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Announcement: Gorillaz, Dua Lipa, Others @ Sziget 2018

Sziget Festival has a new management – and it clearly has a brand new way of revealing the artists, DJs, and other performers taking one of its stages in August. The event’s last announcement, made on January 29, was great news for most of the attendees – and hopefully, the names below will also not be a disappointment. So, without further ado, here they are:

  • Dua Lipa
  • Gorillaz
  • Shawn Mendes
  • Stormzy
  • The War on Drugs
  • Nick Murphy FKA Chet Faker
  • Lianne La Havas
  • Desiigner
  • King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
  • Gorgon City live
  • JP Cooper
  • Petit Biscuit
  • Borgore
  • Zhu
  • Yellow Days
  • The Living End
  • Sofi Tukker
  • Scarlxrd
  • Delta Heavy
  • Seven Lions
  • Bilderbuch
  • My Baby

Better late than never, they say. So, let’s take a look at all the names released today and how they fit into the existing list of performers already announced.

Dua Lipa at The Belasco in Los Angeles

Dua Lipa (August 12) started her career as a YouTube cover artist before signing her first record deal with Warner. She released her first studio album called “Dua Lipa” last summer – the album produced two UK top-10 singles “Be the One” and “IDGAF” and the UK number-one single “New Rules”.

Gorillaz (August 9) need no introduction. Despite all members of the band being animated –  2-D (lead vocals, keyboards), Murdoc Niccals (bass guitar), Noodle (guitar, keyboards), and Russel Hobbs (drums and percussion) – they have performed live many times. And this summer, they’ll do so for Sziget’s audience.


Shawn Mendes (August 13) started his career as a social media astist, sharing covers on Vine, before signing a record deal with Island Records. Since then, he released two studio albums and pocketed several awards and nominations.

English rapper Stormzy (August 8) has released his debut album last February, and it was pretty successful – it was the first grime album to reach number one at the UK Albums Chart ever. For this year, the rapper has two BRIT Award nominations.

The War on Drugs (August 14) is an American indie rock band from Philadelphia. Their latest album, A Deeper Understanding, won the “Best Rock Album” Grammy award this year.


397 thoughts on “Announcement: Gorillaz, Dua Lipa, Others @ Sziget 2018

  1. I’m glad they are back at the pathetic phase besides The war on drugs, king Gizzard and the living end. good for me.
    Shown Mendes is a headliner?

  2. Very disappointing:|
    Not even one proper rock band. And those really sh1tty pop acts are making me sad.
    Already have a sziget ticket and hoping there will be better names next announcement….

  3. Shawn Mendes (whoever he is) is opening for Kygo, so it’s a coheadliner, s’all good.
    Dua Lipa Headlining is a bit of a downer but I could have seen that coming.

    Gorillaz, TWOD, KG&LW, Chet Faker and Living End really made my day, can’t wait to listen to the unknowns!

  4. According to Sziget Italia Shawn Mendes will play before Kygo. Gorillaz, The War On Drugs, Nick Murphy, King Gizzard, Lianne La Havas, Stormzy, My Baby and Yellow Days are all very good for me. I already have more than 30 favorites 🙂

  5. No Shawn isn’t a headliner I believe. He’s playing the same das the Kygo.

    There’s still a headliner slot on Friday the 10th.

  6. if you go to offical sziget syte you will see that fukin Shawn is headliner for 13th August….

  7. wow checked out that shawn dude, that stupid song was familiar from the radio. But 1,5 billion watches on the tube? the world is ready to burn.

  8. HGPM I think you won’t have any problems to sell out your tickets with these names. You are in time to choose one more other festival I guess 🙂

  9. Excellent announcement! One more headlining act to go, and Gorillaz sub!
    I already have at least 1 “must see” per day!

    Please, do not make Liam Gallagher and Wolf Alice clash!

  10. @Nowheretohide I’ve already been to Primavera Sound 3 times and I’m going back this year again. Comparing Sziget and Primavera Sound makes no sense. Are two totally different kind of festivals. At Sziget you live the festival, at Primavera Sound you just run from a stage to another one watching concerts. Comparing Sziget and Primavera Sound is like comparing MotoGP and MotoCross. Both involve motos, but are 2 different sports.

    Anyway I’m happy to see Nick Murphy playing the 13th and hope he’ll clash with Kygo.

  11. well a festival first and foremost should be about music, therefore running from stage to stage and not about the “side-dish”, but this bring up old wounds i don’t want to do that.

  12. You-re right, but then again sziget is an art and music festival. It has always promoted itself like this.
    And the lineup is excellent for now 😀 they should check the french generation of rappers.. nekfeu, lomepal… for an afternoon a38 spot!

  13. Damn, you are so narrow minded sometimes.

    If you want to have all day bands like King Gizzard then, probably you would stand in a crowd of 100 people. And no girls, by the way. Do you want to see girls on the festival or you just only want to listen to good music with your bearded friends? Jesus.

  14. obviously the later man. i want to go to a festival to see great live bands.
    (This is pretty sexist that you go to a festival for easy hook ups, but that”s just me)

  15. Seems that we will have finally an excellent mainstream rap day with Stormzy + Kendrick.

    Like the addition of Lianne La Havas, Sofi Tukker and Yellow Days. Great young musicians.

  16. Man, I’m not going there for easy hook ups, I’m going there with my girlfriend and 6 other girls. I’m not only thinking about myself like you, I’m also thinking about them.

  17. so a girl can’t listen anything else than mainstream pop music? what is your point with this gender thing really??

  18. Make comparisons between sziget and any rock-metal festival and come back to us.
    Not as many girls (id say 50-50 at sziget)..your metal festivals are so sexists man…

  19. omfg Nolieam metal/rock and especiallypunk/hardcore music scenes are the most pro gender equality scenes out there. please….

  20. False! There’s not as many.
    Fact: They touch girls asses when they crowdsurf.

    Im joking, just made a dwight shrute impersonation!
    I wont talk to you anymore fessesfsf… even if you’re right you are pathetic. How can you not like a kygo-shawn mendes co-headline?

    Coming back to the announcement: i think there are 7 spots to be filled on main stage, lets say friday head, the gorillaz sub and 2 more hungarian acts. That leave us with 3 undercard. Flogging Molly?

  21. Is it me or the names announced just changed ? Now KSHMR and Seven Lions are among the names, Zhu disapeared

  22. I think we miss:
    -3 acts on Gorillaz day
    – headliner and first pitch for 11
    – first pitch for 12 and 13

    In a38 we miss (given that first day as tradition won’t have a38):
    – 4 electronic acts
    – given Cigarettes, Wolf Alice, Little Dragon and Zara Larsson to headline, 2 headliners
    – 4 undercards
    We also lack of the majority of Telekom, the whole Colosseum, World, Europe and Lightstage

  23. Very good and balanced announcement, we all know Sziget has a great part of pop radio mainstream music, and this acts are not bad at all. If a festival is far all listeners it has to include all. Both Dua Lipa and Shawn Mendes are good performers and will deliver a good show for pop music fans and party dudes, can’t understand all this hate on mainstream pop. We have just a Dj coheadling, great news. Gorillaz makes this lineup look wonderful.. We always say we want good performers, actual and relevant headliners and this year we have a lot of this. Just Kendrick, AM, Gorillaz, Mumford make a strong quality poster. And the midcard + undercard is shaping beautifully.

  24. I agree, Gorillaz is a great announcement as well as AM and Mumford and a few more but who the hell are the others? (

  25. Umm, first and foremost can we not call things that we dislike ‘gay’? It’s 2018, we aren’t seven years old and we should know better.

