rage Against Tribute by Subscribe

  119. Aurora VS Golan VS Parkway Drive if I saw it well…

    They did an honest disaster with some clashes I might say, but all in all it is a festival ad that is the struggle we must suffer I guess. Im fine with that.

    After 3 years of Sziget I still struggle to understand the sense of a Tribute Stage. I mean, I dont go to watch tribute band in my hometown, why should I go during a festival?

  120. Line up in the 13th is now amazing. I could happily watch all acts on main stage AND A38. First day is also great was listening to those old skunk records recently and I’m sure they gonna be awesome. Final two days are also very good. All in all very happy and we even get rage albeit on the tribute stage…

  121. Yes, it’s my personal opinion just. I have seen Muse 4 times. SIA – I dont want to see it never. skunk anansie, kaiser chiefs & editors. have seen them all also.

    only highly suspect is worth to go to belgium:) but also wolfmother, opeth, mastodon, biffy clyro (3’rd time), clutch a.s.o.

    in sziget this year I only want to see TLSP, but will survive it. but maybe next year 🙂

  122. I decided I will take a deep look to one stage a day from now on, just to be sure I am not missing anything.

    So today, main stage!

    Day -1 is perfection.
    I think that Marky Ramone is meh (personal taste, he’s history but I hate Ramones ahah), but yet the rest of the day is perfect on many levels

    Day 0.
    – I think I will probably give a chance for the first time in three year to Punnany Massif if I wont find anything better to do (there are few chances I wont, tho).
    – Jake Bugg is an overrated english singer, imho.
    – Parov Stelar is gold but maybe isnt him too little for subheadlining spot? I mean, in Italy NO ONE knows about him
    – Rihanna, well, we talked a lot about her. Big Pop headliner, period.

    Day 1
    – Bohemian Betyars, just no, there are a lot of more talented hungarian bands to call to perform. I would have preferred Odett, first time I got
    to Sziget and the anthem performer doesnt play on the MS.
    – John Newman. Last year we got Asaf Avidan, this year John Newman: one hit pop singer, nothing more nothing less; will wait for “love me again” drinking beer in the shade, or more probably I will go to the A38
    – Bastille. Last year we got The Script, this year Bastille: some hits pop singer. Honestly I think that they are technically good and nice performers but they bore me.
    – Manu Chao are great live. Really a great band! But 2 points: 1) its not early 00 anymore, they dont fit good as headliner, maybe sub, not headliner imho. 2) there are too many things clashing with, Editors in first lane.

    Day 2.
    – Quimby are good, I think they deserve a more important spot too, but I m fine with them to open the MS
    – Bring Me the Horizon may be a great performance or just a good performance, it depends on what will they perform: if they will do Diamonds Arent Forever and Chelsea Smile, I will be done
    – Sigur Ros. Intellectual spot. Not of my kind, but okay, great band, I will watch it for sure (will look for Noeliam, I think he will be the most excited guy in the crowd ahahah)
    – Muse. Ah, Muse, probably the biggest name a festival could afford this year, well spent cash I guess.

    Day 3.
    – Halott Penz. Okay, hungarian name, nothing extraordinary, but well welcome, since we all know that there have to be 4-5 hungarian bands on MS per year. It is fine as long as they are good live (and they usually are)
    – Sum 41. My teenage dreams are fullfilled, nice name, nice spot, nice everything
    – Tinie Tempah. Not worth the subheadliner spot, but we needed some swag in this line up (jk), for sure better than Wiz Khalifa and Travis Scott, I will probably be there for girls and puns.
    – David Guetta. I was listening to his “good” Ultra’s set when suddently I got an idea, a brilliant idea: turn it off and opening a random youtube link of a Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike live set aaaaaaand… they are equal, same kind of mix, same songs mixed. AAAAARE YOU REAAAADY. MAAAAKE SOMEEEEE FUUUUUUUUCKING NOISEEEEEEE PA-PAPAPA-PA-PA-PAPAPAAA [*random big room sounds*]. What do people find in this guy I dunno, but okay.

