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Announcement: The Script, Major Lazer, C2C and others

Another week, another announcement of new names added to the lineup of the 2015 Sziget Festival. And there are some big names on the list, too:

  • Asaf Avidan
  • The Script
  • Major Lazer
  • C2C
  • Arty

Asaf Avidan is an Israeli musician, singer and songwriter, a former animator from Tel Aviv who has been guided toward the stage by a broken heart (this explains a lot about his style). He is currently on tour with his new album, Gold Shadow, released this January, so expect to hear lots of new songs from him (which will not be new for his fans).

The Script is a Dublin based pop-rock trio, winner of the World’s Best Group award at the 2012 World Music Awards and nominated twice for the “Best International Act” BRIT Award. Their latest album, No Sound Without Silence, was released last year – they consider it a prequel to their debut album.

Major Lazer is Diplo’s party project, initially launched in collaboration with Switch (UK), but after the parting of their ways enlisting names like Jillionaire, Walshy Fire and Boaz van de Beatz. Its style is hard to put a finger on: a mix of reggae and dancehall music with a dash of moombahton and electro house, giving Major Lazer its unique sound which you either love or hate. The project is in the process of releasing a third album this year – Diplo has revealed this news at the 2015 Grammy Award ceremony. The album will be called Peace is the Mission, and will feature artists like Ariana Grande, Ellie Goulding, and Pusha T, and will be released on June 1st.

C2C is a DJ “quartet” born in France in the late 1990s, consisting of DJ Atom (Thomas Le Vexier), DJ pFeL (Pierre Forestier ), DJ Greem (Guillaume Jaulen) and 20syl (Sylvain Richard). The group has won the European Border Breakers Awards in 2013, it has four DMC (Disco Mix Club) team world champion titles, and has won  the ITF team championship in 2005 and the Hip Hop World Challenge title in its early years.

Artyom Stolyarov, aka Arty, has started doing his magic behind the turntables at the age of 19, and hasn’t stopped ever since. He has won multiple awards, and has released countless mixes and remixes. This August he will perform at the Sziget Festival.

Unfortunately these are all the exclusively musical names revealed in today’s announcement – it focuses the most on Fuerza Bruta, a postmodern theater show originated in Buenos Aires, with its performance called La Globa. I won’t go into the details here – I will let the trailer speak for itself.

Were they on your wishlist?

44 thoughts on “Announcement: The Script, Major Lazer, C2C and others

  1. @Captain_Chunk: this time we’ve just censored your comment; you do that again, you’re banned. It’s ok to express your opinion, but do it in a civilized fashion.

  2. A guy asked sziget italy about chemical brothers… they answered “it’s not sure if those guys will be in europe during sziget 🙂 ” …

  3. Too bad Major Lazer won’t play the same day than MØ to perform Lean On together

  4. anyone know if Sziget considering reducing the price and giving a refund for people who already bought tickets? Decent festivals done that in the past if they fail to deliver, sziget should do the same.


    It takes one look at the Frequency line up to see what a colossal f#ck up the Sziget bookers have made this year. I’ve been before and enjoyed it and I’ll enjoy it this time but I won’t attend again. I was willing to see 2013 as a one off poor line up, but 2 in 3 doesn’t look good

  6. Both Frequency and Pukkelpop looks nice this year, but Lowlands I feel is on the same level as Sziget… No question that the best headliners line-up this year is Rock Werchter.

  7. Im sorry, but in my opinion is Frequency is not better for me. Linkin Park? Offspring? Prodigy? Chemicals? No way! A lot of outdated, boring acts. Lowlnds and Pukkelpop is ok with a nice undercard bands, Tame Impala, pond, FFS, The War on Drugs, Viet Cong. Why aren’t these bands in Sziget?

  8. I actually love this year’s lineup. I have 20+ acts to see, and I can’t wait! Sziget is still number one for me, and any other additional acts would be welcomed.

  9. sure ther is not too much rock but guys please, you can’t say that the line up is bad. Where in the world can you finde varius line-up like Sziget?