    From a pop fans perspective, the surprise to me is that Dua is a headliner, not Shawn. Like him or loathe him, he’s a global superstar whilst Dua is a worldwide breakthrough artist. I’d have preferred to see Florence or Paramore in her place, with her further down.

    I think it’s an incredibly strong set of headliners overall given that you seem to be getting EIGHT of them. Arctics, Kendrick, Mumford, Gorillaz are big names for any festival really.

  26. @Navytaxi We can’t, as calling them ‘crap’ would be way too generous. However, I’m happy that the Canadian variant of Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran combined is not headlining in the end.

  27. Obviously, it’s not good to be gay with all the homobhopia around, but being crap is easy, it just lays on the street with no worries

  28. What if I tell you than an expression can have multiple meanings? Urban dictionary:

    “That’s Gay
    Phrase used to signify a stupid, unwanted, or weird idea.
    Fred: Let’s all dress as cats for hallowenn!

    Sam: Dude, that’s gay.
    by hatersgonhatee November 01, 2010”

  29. There’s no slang regarding the ‘n’ word. I’m using slang pretty often as long as I’m not speaking in public. This is a private forum, where everyone posts whatever he wants anonymously, so that’s why I’m using slang. For proper, formal English go to wikipedia mate.

    For your interest, I support the LGBT movement, but in my opinion, that expression doesn’t have anything to do with being gay. The same way as “to be done up like a kipper” doesn’t have anything to do with a f*ckin’ fish OR “a penny for you thoughs” doesn’t have anything to do with f*ckin money.

  30. Have you already read the article? Even LGBT persons do not get offended as long as they know the other meaning.

    And from the article: “One of the problems with it is that older generations will hear homophobia even where none is intended.”

  31. There’s actually a lot of LGBT people that are offended by it and want people to stop saying such stupid things.

  32. Yeah, I flagged it up. I’m an LGBT person. I know the slang to which it refers. People used to say ‘that’s so gay’ back when I was at school… in the last millennium,

    It’s not accepted now, it is offensive, the LGBT community don’t appreciate it and it’s not hard to see why. Using the word that describes a large part of our identity to denote something unwanted, undesirable, shit… I wonder why we don’t like it?

    Try replacing it with ‘that’s so black’, ‘that’s so disabled’ ‘that’s so muslim’ – no race/disability/gender identity/sexuality/religion (particularly minorities who have it bad enough) deserves to be synonymous with something meaning shit.

    Anyway sorry, the thread is about Sziget and I’m sorry for hijacking it, I just believe we should pull up these incidences when they happen or they will carry on and I appreciate those who tried to help me explain why it’s not okay!

    Let’s talk about Sziget again…

  33. Think navy summed it up nicely. As another lgbt person, I second it is offensive and is totally against the culture of the Sziget.

  34. Agree with @Navytaxi and @fsfsf, using “gay” as an offensive word is not only offensive to the lgbt community, it’s also one of the most stupid things you can do.

    Anyway I’d love to have “gay music” at Sziget like Rob Halford with Judas Priest, Roddy Bottum with Faith No More, Neil Tennant with Pet Shop Boys, Michael Stipe with reunited R.E.M, Kele Okereke with Bloc Party or Jonsi with Sigur Ros. You can call them all “gay” @Sziget, but not because “calling them ‘crap’ would be way too generous”.

  35. I’m sorry, I never had the intention to offend any LGBTist when I wrote that. I think I would’ve not even wrote that if Sziget would’ve not posted a cover photo with Mendes as a “potential headliner”. I was too angry when I saw that. If they would have put him in the undercard, I would’ve not even care about him.

    I also want to repeat that I support LGBT rights. I promise that I’ll try to avoid using that expression from now on.

    Now the main problem is that I have to find a word that would describe Mendes, Bieber, Sheeran or commercial EDM DJs as “way worse than crap”. Or I might stick with “way worse than crap” for them.

  36. Now at the next announcement I hope there will be some rock, as there aren’t too many bands where rockers can mosh.

    You can do it at AM, Wolf Alice (doubt it will happen at these 2 though), Gogol Bordello, Slaves and maybe Shame, but I feel these names are not enough. Am I right?

  37. Could Justice be the final headliner? There’s still a headline slot open on the 10th and the following day they are playing a festival in Romania.

  38. I clearly underestimated Stormzy. The Living End also look cool.

    Regarding A38, the disadvantage is that often the sound quality is very poor because of the tent.

  39. @Sziget – all good, appreciate your efforts to change it in future 🙂

    With regards the festival, I know I’m opposite to everybody who is excited for Kendrick and Gorillaz but I really want to see Mumford, Arctics & Shawn. Not sure whether to buy a Saturday day ticket, then a three day one, or go for the five day and hope for somebody I enjoy. I’d have been happy if Kendrick was there instead, but all those I want to see are very spread out this year.

  40. Out of lollopoza line up only kraftwerk 3D interests me. I think we already have most of the good acts

  41. The War On Drugs are probably the best name in the lineup imo. They’d be perfect both subbing AM or headlining A38 at 23:45!

  42. Do you guys think there is any chance of King Krule and/or Mount Kimbie. Also Glitch Mob have a tour in the US earlier in the summer. Thoughts on the possibilities of that?

  43. King Krule just had an awesome sold out gig in Budapest, so the demand is there, but don’t know their touring schedule for the summer.

  44. King Krule has no date announced for summer. Mount Kimbie have gigs in UK and Norway right after Sziget so we can put them in the “very probable” list (plus they don’t come on the island since 2014, so it’s time for them to be back).
    They’d both be great addictions for A38.

  45. Mount Kimbie would be ace! but again, Sziget shouldn’t miss on The Blaze! Best french electro act around, a bit like Rone last year!
    Justice is on another league obviously

  46. Last thing. about the “leak” on the previous article. Someone wrote

    February 20, 2018 at 2:29 am
    17 May 1965 (Headliner)
    23 March 1968 (Headliner)
    22 August 1995
    23 July 1984″

    it was NIN, Gorillaz, Dua Lipa and The Wombats. We know that The Wombats self confirmed.
    What about NIN? what was that hint man?

  47. Well, as long as they’ve put Dua Lipa as headliner, maybe they pulled of in the last minute?

    “Why” posted in the previous article that one of his journalist friends told him that a name was deleted by the PR.

  48. If they have deleted NIN’s partecipation from the festival it would be pitiful. Of course as headliners are really out of place but I would love to see them subbing Gorillaz, like it would be the best 4 hours in my life

  49. In the same time it could be Zhu. However, any chances for At The Drive-In? I know they had that gig in Budapest last year, but I think they can do Sziget if they’re still around in August.

  50. Don’t think they are touring but they would be great. I think one spot in a38 will be taken by Mura Masa (just an impression, tho).

    So Zhu definitely delated? Good to know, the A38 deserves much more love although he/they/she/it was/were not that bad. Even more if that leaves place for NIN in any possible measure

  51. They’re touring Europe in July, as they’re at Rock Werchter, Mad Cool & others, but they didn’t announce anything for August yet. I really think that Sziget is currently lacking this kind of “screaming” bands in the undercard, but the rest of the lineup is pretty cool. 😀

  52. I think they won’t tour in August, that’s what I’m saying.

    I saw mine and Camper’s clashfinder (links in the bottom) and I think that everything is more or less cool (heads are great, but undercard are pretty standard), but BUT the subheadliners. They suck all big time (except TWOD)- I mean big names but if they are actually:
    – Lykke Li
    – Bastille
    – Parov Stelar
    – Shawn Mendes
    – TWOD
    – Liam Gallagher
    IMHO we are really out of the line (last year, for weak as it was, we still had Alt J and Biffy Clyro). NIN would be good at least in bringing variety, but if they dont downgrade Parov Stelar it would be a bit underwhelming, always IMHO.

