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Bjork cancels Balaton Sound. Sziget?

As some of you may have already read, Bjork has cancelled her gig at Balaton Sound, forced by vocal cord problems.

Doctors have found a polyp affecting her vocal cords, and told her to rest until she is fully recovered.

August dates in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki seem to be still on, according to her Facebook page. Maybe she makes up for it by playing Sziget?

28 thoughts on “Bjork cancels Balaton Sound. Sziget?

  1. This was my first thought, but it is highly improbable:
    – she has confirmed shows in Scandinavia on 10.08. and 12.08.
    – the only available headliner slot is on the 11th (they can’t move Korn or Placebo to the 11th, because both have other shows this day)
    – she would have to travel with a (usually) huge production from Scandinavia to Hungary and back to Scandinavia overnight – quite impossible
    – she said that she won’t perform more than 2 shows a week and Sziget would be the third
    – the only (schedulewise) option would be Day Zero, but we already have Akos as mainstage hedliner and Metal on the former Worldmusicstage

    …It would be AMAZING to get Björk, but chances are close to nothing! 🙁

  2. Get the Foo Fighters! That would make up for almost everything and they’re touring Europe straight after Sziget!

  3. Guys, get the Foo Fighters out of your heads!

    They’ll perform at Outside Lands in the USA at the weekend of 10.-12.08. and will not perform at Sziget.

    It also suits the Dutch promoter’s story that Sziget was trying to get a headliner who declined, because he wants to perfom in the States instead!

  4. Foo Fighters! I totally agree!
    They play at Lowlands in The Netherlands.. so I hope
    they can make it to Hungary.
    It would make the lineup much better.

  5. Oh, some people are so stupid.
    Can’t you get rid of those crap comments whit unrealistic wishlists?

    I’m very glad whit the current line-up, I think it will be even some better compared to last year with more names to come + there is an extra day of party, so what is wrong??

  6. @S

    Extra day of party? No there isn’t! Sziget charges us €7 extra for some live gigs. Last year a lot of bars were open at the camping-only days, so there isn’t going to be an extra day of party, the day was already there.

  7. There will be like 70 artist performing that day, last year the only thing there were, ok open bars, and like 10.000 Dutch people, including me. But those weren’t reasons for us to stay at the island, so that was actually 10 euro’s for nothing, now it’s only 17 euros for lot’s of bands, and hopefully fooling around with some hungarian people.

  8. Well.. it’s not that stupid if you see the tourdates of the artists and places they will perform.
    If you look at the dates and places of Foo Fighters, RATM and Prodigy.. it really isn’t impossible. So I understand the people who are still hoping for some of these bands.
    By the way.. if the lineup stays like this, my ticket is for sale.
    I just wanted to go to Sziget because of the big names.. right now, Lowlands has bigger names. The festival i used to go to.

  9. Prodigy was in budapest two weeks ago, came last year and a lot of time at Sziget so it is unlikely
    RATM is not on tour
    Foo Fighters will perform at Outside Lands so let it go! They will not cross the planet in one day to play at Sziget!

  10. @rich if you bought your ticket for ‘big names’, you bought a ticket for the wrong festival my friend

    sziget has never been about ‘big names’ but more about experiencing new things and new music

    but tbf the stone roses and the killers are ‘big names’

  11. If you are going to festivals for the big names
    and went to lowlands the last years and to sziget this year, then you are visiting the wrong festivals. And I bet you were complaining about lowlands the last years and now you are kinda freaking because they came up with the Foo Fighters.
    I think it is very nice for the people that go there this year because I didn’t expect it as FF are actually to big for LL (When I heard of that all I thought was people are going to die there as everybody there wants to see them). But the other Alpha headliners are Skrillex and Black Keys.
    Now assume that FF are playing the festival in USA at august 10th, there is about 11 hours difference with Hungary, they start at 10pm. Then the time here is already 9am august 11th. So there is no chance for FF to play Sziget in my opinion.
    Then, I think that Korn and Placebo are as big as Skrillex and Black Keys, and Stone Roses and Killers are independently of one another as big as FF. And another headliner is still to come.
    For the big names I visit Pinkpop, like last year next to Sziget, and Rock Werchter, like in 2010 next to Lowlands and this year next to Sziget

  12. Everytime someone is complaining about the lineup, mr_monkey comes! I know sziget is about the experience & not only music, but the first time I came was for the lineup. Newcomers’ first aim is to watch great concerts of big bands. So, we understand what you think but please, do not repeat it in every post! Sziget is a great experience but first of all is a music festival (that has increased the ticket price for less stages and worse lineup, do not forget it)!

  13. Blur? Maybe?

    Someone wrote this to Sziget official page:
    “Hívjátok meg a Blurt-t, légyszi-légyszi-légysziii!!!!!!! :-)”
    its means that: Book the Blur please please please!
    And Sziget Festival Official like this.

  14. This year Big names will be at the World Music Stage. Which festival has this Line up??? Only SZIGET!!! Congratulations!!!

    Goran Bregovic! Leningrad! Fanfare Ciocarlia! Muchachito! Shantel! Kusturica and TNSO! Rotfront! The Pogues! Roy Paci!

    Is not enough????

  15. Like I said before, I hope they are trying to get something bigger and booked The Cure as a back up solution!!!

    anyway, this one more is likely Sziget!!!

    lets cross our fingers!

  16. The Cure are a huge band, if they have the chance to book them then they shouldn’t hesitate. There’s a reason they’re headlining every festival they come across this year. And we would hopefully get the full 3 hours spectacular.

  17. its all about taste really, if i had the choice to go to any sziget thats been, id of chose this one, KoRn are my fave band ever, i also love placebo, the killers, the stone roses, lacuna coil, and alot of the dance acts, im really pleased with the lineup so far, any more acts is a bonus for me 🙂

  18. Pray to god bjork doesnt headline, she’s the biggest load of shite ive ever heard.

  19. If she co-headline it’s great! If she headline this will be officially the worst Main Stage lineup ever!

  20. New names for Balaton Sound: Armin Van Buuren, Calvin Harris, Martin Solveig, De La Soul, Guy Gerber, Tale Of Us.

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