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Announcement: World Music Stage lineup

Experienced Sziget-dwellers surely know that the World Music Stage is one of the most interesting venues you can visit during the festival. It is a place filled with performers from all over the world, and the place where lots of local Hungarian bands share their art and entertainment with the diverse crowd visiting the island year after year. This year, the World Music Stage lineup is a collection of the “best” – the bands below have all been performing there in the past, adding further layers of diversity to the Island of Freedom.

World Music Stage – International acts

  • Goran Bregovic Wedding And Funeral Band (SRB) (August 12)
  • Leningrad (RU) (August 15)
  • The Klezmatics (USA) (date not announced yet)
  • Roy Paci & Aretuska (IT) (August 11)
  • Tamikrest (MLI) (August 12)
  • Bixiga 70 (BRA) (August 11)
  • Mokoomba (ZIM) (August 15)
  • Dakhabrakha (UKR) (August 11)
  • Orchestre National de Barbès Officiel (ALG/FR) (August 13)
  • Gaye Su Akyol (TR) (August 13)
  • Marta Ren & the Groovelvets (PRT) (August 15)
  • Orkesta Mendoza (USA) (August 13)
  • Zoufris Maracas (FR) (August 14)
  • Hanggai (CHN) (August 15)
  • Chico Trujillo (CHI) (August 13)
  • Jewish Monkeys (IL) (August 12)
  • Magnifico (SLO) (August 12)
  • John Langan Band (GB) (August 15)
  • La Gapette (FR) (August 14)
  • La Caravane Passe (FR) (August 11)
  • Electrorumbaiao (BRA) (August 13)
  • DJ Panko (E) (August 13)
  • DJ Kosta Kostov (GER) (August 11)
  • DJ Wonderbraz (F) (August 12)
  • DJ Vino Dilo (F) (August 14)
  • DJ Bobalicious (B) (August 15)

World Music Stage – local bands

  • Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra (HU) (August 14)
  • Söndörgö (HU) (August 10)
  • Romengo (HU) (August 14)
  • Lajkó Félix official feat. Óperentzia (HU) (August 10)
  • Parno Graszt (HU) (August 10)
  • Besh O Drom (HU) (August 12)
  • Kerekes Band (HU) (August 10)
  • Firkin (HU) (August 10)
  • Zoord (HU) (August 10)
  • Bohemian Betyars (HU) (August 11)

According to Sziget’s press release, the Day 0 lineup of this year’s World Music Stage will focus on local performers of world music. The second (zeroth?) day of the festival will see six local bands share their art on-stage: Zoord (with its sound inspired by Moldavian Csángo roots), Parno Gaszt (with its revving Roma rhythm), Kerekes Band (with its funky-rock-ethno sound), Söndörgö, Firkin (with its punk-Irish pub music fusion sound), and the unique mix of party music and folk offered by Lajkó Félix feat. Óperentzia.

Among the big returners to the Island we find former Yugoslavian artist Goran Bregovic, equally famous for his on-stage performances and film scores, and his mandatory Wedding and Funeral Band. Among the other notable performers let us mention The Klezmatics, the only Grammy-winning performer on the World Music Stage.

85 thoughts on “Announcement: World Music Stage lineup

  1. Good line up, but it’s so stupid of them to ficus on a “best of” of the World Stage meanwhile the Main Stage is litterally falling to pieces. More over when they say “since it’s the 25th of Sziget, we gonna make big things for the World Stage”… only for the World Stage? Man, c’mon

  2. Always good, always same “resident” bands but it’s ok for me for this stage. Let’s see who is Goran clashing with on Saturday.

  3. Just a question (off topic sorry) :
    It’s my first Sziget and I have a question : is it possible to bring alcohol in the camping ? I’ve read everywhere that it was strictly forbidden, is that right ?

  4. its obviously forbidden, but if you tricky enough you will be able to shuffle as much as you want 😉 just take it to your underwear, and its done 😀

  5. Another week another announcement. I make it that we still have some mainstage and a38 to go. Plus loads more for dance arena. The whole of the. Lightstage, giant street theatre, blues stage, coliseum, ambient tent, classical stage , regae stage magic mirror and Hungarian tent.
    Plus announcement of other smaller attractions such as the luminarium, art and sport zones foam
    Party , Hungarian village, and of course the map.

