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Christmas Comes Early: Bastille, Bloc Party and Others @ Sziget Festival 2016

The organizers of Sziget 2016 have decided for Christmas to come early, announcing a set of new performers who we’ll have the occasion to meet in August. The list includes artists like Bastille, CHVRCHES, Bloc Party and Sum, among others. Tickets for Sziget 2016 can be acquired with the largest discount until December 31st, the organizers have announced.

Let’s see who the new names announced for the 2016 Sziget Festival are.


Bastille will be performing on the Main Stage, in the early evening hours of the day. The band of young Brits has millions of fans all over the world, best shown by the over 8 million records they have sold. The band has been working on a new album for some time now. We can expect them to present some new materials at Sziget 2016.

Bloc Party

Bloc Party has been one of the first bands to embrace the new wave of indie, and they have managed to keep their unique sound ever since. They return to Sziget 2016’s A38 stage with a new set of members, and a new album called Hymns, to be released on the 29th of January.


A lot of time has passed since CHVRCHES have released their exciting and original album The Bones of What You Believe in 2013. Since then they have returned with a new album (Every Open Eye in 2015). Next year they will show their skills to the attendants of Sziget 2016 (also on A38), for the first time in Hungary.

Nicky Romero

His name will most likely sound familiar to EDM lovers – Nicky Romero has been collaborating with other DJs and releasing remixes since the early 2010s. He is reportedly still working on his first solo album, but this doesn’t stop him to turn up the heat at various festivals – such as the Sziget 2016.

Sum 41

Lat, but not least, the punk-rock-alternative act called Sum 41, currently consisting of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Deryck Whibley, co-lead guitarists Dave Baksh and Tom Thacker, bassist Cone McCaslin and drummer Frank Zummo. The band has made its debut in 1996, and since its birth it has pocketed a series of awards (and was nominated for even more). Sum 41 is expected to perform in an early evening slot on the Main Stage.

Sziget has also announced a creative contest for installations and works of art to be exposed at the festival. Artists interested in exposing their work at next year’s event are expected to submit their application here (the link points to Sziget’s Hungarian website), until the 15th of February.

“The unique visuals are meant to confirm that Sziget is not just another festival – that visitors can get this feeling only here”, Sziget Festival’s lead organizer, Gerendai Károly, said.

90 thoughts on “Christmas Comes Early: Bastille, Bloc Party and Others @ Sziget Festival 2016

  1. Great Bands! What do you think of RHCP being one of the main act this year?

    they spending the summer in Europe next year but there is a big gap in their tour schedule..

  2. There seems to be a strong emphasis on bands who can perform well live

    Bastille – not a fan but were surprisingly good at Sziget in 2014
    Sum 41 – Not a fan but very good live
    Chvrches – Excellent first album and ok second – You tubed a recent gig of theirs and it looked and sounded really good
    Bloc Party – Not a fan but again v good live

    I’d prefer a good band who can cut it live than an excellent studio band who can’t do it live so I’m happy with the announcement.

    Happy Christmas

  3. Bastille – meh
    Sum 41 – 15 years ago would have been a thing
    Chvrches -they are an actual/fresh band, but not my thing
    Bloc Party – good live band
    Nicky – Who?

    Sziget is doing a usual thing booking bands once were good and prime, now over their top and bringing them back 2 yearly to sziget and volt, BOOOORING.

    While Beach Slang/Neurosis/twenty One Pilots etc are in Europe in August. underwhelming.

  4. CHVRCHES and Bastille are the only ones, who are/might be popular and in date. Sum41? Why not Boney M or Smokey? 🙂

  5. twenty one pilots are not in europe in august, they’re in USA. They come in europe just for R+L on august 26. Very sad, I would have loved them

  6. Sum 41 is a band I listened to a few years ago (and still do sometimes). I enjoyed Blink and I know that I’ll enjoy Sum 41 even more!
    Bloc Party in the A38 will be maaaad!!!!

  7. I think Bastille in 2014 were incredibly boring, I’m not happy to have them back.
    Last time I saw Bloc Party was at Sziget 2009. Sick gig. Happy to have them back.
    Sum41 at Sziget 2012 were incredibly good. I like them, but they’re even better live.
    Never saw CHVRCHES but is a group I was really looking forward to see in 2016, so I’m happy.
    Don’t even consider Nicky Romero as I don’t like EDM. But fine, he’ll be in Party Arena and I’ll be in A38, Colosseum or elsewhere.

  8. No, he’s not. Last year he was not even headlining Balaton Sound and in the DjMag Top100 he’s only 18°. Alesso, that headlined Balaton Sound in 2014 and it’s number 13° in the DjMag Top100, last year was in the Party Arena. Nicky Romero is definitely not closing the Main Stage any day (fortunately).