    Here the two clashfinders:

  53. Parov subbed for Rihanna last time… maybe they got someone big.
    Anyway I think it’s not weak!
    Lykke Li is a fan of Kendrick and she is headlining Oya and scandinavian festivals. Also having Stormzy (Wireless headliner) on 3rd position makes that day very strong.
    Bastille, meh but before Mumford exclusive it would sell well I think.
    Shawn Mendes… thankfully he’s a sub as we thought he was headliner.
    TWOD.. no comment
    Liam Gallagher! Some singalong before going to the world music stage during Dua Lipa!

  54. I have given up on Sziget and decided to go to Primavera instead but there still might be chance for Sziget to make this shitty lineup better because if Shawn Mendes is playing in Tokyo with NIN and MY bloody valentine and some other great names then might not be that impossible for Sziget to bring NIN too….but honestly I expect more shallow names instead

  55. The Living End in a day with Wolf Alice, Desiigner and King Gizzard won’t be headlining in a million year. Although I hope they will play parallel to Bastille spot and Desiigner to Mumford slot (to give an alternative to whom is not interested to guitar driven performances – and to give one to who wants to avoid crappy performers…

  56. Many August festivals announcing on next week around Sziget: Boardmasters and Rize Festival (V Festival replacement) on Monday, Frequency and Zürich Openair on Tuesday, Summer Well with no exact day yet and Pukkelpop’s first announcement rumoured for the beginning of March too. I don’t expect new headliners but we can hope for good undercard acts.

  57. Electric Castle will also announce the second round of names on the 1st of March, but that’s between July 18 and July 22.

  58. I would take Stereophonics, Plan B, Manic Street Preachers, Rag’n’Bone Man & Circa Waves from Rize Festival’s lineup!

  59. Didn’t know that! X Ambassadors, God Is An Astronaut, Hollywood Undead (I guess they’re more plausible than Ghost), SOLDOUT & Stereophonics are my bet now, then! 😀

  60. Frequency confirmed die antwoord, flogging Molly, dropkick Murphys, sum 41, papa roach, the used among other. I would pick anyone of them.
    I hope we’ll get papa roach. I haven’t seen them yet.

  61. Would take Sum 41 back, Papa Roach and the Used (although the they are underwhelming live) in an heartbeat

  62. I would take all of them, especially Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys! Would be awesome to see a new announcement on St. Patrick’s Day, as both bands play Irish/Celtic punk! 😀

  63. This is the final Summer Well (Romania) lineup: Justice, Bastille, The Kooks, Kodaline, Cigarettes After Sex, SOFI TUKKER, Rationale, Tom Grennan, HMLTD & Isaac Gracie.

    I would take Justice only.

  64. I swear that if they took all of the relevant names of that lineup BUT JUSTICE I will get mad.

    Just a lil bit cause we have Gorillaz.


  65. Nona Kraviz, Amélie Lena, Jeff Mills, Charlotte de Witte and others confirmed for Glitch Festival in Malta (14-16 August).
    Oh God please, please, please, make it real

  66. New names added to Electric Castle(Romania):
    -Jessie J
    -Mura Masa
    -Richie Hawtin
    -Groove Armada
    -The Bloody Beetroots
    -St Germain
    -Nothing But Thieves
    -Alison Wonderland
    +some little names

  67. St. Germain headlining A38 clashing with Dua Lipa or Kygo would be spectacular. Also Richie Hawtin bringing his CLOSE live show at 1am in A38 would be sick.

  68. Anyway Colossum is always almost completely filled by male djs, this year I’d love to see a lot of techno girls on the decks like Avalon Emerson, Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens, Helena Hauff, Charlotte De Witte, Anja Schneider, Nicole Moudaber, etc.

  69. Hmm… Good announcement, but I guess that those Coca Cola hints were for Electric Castle’s final lineup, as only Mura Masa is from the hints.

  70. Bender for president: Amelie Lens, Nina Kraviz and Helena Hauff + Jeff Mills and formthe rest call a Teletubbies medley 24/7 and I’d be done anyway!

    As I said on another site, I can see very likely Mura Masa, Excsion (w/ Borgore), Marshmello (w/ Alle Farben) and Richie Hawtin (w/ Gorgon City) for a38.

  71. I have good memories from Nastia’s set in 2016! Please bring Nina Kraviz 😀

  72. So for now Maceo Plex, Amelie Lens and Matedor ruled out. They’ve just been announced by b my lake.


  73. Speaking of electro acts.. The Blaze just announced for Paredes de Coura! I’m confident Sziget will get them!

    As for colosseum… they won’t disappoint us! But have a big one on the last night so we can stay up ’til the morning 🙂

  74. Sam Paganini, Chris Liebing and Charlotte De Witte.
    Holy sh*t,’s first announcement is sick! Too many names I wanted for Colosseum 🙁

  75. Anyway good names that have not been announced by and that last year were at Balaton Sound (so unlikely to be back there as usually there are no repetitions of international acts at Balaton’s techno stage and techno night in Party Arena) are Joseph Capriati, Dubfire, Max Cooper, Hot Since 82, John Digweed, Jamie Jones, Dave Clarke, Oxia, Nicole Moudaber, Mark Reeve, Eelke Kleijn and Sasha + there were Anja Schneider, Edu Imbernon and Catz N Dogz @ Elrow Stage. All these may be on the “probable” list for Colosseum.

  76. @FAB1: Groove Armada is DJ set only though.

    However, here the answers for the hints from the contest. They were incredibly poorly made!

    Round 1:
    · Sandwich – Richie Hawting
    · Seventeen – Jessie J
    · Firefly – Mura Masa
    · Panic Attack – Jessie J
    · Paris – Tchami

    Round 2:
    · X – Excision
    · Space – Hawtin
    · Masks – The Bloody Beetroots
    · Sold Out – Nothing But Thieves
    · C’est la vie – St. Germain

    So the sandwich hint is that Richie Hawting went to the Sandwich High School, meanwhile “17” at Jessie J is that he was part of a band for the first time at 17 years old. The other one about her – panic attack because she had one on stage? Really?! Hahahah. “Sold out” is because Nothing But Thieves had some sold out gigs.

    The only well done hints by them were Mura Masa, The Bloody Beetroots and maybe Excision. The rest were crap!

  77. Green Man announced it’s lineup yesterday.
    We already have 2 of the headliners at Sziget, would love to have fleet foxes as well! +grizzly bear

  78. Well, that paying method was the same at other festivals too (for example, Electric Castle). And it’s fast!

  79. Tried it this way at Sonar and it’s so much better. No risk to lose the card anymore. Seems like it was yesterday when at Sziget 2010 people from the festipay staff were everywhere asking people all over the festival area if they wanted to try the “Sziget Card”. After 7 editions of the festival it was time to move forward and improve the system.

  80. Do we expect a big name, pop headliner still? Seems like we’re missing the Rihanna or Pink or Sia, though it doesn’t have to be a single named female.

    I still say the lineup looks legit. Lots more rock. My girl likes more pop, so I tolerate it. But Kendrick is HUGE. AM, Mumford, Gorillaz are really solid. Just feels like were missing that big pop act. Dua Lipa is not that.

