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Austria Festivals in August 2017. Could Lineups Overlap with Sziget?

In a previous post, we’ve taken a look at some of the music festivals happening this August in Romania. Let’s change direction a bit, shall we? Let us take a peek on the festival scene of Hungary’s Western neighbor, Austria, and its busy festival scene. As you might expect, the country has quite a few events happening in August 2017, showing us a list of artists and performers who might make it to Sziget’s 25th-anniversary edition this year. Here we go:

Frequency, St. Pölten, Austria, August 15 – 17

Frequency is one of the largest festivals in Austria, with an average attendance of about 140,000. Its location – St. Pölten, at about 30 minutes from Vienna – makes it a perfect destination for international visitors and locals alike. For 2017, the festival has a lineup consisting of many interesting names, some of which could overlap with Sziget 2017:

  • Mumford & Sons
  • Bilderbuch
  • Billy Talent (Sziget)
  • Flume (Sziget)
  • Moderat
  • The Offspring
  • Rise Against
  • Cypress Hill
  • Birdy
  • Wanda
  • At The Drive In
  • Kraftklub
  • George Ezra
  • Band of Horses
  • Jennifer Rostock
  • White Lies (Sziget)
  • Raf Camora & Bonez MC
  • Yung Hurn
  • Dame
  • The Pretty Reckless (Sziget)
  • Fiva x JRBB
  • 257Ers
  • The Amity Affliction
  • Anne-Marie
  • Bear’s Den (Sziget)
  • Karate Andi
  • Nimo
  • Rakede
  • Kytes
  • The Bloody Beetroots (live)
  • Dope D.O.D.
  • Foreign Beggars
  • Gorgon City
  • Gramatik
  • Mija
  • Noisia ‘Outer Edges’
  • Rockwell
  • Sigma
  • Sub Focus
  • Valentino Khan (Sziget)
  • Yellow Claw
  • Culture Shock
  • Hamilton
  • Teddy Killerz
  • 2Shy MC

… and many more.

Picture On, Bildein, Austria, August 11-12

  • Bad Religion (Sziget)
  • Less Than Jake (US)
  • 5/8erl in Ehr’n
  • Max The Sax
  • Worried Man & Worried Boy
  • Samstag, 12. August:
  • August Burns Red (US)
  • Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar (DE)
  • Polkov
  • Ozone Mama (HU)
  • Lesung „Anschiffen“

Lake Festival, Schwarzelsee/Graz, Austria, August 10-12

Lake Festivan has only confirmed three performers so far:

  • Marshmello
  • Tiny Trumpet
  • W&W (Sziget)

… but it promises more of them to come soon.

Any of them on your wishlist?

40 thoughts on “Austria Festivals in August 2017. Could Lineups Overlap with Sziget?

  1. sadly the August band-availabilty at all time low sadly, all the August fests are struggling to fill the line-up with quality. check Reading/Pukkelpop they are awful…

    of the list, Band of Horses, Less Than Jake, ATDI would great addiction, but only ATDI would make me buy a day-ticket.

    (Also August burns red has a headline date in Budapest on the 16th, so that’s opt them out)

  2. Off the list, I like ATDI, Mumford, Cypress Hill, maybe Offspring.

    However, that Gorillaz possibility sounds like a dream.

  3. Gorillaz ?
    Eminem ?
    XX ?
    Lana del Rey ?
    Major Lazer
    Dimitri Vegas

    Plus all the sub and undercards like mac demarco, 2dcc, alt j, pj harvey, nothing but thieves, the naked and famous, interpol, george ezra, white lies, crystal fighters, jagwar ma and many more to be announced

    I think it could be a very good sziget

  4. I can’t find anything that says Eminem is a R&L exclusive, and that’s something you’d write. They wrote that Major Lazer are an exclusive, but not even Uk exclusive, only Uk festivals exclusive, so they’d say it loud if Eminem was performing only there.

