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The Coronavirus pandemic and Sziget fans: How are you holding on?

The Coronavirus pandemic is in full swing at the moment all over the world. It’s keeping people in their homes, making life more difficult for everyone.

So far, there is no news of this affecting Sziget Festival. The only related information from the organisers has come a month and a half ago, saying that everything is on, for the time being. There has been no update regarding this since and, presumably, they are waiting to see how things pan out, just like the rest of the world does.

Hopefully, things go in the right direction and, despite this “little” Coronavirus issue that the world is facing, things go back to normal by August and Sziget can go through. There are healthcare officials predicting festivals’ return only for the fall of 2021, but we can always hope for things to go in the right direction faster. Only time will tell how things will evolve regarding this.

With this is in mind, how are you holding on? What are you thoughts on this? Have you re-watched any great Sziget performances from the past during these isolation days? If so, which ones?

This is the place where you can talk to other Sziget fans about it and keep each other company during this very difficult coronavirus pandemic time. Feel free to leave a comment below. It doesn’t matter what it is about, just write exactly what you feel. We’re sure you’ll get a reply in the same vein.

In the meantime, stay safe and try to help one another through this!

5 thoughts on “The Coronavirus pandemic and Sziget fans: How are you holding on?

  1. Ok we’re a group who bought their tickets and everything for Sziget and we come from different countries Egypt Algeria and so on. We literally paid for everything tickets flights accommodation. Not hearing a word from Sziget organizers is irresponsible! I understand one cannot have a categoric response but at least to share thoughts and what’s going on in the country.. but not hearing a word and they keep posting everyday a post as if nothing is happening is very very frustrating and disrespectful. We hope they do communicate with their ppl very soon.

  2. They can’t say anything until there isn’t an official ban from these events, at first the government should make it. If they cancel the event before the official statement they’d lose a huge amount of money and would go bankrupt. The organizers would like it to go on for sure, and it would be good for the Hungarian economy aswell, but on the other hand lots of performers cancel their further gigs for the rest of 2020, so it’s hard to predict the outcome. As the organizers of Sziget said, there’ll be an official statement until the beginning of June.

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