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Announcement: The Killers & many more official!

As john doe has told us, here comes the announcement. It’s already posted on the Sziget Nederland Facebook page, and it starts with the already predicted The Killers.

Lamb will also play, and so will Borgore, Crookers, DJ Fresh (we told you about him), as well as Dope, Dirtyphonics, MC Dynamite, D.O.D, High Contrast, Tiga, Azari & III (you knew about them from us), Modeselektor, Black Seeds, Wild Beasts, Kakkmaddafakka, Flux Pavilion, Saint Etienne, Anti Flag and Gocoo.

The announcement also makes Amon Amarth official. We told you about them a while ago.

71 thoughts on “Announcement: The Killers & many more official!

  1. HAHA, how to make 21 new names out of the 19 announced:
    by separating dope and D.O.D. and predicting a solo of Azari besides his show with Azari & III

  2. I’ve been to Sziget regulary with a few friends but with these moderate announcements we will not be going to Sziget next summer. What happened to the biggest line-up for sziget part they promised??

  3. They said that was the Final-Headliner!?? I hope thats not true!! Only the Worldstage has an good Line-up…Main-Stage…lame!!

  4. @don bartolome….. the final headliner of the weekend (ie the sunday one! there is at least one more to be announced, maybe two) as for the lineup…. its only a third complete so that sort of statement is idiotic as only the world stage has been completely announced…. you can only judge a lineup the day the festival starts and not before

  5. If Korn is headlining the Mainstage, then there this leaves only one headlinespot for the mainstage,
    so who would that be??

    Probably no Foo fighters

    i think the Cure would have the biggest chances since they play a lot of festivals this summer,

    Anything else???

  6. Anyone knows if Sum 41 will play on Sziget this year? Earlier I’ve heard rumors like that..

  7. @myself, sorry not possible anymore they anounced a new tourdate 4th of august in Chicago 😉 pretty satisfied with the new names though =)

  8. where does this “french act” information come from?

    I am happy with some new names that make this line up very different from the other European line ups

    Hopefully a reggae band is coming(and it is a good one)

    Too much dubstep for me by the way.. I hope we will have a minimal act like Richie Hawtin last year

  9. Still waiting metal bands.

    Electro bands are deception than last year (chemical brothers, 2 many dj’s, Goose, Bloody beetroots)

  10. Why everyone complains. This time the announcement are a lot of dj’s + the killers and the next time they announce a lot of bands. We have more than 100 days. Enough time to announce good bands, dj’s and another acts!

  11. I dont know where you live… Yeah, fucking lame line-up…
    Half Europe crying for The Killers, finally here.

    Foo Fitghters is a one song band…

  12. @Louie

    Foos are so much better than The Killers, I mean The Killers aren’t a bad addition but I know who I would rather be announced. Brandon can only dream to have the skill and legacy Dave Grohl has created.

  13. @MJ, It may seem like everyone complains, but I’m sure there are a lot of people who really like the line-up too. But naturally people who are not satisfied share their thoughts about the line-up more often on websites like Sziget News than people who are satisfied.

    I already was very happy with all the names in the previous announcement (especially the world music party stage has a brilliant line-up this year) and I’m even more happy now. But let me make an evaluation of the program thus far.

    The headliners, who seem to be the most important to those who are complaining (but certainly not for me), are better than last year at this time in my opinion (Stone Roses > Pulp, Placebo > Amy Winehouse (later replaced by 30STM, who were even worse), Killers >>> White Lies, Korn = on the same level as Chemical Brothers) and we still haven’t got all of them.

