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Deaudmau5 / The Bloody Beetroots clash solved

Deadmau5 and The Bloody Beetroots were clashing in the initial Sziget 2014 schedule, causing worries to many of you.

Everyone thought they had to choose between the two, which would have been kind of a bummer.

Well, according to Sziget Italia, things have been solved in this department. Their post says that a program change has been made.

Now, Deadmau5 is on the Main Stage at 21:30 and you have time to get to A38, where The Bloody Beetroots start at 23:30.

11 thoughts on “Deaudmau5 / The Bloody Beetroots clash solved

  1. If they only played on one of the regular festival days… but this is great news for those that are there for Day 0.

  2. Too bad day 0 is full of good names, it was more fun to spread the rock/metal/punk music around the whole week. but it’s still going to be one hell of a week 😀

  3. Same here, Jimmy, but for me this is the only clash, so I think they did a great job with the spread 🙂

  4. It is the first in the history of the Island
    island island festival Sziget Festival 2014
    AUGUST 2014TH 04 14:19 1
    The best strategy to the date of the festival is a week later slid. Anyone who wants to can now buy tickets, really start to worry.
    The festival is the first time in history that tickets sold out in a week – enter your

    I just need a little kétségbeesniük those who wanted to be taken now, the organizers have set aside since 1000 piece for those who woke up late, or for some reason could not be taken presale pass. However, these will only be purchased at the festival gate, just a week from today so I can get a day ticket to the festival – writes the music portal.

    The organizers have been rumored a few weeks ago that visitors can peak at the festival, so well run out of tickets in advance.

  5. Yes, the festival passes are officially sold out. But there will be 1.000 passes still available at the door (which should be enough for people deciding last minute) and also 25.000 daypasses which probably will not sell out. Congratulations to the Sziget team!

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