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Are you happy that Blink 182 isn’t coming?

As we told you earlier today, there is a very big chance that the Blink 182 at Sziget 2010 rumor won’t confirm. Some people on the site sounded quite happy about this. So we thought about having a poll here on Sziget News and see what the general opinion is, just for fun.

Comments are most welcome, as they always are.

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15 thoughts on “Are you happy that Blink 182 isn’t coming?

  1. any1 who’s happy that a band he/she doesn’t care about isn’t coming, is a pure douchebag.

  2. i don’t like them at all, but now feel sorry for those who does. 🙁 What if you tried to get Lostprophets instead? 🙂 pleaseee

  3. Why is someone who is happy to have the chance to perhaps see a band he likes instead of a band he doesn’t like a douchebag?

  4. Why? cause Blink blocked any other band’s way to appear at the festival? this is just stupid.

  5. Blink would have “blocked” only one other band’s appearance at Sziget – but this particular band could be many other people’s favorite band! 😉

    Chances were pretty high that Blink would have become one of the five mainstage headliners and these are the most discussed bands, because they do have the highest priority.

    We already have three: Faithless, Muse and Iron Maiden. Let’s wait who the other two headliners will be and I’ll readily tell you if I prefer at least one of these two bands to Blink. If not, I’ll say sorry for feeling reliefed that a band I don’t want to see isn’t coming… (Even though it doesn’t really matter, because there are so many other amazing bands playing at Sziget that you don’t “need” a particular band to enjoy the Sziget festival!)

  6. I’m more like crying that they are not coming..
    They are also coming to lowlands here in the Netherlands, but I don’t got tickets for that,

  7. @Tieske: They are also playing at Area 4, which isn’t that far away from the Netherlands (Depending on where you live) and is much cheaper than Lowlands…

  8. @Tieske
    Pukkelpop might be an option too.. 😉
    It isn’t sold out, and it takes place at the same weekend as Lowlands. Besides, Pukkelpop has a really good line-up so far too.. And it is about the same price as Lowlands.. 😉

  9. @aorixx
    Thanks for mention it, but its also a money question 😉

    Hopefully they will come next year back with another tour, and than on a festival where I’m present at

  10. thats absolutely bull**** they were my main reason for coming….travis is the most accurate drummer in the world so suck on that

  11. by the way, vive la fete are listed on sziget´s Holland and Belgian site, so their appearance is quite official, isnt it?

  12. Mirex, you’re right. 😉 It’s been modified and we’ll write about it on the site.

  13. WTF!! no Blink?? I want my money back, damn. I was hoping for blink, nofx and greenday. With at least one of them i would be satisfied. And nofx and blink both come to lowlands, but that’s sold out: shit!.

  14. I support punkass’ comment (he’s a friend). I was siked when i heard the rumours of Blink headlining on Sziget. I grew up with Blink, but if they wont come I’d be fuckin pissed and dissappointed. We didn’t buy a Lowlands ticket to see Blink since rumours showed that Blink would be headlining on Sziget. Now that I heard this Lowlands has sold out and we prolly don’t get another chance to see Blink in our lifetime. Unless we buy someone elses ticket for +300 euro’s.

    I dont want my money back cause I know Sziget’s awesome no matter what bands perform on it. But untill now I’m very dissappointed with the line up. The only good band must be Muse.

  15. I totaly understand and am sorry for you! It seemed pretty sure that they would play and I have no idea what went wrong. Perhaps the Sziget people were pissed off because of the leak, but more probably they wanted to have too much money in the end or they had to let them go, because Iron Maiden and / or Muse were only able to play on the 14th and 15th and playing earlier would have been to early for Blink…

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