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Anti-Flag at Sziget 2014: the full video concert

The Anti-Flag show at Sziget 2014 is now available in full, courtesy of the organizers.

While we wait for some more names for Sziget 2015, you can check the full Anti-Flag performance below.

Tracklist is as follows:

Hymn for the Dead
Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington D.C. (Sheep in Shepherd’s Clothing)
Broken Bones
I’d Tell You But…
Fuck Police Brutality
If You Wanna Steal (You Better Learn How to Lie)
This Is the New Sound
This Machine Kills Fascists
1 Trillion Dollar$
The Press Corpse
This Is the End (For You My Friend)
The Smartest Bomb
Should I Stay or Should I Go (The Clash cover)
Die For Your Government
Cities Burn
Power to the Peaceful

Check it out in full below:


62 thoughts on “Anti-Flag at Sziget 2014: the full video concert

  1. Mumford and Sons announced today for Bonnaroo (june, US). They will be active this summer and I think they are likely to be at Sziget!

    Kings of Leon and The Killers are also rumored to be at Firefly (june, US). If john doe could enlighten us 🙂 I’d take the three of them!

  2. Indeed! They never came did they? both of them I think.

    Tonight is the Festival Award Ceremony. I hope Sziget wins 🙂

  3. Rumors from Budapest:
    After florence: the Chemical Brothers
    Closing Sziget: Avicii
    First headliner: Linkin Park OR Muse

  4. Lol @Carlize
    I’m rather skeptical to call these predictions “rumors from Budapest”…
    I don’t think Linkin Park will play Sziget, they’re not even touring Europe this summer! And Muse posted a news on their website saying they will be doing “20 festivals” in Europe this summer in June and July (,summer-festivals-2015_1627.htm?f=news&pg=1) and probably they won’t add more dates. Usually international bands dont tour more than 2 months in Europe, I guess they’re going to play festivals like Lollapalooza, Outside Lands and Summer Sonic in Japan straight after, which is the same period of Sziget.
    Anyway it’s too early to say something about Muse and Linkin Park rumors if we dont know their touring plans in August, unless you’re john doe or a Sziget program manager 🙂

  5. @Marcu don’t kill my hopes! A leak from Eventim leaked Linkin Park to Rock’N Heim… 14 of august! Last year they played Euopean festival in june (and july? i don’t know!) and US festivals in august. This year they might play Rock n’Heim, Sziget, Pukkelpop, Lowlands, Reading&Leeds, and maybe others! Why not? 🙂

    I share your skepticism on Muse though… and I hope for Chemical brothers! For Avicii… meh!

  6. Good to see you john 🙂

    I saw The Ting Tings back in 2012, they were fun but I wouldn’t place them very high on the lineup! Do you know how many headliners are already booked? and when is the next announcement? 😀

  7. Who are you? ^^

    I was almost sure about Linkin too but does that mean we won’t have Muse for sure (which would be absolutely normal due to their tour dates)?

  8. Hardwell announced for Balaton Sound… pretty sure we’re getting Avicii as closing act now!

  9. I think Beck would be a headliner not a co-headliner. But I’m not sur that Sziget “fits” their tour schedule.

    I’m still hoping for Metallica 🙂 They’re free during Sziget but maybe too expensive…

    Balaton announced the first acts this week. So Sziget will make a announcement in the next few days I thkink. Maybe John knows when 😉

  10. @Palinka: Queens of the stone age played at 19h30 and were considered as headliners… same goes for Placebo and Outkast!

    @Carlize: Will it be Linkin Park?
    Tell us something so that we can trust you like we trust the great john!

  11. Sziget Festival Official: “New names next week!”

    My guesses: Linkin Park, Avicii, Belle and Sebastian, MØ, Sigma, Dropkick Murphys, John Butler Trio, Passenger, Panteon Rococo, The Wombats

  12. Hot name:
    Chemical Brothers (open sziget)

    Avicii (close sziget)

    Linkin Park (unprobable but it is possibile!!)

    Limp bizkit


    Faith no more

    Noel Gallagher’s high fly bird

    Snoop dog as hip hop star

    Marilyn Manson (so unprobable)

  13. Where is the ‘New name next week from’- Snoop Dogg seems unlikely and are Motorhead likely to Sziget and Volt?

  14. @SkaPanda yeah where did you see that we will have new names next week?

    @Carlize you remember me of someone last year who was giving percentages for bands that might come… it was fake.