  81. I think that in the past few years we had “big pop” headliners because they couldn’t book quality headliners like Arctic Monkeys or Kendrick Lamar. We have enough pop acts on Main Stage (Dua Lipa, Shawn Mendes etc.) and I don’t think that they have the budget to book another really big act.

    I want Justice or Nine Inch Nails to be the last headlining act. Maybe something even better in terms of quality, but don’t know who is around.

    To be honest, we need more heavier rock bands in the undercard (punk rock, metalcore). They had Parkway Drive, BMTH and BFMV in 2016 for example, but last year or this year they don’t have anything like this, except The Living End. At the Drive-In, Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys would be nice!

  82. Fully agree with Sziget. I’d also add some cheaper options like marmosets or frank Carter to that list. At the drive in would be a dream but suspect they will have left Europe by then.

  83. La Route du Rock (16-19 August, France) announced new names few days ago. This is their lineup currently: Phoenix, Grizzly Bear, Charlotte Gainsbourg, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Jungle, The Black Madonna, The Limiñanas, shame, Ariel Pink, The Lemon Twigs, John Maus, Protomartyr & Superorganism.

  84. I would take Phoenix, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Protomartyr & Superorganism from that list, btw!

  85. Phoenix would be ace! Also Grizzly Bear, Jungle, Lemon Twigs and Superorganism!

  86. Do you guys think there’s any chance of Alt-J being added to this year’s line-up?

  87. Would like to see Kehlani of Jhene aiko for a38 or chance the rapper, childish gambino

  88. Ah yeah they played last year. Shame, because I think Alt-J would’ve been a fantastic sub for the Main Stage.
    Childish Gambino would be more than welcome Tiago!

  89. Just saw that Halestorm announced a European tour for September & October. What is interesting is that they didn’t announce anything for August yet, so it would be nice to see them doing some August festivals in Europe too!

    They were at Sziget 2015 and they were pretty cool. 😀

  90. VOLT will announce 2 new acts tomorrow, so we might also get some names for Sziget pretty soon.

  91. NIN & The Chems coheadlining on the 10th and Justice headlining a night in A38 would be insane!

  92. And than we wake up all sweated out without a kidney in a baththube in Mexico.

    Well, would dig that anyway

  93. Alice Glass and Charlotte Gainsbourg announced for Flow. Now, those are two perfect name for a38!

  94. They announced Redfoo and Clean Bandit for VOLT. Weird, as Clean Bandit will also play Sziget.

  95. I think that at some point Kali Uchis and or Little Sims will spawn in the line up on Gorillaz day, in A38. Cannot believe they will bring them without one single collab

  96. Sziget could offer something special like a residency for a band. Imagine for example king gizzard playing a different album each day in A38. It would be really different to any other festival

  97. At this point the chance we get NERD as last headliner are pretty high, but I really hope they won’t. From those names I’d take Patti Smith as a Main Stage sub and Nils Frahm and The Blaze as A38 headliners,

  98. N.E.R.D as headliner looks like a good fit imo.

    Others. Wombats look nailed on, drop kick murphys, grizzly bear and bonobo likely too? Who else do the great minds of this forum predict?

  99. I don’t care too much about the last headliner… I care about the undercard more. I still hope for August festivals to book more punk rock / metalcore bands, but looks like it won’t happen. 🙁 From Lowlands, Patti Smith & Dropkick Murphys woud be cool.

    Bonobo already had a gig in Budapest this year. I also hope for Flogging Molly and Protomartyr. No news about a European tour in August for bands like Paramore or Marmozets.

    I think the lineup in the undercard is already full of some boring indie / pop bands I can fall asleep on, so I would like to see some heavier stuff there.

  100. Ok so bonobo likely out. Wolfmother look to be heading this way late summer…..I suspect marmosets will be done by then they doing really long tour so expect them to be on summer Holiday. At the drive in,, sadly, also likely to be finished…. how about something crazy like sepultura?

  101. Bad religion any chance? Sorry I’m spamming the forum but too impatient about the new names….

  102. They should take Ghost from Wacken Open Air, but don’t know if this kind of diversity fits the “love revolution” kind of diversity. 😀 But if they book them, I would thank the rock gods.

  103. Dunno if it’s anything to do with whatever theme they choose. Sziget has moved further away from heavy acts as the years have gone by. Additionally most of the better rock bands seem to be doing earlier festivals this year. But your spot on there’s a lot of shoe gazing indie shit in there this year and not a single band I’d consider heavy yet.

  104. That said listening to “rocked” on Spotify right now and all this stuff would’ve been indie when I were a wee lad.

  105. Looks like Paramore are more and more unlikely: they and Foster the People announced a June-July US tour, so until July 24 Paramore will be in the US and on August 18 they will play in Japan. However, it will be interesting to see what will they do between July 25 and August 18…

    Foster the People have a slight chance, if they will announce a European tour which will begin in August.

  106. What if they don’t announce anybody untill 17th of June and then they announce Arcade Fire? Just like Pukkelpop have done with Kendrick, wait for his gig in Belgium and then announce him for the festival. I don’t know if this may be probable, but it would be amazing.

  107. It would have been better if they could announce QOTSA or Nick Cave, as both have gigs on the same day in Budapest…

  108. No need for Nick Cave or QOTSA as they are playing inmusic a mere 3 hour drive away so if your local you can easily fit that in. I think realistically we are not getting another band though. D.J, electronic or pop act would be my bet for that final slot.

  109. Just saw Arcade Fire will be in Denmark on 10th August and Deadmau5 too (Haven Festival and Smukfest). So the only possible headliners now on that day is Justice or maybe Iggy Pop since Imagine Dragons US tour lasts until 10th August. I hope Pukkelpop can add something new in the next few days.

  110. Sooooo… new names tomorrow. If there exists a rock god at Sziget, he would book Ghost, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Patti Smith & Iggy Pop. I pray for at least 2 of these.

  111. Not the usually announcement time, 4 PM again like when they announced Mumfords as exclusive. Interesting…

  112. I saw on efests this morning that The Rapture will reunite and they are rumoured for Pukkelpop, maybe they’re also in the mix.

  113. Those that follows are my opinions about:
    1) Since the announcement is 4 pm I expect the last headliner to be exclusive, so something that we haven’t seen yet around: my 2 cents on Lana del Rey. Dream would be Jay Z and Beyonce, but let’s be real;
    2) For the SubHead I highly doubt NIN; I dig Franz Ferdinand, Madness (not subbing, as they already play the 10th) or Pet Shop Boys;
    3) I expect so small collab from last album of Gorillaz the 10th, my bet around it are: Kali Uchis, De La Souls, Little Sims or Kehlani;
    4) Probable names for A38 IMO are Rival Sons, Sleaford Mods, Grizzly Bear, HO99O9; To headline it I’d see Steven Wilson, The Rapture, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Justice or Enter Shikari.
    5) The Wombats are nailed in;
    6) Undercards in MS IMO can be: Catfish and the Bottlemen, Belle and Sebastian, Jake Bugg, Kaiser Chiefs, Sum41, Patti Smith;
    7) In the A38’s night I’d dig: Kink or Floating Points, Dub Pistols, Marshmello, Netsky, Alice Glass, Mura Masa, Richie Hawtin or Excision;
    8) Couldn’t care less for Party Arena, but interesting names around are Kungs, Basement Jaxx and Martin Solveig.

