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Biffy Clyro hinting Sziget 2014 presence?

Biffy Clyro seem to hint a return to Sziget Festival, maybe this year, according to a reply on their Twitter account.

When asked by a fan if they remember their performance at Sziget, the reply was that they are coming back to see those fans real soon. You can check out the Tweet below.

Could that mean that Biffy Clyro will be part of the Sziget 2014 line up?

We’ll see if they’re part of the next announcements. One thing is for sure – they are around during Sziget and have dates available, so nothing is impossible.

Check out the tweet below

(thanks, Marcu)

25 thoughts on “Biffy Clyro hinting Sziget 2014 presence?

  1. Biffy! biffy! would be awesome! if they are coming to Sziget i’m going to see them 3 times this summer…. but still they are awesome!

  2. Triggerfinger were on the Island last year and in 2011. It’s a possibility for the A38 Stage, I think!

  3. They’re playing with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Bastille the 13th at Frequency, and both Macklemore and Bastille are playing the 14th at Sziget. I think it’s for day 2

  4. But the day 0 seems to be reserved for rock bands and as ska-p was present last year played on Tuesday ..

  5. In my opinion Biffy Clyro was the best headliner last year and I heard many people saying “they were amazing although I didn’t know any of their songs”. It would be cool to seem them playing before QOTSA on day 0!

  6. NOFX and Dave Hause announced for frequency, wonder if sziget book them, probably not as they play real instruments and are actually good…

  7. If Biffy are comming back this year, I think they would play on day 0. They’re playing Frenquency (Austria) on aug 13th and Pstereo (Norway)on aug 15th. I don’t think that they will play 3 gigs in a row (13-14-15). But is it realistic to have both, Biffy and QOTSA on day 0?!?!?!!??

  8. NOFX would be great but do we risk seeing the same programmation at sziget that frequency?

  9. frequency have NOFX, Skindred, Millencollin, Blink 182….one of them at sziget will be great !!

  10. Aarggh.. addicted to refreshing szigetnews!But nothing is happening? When will be the next announcement? Does anybody knows? Already very happy with some names but really hoping for Outkast!

  11. “When will be the next announcement?” the answer is: john doe! Where are you john doe?

    By the way, I guess next week. Hoping for The National!

  12. Hahaha john doe the almighty…
    The first 3 announcements have been made 1 day after Lowlands, and yesterday they announced a new bunch of acts. Wait and see.

    Has Sziget ever announced names without saying that they will?

  13. they’ve just changed the layout of their webpage, so I guess that’s why we haven’t heard from Sziget lately.

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