    @art why Sziget have to refound the tickets? Some where is write some list of artist who Sziget is obliged to book? And, why they should reduce the price? If you don’t like don’t buy.

  10. The issue for me at least is that last year 2014 Sziget lineup was excellent… both a huge variety and a long list of A-List acts from around the world. This year the lineup also has a large variety but there is not as much of a “wow” factor when looking at the program page. Sure, many acts are good, but not a lot are highly recognized and popular (which can be a good thing, as popular music is going downhill fast).

    But, yah, we still need a couple more legitimate headliners in my opinion. IMO only Florence, Robbie, and Kasabian are legitimate headliners, Alt-J and Interpol are not legitimate headliners for a festival of this size, especially when compared to last year’s lineup.

    But looking at the last few years, Sziget’s announcements usually go well into June and sometimes even towards the end of July. There is still time for a few surprises, but the chances of a surprise happening are getting slimmer by the day.

    There are a few ways that Sziget can really turn things around at this point:

    The Chemical Brothers opening party would be great.

    Linkin Park, because so many people are asking for them and they are a legitimate headlining act. Same goes for Noel Gallagher.

    A surprise act like Muse or some equivalent.

    Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, or an equivalent superstar headlining act.

    Last but not least, similar to Muse, simply getting a quality headlining act who is not playing at Lowlands, Frequency, or Pukkelpop, like Florence right now. The biggest issue that all of us are seeing is that Sziget lacks the “wow factor” that these other festivals have in their top headliners and quality mid- and under-cards (although, as I’ve said before, this could be fixed by putting all of Sziget’s acts on one poster in one place, like Frequency has theirs… certainly contributes to the appeal of a festival’s lineup).

    I’m not saying these would all make me personally very happy (I’ll be spending my time in A38 and the Arena mostly), but they would certainly shut a lot of people up who are saying this is the “worst lineup ever”. In reality, Sziget was voted the “Best Major European Festival”, and this cannot remain to be true if they can’t book the same acts that smaller nearby festivals are managing to book the weekend after Sziget. IF Sziget was such a big deal, then these artists would make it work, which I am still hopeful for.

    Fingers crossed everyone, we can do no more than that. I think Sziget has to be frantically trying to book someone big for the Saturday.

  11. @why

    because a festival who has self-criticism does that. there were a lot of examples. Those festivals do the festival for the line-up not the feeling though

  12. Alt-J/The Script headlining? Ellie Goulding headlining? Major Lazer headlining?
    That’s 3 sziget ‘headliners’ which you can all see at the first day of Frequency and you will also get The Chemical Brothers with that.

  13. I think there is a serious research for the headliners. If the organizers can’t book a normaly big headliner, then will be a ML, EG, The Script headline.

  14. The same feeling. Sziget are in talk with artist. If they can book REALLY BIG names – they will be headline. If the cannot – Lazer and CO will headline with TBA small group for this day.
    I hope Sziget CAN.

  15. C’mon, no doubt Sziget management wanted to put up a big lineup, but this august is awful. Frequency is an exception and it’s the week after Sziget, when Linkin Park start their euro tour, Kendrick Lamar starts his euro tour and The Chemical Brothers come back from Japan. It’s totally different.Just consider that BASTILLE are headlining Pukkelpop and last year they played at 17.45 at Sziget. This make you guys understand how bad is this august to book big names, Sziget’s week more then others cos it’s between Outside Lands in San Francisco and Summer Sonic in Japan.

  16. I agree with Bender. They are trying but can’t Do you think that they said no to Linkin Park? Really?
    I’m SURE that they’ve also asked The Chemicals and other big names touring like Muse or Noel Gallagher but Sziget week was badly chosen.

  17. No, that’s being apathetic. Money talks. If Sziget cared about their patrons they would pull out all the stops to get us at least one big name we can be proud of.

