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Big dates update + a few new names

The official Hungarian website has updated the program page and there are some interesting things in it if you look carefully, as well as some new names.

Let’s start with the new names, shall we?

First of all, on the Europe Stage, two new bands have been added: KILLO KILLO Banda and The Broken Beats. KILLO KILLO Banda will play on August 12, while The Broken Beats will play Sziget on August 10.

On the A38-Wan2 stage, two new acts have been added: Electrelane (on August 11) and Watchaclan (August 13), both very interesting from what we could hear on their respective sites.

Now, on the Rock and Metal Stage, we also have two new acts: Tankcsapda, playing August 14 (they need no introduction) and Austrian melodic death metallers The Sorrow (on Ausgust 13).

Last but not least, the Meduza venue also adds Dario Zenker for August 12.

On the Roma Stage, we have a new act as well – A the Sam.

All of these changes are reflected in our Sziget 2011 line up page.


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