  5. Let’s see if Eminem announces some solo shows in Europe, otherwise it would be strange for him to come for Sziget and stay in Europe 2 weeks until Reading. He doesn’t usually do this travel life

  6. i already decided.. the only concert left to watch for me is Eminem . so i will be inreading instead of sziget…. so i hope they will book.. or my 8th sziget will be canceled… 🙁

  7. Monday morning V festival headliners. And then Sziget has to reveal something in a week or so, otherwise it’d be ridiculous. Even September fests have already announced

  8. Creamfields lineup announced. I guess we’ll get few names from there:
    Fatboy Slim
    And hopefully lots of good names for Colosseum

  9. Eminem is ruled out only if Camper post is confirmed:

    February 24, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    According to Harry Jenner (booking for Frequency Festival) Eminem is coming to Europe for only two shows…

    and Reading & Leeds festival is 2 shows for every artist

    I hope not! Eminem on the island would be great …

  10. I took a look at the Scandinavian Festival circuit to see what artists can come to sziget and in what days.

    -As we said The XX are there until august 12. They could play august 13 at Sziget if they do want to do four nights in a row. I checked, they did it in this tour. Of course it’s about money, but I can’t see lots of headliners out there. Can’t understand WHY sziget booked ML again instead of XX on august 14.

    – News for Moderat fans like me (and Noeliam and Bender I think), they play august 12 in Slovakia, august 13 at Flow Helsinki, August 15 at Frequency. I looked at their tour and they easily do a lot of shows in a row so…. hopefully. They seem to be hard travellers so any other day could be good for them. But Sziget said A38 is open from day-1 this year, if they come I think it’ll be in the first days.

    -Chance the Rapper and Lana del Rey are at Oya on august 9, and then at Way Out between 10-12. If they play the first two days of that festival they could come at Sziget on august 12 or 13 (or even 14 if they want to build a solid lineup with TDCC + another good act + ML)

    – Frank Ocean plays Flow on august 13 and Way Out one of the days before. Can’t see him going back and forth so he is quite unlikely for me. Ryan Adams also plays 10 and 13 august in northern festivals.

    -Mumford and Sons really have no euro dates before Frequency (15-17aug). They’ll be always free or never available. Also doing festivals in august but free in Sziget’s week are: Prodigy, Placebo, Biffy, Pixies (Oya aug 11), Deadmau5. Let’s see what happens with Eminem and Ed Sheeran (rumored for V on monday), the 2 biggest names around.

  11. I’ve made a spotify playlist with most artists announced so far. Does anyone know how I can share it

  12. A 2017 Sziget without Moderat and the XX would be a shame…
    How many A38-headliners do you think we have ? Flume and Interpol are sure, any other ?

  13. The Eminem only being in Europe for two shows thing is interesting. If he was a R&L exclusive they would definitely have advertised that, as they did with Muse and Major Lazer, so I highly doubt he is an exclusive. Therefore he is playing at least one other show.

    Conversely, it could be Frequency’s attempt to save face for not booking him. Festivals tell lies all the time. Kings of Leon was supposed to be an exclusive in 2015 for a festival that is slipping my mind right now, and they ended up playing Sziget. Nothing is certain and I’m sure Sziget has a trick or two up their sleeve since they’ve been so incredibly quiet about headliners. To this day, they have only explicitly called Kasabian a headliner, and DV&LM if you count the end show as a headliner (and they probably are).

  14. “Eminem discussion”: It’s not unusual for Eminem to do only 2 shows in Europe. In 2014 he played only 2 shows at London’s Wembley stadium.

    And this is from the official press release: “His return to Reading and Leeds marks an extremely rare opportunity to witness an icon in the flesh, with a set that’ll add another legendary chapter to the story of Eminem.” I think that says a lot…

  15. In which scenario Eminem woul be the big strike meanshile Jay z would be lame?
    Sure I prefer Em, but we’re talkin about the teo greatest mainstream rappers since 2Pac died, c’mon

    Wasnt Pink pregnant? Are we sure?

    Carefull to Madness and Gorgon City among the undercarda!