    IMO, my bet for tomorrow are the following:
    Lana Del Rey, Franz Ferdinand, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Sum 41, Jake Bugg, Patti Smith, The Wombats (Main Stage);
    Dropkick Murphys, Sleaford Mods, HO99O9, Rival Sons, Kali Uchis, Justice, Marshmello, Richie Hawtin (A38)
    Some random sh*t in Party Arena

  114. I would love to see Paramore as exclusive European headliners, if 4 PM means exclusivity. 😀

  115. Jay Z and Beyonce are in the United States in August .. Tomorrow I bet on Sum 41, I would like Justice, Chemical Brothers or Underworld …. I do not know if Paramore are still so relevant to do a European tour …

  116. Paramore were very wanted by R+L fans. AM + Mumfords + Paramore + Kendrick + Gorillaz would do the trick for them to buy tickets for Sziget, I think.

    And it would be a logical booking somehow… they are playing in the US until late July and they play in Japan in August, so they might go there from Sziget.

  117. I think there’s a slight chance for Eminem too, even if he wouldn’t be a festival exclusive.

  118. 4 PM CET is 11:00 AM in Washington, USA, by the way (which is the usual Sziget announcement time). American act is it then?

  119. They announced Kendrick at 11.00 A.M so the 4.00P.M doesn’t even means anything, i think.

  120. Not sure when they usually announce World Music Stage acts, but Calexico would be great. They tour across Europe during Sziget. Not to mention this would be their 3rd concert @ Sziget.

  121. @Thatjokeisntfunny: They will be in Croatia too during Sziget so it’s more than likely. Their new album is fantastic btw so I hope they will come 🙂

  122. I wish you were reliable, MV, cause Ed Sheeran for how shi*ty pop he is, would be a great booking move

  123. I hope he’s just kidding. But let’s say I would be happy with him if I’ll get more punk rock / metalcore acts today. 😀

  124. Please no… A big waste of money… Luckily Sheeran has an American tour in August,so It’s unlikely…

  125. Boomtown just announced the lineup for a stage with acts that would easily fit at the World Music Stage at Sziget.

  126. Lol all I can guess from that is Sigrid? The National? But I don’t know if they’re touring or feasible…. I’ll wait too

  127. Lana Del Rey * Fever Ray * BØRNS * Asaf Avidan * Don Diablo * AURORA * Unknown Mortal Orchestra * ZHU * TUJAMO * Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons * Jan Blomqvist & Band * SG Lewis

    nice !

  128. Lana Del Rey (headliner 10 aug)
    Fever Ray (14 aug)
    BØRNS (14 aug)
    Asaf Avidan (10 aug)
    Don Diablo (13 aug)
    AURORA (11 aug)
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra (9 aug)
    Zhu (11 aug)
    Tujamo (12 aug)
    Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons (13 aug)
    Jan Blomqvist & Band (12 aug)
    SG Lewis (9 Aug)

  129. Thanks KlandoX! If anyone has time to update the clashfinder…
    I’m happy with Fever Ray!!!!
    and Asaf Avidan/Aurora.
    Will have to check out some more, but a friend is buzzed for Zhu!

  130. Ahaha! The timetables are usually out around june no?
    or when the a38/main stage is complete?

    checking jan blomqvist now, really interesting! Electro with band 🙂

  131. @Sziget: Not mentioned in the press release, maybe it’s just her first European festival date this year and Sziget had the exclusivity to announce her first.

  132. I think there will be painful clashes, like Fever Ray – Arctic Monkeys or The Living End – Mumford and Sons…

  133. I’m very very happy about Fever Ray, Jan Blomqvist, UMO and Damian Lazarus. Sziget’s lineup this year is pretty strong.

  134. Tomorrow VOLT will announce the full lineup. I think Sziget will also announce it until the beginning of May at most.

  135. Well there are left 2 names for A38 (as it seems there is no activities in the Kendrick’s day), 5 for Main Stage, big part of the Telekom Arena, all of World Stage, Colosseum, Europe and Lightstage.

    We have a long way in front of us, yet

  136. Lana is not European exclusive after all. She was announced for another festival today.

    I also got an info that we should know names for Europe stage till the end of March.

  137. I’m a bit afraid…that I dont have enough time for the europestage this year…sziget will be fully packed this year…cooooooool

  138. @Yelo, are they announcing anywhere who is main stage and who is A38 or is this best guesses? Secondly how’d you know if it’s 7-8 acts per day for A38?

  139. @Dave for a38 it is like that since 2015. The destination of names for stages is my supposition, excluded the first batch of names on which I’m certain

  140. Kasabian, Manic Street Preachers, 2manydjs live and Deus announced for Lokerse Feesten in Belgium.

    I would like to see Manic Street Preachers at Sziget!

  141. Might be them in the last sub-head slot.

    Ah, also don’t forget we still have Wombats out, do you think they can take A38 headliner slot or rather to be Main Stage openers?

  142. The last announemcement kill me…I think this year would be the last for me (9 times in a row). Too much boring band and no more diversity. Next year i will go to boomtown festival to find the sziget’s atmosphere ten yeras ago: all kind of music (Metal, punk, dru’m’bass, no EDM)
    But i’m so sad to make my last summer in budapest but new management make me sick.

  143. There’s still plenty of diversity but sure heavy rock and punk are under represented this year. For me if I have 2-3 bands I want to see each day it’s enough. Sounds silly but my problem with Mad Cool this year is the line ups too good and goes on too late. I wanna drink a beer, watch a band, see some dudes juggle, watch a comedian, watch another band, relax a bit. Szigets a world beater for this kind of schedule…

  144. Yeah I’m actually afraid I won’t be capable of watching all the stuff I want to watch at Mad Cool… like it’s 8-10 hours of non-stop concerts

  145. @Fifi friends of mine that have been to boomtown after sziget told me that Sziget is totally on another level. Boomtown is fun but Sziget plays in another league in almost every aspect of the festival life. One crazy sh*t about boomtown, for example: if you leave the festival area after 21:30 you cannot go inside the festival anymore till the morning after at 10. Just consider that to reach the campsite area you have to leave the festival area…

  146. @Yelo I do this every year with Primavera Sound. You get to 6am exhausted, totally dead, but you do it. When it’s 3 days instead of 7 you can do it 🙂

  147. this is without a doubt a worst line up for sziget since I remember going there and its been enough…..they clearly showed no respect for their own legacy so be it farewell sziget….

  148. People in 2017 with good undercards: ‘Worst lineup, too many sh*tty EDM headliners”

    2018, with 4/7 awesome headliners (AM being the most wanted band by fans in years, Mumfords as exclusives, Gorillaz awesome act & Kendrick – maybe the best relevant rapper nowadays): “Worst lineup, undercard is boring”

  149. LOL, true story.
    I remember complains about every Sziget I went to, and the next one is gonna be my 10th in a row. No festivals can make everybody happy.

  150. The only thing I want more is some punk rock / metalcore bands & the lineup would be perfect to me!

  151. @ sziget. I think punk rock and metal music isn’t the priority since a long time.
    Last year the only metal rock band was The charm & the fury and Brutus
    In 2016 only bring me the horizon and molotov.
    Sziget just propose music for young british pussies

  152. Lolwut fifi? 2016 had Fidlar, Bring Me the horizon, PARKWAY DRIVE, Bullet for My Valentine, Molotov and few more – that was by far the more metal sziget got in the last 5 years.

    This year it is probably the most pop ever (but Europe Stage could change it a lil bit, I guess) – it is clear that the new direction hanged hardcore genres up to dry

  153. Probably is the time that the old funs of Sziget let the Sziget goes and bye bye. What is wrong this year? OMG

  154. @fifi are you a big strong long haired Balkan tough guy who grew up listening to Megadeth and eating glass for breakfast?