  9. Let’s hope no laptop magician set foot on the main stage in 16. Sziget is still a live music festival after all…

  10. They finally released day ticket prices for day -1 and day 0 (a few days ago). It’s 55euros, like the other days. Maybe they booked them and they are not as big as Robbie?
    It doesn’t matter! Gorillaz, The XX, The National… are all great -not expensive- headliners 🙂

  11. I would love Gorillaz for the End Show, they were amazing at Glastonbury 2010! Plus, if we get Damon Albarn drunk, he’ll sing for 7 hours, as he did at Roskilde!

  12. Blur didn’t do a proper european tour for the last album. Just american, asian, and australian dates and of course something in uk. But except for maybe 2 festivals in spain and portugal they didn’t tour continental europe at all with proper gigs. Is there somebody who knows why?
    On Gorillaz side is a +1 for me (but Disclosure is more likely), but for a normal headline slot. I’m convinced that the new formula for the End Show will remain like this, because is appreciated by the finance of the festival and by the people (like it or not). So we’ll have somebody from the top of DJ Mag.
    And for sure we’ll have a big pop/hip hop headliner, it’s becoming a tradition, not something out of the ordinary anymore. But if the subs and undercards and a38 lineup is good, and if we have a very good ROCK headliner I can accept that. World and Colosseum never disappoint me

  13. I bet on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike for the End Show (unfortunately). Last year they sold out Balaton Sound closing the Main Stage the last day and they’re the new n°1 on DjMag top 100.

    As for the pop headliner, it’s not a new tradition cos Sziget more or less always had a poppish headliner:
    2003 Shaggy
    2004 Sugababes
    2005 Sean Paul
    2006 Scissor Sisters
    2007 P!nk
    2008 The Kooks
    2009 Lily Allen
    2010 30 Seconds To Mars
    2011 30 Seconds To Mars (in substitution of Amy Winehouse)
    2012 Ákos
    2013 Mika
    2014 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
    2015 Ellie Goulding + Robbie Williams, but he was the big name of the 2015th edition

    Anyway Gorillaz would be great.

  14. @Bender

    2008 The Kooks??? I think pop/dance headliner was Jamiroquai…
    2009 no only Lily, but Fatboy Slim too
    2010 + Faithless
    2011 + Chemical Brothers
    2012 + Snoop Dog
    2014 + OutKast

    Sziget had pop/hip hop/rnb/dance headliners every year. It wasn’t something bad. Formula of 5 days was like 1 dance, 1 pop, 3 guitar headliners.

  15. Motörhead was great in 2011. Thanks and RIP, Lemmy!

    Same year we had Pulp, Flogging Molly, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, Manic Street Preachers, White Lies, Triggerfinger, Suicidal Tendencies, Judas Priest, Deftones.

    One of the best years for me.

  16. yeah, sorry, I was not very clear.. I was talkin about real big poppy radio friendly headliners. I was not there in 2006 and before to see which position those artists had, but I trust you 🙂
    -I agree P!nk was a big Pop headliner.
    -But I really don’t think we can put The kooks in the same box. They’re radio friendly for sure but their songs are not the same poppy songs as P!nk (or macklemore, Ellie, Robbie).
    -Same goes for 30 seconds, they’re maybe the most mainstream thing in alternative rock, but still not a real Pop headliner.
    -Mika was a pop headliner yes, Lily too.
    -Akos, I don’t know what he says about his music, but to me it seemed like some very trash electronic and rock stuff.
    -Jamiroquai is one of the best exponents of Acid Jazz and one of the few bands that make good Dance music.
    -With faithless and Chemicals and Fatboy we are going into electronic/dance, which is not what I was talking about.
    -Snoop dogg is real hip hop, like Outkast. It’s not the kind of concerts I usually go to see but I can watch some good hiphop etc.. I like every kind of music if there’s a story, a culture, not only musical industry.

    My concern is that (seeing last year’s lineup) we’ll always have some big mainstream artist. You know like Rihanna or Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, Derulo, I don’t know…

  17. Yes we already have the dates for Sigur Ros (saturday 13th), Parov Stelar (day 0, thursday 11th) and Chvrches (Tuesday the 15th).

  18. really hope sziget won’t do gnr.
    1. they are soooo bad (they were always bad even in their “prime”)
    2. Axl shouldnt get any money of this cashgrab for his behavior.
    3. financially could coast disaster for sziget and we need quality live bands not outdated rockstars living off their past.