    It’s pretty easy to say “oh, there’s no one around”, but I can list at least 10 acts that are in Europe for Sziget, and who would at least please SOME/MOST customers. Hell, even acts like Disclosure or other British break through artists are only a short-haul flight away, and many have nothing listed for August. Many acts reside in Europe and aren’t playing Summer Sonic or Outside Lands, so where is the excuse for these acts?

    The fact is that Sziget wants us to be okay with a shitty lineup because it’s more profitable for them. But luckily we are clearly not okay with it, and their Facebook page reflects this, so perhaps they’ll put out all the stops to cut a bit into their profit and give us a solid headliner for one of the remaining open nights.

  18. I Can see that but then they will still have some money in their pockets for some other big names. Or did they pay the same money to the kid with the usb stick that is closing the festival as they would have paid Linkin Park?

  19. Billy Talent and Asking Alexandria are free after 9 august. They can also try to book him. They have variants, but they don’t look at that and booked avidan, arty and others…

  20. @thetrootroo: money talks is an excellent way of putting it. a festival this size has disposable income… they can either book no one big and have everyone dwell negatively on how bad this year’s lineup was for the next 5 years (like people do with 2013’s lineup), or they can pull a massive surprise out of a hat and have everyone rave about how amazing they are. a band like muse, no matter the cost, would essentially make this year’s sziget amazing. 80% of all people complaining would shut up, and that same 80% would probably be inclined to continue coming back to sziget with an “anything can happen up until the very last second” attitude.

    sziget admitting defeat is a terrible move… cut into your budget, spend a bit extra, and get us a name. period. if you’re arguing that no suitable headliner is interested in sziget’s money, even if they’re offering more than the competition, you’re sorely mistaken.

  21. OK, long post coming up…

    There are so major issues at play here- Firstly, if they’ve really emailed Mike and said they’ll announce bands when they’ve booked them and negotiations are still ongoing (and they don’t involve Muse who are late announcing their dates this year) there are far too many questions to be asked (I hope Mike replied asking at least a few of these). Is this always the case with Sziget? Why can the festivals that are on at the same time as Sziget (and afterwards) announce all their headliners months before Sziget? Why don’t Sziget announce who their headliners are when they announce them like other festivals? Why doesn’t Sziget book their headliners a year+ in advance like every other major festival? If they do start negotiating then, why do their negotiations take so much longer? Why did they book their Day -1 and 0 headliners before looking after the main part of the festival that most people have paid for?

    It gives the impression that they’re really disorganised and the line up is poorly planned from the get go, which just doesn’t make sense to those of us who have been to the festival and have found it to be amongst the best organised and planned on the circuit.

    Secondly, the acts they have announced. One of the best things about Sziget is the range of music that’s on offer, and there are a number of genres covered again, which is credit to the festival. I do think it’d be better if they matched things up a bit more though. Having a Hospitality showcase on Thursday in A38 is great. You’ll get a crowd of fans of that genre all partying for a few hours in the same place. It could be the same on the Friday too if The Subways, Gaslight and Dropkicks play back to back. Why isn’t there more of that? It just makes sense! The Main Stage looks like it’s been shuffled to be honest.

    This year during the day time there really isn’t a lot that I’m interested in at all. There’s only so much walking around and exploring you can do over five days before you become sunburnt and knackered. I’m lucky I’m in good company!

    I don’t want to be all negative, the night time line up is GREAT. Wednesday I have SBTRKT, Jaguar Skills, Gui Boratto and Michael Mayer, Thursday there’s Dixon and the Hospitality showcase, Friday there’s Dettmann and Function, Saturday Ellen Allien, Nero and Vitalic and Sunday Damian Lazarus (if I’m still standing). I have decisions to make, clashes all over the shop!

    I’d have happily given up a few of those for some decent day time bands though. Sziget’s booking policy this year has evidently been based around bands with radio play (i.e. one hit wonders) rather than acts with critically acclaimed albums who can actually fill a set with quality music rather than playing a load of rubbish while everyone waits for that ‘hands in the air’ moment that will almost inevitably happen at the end of the set.