  155. @ dave. LOL. Excactly but I eat chocopops for breakfast (not really a heavy metal cereals)
    I just want music to jump whatever the style (remember Skindred in 2010)…and it’s time for me to go to another festival.

  156. Does anyone know when the next announcement will be. I want to know the world music stage and the Europe stage. Quite like to know dance, circus and magic mirror as well

  157. I’d take Bonobo, Charlotte de Witte, Death From Above, Kiasmos, Denis Sulta, Marcel Dettmann, Tom Trago and Shellac from Day 1, Goose, Incubus, Benjamin Clementine and Call Super from Day 2 and Justice, Kolsch, Nina Kraviz, Roisin Murphy and Vitalic from Day 3

  158. Lea Santee from Austria self-confirmed on their website. I think they will play on the Europe Stage.

  159. however, fsfsf is back (we are happy we love you boy) but still no news from szigetnews … we are sure he’s okay? I’m a little worried

  160. A Spanish world music DJ, Grounchoo self-confirmed too and it’s interesting because according to Bandsintown he will play in Caravan Tent. Maybe a new venue or Roma Tent is back?

  161. Really disappointing to see Hungarian government propaganda among the ads on Szigetnews

  162. @BDPST That’s because of f*ckin Google Ads.

    In other words, 5-day passes will be sold out soon!

  163. looks like this year only justin bieber is missing, it would go great with the rest of line up 🙂

  164. hey man whats wrong with you, bieber he is now in his best years already won grammy and his new tattoos are everything….sziget material!

  165. Justin Bieber would be cool for Tomorrowland, they need some ‘live’ music too, not only laptop users. 😀

  166. I m also happy til now…need more input…

    Good to read…that here are lucky people too…and not only the stupid buhhhh-sayers….

  167. Lowlands announced new djs, with this I think that a best case scenario (among the others) for the international artists at Colosseum is the following:
    – Richie Hawtin (unlikely, too big)
    – Nina Kraviz
    – Jeff Mills
    – Ben UFO
    – Bicep
    – Charlotte de Witte
    – Motor City Drum Ensemble

  168. @Yelo Charlotte de Witte is at B My Lake.
    Replace her with David August and I’m happy!

  169. Added him and Andhim to the clashfinder.
    Eelke Kleijn will matter only if he plays after Jam Blomqvist (must see!) and Andhim is open to debate, as I’m not a great fan of that A38 night and could help an opening to something big as Nina Kraviz or Jeff Mills (PLEASE)

  170. @Yelo Eelke Kleijn is a very good dj that does not need to be linked to someone else to “matter”. I’ve already seen him and he made a very good set 🙂

  171. Listened to him yesterday while studying and actually I have made up my mind ahahah



  172. Really happy about Europe Stage announcement!
    Tommy Cash, Astronautalis, Thom Artway and many others I need to check out

  173. @yelo Peyote is good for italians…for the rest of the world is incomprehensible… he’s one of my favourite actual italian artists

  174. This tommy cash should be banned from every stage accross europe. This douche is coming to budapest like every 3 months. Pathetic

  175. Yeah but still you can follow the flow, Fab!

    Also, yeah, what’s happening to Szigetnews? 🙁
    Don’t wanna give up this forum, efestivals’ ain’t the same

  176. F*** f*** f***
    *Commento just to see if there is somebody to moderate it*

    *Yes, there is 🙂

  177. Paging Szigetnews? We miss you? Do we need to put your face on milk cartons or something? Have you been trafficked?

  178. The lineup of the europestage isnt mine this year…I only add die Meute to my list…
    …but there will be more….on other stages

  179. @Sziget News: That’s cool info actually. If you’re changing the template, I hope it’ll be a responsive one! 😀

  180. 5-day passes are sold out.

    There will be another price change on the 11th of April, 6 pm.

  181. Yes this year there will be a Caravan Tent stage

    Found this on LinkedIn

    Marina Pommier
    3rd degree connection3rd
    Programmatrice Caravan Tent chez Sziget

  182. Yeah SkaPanda already mentionned it!

    March 25, 2018 at 3:49 pm
    A Spanish world music DJ, Grounchoo self-confirmed too and it’s interesting because according to Bandsintown he will play in Caravan Tent. Maybe a new venue or Roma Tent is back?

  183. I sure would appreciate such a thing – although if that is the only improvement to stages’ style they gonna make it will be disappointing a little bit…

  184. Have you guys ever stayed at apero/siesta camping? If so, what’s your experience with them?

  185. So we have 2 new stages, this and the Caravan? Wonder where they’ll put ’em ahaha

    Also, any news about Irish Stage and Lightstage?

  186. wtf???

    they can another stupid pointless laptop “music” stage, but still no chance for a rock, punk, metal, hardcore stage. Music is really dead especially at sziget.

  187. I think the “Elrow Party” will be in the Party Arena for a day, as it was with “Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Stage” last year. And maybe this is the replacement for the “no End Show” whiners.

  188. In their facebook post they were talking about a stage, not a day!
    Excellent news, sorry fssfs 😀
    More electro, more costumes = more fun

  189. I really do hope we will have more umbrellas this year! Need to recover from the last year, umbrellas are love umbrellas are life

  190. It’s possible the dance arena will be re themed as the Elrow stage. Or maybe the coliseum will be renamed.

  191. @Noeliam

    As I wrote before, last year Party Arena was “renamed” Dim Mak STAGE for a day because of Steve Aoki, but let’s see what happens… maybe it will be a new stage indeed.

  192. Does anyone know if there still be a Blues stage?
    I need some guitar sound in my ear this week…

  193. World Stage Names:

    Les Négresses Vertes
    Transglobal Underground feat. Natacha Atlas Official
    Plaza Francia Orchestra
    Värttinä feat. PALEFACE
    Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra
    Jupiter & Okwess
    Ifriqiyya Électrique
    Besh o droM
    CGS Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino
    Warsaw Village Band/Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa
    BaBa ZuLa
    Szikra (Amsterdam Klezmer Band & Söndörg?)
    El Juntacadáveres
    Griot Blues
    Anima Sound System
    Hora de Joglar
    Ladánybene 27 zenekar
    Mon côté punk

  194. Pretty uninspired imho. No great new comers and only names that appeal me are PASO and Labrassbanda (as every year). The lack of Leningrand and Goran Bregovic is also meh.

    I don’t know guys, think I will skip World Stage this year as well as the others, but with less regret

  195. Good names (Hope to see Transglobal Underground and Les Negresses Verrès) ,they can’ t call every year Bregovic and Leningrad… And agree with Fsfsf,i really don’t need another teenagers IDM party…

  196. Elrow Stage will surely be a proper stage, like last year at Balaton Sound.

    Anyway “stupid pointless laptop music stage”, I really hope they’ll add more and more just to see reactions like this :°°°°°°°)

  197. Rumours say that we’ll get the release date of the album only (and maybe it’s name too). Source is that guy blakejp from Arctic Monkeys subreddit and who has inside info fron the band (he also knew about them playing at Sziget).

  198. @Sziget – exactly 🙂 all of his inside info seems correct so far, so let’s see. He also confirmed they may release date, and that there will be no single

  199. actually it’s not very uncommon to do a surprise album release without any build-up nowadays. Bands like AM doesn’t relly need the press to sell it, so if they just put it up on sale they can capitalize big time on it.