    Day 4.
    – Years & Years. The “Marina and the Diamonds” of this year. Okay with that – I mean, not okay with this invasion of pop music on the MS, but it is the second years it is this way, so okay… plus they are good live, I have to admit it.
    – Kaiser Chiefs. RUBY RUBY RUBYYYYYYYYY Damn, the first song I played on Guitar Hero back in the day, must see show and they are soooo good live!
    – Noel Gallagher. I hate this scumbag, but he’s a genious when it comes to music, yet I think I will watch just half of his show, because of the clash with CHVRCHES. Hope they will do something from Oasis too, the 25% of the people will be there just for that reason IMHO.
    – Sia. For sure a good show, but I dont think she’s worth the headliner spot (the same way Ellie Goulding was not the latest year). This being said, she has a brilliant voice and if she brings with her Maddie Ziegler it will be a well spent headliner spot.

    Day 5.
    – Parkway Drive. It will be weird (if not hilarious) to have before those screaming guys and after the hyper-chilled Lumineers playing their folk pop. Probably they arent MS material – considered also that A38 the same day have some really brilliant names, but we are good this way.
    I dont like them, but will be there for the crowd for sure
    – The Lumineers. Good live band, but I think I will do something else during their performance. Not saying they are boring, but there are better bands of the same kind around (Passenger, for example).
    – The Last Shadow Puppets. Are they good? They are. Do I like their music? Not really. Do I really care? Nope, because there is Alex Turner and all the discussion one may do fall down. Alex. F*ckin. Turner.
    – Hardwell. We know how it works, we are fine with that (we have to). All in all he’s the best name to close the festival in years.

    I know those are unrequested opinions, but I like to write my thoughts lol

  123. Looking at the lineup now with the time schedule just makes me appreciate it more. On the mainstage day-1, day 2, day4 are just very good (they could compete with a lot of international fests). Day 0 is just like a normal day-1 we were used to, with Rihanna as big headliner. Day1 is cheap but Manu Chao will be fun as fu*k (and also Bastille for someone). The DJ days are poor but they have at least a band I like.
    And staying at main stage isn’t even my favorite activity at Sziget.

    With all the other stages I have at least 8 acts to see during GOOD DAYS (and severe problems on clashes).

    And at least 5 acts on BAD DAYS.

    Plus all the other shows and activities that I really love doing at Sziget, and two days in city center with the citypass… I’m definitely satisfied.

    PS editors instead of tinie tempax on the main would have saved the mainstage that day and avoided Editors-Manu Chao clash

  124. Because we all know artists have busy schedules, but you can’t really make Manu Chao/Goran Bregovich/Editors clash in a 7 days festival, fuc*kin hell

  125. My main two clashes are Sam Paganini/Zedd and Kodaline/Muse. I think i’m gonna go with kodaline and zedd because well i’ll be in the colosseum every other night probably so zedd wull be a bit different and I want to support the Irish acts over there! (plus the last time I went to Kodaline I got very drunk and only saw two songs because we were very late, I don’t even remember seeing them tbh haha)

  126. Another day, another stage!

    First thing: I wished with all my strenght that they opened the A38 for Day -1 too; this year it is not necessary since they managed to put incredible performance in any other stage on that day, but the latest year I felt a lack of activities, and I assume that day -1 and 0 has to offer something more (if not, why should I – casual goer – come to Sziget 7 days instead of 5?)

    Day 0
    – Rico & Sticks. I dont know if those guys are something in northern Europe, but as an italian (but I guess the same comment goes to anyone who doesnt understand German) this performance is not a waste, but for sure it is not interesting.
    – MO. I saw her last year before Ella Eyre; she’s energic and strong, but I felt like two songs were enough (apart for the must Lean On, of course); for sure a good performace, but I hoped for more new stuff in this stage, since it is one of my favorite.
    – Naughty Boy. I struggled a lot with myself asking why this guy was picked for Sziget, and I still struggle. He has no fanbase, other main festivals havent called him, no one knows about him really (except for Lalala, but you know Sam Smith, not the DJ). I hate DJs that do something that a proper band could perform even better.
    – Movits!. In first place I was disappointed because it is the umpteenth hip hop performance in a non-english language (I like to understand the lyrics, maybe it is just me, but okay), but than I realized that their performance is significant just looking at the instrumental. A shame they play during Rihanna show, I dont really like her, but it is something you cant really avoid
    – Travis Scott. Everything that can be considered wrong about hip hop music is concentrate in this show. I dont wanna be gross, tho, so I’ll stop here.
    – DJ Sliink. The Yellow Claw of this year; I would be okay with it if they had not done thing in a way that EVERY NIGHT there is trap trap trap trap
    – Datsik. My dubstep period ended 2 years ago with Borgore set the last day of 2014 edition; but Datsik is a thing if you like dubstep. Ill probably be there, depending on The Martinez Brothers set