  19. I really think the same, about GnR, one of the worse band ever – and their cachet for this reunion is absurde (I read somewhere on the web – so maybe it’s a fake – that they will grab cachet in the terms of milions for a single show).

    On other hand, Im not really impressed by the Coachella’s announcement: even if I were from S Diego I doubt I would pay that money for that lineup.
    Still I hope for Of Monsters and Men, Marco Carola, Skepta, Silversun Pickups, Nina Kraviz, The Black Madonna, Sia, Rancid and maybe some little more at Sziget, but about the headliners, maaaaaaan, GnR and Calvin Harris are satan’s semen spread in instrumental music and electronic music

  20. 1) Guns N’ Roses are just one of the greatest rock bands of all times from the beginning until Use Your Illusions II.

    2) I would never be a financial disaster becauseGnR’s reunion was just the most attended reunions in the last twenty years along with the possible ones of Waters/Gilmour and Page/Plant.

    3) Alx is way more better than past years and his voice pretty good right now considering that he’s not 25 anymore:

    4) It’d never happen but I’d really love to see them on the Island on Day -1

  21. Im sorry I cant be with you in this.

    They aren’t one of the greatest, they used to be for a couple of years or so (1987-1991, to be accurate) and than they made their fame with stupid behaving like “im a fuc***g rockstarrrrrr, let’s go OD with heroin, its good for my reputation”. I agree they made 2 wonderful albums, which are Appetite for Destruction and Use Your Illusion II, and it stops right here, no more, just s**t to gain some attention like callin’ Buckethead in tour.

    This been said, if they really have to call some dying artists on the sunset of their glory and career, I would be less disappointed by Black Sabbath

    Also, it ACTUALLY would be a financial disaster cause from what I read around in more than just one webpage or blog, ticket for their shows will be sold at 275-350 $ and they are asking for something like 3millions $ for a single show (being realist, the number will be like 1,5-2millions $), Sziget don’t need to spend all that money on a single artist to make a sold out, Avicii and Macklemore in ’15 and ’14 have shown this.

    In the end, Blink 182 taught me an hard lesson: if your heroes stopped playin when you were too young to see em live, never go for a reunion, they will probably look like some old men trying to act like the ’90s never passed.

  22. I’d love to see Guns N Roses, they have great songs. I’ve enjoyed Scorpions, Sting, Robbie Williams twice and even Blink! I’m sure I’ll enjoy them 🙂
    If they cost more than 1.5 millions (Robbie Williams price) it won’t be good for the undercard but if they get them at that price (or for 2m max with a higher price for day -1 that will sell out nevertheless), it should be fine.

    I’d take others from that Coachella lineup: Flume, Beach House, Sufjan Stevens, 2manydj’s, adam beyer, chronixx and protoje for the reggae, crystal fighters, claptone, disclosure, edward shape and the magnetic zeros, foals (to headline!!!), ibeyi, jack u to close a night, miike snow, of monsters anad men, rancid, rhye, run the jewels, the kills, the last shadow puppets, underworld, volbeat…

    lots of good names but on a personal level I’m more attached to the Sziget names!

  23. Tiesto was announced as one of the Untold Festival (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) headliners, so maybe he will also be at Sziget, because the festival takes place at the beginning of August.

  24. I kinda have the feeling this will be a one (in fact two) night only reunion for Guns n’Roses. I can see them asking for more than 2 millions for each weekend and then enjoying their money and paying the bills they needed to pay (that’s why reunions like this are for).

    I like the artists Noeliam and Yelo named from Coachella’s lineup, plus I’d also like to have Underworld, Years&Years, James Bay, Maceo Plex.
    Plus Disclosure and 1975 have very strong possibilities to come at Sziget in my opinion.
    Anyway, the undercard of COachella for me has some good and very inspired names, but the Headliners as a whole communicates nothing to me. 2 big reunions bought with great checks and….. Calvin Harris?????? I don’t know how can that man always headline some big festival: V fest, Lolla, ACL, T in the park, Sziget, Pukkelpop… and he doesn’t mix.
    @yelo: the prices you told were for 3 days tickets at coachella, nothing new I think

  25. Bobo, the news I hear almost everywhere right now (radio, web, tv…) told about a tour, an american tour to be accurate.
    Now, I saw prices people pay for some shows like Steely Dan, Foreigners, Don McLean and so on: they are good, and they have a status in USA, so there are people who’s fine with paying a lot. Same for Guns N Roses, special case if they do a reunion. I mean, those guys in 2012 did TWELVE shows in a row in LA, people went to see ’em and Im kinda sure they paid them a lot.
    So, the hypothesis of an american tour is real, the price of the ticket and of their cachet – I told it before – for sure are inflated, but still it can be a thing.
    And I go further: they are cashgrabber like hell (I see no other reason for a reunion), so if the american tour will be successful (and w’all know it’s gonna be really successful), there could follow an european tour, but I can’t think that there will be a partecipation of them in any european festival (‘cept for Glasto, of course, and maybe Wacken).
    Anyway Im speaking about guesswork, so it’s no use.