  200. Dan Panaitescu god bless his soul must be rolling over in his grave in response for what sziget have become….

  201. What’s wrong mate, you miss having Placebo, Prodigy and Chumbawamba every year?

  202. The lack of Nina Kraviz and Jeff Mills in the Colosseum ‘A lineup tears my heart open 🙁

  203. Andhim * Ben UFO * Dave Clarke * Dense & Pika * Eagles & Butterflies * Eelke Kleijn * Enrico Sangiuliano * Hernan Cattaneo * Jesse Calosso * Mind Against * Nakadia * Nicolas Lutz * Paula Temple b2b Rebekah * Popof * Raresh * Rodriguez Jr. * Sama * The Martinez Brothers * Tiga

    Colosseum’s lineup is pretty good and solid. I’m happy with almost all of the names announced. There’s more or less everything, from stronger techno like Rebekah till smoothest house like Rodriguez jr.

    @Yelo Nina and Jeff are way too big for Colosseum, I think.

  204. I dunno Bender, last year they had Carl Craig, 2 years ago Tale of Us… I think they could work it out, but I’m also pretty sure that at least Jeff Mills of the two is a rather expensive act

  205. @Yelo: B my Lake right after Sziget is really strong this year and Jeff Mills will play in Budapest in July. Maybe Elrow will announce some more and bigger techno names

  206. I have no idea about the size of Elrow names usually, but given they won’t have a massive stage, I suppose we gonna have more medium size names, fine with that.

    Fine also with the Colosseum lineup, dont get me wrong, Tiga and Martinezs the first day totally make up for the lack of an A38 night, and the last night with Raresh and Ben UFO they will probably make me shift from the after at A38 to the after at the Colosseum (Delta Heavy are pretty meh as a name)

  207. I’m liking how Sziget is shaping up this year. Will be my
    9th in a row. What other new stuff should we expect this year. It’s clear that they are shaking a few things up with caravan stage and elrow, I think there are some other areas the festival could improve on. Food hygiene being a key one. I’d like even more seating around the main stage as well. It would
    Also be cool to retheme the main stage and make it look world class.

  208. Elrow “End Show” on the 14th of August. I guess it won’t be a new stage at Sziget.

  209. @Patrick Bateman: Yeah, I guess it will be in the Party Arena, after the Arctic Monkeys!

  210. Think it will be in Party Arena, would be cool, especially since A38 is weak enough and Ben UFO and Raresh are good but not enough to after with for 6 hours

  211. This negativity is unreal, what does it matter if it is on the main stage or somewhere else? After AM, MS will be without program, so what do I not understand? Problems everywhere…

  212. Cause the main stage has to be shut down at 11pm, and Arctic Monkeys being a subheadliner would be outrageous

  213. It’s not negativity, it is knowledge: Obuda is close to centre of Budapest and can’t have an outdoor stage that big in night time because not everyone is partying

    That MS day is fullfilled by Gogol Bordello – Blossoms – The war on Drugs – AM
    So it will simply be elsewhere, and only stage that doesn’t have a programme that day yet is party arena, so party arena will be – easy peasy

  214. Yelo said it all!
    We have the 4 main stage bands, there’s a curfew limit and even Elrow states that it will be a 7.500 capacity stage.
    I will probably miss it due to the massive exodus that will happen.

    Meet me at the world music stage after AM 😀

  215. Point taken, didnt realize that stage size matters cos theres outdoor stage for example World Music Stage open till 04 am. Now i know better. But still, dont really understand how that matters will AM play in last slot or not, its still AM! And that was just one example for negativity, I mean most of you really explain your points, but these “what sziget have become” etc etc… when in my point of view this years line up are in many ways stronger than in long time. Lot of acts I really like, and also acts that i dont now yet very well or are not my cup of tea, but still are huge or very significant acts in music field right now. But this is this pointless yes – no – yes commening, sorry about that

  216. @SzigetLover
    True for World Music Stage but i think it’s about the decibels.

    Also, for “But still, dont really understand how that matters will AM play in last slot or not, its still AM!”
    At 19h30 you still have an hour before the complete darkness. It’s way better to have AM at 21h30 to enjoy their show at the maximum, and i’m sure their production will be good!

    It’s not about the size of their ego or something, it’s just practical: better shows at night.

  217. What is it Elrow? 🙂 Never heard about them. Don’t undestand even after couple of youtube videos.

  218. it’s a spanish party concept. To summarize: lots of colors, confettis, costumes and mostly techno/house DJs!
    I’ve been to two in Beirut and it’s awesome 🙂

  219. @Vlad

    It’s a hip thing. Music and quality don’t matter matter just looks, events without creativity and soul. It fits sziget perfectly. Sad times.

  220. Is Elrow just on that one specific day then, or will there be various Elrow parties throughout Sziget? Gonna be a mad scramble if it’s just the one!

  221. They are not comming from trolls, educate yourself first, then compare sziget 8 years ago and this sleazy edm circus that sziget have become…like real circus….

  222. I’m an adult Sziget fan, this year will be my 9th Sziget. I know the history and there have been negative changes but overall a load more positive changes
    Over the years. For example, I miss the camp magic mirror, last 3-4 years it’s been too dancy instead of cheesy. And camp. There has always been loads of pop so that’s not new. I remember a year that mika headlined. The edm has also always been there. Faithless was one of the first things I saw. And the party arena has been there 8 out of 9 years. There has been a massive improvement in non music programmes and the event has become a full 7 days, day -1 was always Hungarian In the past. Day 0 has Also been Hungarian headliners in the recent past. Maybe the issue here is the type of bands playing but I can’t fully agree as this year there are loads of cool bands mixed in. I always have fun regardless
    Of line up

  223. Oh come on you can’t really be serious and compare faithless with today mtv grammy awards edm djs…..thats two different worlds….check line up from 8 years again….nobody comes to sziget for non music programs thats is something that is nice to have around in moments of chilling but nobody would buy tickets for that…..

  224. There is only 1 edm headliner this year and I will be elsewhere, likly world music.. The coliseum is an improved Meduza stage, the party arena is almost always been there. I really don’t think we have a huge amount of edm everywhere this year.. the extra stages and activities do attract me to Sziget over festivals like reading and Leeds. , I love the opera every year and always make sure I see the circus and giant street theatre at least once. The magic mirror is fantastic as well. I spent a few hours last year making stuff in the art field and met loads of cool people In the process. A38 is now 6 days and runs through the night instead of 5 and ending early., same with world music stage. I’m not an edm fan, give me placebo and skunk anise for the 12th time, but I do enjoy having the time to explore the smaller stages when edm takes
    Over the main.

  225. @Ben

    the main problem is with the general mainstream music “consumption” over here in Hungary. Sziget has multiple genre specified festivals like Sound, B my Lake, and yet they started to flood sziget, volt,strand with awful electronic music. In a healthy enviroment sziget should have a jazz/blues stage, an alternative stage with quality artists (a38 could be done soooo much better, just look at their yearly schedule as a venue). And most importantly laptop music doesn’t belong to a mainstage of a live music festival.

  226. Can anyone tell me how many slots are still not announced for the main stage?
    Or what is the possibility that we still see another rock bands in the upcoming Sziget?

  227. 3 slots during Gorillaz day and 2 minor slots in 2 others day, can’t recall which by heart. Anyway, check the clashfinders to have an idea.