    Day 1.
    – JAIN. Young, fresh, pop, but yet original somehow, nice voice. I suggest her to anyone may have interest in something new, but not too much.
    – Kovacs. Her voice is extraordinary; maybe someone may want to do something more “active” than attending a soul show in the middle of the mid-day in a tent, but I suggest to this someone to think again. She has THE voice.
    – K.I.Z. Read what I said about Rico & Sticks, but in this case I read there that they are acutally some kind of legend between German-speaking fans, so, good for them! Plus, their shows looks pretty sick!
    – Editors. Brilliant music, fantastic live, pretty good “new” album. I have just two things to say. 1) WHY THE HELL THEY SCHEDULED THEM AT THIS TIME? Editors are not only MS material, they should be sub-headlining material and they have the same time-spot of Brains (with all the due respect, but they performed on Petofi Stage for the latest two years, I mean). 2) Always keeping up the hope for them to move them to the Main Stage, if not, I hope they will guarantee the good acoustic they deservE – latest year performers like Interpol and Selah Sue had acoustic ISSUES (or at least it seemed to me).
    – Unkle. Trip hop is always welcome, even tho I dont understand much those guys, but I recognize value when I see some, I guess.
    – Boys Noize. There is a thin line that a DJ should never cross which brings him from the good techno music, with a research from particular and elaburated sounds to the commercial shat made of stupid cliché; but if the DJ succeed to put himself in the middle of this line, he will produce majestic stuff; an example is Adamski, another example, younger, is Boys Noize. Wont loose his set for nothing in the world.
    – Wiwek. Go up and read the description I gave to DJ Sliink, but more annoying.

    – Norma Jean Martine. Italians knows her quite well, since she helped to write some of the most succesfull songs of some pop italian singers. I love her voice. FUN FACT: at first sight, when I read “Norma Jean”, I thought about those guys:, then I look again and I lol’d at myself
    – !!!. They are weird, their performances are damn good, the leading singer wears bermudas shorts, they nailed it at Sziget 2013 (I saw the footages). Im good with them. Will probably sacrifice a piece of Sigur Ros show to watch the second part of their set.
    – Kodaline. Another band that deserved to stay on the MS which clash with a big name. I dont really like them, but I can feel the struggle of their fans from here.
    – Molotov. I read there that they are the Mexican RATM; the definition fits, but why not takin the RATM (jk lol). I would have seen them, but they made them clash with Muse, and Muse are like the biggest performance this year, and I havent seen them, so, hasta la vista baby.
    – Roisin Murphy. You bring half of the Moloko to Sziget, I am happy. It works this way. Great performance, great artist, nothing else to say.
    – Snails. Half way between dubstep and trap music. Will probably watch him if there wont be too tired; Sziget in this night doesnt offer a lot to my tastes…
    – Excision. Here, this is the only thing that will justify me to stay up late for shows in day 2. Dubstep, okay, but how sick is, his dubstep!

    – Oscar and the Wolf. This dream pop revival some bands are trying to propose (same genre of BORNS, imho) has to be stopped asap. Those guys are good live and it is a show I suggest to go to see for sure, but they seems so big-headed to me…
    – Boy. Honest indie pop; more than honest: awesome live show (but I would have preferred to have Daughter in their place)
    – BORNS. Exactly what I told about Oscar and the Wolf, no more no less.
    – Brains. The alternative to David Guetta is hungarian, and it is quite good. In the latest 2 editions I tried to go to watch them and few other hungarian bands, Guetta gives me the chance. Thanks Guetta, for once in your life you did something useful.
    – Bloc Party. I love those guys, even if they seems to forgot how to make music after Silent Alarm, I think they remain one of the best Indie Rock band to see live. Hope they will bring some of the older tracks, cause the latest album is… well, it’s not Silent Alarm.
    – Wilkinson. Finally a drum n bass night! I dont know what “live” means in “Wilkinson Live”, but it is fine with me, it is a good show, I will see it, check check check.
    – Maduk Feat MC Mota. Good Drum N Bass, didnt know him, but I like him. Sure it is not Black Sun Empire, but that’s what A38 needs, for sure.