    Last years co-headliners were Interpol, Kasabian, Dizzee Rascal, Kaiser Chiefs and Manic Street Preachers and co-co-headliners were Rise Against, Good Charlotte, Skunk Anansie, Kate Nash and The National. For this year it is not clear yet who will be co-headlining and co-co-headlining, for lots of ats we don’t even know yet at what stage they’ll be peforming, but I think The XX and Paolo Nutini certainly equal last years co-headliners, while Hurts, Friendly Fires, Two Door Cinema Club, The Ting Tings, Mando Diao and The Vaccines would all be very decent co-co-headliners in my opinion. And again, we don’t even know all Main Stage acts…

    When looking at the diversity in the program, I thought there was a little lack of electronic acts, but fortunately this has become much better today. With plenty of slots still available in the Party Arena, I don’t think anyone needs to worry about the electronic part of the line-up. On the other hand, an electronic headliner for Main Stage might become difficult, as I don’t know that many electronic acts that can be a headliner that are actually touring in Europe at that time. Plus, I don’t think Sziget will be booking The Prodigy or Chemical Brothers again, and Skrillex has already been booked for VOLT. Maybe Korn could be considered the electronic headliner this year, because they are presenting their dubstep album. Also there are no techno and trance acts yet, but those will probably appear in the next announcements as Party Arena needs to be filled too. In general I think Sziget has enough on offer for those who like electronic music.

    What is still lacking (but far from my favourite kind of music), is some heavier rock or metal stuff. Amon Amarth, Ministry and Korn is not like last years Judas Priest, Motorhead, Lostprophets, Deftones, Suicidal Tendencies, Within Temptation, Sonata Arctica, etc. But last years metal line-up was probably the best ever at Sziget and who knows what might come in the next announcement…

    In my opinion punk is well represented by Anti-Flag, Beatsteaks and Heideroosjes and there are plenty of indie acts, while the world music line-up is without a doubt the best line-up ever! Did I miss anything?

    And last, discovering new acts is part of the fun of a festival for me and this year the line-up once again looks very promising! I’m really looking forward to checking out Viza, Jungle By Night, Molotov, Gocoo, Anna Calvi, Wild Beasts and Katzenjammer.

    So I think there can be only one conclusion: the line-up is shaping up to be a very good line-up for Sziget terms.

  14. Im totally argee with Rascal! The Sziget lineup is already good and it will only get better!

  15. i agree with rascal except for one thing.. sorry but chemical brothers are a lot better than korn

  16. Maybe I’ve just seen Chemical Brothers too often, but I think they’ve become boring… While the gig of Korn that was streamed on their website a few weeks ago looked like a really good show. Maybe that made my opinion different than yours, but hey, what does that matter? I’m glad not everyone has the same taste and opinions 😉

  17. There’s been a trend for Sziget to announce around the 20th of every month. Each announcement there have been similar genre acts confirmed, i.e. the first one was more indie, this one is more dnb and dubstep (minus The Killers and a few others).
    There’s still definitely one more headliner to come, possibly 2. Something tells me Sziget aren;t even sure if Korn are going to be headlining this year.
    On The Cure website it says they maybe have one more European show to announce, Sziget would fit perfectly in their schedule.
    Are they releasing a day by day schedule this week, Im sure I saw that somewhere..

  18. To me it seems like that action is only for members of the OTP bank who apply for a Mastercard or Maestro Paypass. But for me too, my teacher is google translate 😉

  19. Does anyone know if the organisers are planning to announce a day zero act like previous years, i remember back in March they announced a hungarian singer called Akos, is he going to be playing the same slot as prince last year or can we expect another big announcement for this day

  20. @Tomtom: Akos will perform “the same slot” Prince had last year (headlining the mainstage). Probably some international bands will be announced, too – but no major ones like Prince or Iron Maiden.

  21. @melloqmaniac: where does it say that akos will do the same slot as prince?….. all the organisers have said is that akos will play on day 0 not where and when 🙂

  22. @mr_monkey: he is announced as headliner with a special show. But you are right: perhaps other bands will support him and definitely other bands will perform on other stages.

  23. @ john doe Do you know if they will announce all the line up?
    Or will they give all the details about this year edition?