  6. Put the bottle in your underwear. Regularly smuggling booze in this way hurts like hell, but it impresses the ladies

  7. So I guess Mary PopKids will be back on Main Stage like it was in 2014. I think it’s gonna be a middle day (like 11-12), but I have no real info to support this speculation. In any case it’s a middle-hungarian name, nothing too good, nothing too bad…

    On other hand, I updated my clashfinder with the World Stage names and I think it’s gonna be something like this (more or less):
    feel free to give me advise about it, I like the discussion.

    Dont know if I have to be happy about the situation because I’ll have the chance to watch some act I’ve never had the chance to see before (PASO, DakhaBrakha, Leningrad once again) or sad because it means that there are 3 stages which for my tastes come firsts than the World Stage who havent been able to propose anything decent in some meaningful spots (like the 21,30-23.00 ones).
    In both cases I’ll take my chances, I guess, sad I will miss Goran Bregovic for the third year in a row, but they have this attitude to make him clash with important bands (Kings of Leon in 2015, Editors and Manu Chao in 2016 and at least Bad Religion this year).

    Waiting for the Colisseum, because so far I have 3 days out of 7 with NOTHING to do in the night-time, and that’s really crazy.

  8. Btw, Sziget changed dates of some bands…
    Mando Diao – 11/8 (instead of 12/8)
    Oh Wonder – 13/8 (instead of 11/8)

  9. I have a feeling that Mando Diao will play at 23:45 and Charli XCX will play the late afternoon spot like MØ did last year…

  10. The Black Eyed Peas play Japan in the end of August, so they could be third electronic headliner for Sziget.

  11. The list of possible headliners for the last 2 days (12-13/8) is getting shorter and shorter…
    Biffy Clyro, Korn or The Chainsmokers are ruled out.

  12. Sad about Biffy Clyro, happy that Korn & The Chainsmokers are out… So, RHCP / Mumford & Sons / Radiohead?

  13. Just Mumfords are an option at the moment, no evidence of RHCP and Radiohead in august European festival circuit.

    No chainsmokers is actually an incredible news, anything would be better, even Katy Perry

  14. I went on the ticket shop to see how many almost sold out 5 days tickets there were available and it is well over 1000 tickets left. Hardly almost sold out. They have said almost sold out for weeks now 5 days sold out in early March last year. Maybe we will return to the quieter szigets of a few years ago when the capacity was a more sensible 70000, Not 90000

  15. To give context

    362000 attended in 2013
    496000 last year. I’d be happy with around the 400000, the festival seems to work best at those numbers. Last year was a little over busy in parts

  16. The good news is that an act like mumfords wont make it a sold out event 🙂

    Let’s say, mumfords wont make me decide te buy tickets. But i already have them…

  17. So now the most possible names are:
    Deadmau5/DJ Snake
    Lana Del Rey/Mumford & Sons/Placebo
    or do you have any other ideas?

  18. Well, we could dream of…

    Killers (play the same Festival as Alt-J in USA in august: Outlands)
    Rolling Stones (?)
    The Who (Outlands)
    QOTSA (Outlands)
    Gorillaz (Outlands)

    Or do you think they’re all impossible?

    And what about Eminem?

  19. MGMT would be awesome, they just finished making a new album. I’m looking forward to the Colosseum lineup more than anything else at this stage haha

  20. Even U2 is more likely than Rolling Stones.
    Stones have been rumored to tour europe for a year now, but they announced nothing. Probably they cancelled their plans for the tour or postponed it after the new album is over.

    By the way The Killers are playing Lolla on aug 4, not Outside Lands.
    Alt J can play both Outside and Sziget because they play the last day at Sziget. It’s quite impossible this year for a band to play Outside Lands (aug 11-13) and the saturday or sunday at Sziget

  21. even though the date fits perfectly in their tour, i wouldnt say that.. they are not that popular among the hungarians, they are not decent enough to headline Volt….
    Vagy de? 😀

  22. Kb. Bastille szint lehet itthon, annak elégnek kell lennie 😀 Az tuti, hogy nem lesz több Linkin Park méret? fellép?

  23. Some Sziget representative said in some interview like a week ago that they’d love to book Rolling Stones for their 25th anniversary, but it’s not gonna work out. So they are ruled out for sure.

