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BREAKING!: Blink 182 to play Sziget 2010?

Blink 182 have reunited and have already announced the fact that they will play some large European festivals in the summer of 2010. Among them will be Sziget 2010, rumors say.

Mark Hoppus said:

“Yes indeed!! I have been asked to announce that blink-182 are once again heading back over “the pond” for a few weeks of touring in Europe during the summer of 2010. Exact dates and schedules are going to be released over the next couple of months by the promoters, as well as on and our other affiliated sites. We’re very excited to get back on the road overseas this next year. See you at the shows!!” says that a few of the dates of these European festivals have already leaked.

Here they are:

August 11-16 – HUN – Sziget Fesztivál

August 19-21 – BEL – Pukkelpop

August 20-22 – NET – Lowlands

August 20-22 – GER – Area4 Festival

August 20-22 – GER – Highfield Festival

August 27-29 – UK – Leeds Festival

August 27-29 – UK – Reading Festival

As you can see, Sziget 2010 is among these dates and we finally can tell you about the first possible headliner, right before the New Year. It’s Blink 182.

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19 thoughts on “BREAKING!: Blink 182 to play Sziget 2010?

  1. this is the worse band to play live…but to see them on Sziget 2010 would be nice<because this is the band that i was listen at the age of 16-17 =))) I WANNA PEARL JAM,RISE AGAINST,MUSE & GREEN DAY THIS YEAR

  2. Are Blink 182 that bad live?
    On the other hand, we think Green Day are a possibility, since they’ll most certainly be on tour this summer.

  3. Sziget News: Do you have any certain information that Blink182 will play at Sziget or you have just posted a rumor?

  4. @Marci: We’ve quoted our sources, if you read the whole article. Anyway, it’s highly likely for this to happen.

  5. 2Sziget News
    there’s information about reunion of Soundgarden and about that they will play some europeab summer festivals…maybe one of them will be Sziget =)

  6. @Fantomas: we know about the Soundgarden reunion, but nothing about Sziget yet. Not even rumors. If you hear something new, don’t hesitate to tell us.

  7. I live in bp and i’d really love to seem dem once in life live cuz i used to grow up on dem music. But i am affriad of this is just a rumour cuz as it said sziget didn’t contact blink and as somebody mentioned here before probably they will play at almost every european festivals. U can easly check when will each festival being held. And you give the “leaked” dates.
    Plus if news,info,roumor,gossip big like this being made up minimum 30 websites/country release it and not to talk about newspapers.
    But i really hope dem coming.

  8. this is like a band for 13 year old american girls who think they’re listening to “rock”.. and obviously they won’t be attending sziget 2010, so why is Blink 182?? better book a headliner like Muse.. allmost everybody wants Muse to perform at Sziget 2010 <3.

  9. why do ppl r so dumb?
    muse is also listened by many very “cool” colorful emo and alternative girls.
    and about the band, u r talking about a band which was formed in a garage in 92, and till 99 they didn’t have that big fame, they counted as a punkrock band, after enema of the states album they were more like poppunk,yeah. and that, the whole world freaked out about this stupid emo style around 2003 (when they released their last album) it’s not them fault, they didn’

  10. t aim on 13 years old whores, who thinks they r so adults.
    but LET to have the pleasure for those who likes blink from the beggining of their work,and anyway also let these stupids here to have ttheir pleassure and let them melt and scream even if i could kill all a dem.

  11. I’m 21, not 13. And I’m Hungarian not American. And I love Blink more than anything else… Can you believe it?
    And I know lots of people who like them too (most of them more than 20 years old), and I saw 1000s of people adoring them at live shows. And they are not bad live at all, they just try to be different, to make you feel that you’re not listening to a Cd but your’re on a LIVE concert! I appreciate it…
    And if they won’t come, I will go.It doesn”t matter where… I just want you to know that Blink has that kind of fans, that most bands can’t even imagine…
    Hope to see you at Blink-182 show! 🙂

  12. Rarely heard such bullshit ;D Im not into Blink at all but I still now that they absolutely rock every Live Show they play so please stop talking dumbshit please.

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