    About Disclosure and The 1975: my opinion is that Disclosure are good, The 1975… meh, I mean, I saw ’em live in ’14, they were truly boring, like teen idols without balls (No intention to offend anyone) and the crowd didn’t looked so excited (‘cept for a girl who were crazy for them and passed half the show on the tv screen waving and yelling and stuff)

    About Calvin Harris. I can’t understand how people still don’t throw molotov bomb at him during his “”””DJ Set””””, when I saw them I really felt duped by the situation, worse musical experience of my whole life by far…

  26. One amazing addition could be Twenty One Pilots! They finish their tour the 11th of august at New York and will be back in Europe for Reading and Leeds!

  27. I really would love ’em too, but I don’t think Sziget stand a chance for them. But I keep my hope up high *-*

  28. Bands don’t usually go from america to europe in 2 days or so. That’s why I also don’t think thy’ll come. But they’d be brilliant for sure, they’re great live

  29. Quote Bobo, jet lag usually, plans and stuff, or they’re off from the tour for two weeks of vacation or so.
    I don’t think in latest years Sziget called band which wasn’t on tour or was in USA. Maybe Kings of Leon last year, and if so, that could be the reason why they paid for them so much (undeserved money IMHO).

    If they would come, anyway, I think they will get a fair good spot on Main (sub headliner or 17.15 – like Rudimental last year) or headlining for A38. Am I right?

  30. Yeah that’s about right! Let’s hope then!
    I’m sure a headliner/end show announcement isn’t far away 🙂

  31. John Newman’s website confirms 12 August. I really hope he plays on the Main Stage during the afternoon cos I’d really hope for someone else in A38 at 23:30, my favorite spot usually. I think for that spot we already have Bloc Party, CHVRCHES, M83 and maybe Sigur Ros, if they want complete darkness. Also Parov Stelar if he plays with Parov Stelar Band, but I think this time he’ll be alone deejaing so the 1am spot would fit better.

  32. My suggestion are, supposing the time spot remains the same:

    Bastille: 19.30
    Bring Me the Horizon: 17.45
    John Newman: 17.45 (or 16.00)
    Sigur Ros: 19.30
    Sum 41: 17.45

    Bloc Party: 23.45
    CHVRCHES: 22.00
    Kodaline: 16.45 (or 18.30)
    M83: 23.45
    MO: 22.00 (or 20.15)
    Parov Stelar: 1.30

    Party Arena
    Naughty Boy: 23.30 (or 02.30)
    Nicky Romero: 1.00

    I want new name lol

  33. Knowing this I write my suppositions (or fears):

    – Bastille 19:30 or 21:30 if they don’t get any bigger for that day (the ghost of Mika…)
    – Bring Me The Horizon 19:30
    – Sigur Ros 19:30
    – Sum41 17:30
    – John Newman 16:00

    – Bloc Party 23:30
    – CHVRCHES 23:30
    – M83 22:00
    – Parov Stelar : 1:30
    – Kodaline 16:45
    – Naughty Boy : 18:30
    – Mø 20:15
    + Sigur Ros 23:45 if they want complete darkness

    Party Arena
    – Nicky Romero 1:00

  34. But Naughty Boy has been confirmed for Party Arena and I think that between CHVRCHES and M83, the seconds will be headlining. Also Sigur Ros confirmed for MS, if I remember good

  35. Watching on the hungarian site doesn’t say anything that confirms Sigur Ros for the Main Stage and Naughty Boy for Party Arena.

  36. I remember some hungarian press giving this infos about stages. Anyway I don’t know how official they are, but even if they are we know stages can change

  37. Lowlands promised the first “big” batch of names for soon! I guess we’re sharing headliners.
    Way Out West also shared a small name today, and they tend to announce in series of 1/day.

    John Doe?

  38. Am I the only one who don’t know this guy and seems not to like him?
    It can actually be, how it happened back in the day with Alt J, so, can anyone introduce this guy? 😀

  39. I would love PJ Harvey too but not a “New Sziget” band as she is very much for the over 35’s and a little leftfield for this shiny-happy-people pop festival. I hope I am wrong.

