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Colosseum in 2016: John Digweed, Tale of Us, Others

Sziget Netherlands was the first to announce the lineup for Colosseum in 2016. Aside from the DJs on the list below, there will be local Hungarian DJs mixing from 12PM and the break of dawn every day. The announcement was apparently made a bit too early, and it has now been taken down from Sziget Netherlands’ Facebook page, but we managed to save it for later. Here is the list:

  • August 10th – Tale Of Us, Woo York live, Pulsinger & Irl
  • August 11th – The Martinez Brothers, Mind Against, Kevin Luke
  • August 12th – Sasha, &ME, Boddika
  • August 13th – Sharam, BEHROUZ, Mendo
  • August 14th – Sam Paganini, Johannes Heil
  • August 15th – Dorisburg live, BUTCH, Nastia
  • August 16th – John Digweed, Max Cooper, DJ DEMI

Colosseum in 2016: New look, but the same great parties

Colosseum will be one of the most spectacular venues at this year’s Sziget Festival. Built entirely using pallets by the creative Hello Wood team, the venue will have a completely new look this year. But expect the party to be as hard and hot as ever before.

Colosseum is one of the Missions Szitizens can complete in this year’s MISSION: SZITIZEN. Participants need to create a replica of the venue using matchsticks, with a diameter of at least 21 cm, take a photo of it and send it to the organizers, in exchange for five points. The prizes to compete for include backstage visits, VIP treatment, and delicious treats.

Sziget updates

In a quick update posted yesterday, Sziget Netherlands has reminded visitors to take care of their camping needs in due time. According to the announcement, the VIP Camping, the Alternativa Camping, the Apéro Camping and the Siesta Camping are already sold out, and there are only a few tickets left for Bridge Camping . They also reminded those who have not yet bought their Sziget 2016 passes that they can do so at the current price until May 5th when the price for the 7-day pass will go up by 20 euros.

98 thoughts on “Colosseum in 2016: John Digweed, Tale of Us, Others

  1. What time do the main acts (eg tale of us) start their sets at? Would they normally clash with any main stage acts?

  2. but vitalic played really early (like 23-00 or 00-01), but that was just a case. It’s normally a night stage with headliners from 01.00 onwards

  3. Tale of us and Martinez brothers are clearly scheduled on day 0 and -1 to sell out the 7 day pass as they are maybe the most mainstreamly known names or at least the most known by young people I suppose 🙂 and on day 0 there was a lot of other impressive night lineup. Anyway beautiful colosseum lineup, can’t wait

  4. Sad for the big absences of Nina Kraviz, Clap Clap!, The Black Madonna, John Talabot and Seth Troxler, but still, this line up is huge, hope to find the time to go for Tale of Us, &Me, Digweed and Sasha and I still have to listen to the other performers 😀

  5. Tale Of Us on day -1 and John Digweed on day 5 are the must see! One for the first night when there’s not an A38 program, and one to say goodbye to the Collosseum 🙂

  6. It depends on the timing, Noeliam, I HAVE TO watch Crystal Castles, even without Alice.

    Hope they wont put another trap artist after them, it has become a tradition to do the afternight at the A38 in first line 🙂

  7. Oh yes I wouldn’t miss Crystal Castles for nothing! But he will surely play more than 2 hours so we will be able to watch both 🙂

  8. Pukkelpop announced new names, between those: DJ Snake, Good Charlotte and Dusky.
    Hope Sziget wont take inspiration from this announcement, very inconsistent (except for Dusky and one-two other names…)

  9. Damn, so many trap artists on pukkelpop, crazy.
    I’m not against this stuff but find it too much…

    Good Charlotte is interesting for early MS. But we have slot only before/after Sum41 and they are quite similar.
    The Jillionaire will be nice for Party arena (or Diplo)
    Not against DJ Snake, but he is expensive now, we can get someone with less hype.
    I think, that Tchami and Noisia would be great addition for sziget nights.
    + some rap for A38 early nights, like Nas from R&L,Mobb Deep, Redman and Meth or cheaper bands like Cunninlynguists or Atmosphere(21 aug in France), or non-american Dope DOD (20 aug)

  10. Thank you Balaton no Steve Aoki at Sziget :D.. Chris Brown… 😀

    So i can hope for Tiesto and Deadmau5 longer 🙂

  11. ??? How do you do this?
    This was also with The Chemical Brothers but they are not announced yet..