  24. Hey guys, Is it easy to pick up girls at the island and have one night (or 7 nights) stand? How many condoms I should bring?

  25. Just keep enjoying pussy every day mate, don’t prepare your condoms four months in advance. Every day could be the last, lol

  26. Karoly Gerendai told the Hungarian press 10 days ago that a band like The Rolling Stone or U2 want about 4-5 million dollars for a gig:

    Guns ‘n’ Roses or Beyonce want 2-3 million dollars. These prices are if they are on tour. Insane!

    I think that now is 99% sure that we won’t get RHCP or Eminem. We should feel lucky if we get Mumford & Sons and Rammstein or Placebo.

  27. Yeah, I know one of the organizers of I-Days in Italy, and he told me that Justin Bieber (the most expensive name on their poster) costed 3 millions.

    But at the same time I think Sziget can still afford one big name, in particular this year with expensive tickets and cheap headliners.

  28. Why Would anyone pay that monee for that crap is beyond me, While he doesnt éven worth 1 dollar. Imagine how many good artista can be Booker on that money, Hell even a full festival…

  29. I would have likes Paramore zo much better than Pink, Wiz khaliffa and dimitri vegas and like mike… and Paramore shouldn’t headline…

  30. Well I would be happy to see Paramore, even as minor headliner, better than 4 out of 5 names over there for sure!
    Didnt even know they reunited lol

  31. They are not bigging this one up. So maybe 5 more for main and a38. Collsium was announced in June last year so unlikely to be that

  32. You sure about that? I mean, maybe it’s a smalll announcement, but this edition seems to rely a lot on the small names… so let’s hope for something surprising!

  33. They announcement didn’t say if we’ll get a headliner, but it would be nice to finally see a great day headliner.

    They didn’t hype the MUSE announcement last year as well. It would be nice to see something similar.

    Otherwise, it will be a usual Sziget announcement…

  34. It’s correct that VOLT artists don’t play Sziget, correct? We won’t see Paramore?

    Gutted, I love them.

  35. In the small reaction here on the board everybody can see…that for sziget 2017 there is no more hype or hope….it’s very sad for the 25th edition…let’s hope for some cool small acts…..

  36. Pixies would make my day. How about Regina Specktor. I’m guessing we may get some names for the arena. Not interested in that really.

  37. its soo good they book new and exciting, and most importantly “never been to sziget” artists like macklemore. PURE QUALITY as always.

  38. Are Biffy subbing Khalifa for sure? Ok that’s actually not a bad announcement for me then. A super good band playing one night that was empty for me… plus another headlining slot left (or two, not sure if Mack will headline). Tycho was also on my wishlist so… nothing to complain today

  39. Is you check the headline you can see we only have one headline slot left. Macklemore is headlining.

    They showed once again they have no respect for ticket buyers. It look like they used my wishlist for the other festivals so those festivals could get bigger. They didnt use them for sziget for sure…

  40. With Biffy, Tycho and Allah-Las I have almost 50 acts to watch already. Still hope for The Temper Trap but I’m fine with this

  41. Seems strange how they didn’t manage to book Mumfords as they play at Freq and Pkklp… those guys play really anywhere at very accessible prices

  42. Biffy Clyro!!! <3
    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are fun, to be honest!
    Breaking Benjamin will have some cool headbanging stuff.
    Birdy for the chicks.
    Pretty good announcement, to be honest.

  43. Really happy with Biffy and Tycho! The 13th I’l be on A38 at night: Tycho, Bakermat, Rone! Diverse and very good electronic.

    Birdy could be fun, she has some good covers.

    The headliners are worse with every announcement.

  44. also love the fact that everything’s about Kendrick Lamar in the rap world right now, what do you do?? Book Maclamore… Soooo pathetic.

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