  16. Jay-Z could be a great headliner in my opinion if Eminem isn’t booked, Pink would be horrible… The undercard is ridiculous as well but Jess Glyne came last year, Ellie Goulding is at Volt, Jason Derulo at Balaton so the most horrible names are unlikely to play Sziget. Pink and Sean Paul are my only fears…

  17. @Yelo I don’t like both of them 🙂

    She already gave birth to a baby so I think it won’t be a problem for her to tour in the summer…

  18. Well, I agree I prefer Eminem to Jay z too, just because of the thematics hit back in the first ’00, but in the rapper mainstream scenario they are both good live (as long as you stand hip hop), otherwise, gimme Aesop Rock and book Major Lazer soundsystem for a week lol

    Pink would be a good pop subheadliner or undercard. I dont like her metamorphosis into a pop singer from 2010 on or so, but she’s still nice IMO, but not as headliner, same as all of the names announced so far in higher sposts except Kasabian!
    Sean paul would be an hell… the only thing Sziget miss to book to downgrade to normie festival even more is that dancehall fake jamaican’s spirit of music

  19. Sean paul is out.. he comes to EFOTT.. with borgore .. flux pavilion .. dyro and vinai . 😀 so we can be happy 😀 . pls book eminem <3 i dont want to go to reading from romania :)) sziget was my all time favorite fest 😀

  20. I hope that V lineup is fake af, because it’s really a tragic one. Pink really? Why not Avril Lavigne?
    Jay Z of course is good, great rapper, has big tunes, only one I save from that list

  21. I still see Mumford as the big headliner this year, which is weak AF. Just like Jay-Z. Just plain weak.

    Pink makes sense for how they’ve been booking, along the same lines as Sia. I mean, I can’t stand her, but I understand she’s quite popular.

    All these dreams (U2, Gorillaz, etc) are just dreams. Never gonna happen.

    We’ll find out with the March announcement whether we have a chance. Otherwise, I won’t be back and that sucks. Its such a gorgeous festival. They just need someone that knows what they’re doing regarding booking.

  22. I wrote my last comment in the wrong place (sorry about that), so I copy it here.

    I start to feel lucky that I live pretty close to Budapest (about 4-5 hours by coach and 3-4 by car) and that I bought tickets to Depeche Mode and Green Day. Now I have to buy for the Foos too. Last year I also bought tickets for RHCP and The Cure.

    I hope that Sziget won’t disappoint, at least last year we had MUSE, but even if they book Mumford & Sons now, I guess that MUSE are way better than booking a M&S + Kasabian combo. Of course I would like M&S to headline a day, but I think that they and Kasabian wouldn’t be proper rock headliners, so they have to come with a better choice.

    In 2015 we had Kings of Leon and even K&L are more rock than a M&S + Kasabian combo for 2 different days…

  23. Oh I agree, Sziget needs way more rock,. Heavy, indie, throwback, all of it. WAY MORE! Foo would have been perfect. Ty Segall, Foals, Franz Ferdinand. Soundgarden has a US tour wrapping up in early summer. They’d be good too.

    All else being equal, I think the lineup is better this year than last, at this point anyway. I’ll wait for March.

  24. It depends: is your focus on the main stage? The line up so far is disappointing than. Is your focus on the minor stages? You have seen very little so far, so wait. Is your focus for quality nightlife? You probably have mixed opinions about how things are working out.

    All in all, with half of the two major stages announced and really nothing more, we cant say a lot. But sure the news outside and around the festival are not so fascinating.

    As any year we just have to wait, since Sziget, in an unfair way IMO, just dont let us know a thing about tbc or rumors and stuff and waits too much to release names in a caothic way

  25. I might be alone but I would welcome Pink on the mainstage, her show looks a spectacle and she’s a fine live singer. The Avril comparison is a bit weak… Pink remains one of the biggest pop acts in the world and has actually grown over her career (she was never big in the US to begin with) whereas someone like Avril had her peak many moons ago.

    If there’s going to be a pop booking (non EDM) then I would say Pink is a great shout. No mention of exclusivity at V?

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