  22. No Underworld
    No Tame Impala
    No Chemical Brothers
    No Offspring
    No Franz Ferdinand & Sparks
    No Libertines
    No Strokes
    No Linkin Park
    No Flume
    No Kygo
    No Noel Gallagher
    No Muse
    No Bjork
    No Mr Oizo
    No Kendrick Lamar
    No Run The Jewels
    No Lenny Kravitz
    No Mark Ronson
    No Caribou
    No Mastodon
    That’s the true!

  23. The Script,Alt J and Foals are the same pop band…Who chose the lineup this year should be FIRED!

  24. @FAB. I don’t think alt-j and foals have anything in common with the script.

  25. @FAB

    you are the same retarded person as half of this forum. putting alt-j+foals on the same level as a shitty pop band like the script shows your great understanding of music. you rather stay scilent

  26. What we need / what is possible:

    Electronic: The Chem Bros, Kygo, Madeon, Flume, Porter Robinson, Koan Sound, Klangkarussel, Bakermat, Kill The Noise, Mad Decent stage, Modestep, Gorgon City, Spor, Duke Dumont, ect.

    Bands / Live Acts: Linkin Park, Muse, The Offspring, The Libertines, Tame Impala, Brand New, Kendrick Lamar, TV On The Radio, Architects, Dillinger Escape, The War On Drugs, ect.

  27. @thisisnotatest: totally agree with you!

    @mickey: maybe i’m retarded,but tell me the differences between these bands…

  28. @FAB: I can’t honestly believe you’ve even listened to those bands if you think they’re all the exact same?

    Take one listen to each of their most popular songs… “Breakeven” by The Script, “Inhaler” by Foals, “Left Hand Free” by Alt-J are my suggestions as far as radio play goes.

    Do you actually think they all sound the same? I respect most tastes in music, but thinking pop, alternative, and indie sound the same is a bit concerning. Foals is 100% the best of the three… there’s a reason they were a headliner for Bestival last year. Alt-J are good but nap-inducing live, The Script are annoying but actually pretty good live (if you label sounding close to their record ‘good’).

    Definitely 3 entirely different bands. Alt-J and Foals may have some slight similarities in their song writing and production techniques, but The Script has nothing in common with either, unless you look at their very first album, which was a bit more indie than it was pop.

  29. I don’t know if FAB is European but I have noticed in the past that Europeans have a very different view to Brits on acts in the mainstream. Whereas Ed Sheeran and The Script etc. are shoved down our throats constantly most music fans in the UK can’t stand them or their music, the Europeans don’t have it like that and just the acts on their songs alone and their live shows.

    It’s a weird one. If you look at Hurricane’s line ups for example, in many ways that festival is comparable to Leeds/Reading but they book acts like Lily Allen and Ed Sheeran, who would get bottled off the stage in the UK.

  30. @Eddie: Yah, but he’s saying The Script (boring garbage if you ask me, whether they’re talented or not [and i’m from America]) is the same as Foals and Alt-J, two pretty respectable bands.

    Weird that Ed Sheeran and The Script are comparable in the U.K. Over here The Script is widely regarded as crappy pop rock, whereas Ed Sheeran is viewed a fairly legitimate singer/songwriter, at least his older stuff.

    Touche on the varying musical norms depending on nation, though. I’ve noticed that hugely just being on these European festival forums as a North American. Pretty crazy how a bit of geographical difference can have a massive influence on musical tastes.

  31. Don’t get me wrong, I find the Script to be beyond bad. They are quite frankly the worst possible band that I could think of to headline Sziget.

    On the other had, I do like the other two, even though I wouldn’t pay money to see them at their own gig (that’s what festival are for, right?). They’re clearly more interesting musically than The Script and that’s what I look for above all else.

  32. if the script will play after alt-j i am going to cry.. they always do something like this (like at VOLT, 30 seconds to mars playing after QOTSA and Foals) they finally get a great band, and give them a shit slot. letting the script headline is an insult to all music fans 😀

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