  12. Unsure how reliable the links are but i just googled good charlotte sziget 2016 and it was the first link, then did the same for chase & status

  13. Chase & Status already play in a festival of the same circuit of Sziget, so it is unlikely.

    About Good Charlotte, man, we already have the TBT with Sum41, Kaiser Chiefs and Bloc Party wouldnt it be quite cool to call someone who have done something new which was good in the last 3 years?

  14. @James: Such pages can be found for a lot of acts that performed at Sziget, Balaton Sound or VOLT in recent years. They don’t mean anything. If you check that page at, you can see it writes that Good Charlotte performed at Sziget in 2011. 😉

  15. those are old links, Good Charlotte was in 2011 (I was there) and chase & status I don’t remember the exact year but they’ve already played

  16. When you read the Balaton Sound facebook page lot of people are very angry of the new names..

    i can understand them.. Sziget gets David Guetta, Hardwell, Afrojack, Zedd, Nicky Romero, Vinai etc. this year, all big EDM names..

    And the EDM Balaton gets Chris Brown, Steve Aoki.. (oke, Garrix, Van Buuren, Dimitri are good..)

    The EDM line up this year at Sziget is very good! Now just 1 good band is missing!! I really hope for Rammstein or RHCP!! PLEASE Sziget 🙂

  17. A bit too much EDM for my taste, is there any chance for more medium/big announcements? or is this it?

    We need a decent rnb/hip hop artist en mayb rhcp to balance out the lineup

  18. I think there will be a few more announcements. We still need the ambient stage, most of the dance arena, theatre, classical and circus stages. Plus a headliner

  19. Can we get Radiohead for Day -1, now that they disappeared completely from Facebook and Twitter? 😀

  20. How long did Sziget usually wait to announce new names after ticket price rise?

  21. Does anyone know or have any idea what the special party is for szitizen prime members?

  22. radiohead are not in europe so impossible. even rhcp are now less and less likely, the new festival dates they keep adding are in july, they don’t have anything until reading festival and in that period they also scheduled a solo concert. This makes me think they won’t tour in the period of time from the end of july until the end of august

  23. Radiohead are every other 3-4 weeks on other continents (between Europe and USA), so they can get the flight to Budapest after their concert on the 8th… very small chance, but I think they can still do it.

    I hope that we’ll get the last headliner announcement soon, not as last year, in June.

  24. Lowlands festival just added Noel Gallagher and Chase and Status (live)
    That makes a lot of names in common with Sziget (Noel, Muse, Sigur Ros, TLSP, M83, Sum41, …). So we might have a name of Lowlands in the next annoucement.

  25. Disclosure, EoDM, Oh Wonder, James Blake, Wolfmother, Andy C, Biffy Clyro, Noisia, The Black Madonna, Dub Inc and Caravan Palace would be all well accepted (at least by me)

  26. maybe the libertines? they are playing on the 20th in Germany as a co-headliner before Muse

  27. Ok, I finally succeed in listening to all the Colosseum lineup!
    What to say… awesome names, awesome music, Im very happy for this.
    Wont lose for nothing in the world Sasha, The Martinez Brothers and Tale of Us and will try to reach the north of the island for Pulsinger, Woo York, Mind Against, Kevin Luke, &Me, Boddika, Sam Paganini and John Digweed!

  28. I hope that in the next 1-2 weeks we’ll get the Day -1 headliner, as tomorrow the ticket prices will be more expensive.

  29. Hmm so no RHCP.. Rammstein would be perfect, we have no German Band on the Main Stage now, they are a great and big rock band with an awesome show.. i cross my fingers for them… but when i look at the other headliners … Rammstein would be to hard for Sziget.. Rihanna, Sia, Guetta etc… i dont know if there is place for a hardrock band like Rammstein :/

  30. If this means that Rammstein, The Killers or Mumford and Sons have higher chances now, I’m not dissapointed at all. 😀

  31. Oh Sziget FR! On their new lineup poster Die Antwoord is THIRD on the list!
    but Guetta is 3rd down the lines, and M83 (2nd biggest French act) is on the 5th line…

    no logic!