  15. First names of Frequency Festival next week! Let’s see if there are more bands around in August besides alt-J, Florence etc…

  16. Same for Marcu: where did you see about Frequency names? Nothing on facebook nor twitter (and nothing on the website).
    Unfortunately, this year it’s not even the same week so all these festivals (pukkelpop lowlands frequency reading) could have bands that Sziget won’t have because of japanese summer sonic…

  17. Is it revealing that Frequency have put a status up referring to Pete Doherty’s new song about Amy Winehouse. Libs are strong rumours for Leeds and Reading so could well be a big act for August Festivals.

  18. Are the Libertines a booking for Sziget? I don’t know if it fits the crowd. Some august headliners are still tba 😉 i’m optimistic for this year!

  19. Yes, I used Google translator for Frequency Twitter! They said first names will be revealed before the end of January (this week indeed)

  20. @Marcu thanks (can’t find it though).

    @iits Miiike: they also shared stuff from other bands (Florence, Fall Out Boys, Marilyn Manson…) and stuff from bands that have previously played (recent news about Blink).

  21. Lowlands: Ben Howard, Major Lazer, The Chemical Brothers, Passenger, Bastille, Caribou, Django Django, Bear’s Den, José González, Alestorm, Four Tet, Marcel Dettmann, Enter Shikari, MØ, The Districts, Shovels & Rope, Mighty Oaks

  22. So Chemicals are in for sure, c’mon. Their set in 2011 was sick! I think Enter Shikari will play an afternoon slot. In 2013 they opened the Main Stage on saturday. I’d really love to have Django Django and Fourt Tet as well.

  23. Yes I will be very happy with The Chemicals! They would surely close the mainstage! Enter Shikari puts a great show (I’ve seen some videos). I don’t want Major Lazer it seems too commercial and I didn’t like the live (on youtube).
    Anyway, this Lowlands announcement is gonna accelerate things 😉

  24. Hardwell, Avicii, David Guetta and Calvin Harris announced for Lake Festival (19-20-21-22 August, Austria)
    Guetta closed Sziget in 2013, Calvin Harris in 2014, let’s see who between Hardwell and Avicii could close this year.
    What do you think?

  25. Yes Avicii will probably close the main stage on sunday!
    But as someone noticed in another forum, David Guetta was the closer of Balaton Sound in 2012 and closed Sziget in 2013; Calvin Harris closed Balaton sound in 2013 and closed Sziget in 2014. In 2014, Armin Van Buuren closed the Balaton Sound so it could be him as well if he is touring.

    But if I had to guess I’d say Avicii, he’s more “sziget” (lot of singalong hits like Calvin).

  26. Is there any indication to when it may be announced? I thought we’d hear this month. Anyone shed any light?

  27. I’d love to see Major Lazer in live! just check out this live show. Seems pretty cool. Plus I’d love to see Bastille again! I’ve heard some rumors about the management trying to book Linkin Park for this year…hopefully the rumors are right. Oh and I’ve heard another rumor that The Chemical Brothers will be the opening act. Cheers!

  28. Rumors = previous comments? Lol
    Anyway I hope Bastille don’t come. Imho last Sziget they were awful even though I was really looking forward to them.

  29. Names for Frequency: 02.13 (“Hallo Markus, am 13.2. kommen die ersten Acts! Liebe Grüße, dein FQ-Team”), so I think the announcement for Sziget is delayed too 🙁

  30. From another forum: “My friend e-mailed them today to ask if they could resend his ticket and also asked about their next line-up announcement…
    In their reply they said the next announcement will be in “1-2 weeks”.”

  31. At 11AM (CET) on Monday we’ll announce one act that will perform at Sziget Festival 2015 on Monday 10th of August

  32. Where are you John? We need to guess! Super hype. After Blink-182 last year I’m expecting a good act. Fingers crossed for Linkin Park 😀

  33. I’d love Linkin Park! Same style as Blink last year (big rock band yet mainstream) but blink has been booked on the monday because of schedule problems not because monday would become punk-rock-mainstream band! So we never know!
    Also, I don’t think it’s gonna be the Chemicals because the opening show would be on tuesday.

    Wait and see!

  34. It’s not a punk-rock day for sure because before last year it was an hungarian acts day. But since it looks like Linkin Park will be around I’m hoping for them 🙂

  35. Reading & Leeds’s second headliner announcement comes on Monday too! Do you think it will be the same headliner for both Sziget and R&L?

  36. Maybe! I reckon it’s gonna be The Libertines (TBC on eFestivals) so it could be them as well!
    Has it happened before? A special announcement for one artist only? I’m getting excited!

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