    – Tourist. This is the kind of electronic music I enjoy the most. Chilled, refined, in someway careful of what it transmit to the listener. I wish they called someone like HVOB, Flume or Pantha du Prince, like they did last year with SBTRKT. It is a weird time the one in which Tourist plays, but it is okay, I will do some sacrifice to watch him.
    – The Neighbourhood. Pop music; probably the alternative to The 1975. Nothing new but they are good and they have some killer tracks too, tho.
    – CHVRCHES. Speaking about brutal clash. Why meanwhile Noel Gallagher’s playing? Why? Im deeply in love with that voice, that girl and that band, will see them.
    – Troyboy. Other trap music, love it or leave it.
    – M83. Great band, main charachter of some of my best weed trip (along with Gorillaz), will be in first lane for them.
    – Carnage. SWWWAAAAAAGGG, but also “nope”.
    – Dillon Francis. Would have been perfect for Party Arena PERFECT. But noooope.

    – Aurora. The next Florence Welch, in my opinion, and she is only 20. Voices like those are rare and it means it is a must see show.
    – Fidlar. Punk at Sziget. Yeah, damn, yeah!
    – Jess Glynne. Pop Music, check; damn good voice, check; awful clash, check.
    – Bullet for My Valentine. There are 2 things about this perfomance I love: 1) back in the day BfmV was my favourite band; 2) MOSH
    – Crystal Castles. When they announced Crystal Castles, I didnt knew about them. The first video of them live I saw was “Alice Practice” in 2012 at Reading, and I fell in love with then, but then I’ve come to knew that Alice Glass is not part of the band anymore, and that’s bad. But it will be a mayhem in anycase, and that’s good enough to me.
    – Noisia. Probably my favorite DnB band (along with Black Sun Empire), the last night will be crazy for sure!
    – Kasra. This guy performed in 2014 in Colosseum during the last night, I remember it well and I would have seen him but last night MUST BE A38. So I think this year I will give him a chance, even if in the Colosseum will be playing at the same time a guy called John Digweed and i dont know…

  127. lol this analisys went too long I guess

    tl;dr A38 is crazy, especially at day 1 and 5! – too much trap music – too less IDM – EDITORS

  128. They changed Molotov and Kodaline places. You can catch Kodaline+Muse but the problem is the same for me as I want to watch Sigur Ros as well.
    Will miss Kodaline then, I wish they had placed them at 23h45.

  129. Great news, I think I will see a bit of both sigur ros and kodaline, the only two things they need to do now is to replace the editors with Unkle and the neighbourhood with years & years 🙂

  130. It’s a long shot but I’m hoping they move Chvrches, currently clashing with Noel Gallagher

  131. CHVRCHES and Noel Gallagher
    Manu Chao and Editors

    Those are the two biggest clash in terms of crowd attending that have left, I guess.
    Maybe we have some chances for the first clash, but about the second, I think it is wanted, just to give another options to those who dont wanna see Manu Chao. Hope Im wrong, because if so it is a stupid move

  132. Noel gallagher – CHVRCHES and manu chao – editors
    Are very painful clashes.
    I’m also very sad for TLSP and jess glynne clash, i’d have loved to hear jess glynne’s voice

  133. Instead of Brains and David Guetta there’s amazing variant at Europe stage – Collectif Arbuste

  134. Guys, I really want to buy my ticket before the sold out !
    I’ll do an University exchange in Budapest from september so be here in August to find a flat and enjoy the Sziget can be really cool ! 🙂

    But if I do that I’ll come alone … And I’m a little reluctant, I’ve always been to a festival, Sziget includes, with friends…

    I saw you were speaking about Camp Unknow, I checked Facebook group and website (and this guy experience : ) and I’m very excited about that !

    Some of you have tried it ? I want to be convince ! 😛

  135. So now they move Molotov to clash with Muse and Leningrad…my god who is work on scheduling here. In a festival sadly lacking in decent rock music they conspire to put three interesting acts on different stages at the same time.

    I think I am gonna have to miss Muse…..still with Molotov only having an audience of 6 people maybe they will do requests.

  136. I just saw that there BØRNS is pretty good and he clashes with Tinie Tempah. That’s very good news for me as I’ll have something to watch while Tempah plays on the MS. BØRNS’ “Electric Love” song is very catchy, I’ll give him a try on the 14th.

  137. They will be slowly added
    To the app between now and the festival, also the magic mirror, ambient beach and others are yet to be added to the schedule. Lots more to come

  138. I really hope there will be a “Sziget eye” ferris wheel this year again 🙂
    VOLT and also Balaton will get one this year, so i hope Sziget will get one to 🙂

  139. Just saw Die Antwoord last Saturday. They are really great performers they’re performance is going to be one best this year at sziget

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