    Generally speaking we should expect two mid-major name with the sub spot for Gorillaz day and the A38 headliner for Lana del Rey day


    randomly poster from 2011….and now compare with this year or last year sziget…like two different festivals….two different worlds…and then someone say how sziget has become better..better in what ??? non music program?? then they should better make non music festival because this have become festival for teenegers…..mtv grammy teenegers…

  229. Also I disagree with the lineup being much better than this year in 2011. First day was Hungarian only bands. Second day was only Prince- no other bands. The rest of the days had terrible clashes if I remember correctly. Judas Priest or kasabian or Crystal fighters. Deftones or Peter Bjorn and John, Motörhead or Interpol, missed loads of good bands that year..

  230. this year you can’t miss anything even if you want too… it’sot about missing this year its about festival itself that has changed in favor for mtv kids

  231. and btw 7 days is too long for festival…..its just way to make more money for menagment pursuit quantity of edms djs on every corner every stage for the price of quality, all good festivals last maximum of 4 days, so I dont mind to skip day with hungarian band if you have 4 other days with great music

  232. and again Im pretty sure that Hungarian band has better impact on my ears and soul then Lana del ray, dua lipa, shawn mendez, kendrick lamar and mamford and sons, yeah mamford and sons too, they were probably the sleaziest band with some country indie rock intone that they could have bring for headliner… really dont know who listen that except teenegers who only take what is given to them through mtv………

  233. @adultszigetfan

    mostly agree with you, but do you realize that mtv barely plays music anymore? shitty music taste of nowadays is coming off the internet not from MTV.

  234. well its on mtv whenever I turn TV on, but yeah I guess Im part of old school who still use tv I heard today youth dont really pay much attnetion to tv , and you basicaly can see song from shawn mendez and then next pone dua lpa and then next one mamford and sons so for me its the same crap…and although you can’t escape them on internet too on internet you can find some good muic beside them

  235. You cant go bitching anywhere else?

    Perhaps sziget is not your festival anymore? You dont belong to the main target group? Perhaps you are getting old?

    I remember sziget 2011…and it wasnt better…

  236. yeah thats true Im getting old, 34 this year but its not me that have changed , Sziget have changed and not in good way…..but if you can say that 2011 wasnt better then I really dont have anything to discuss with you….you will have to admit that your music taste just sucks 🙂

  237. I’m 35 and I disagree with the festival changing all that much. Placebo and prodigy were still biggish in 2010. This year we have gorillaz and artic monkeys which are arguably bigger than placebo and prodigy were then. I’m looking forward to Lana as I’ve never seen her live, same with Mumford. Smaller bands like wolf Alice , slaves, blossoms etc are all critically recommended as is Kendrick Lamar. I think you may have to investigate this modern music a bit more, maybe the festival is moving with the times and your not, there so much good and interesting music on the lineup. Fever Ray is an example of a modern, highly creative
    And entertaining band,edm experience.

  238. Sometimes I wish this community grew more and more in order to provide more friends to meet in loco.
    Than I remember that for every good newcomer there come 5 moaning a-hole making noise about how it was better years ago and it reminds me so badly of the stereotype of the Italian fascist grandpa (and no, it is not racist as I am Italian, and no, it has no political underlying assumption) that I’m actually wishing this blog was private.

  239. I think the moaners just need to accept Szigets moved with the times. I suspect the naysayers are largely metal and rock fans and it’s clear sziget doesn’t serve these genres anywhere near as well as it used to. But with those line ups of past you ain’t selling out 400000 tickets.
    Personally I think this years best in ages, you’ve got the main stream acts plus plenty of interesting smaller bands……anyway on another note when will sziget news die? It’s getting tiresome scrolling down 400 messages….

  240. @BDPST: Take a look at italian election’s result, we have the third major party in the country based on xenophobia, autarchy, ignorance and that kind of s*it, sure makes one feel smarter somehow….

  241. Is this site just going to disappear one day? Not that I know any of y’all, but it would be a bummer to lose this board.

    All this complaining is just plain dumb though. If you don’t like it, don’t go. There are hundreds of other festivals. One of them must cater to your taste. 7 days is what makes Sziget special. The breadth of music is what makes Sziget special. Do I care one shit about Dua Lipa or Shawn Menses? Absolutely not. That’s why they have more than one stage (not to mention the city itself). AM is a legit headliner, even though they are far from my #1. Do festivals change with the times? Sure. Do festivals exist to make money? Duh. Sziget is special because it doesnt feel like a complete cash grab,.

    But hell man…I’m 44 years old and have done festivals across Europe and the US…and Sziget never has the best lineup, but its always the best festival. I, for one, can’t wait!

  242. Agree Keiser. Secondly suggest all consider migrating to efestivals. I’ve heard ppl say it’s not the same but it’s the people that make it so all migrate and it can be the new forum.

    Disclaimer…I don’t comment often here but I enjoy reading all the discussions…

  243. I’m on both the forums and it works good, I dont feel like leaving this place because I started getting into festivals from here and i’m a romantic, but of course if SzigetNews doesnt bring news anymore I’ll have to follow the trend and migrate anywhere else

  244. Ah come on, saying Sziget has gone MTV-type pop is just plain wrong. Consumption of music has just changed. Those bands that played Sziget 10 years ago were getting the most mainstream playtime, too. Back in the time those genres were leading the industry.
    Current statistics clearly show that ticket sales are rapidly rising for r&b/hip-hop and dance events, whilst rock events are selling less and less. A BUSINESS like Sziget, that has to appeal to a wide range of audience to survive, has to move with the market.
    Plus lets not forget it started as a student festival and it still mainly kind of appeals to the same age-group. Young party-hunting teenagers are their main income. 10 years ago young party-hunting teenager listened to Motörhead, but new generation does not. Truth is, you guys are just getting old and growing out of the festival. 🙂

  245. There are more voices of reason on here than moaners, that’s great news. I can’t wait for my 9th Sziget, I’ve already discovered lots of new stuff I would have never found without it. Fever Ray, slaves and cigarettes after sex to name just a few. We should defiantly have a szigetnew s meetup at some point during the fest. I’m staying off Island this year for a little added luxury., who’s doing the whole camping thing.

  246. I’m doing the whole camping thing, I feel like I need to be on the island to get the experience i want. But went for a luxury option, took Flexotel in the VIP camping. I’m getting too old for that 7-days in a tent shit. I have a soft bed with linen waiting for me, with lightning, power, tables, storage for clothes – everything. It’s a hotel on the island. + that VIP pool with that hot weather – perfect! It’s impossible to keep your hygiene for 7 days, but with Flexotel I might actually manage that and avoid the good old sziget flu.

    And I am genuinely worried about the guy who runs Szigetnews – I hope nothing has happened to him..

  247. I went VIP too, but tent style. Got a fancy 5 star with a 90 minute massage for the night after the festival to recover. Room service, never ending shower, and this place has a freaking ‘pillow menu.’

    I’m certainly down for a meetup. Let’’s wait for the schedule before any decisions.

  248. think what you want nobody is paying me to enlighten you :)… other festivals also changed but in good way, nobody is asking Sziget to stand in time but they have panderi to the lowest common denominator that its really painful to watch anymore, yeah i gave up on Sziget and decided to go to Primavera, although Sziget is way closer to me…you also have on Primavera lots of electronic music and even so called artist like Migos, but also bedise them tons of great and quality music that you just really cant find anymore on Sziget….you can keep telling yourself how this year line up is great but really it isnt, it sucks…. bye 🙂

  249. btw I love electronic music Im not metalhead, ., fever ray is one of my favorite bands..fever ray, AM, gorillaz, petrubator, onuka and few more good names for 7 days with bunch of crap is just bad festival

  250. UPDATE: Bogdan (the guy that runs Sziget News) is alive and well. An update post will be coming soon. No need to worry lads. All is well.

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