    I would personally like The Cure, The Pixies, Sufjan Stevens, Grimes, The Coral, Tame Impala, Ty Segall, Kurt Vile, Beck, The Killers & Robyn (who are all on tour)& Radiohead & The National (who are releasing an albums very shortly so might tour it) to be playing but I’m just greedy;)

  40. @yelo actually PJ Harvey is a woman not a guy (lol). 😀

    @jjason I’d take all of the names on your list with the only exception of The Killers. The National would make me the happiest man on earth. I already saw them but I love them. Tame Impala would be perfect for the 23.30 or 22.00 A38 slot (also Main Stage for me, but if Interpol last year and Bloc Party this year were in A38 I think they’d play there). Grimes would also be great in A38 at the 20.15 slot. And unfortunately I really doubt Sufjan Stevens and Kurt Vile would fit in the “new Sziget direction”, hope to get them at Primavera Sound this year at least.

  41. @Bender same here! After M83 and Sigur Ros, The National is the next on my list 🙂
    I’d also like The Killers to headline, and I don’t think PJ Harvey could do it. She would get a spot like Marina and the Diamonds or Lily Allen? (Sub) subbing a big UK band? (coldplay, muse…)
    Muse and Twenty One Pilots would be the 2 bands that will get my friends the most excited!

    and, I really think we’ll get Rammstein, with Iron Maiden at VOLT.

  42. I’m guessing PJ Harvey, Two Door Cinema Club and Prodigy… Unfortunately nothing I need.. Maybe even Madness…

    Hoping for Biffy and NOFX though, but I’ll take The National as well.

  43. Latest news from Huricane Festival:
    The Prodigy | Axwell ? Ingrosso | Bloc Party | Blues Pills | Anti Flag | Skindred (official) | Kvelertak | Balthazar.

    Would love to see Anti Flag again, also Skindred and Balthazar (last year I missed them).

  44. @Archer Sterling last year we shared with Way Out West / Oya / Flow both Alt-J and Florence + The Machine as headliners.

    @Ambassadeur yes, would be great. They play in Germany the Aug 13, I think they’ll be in for sure at this point 😀

  45. @Bender ..yea i saw that after i did some research. This year sziget/flow/wayOut all have CHRVCHES .
    I will see Pj @roskildefestival this year i hope for something else.

  46. @Ambassadeur I know it but I think they’ll gonna get em as well, maybe announcing them in may. I think that if you have the possibility of having Moderat you just take them, also because some years ago Modeselektor canceled their Sziget gig and didn’t come back.

    @Archer Sterling actually PJ would be a good repetition but I see your point also cos I’mm pretty sure she’ll be also headlining Primavera Sound and I’d prefer to see here there.

  47. ahaha yes, we met on the bus for Sziget 2015 and we were already friends on facebook! He wrote me there 😀

  48. ahaha a happy ending!
    Anyway, I was taking a look at scandinavian festivals and I remembered something: last year Beck played all Oya, Way out, Flow, Smukfest in the same weeks as sziget, but sziget chose to not call him from the beginning I suppose. Or they waited too much, cause they were not convinced. So we could have the same situation with P J Harvey.
    On the other hand I think jamie xx (late a38) and four tet(colosseum) (both artists from this scandinavian fests’ lineups) have good possibilities to come. I feel this is what festivals like a lot nowadays. I like them too

  49. I wouldn’t mind if PJ Harvey doesn’t come! But I’d love Jamie XX as it would increase the possibility of the XX playing before him the same day 🙂

  50. @bobo I think Sziget had to choose between him and Florence cos also Florence played oya/wow/flow and the day available was only day 0 (and florence sells a lot more).

  51. @bender, yes I agree. But what I was saying is that Beck was not available probably because all this scandinavian fests scheduled him in advance.
    If sziget had him before anybody else (or at least those festivals) this wouldn’t have been a problem. I suppose is about musical choices. But I’m only supposing of course

  52. Pearl jam just announced their 2016 tour, they’ll be in America until the end of august sadly 🙁

  53. Primavera’s announcement today was really good bad i got all my money invested in Roskilde and Sziget. Looks like it’s going to be an interesting festival summer!
    Radiohead to sziget would be great! 🙂

  54. I would have gone to NOS alive instead of EXIT; seems like an amazing festival but their lineup sucks so far (Ellie Goulding, Bastille, Wiz Khalifa as main names).
    Radiohead at Sziget?…

  55. Noeliam, what about those “…”? Ain’t u impressed or do you think it isn’t possible? 🙂

  56. I think Sziget as it has evolved these past two years wouldn’t book them, but I’ll be glad to be proven wrong 🙂

  57. Ye, I agree with you… But if they reserved Sigur Ros, which aren’t that mainstream (or that, or I am very weird), we can still hope!

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