  32. It would have been better to have RHCP @ Sziget.. now I have to pay 120€ for a ticket

    Anyway now I’m quite curious who they can get for day -1, as Rammstein seems like the only good and realistic option

  33. @Noealim, they just took official English poster and reversed Die Antwoord and David Guetta ^)

  34. Rammstein would make the line up so colourful and perfect.. they are big enough for day -1 for sure. I would give everything to see them at Sziget!! I buy 10 7 day passes if they come 😀

  35. I personally don’t bet on Rammstein. I think that if it’s gonna be something playing august festivals it’s gonna be something more “sziget style” like Chemical Brothers. Otherwise I think it’s gonna be something out of the august festival circuit. I feel this is something sziget is trying to do nowadays

  36. I think Die Antwoord are headlining and Skunk Anansie ale sub-headliners and we will get one name which will play after MR’s Blitzkrieg and before Skunk A.

  37. Last year we had two announcements of this kind: “Tomorrow we will announce the Day -1 headliner” for Robbie Williams and “Tomorrow we will announce the last headliner” for Kings of Leon.

    This year we had this kind of hype for Rihanna only, as Muse were unexpected. I still think that we’ll get a similar announcement to “Tomorrow we will announce the Day -1 and also the last headliner of Sziget 2016”, a day before the announcement, to generate some hype on social media.

    I don’t hope that we’ll get something as big as RW or KoL, as we already have Rihanna and Muse, but I think that Rammstein, The Killers or Mumford and Sons would be great enough for the last spot. The Chemical Brothers and Biffy Clyro (in the case that Biffy is playing Day -1, I hope for Tame Impala before Guetta) would be okay, but at this point I hope for something a little bit bigger than them.

  38. Sziget Official posted this yesterday: “A mysterious performer at the Island of Freedom!
    Sia @ Sziget2016! Can’t wait to have her!” any idea what this means?

  39. What about to just wait and see? we have no clue this time. No elements we can relate on.

    Want to bet? Bet on the few left names TBA, there can be some interesting analysis; but on the last headliner, with the weight it carries for the Sziget (the last burst of selling ticket in my point of view) and with the shade of a non-touring headliner on sight, I just prefer to not think and let them do their job

  40. +1 yelo! With RHCP out of the picture and Rammstein not so likely…
    for non-headliner stuff, I still think that Netsky will be there! He’s doing some live shows and some DJ sets, and he has a DJ set in Hungary already. Maybe Sziget will get him for a night headline slot on A38 (or even Party Arena I don’t know).

  41. The official Sziget Facebook page replied to someone that new announcements will come, but they didn’t say when. We already knew this. 🙁

  42. I’m a Szitizen Prime, but if next year they won’t have a better line-up until March, I won’t buy anything. I hope they’ll do better, they have to, as it’ll be the 25th edition next year.

  43. I don’t think the lineup is to bad. I prefer it to last year. Some better medium level bands this year and loads I haven’t seen,

  44. I can change my mind mind if they announce one more good headliner for Day -1. I’m happy with the subheadliners, even with the acts from the other stages, but the Main Stage slots are weak in some days, so they need to fill the remaining spots (Day -1 & Guetta Day) with some good acts, that’s all I want.

  45. Any small chance for Weezer & Panic! at the Disco to be European exclusives at Sziget? 😀 They don’t have live shows betwen the 6th of August and the 10th of September, so they could do a one-off in Europe, but one of the two would need to get the Day -1 spot and the other one the spot which is before Guetta, because they’re touring together and I don’t think that they’re A38 material (in case that A38 will be open on Day -1, too).

  46. Iggy Pop is possible for -1 day. He’s in France Jul 31 and in Finland Aug 12.

  47. Yes I guess it’s about the weather…
    I think we won’t get any hints, they dont want to sold out so close to the raise of tickets I guess, to slow thing down can mean to give better publicity to the festival, maybe. I mean: Muse – pause – number of utilities sold out – pause – Rihanna – pause – Die Antwoord – pause – Sold Out – pause – Last headliner (if the opposite there wont be any pause, since the Last Headliner if good enough will sell the last tickets), and than in the end the last few names.

    This is my expectation, at least

  48. Weezer – Island in the Sun, as we dreamed last year until the Rudimental announcement, haha. 😀

  49. Meanwhile everything is silent, SzigetItalia keeps on releasing new names for the LightStage, and for an italian that lineup itself could means half the festival, very good new (small) names!