  24. hello, I’m french and it’s my first sziget and i want to know how headliners can we hope for this year ? because if it’s clear that the world music stage party is perfect the rest of the line up is disappointing, specially when we compare to the other past years… Killers are a good band, but LMFAO, placebo and Korn are not, to me, real headliners… And when we see that Blur, Black Keys, will be touring this year only see The killers is clearly disappointing. Can we hope something as incredible and good as Prince ? Blur would be perfect, or prodigy, or new order, or the Black keys… Scuze me for those who love Korn and Placebo, but the last album of Korn is disappointing and placebo are boring…to me. 😀

  25. @ArnoOd: Blur is exclusive for olympic games, so that’s a no go, black keys won’t come, it doesn’t fit in their scedule. I agree with you about Korn, terrible band. But i’ll say, be patient, probably we know more at the 3rd of may… But don’t keep your hopes up, i think this is it (only some good metalnames to come), just enjoy sziget, it’s an amazing festival, even with this (also very nice) list of names, but not the best line up ever…

  26. Blur are not an exclusive for the Olympic games as they have other dates in europe so cant cross them off the list completely and we still have one headliner to be announced at least maybe two 🙂

  27. @ Klompje : ok, hope you’re right !
    But, for Blur, the band has three dates in August, not only at the JO… Bad news for the Black Keys. But it’s true that when we see that in the past there were Radiohead Prince or Gorillaz and this year Placebo, LMFAO and Korn it’s normal to be disappointing, especially for a first year. I hope that I don’t make a mistake to come this year… We will see. I pray for the third… And for august.

  28. We have nothing for the 11, and seriously Akos ? At the same plot as Prince ? So we have also nothing the 7 ! So two headliners no ? Don’t want to talk about the 8 and the 9… Placebo and Korn, really I’m not sure that is not a good year for a first time… I’m not sure that there is still someone who listen Korn after their last album. And placebo… Pfff. I still praying for Blur and Radiohead or the Black Keys or Prodigy, or simply a real good band

  29. @ArnoOd: Blur indeed play 2 more festivals, but i believe that’s it. It would be the greatest headliner ever, i agree, but the changes are (from what i heard) zero… But seriously, the line up isn’t that bad at all! Horrors, Noah & the whale, subways, two door cinema club, stone roses (!!!!), crystal fighters, the pogues, xx, fink, Deus, chef’special, kakkmaddafakka, Dope DOD (first class hiphop, with prodigy sound!!!), Tiga, Ministry, Amon Amarth… And again, it’s an amazing festival! Don’t get me wrong, i also want to see Blur, Radiohead, BK, PJ, but i’ve been to many festivals and no festival is more relaxed and chill as sziget…

  30. @ ArnoOd

    For August 7th, I have a feeling that they could make us a great surprise few days before the beginning of the festival like Prince last year (announced in July)

    the August 11th mainstage program is still to be defined according to me. So don’t worry,more than 50 bands will be added to the line up and at least a big name will come!

  31. The middle name are perfect, Stones Roses and Killers too. And if we can hope something else to forget korn and placebo it’s also perfect. Thanks !

  32. I agree with you…
    I was disappointed too to get these two bands as headliners (I don’t know if is worst than 30 Second To Mars….)

  33. @adam: What? No way! 30 sec 2 mars suck big time, kasabian know how to play music! But that’s my opinion…

  34. 😀

    Nah, for me Kasabian are dull
    (I caught some of their 2010 set and it did nothing for me)

    Something about 30STM … their positive energy and the effect they have on their fans makes me smile


  35. But really, their music sucks! I personally prefer good music. 30 sec is nothing more then a forgotten moviestar who wants to be a big POPstar… But again, it’s just an opinion…

  36. kasabian three in a row? would be very ridiculous
    my three wishes are biffy clyro, wolfmother or mumford&sons

  37. This is going to be my 7th Sziget in a row. It’s going to be amazing festival as usual. Trust me! My 1st time was: I was so concerned about the lineup and headliners. “Where all the big names are?” “Roskilde looks so much better”. I know better now. Sziget rules! It’s not about the mainstage bands. That island is an adventure! One night I found a little tent and there was a hare krishna punk band playing and people went crazy. Hah! Hare krishna punk band. WTF?!? Once or twice we just drank all night because bars are open 24/7 (1,5€/pint). I’d love to see big bands on mainstage, but I know now that there are so much going on at the smaller stages at the same time. Drunk and from Finland. Sziget, we are coming!!!!

  38. I must support my nothern neighbour:) Sziget is much better than Roskilde (look at the line-up this year!) I have been there five times and this would be my fifth Sziget also in a row. Bought my ticket yesterday!

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