  50. Hi,

    Can someone tell me what is the VIP area next to the main stage?
    Is it worth it?

    Thanks and Regards,

  51. It’s for press mainly. Was in their 5 years ago as my friend is a journalist. It’s just another bar and nice toilets. Although I’d say the toilets and bars everywhere are genuinely ok

  52. Too bad they don’t sell VIP-tickets. I woould be willing to pay fr it if the offers were good enough (priority entry, VIP section, etter toilets etc..)

  53. Nice article Noeliam!
    Just a thing: how did u got the timetable of Light Stage and Europe? 🙂

  54. i hope for the Hospitality night 😀 and also some good hip-hop names.. pls for heaven’s sake . pls . think about us :)) .. im sitting in the front of the sziget logo and praying for some good oldschool hiphop XD

  55. We’ll probably get new names this week then 🙂

    @yelo for the lightstage from Teapot Industries themselves (still to be confirmed), as for the Europe Stage I don’t know (didn’t give the times for Deluxe or Golan, but for Thy Veils on the Chill Garden, and the info is also from the band themselves).

  56. Skrillex is in Canada on the 6th and the 14th in the UK so the 10th is still an possibilltiy

  57. i know that too . it’s sad 🙁 they bring us less metal bands 🙁 less dnb dj’s .. “less” (i don’t think there is more than 3 artist in a year) hiphop artist 🙁 why ? . we really need thoose pop artists? . thoose tons of alternative/indie rock bands? . edm/house/techno dj’s ? and really… trap is all the way or wtf? . i miss the old festivals 🙁

  58. How many artists we are missing in the A38 tent and how many in the Telekom Party Arena tent.. does someone know that ? 🙂

  59. A38: 3 spots lefts on the 12th; 3 on the 13th, 2 on the 14th (+ Maduk self-confirmed this week-end); 1 on the 15th and 2 and the 16th.
    Some of them are night spots so we can expect new names 🙂

  60. Carl Cox is in Zurich the 13th of August for the Street Parade.
    Any chance of having him in the line up? He’s massive by live, totally one of my favorite, but I dont know in which stage he could play, tbh

  61. I hope the chainsmokers will play A38 or the party arena they would fit well in this line up

  62. Chainsmokers for party arena would be excellent, their set at Ultra was one of the best. Unfortunately, they are not touring in Europe in august.
    Hope for Noisia, Kill the Noise, DJ Craze, Dope D.O.D, Nas at A38

    I’m sure that Sziget won’t dissapoint anyone with Party Arena addition…

    Also I hope for some metal/rock surprise before Guetta.
    Slipknot US tour ends in early august 🙂

  63. Richard Ashcroft for Sziget? 😀 He’ll release his solo album soon. He could play in A38 or before Guetta on the Main Stage, as he plays in Switzerland on 6 August, Lokeren on 10 August and Spain on the 12th of August.

  64. What is with the last x-mas wish winner number 12 ?? They say a wish what will come true soon… and i never hear of it again.. when do they release this wish.. or do they forget..

  65. Rage Against The Machine are doing something with Public Enemy. That would be amazing for day -1. Euro festival exclusive even?

  66. I would sell my ass for Rage Against The Machine.
    Serioulsy, where do I have to sign?

  67. Gray Matters (Romania) will play on Europe Stage. They won the Sziget Talent contest in Romania.

  68. Welcome the acts of the Europe Stage! 😉
    I Ministri (I) * CEZA (TR) * John Coffey (NL) * La Smala (B) * Deluxe (F) * Avec (A) * Abu (CH) * Thunder & Co. (P) * Say Yes Dog (LUX) * Satellites (RO) * BRUNETTES SHOOT BLONDES (UA) * Therr Maitz (RU) * Maya Isacowitz (IL) * Fatoni (D) * LA CAFETERA ROJA (A, F, E) * Rilan & The Bombardiers (NL) * Bernays Propaganda (MK) * Serafyn (CH) * Palace Winter (DK) * Die Nerven (D) * AYKU (D) * Pertubator (F) * Groove Salvation DJ set (P) * En.Dru (CZ) * Rebeka (PL) * Bombay (NL) * Maria Christina Plata (COL) * F(u)ckaine (E) * The Zen Circus (I) * Golan (RO) * Isolation Berlin (D) * We are Match (F) * Queer Jane (SK) * Las Aves (F) * Salmo (I)

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