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DJ Marky Moved to 3AM spot on Saturday (A38 Stage)

A little change in the lineup of the Sziget Festival 2015: the 3AM spot of the A38 stage on Saturday the 15th was filled by DJ Marky & Stamina MC, followed by Statik (who also performed at VOLT festival last week after Sigma).  The dnb duo has been announced a long time ago – they were to perform after Sigma on Sunday the 16th, but were moved to the 3AM spot on Saturday instead.

Marky is a veteran DJ, with his career stretching back to the early 1990s. He was “discovered” by a record label in 1998, while scratching in a club in Sao Paulo. His debut in the UK was well received – he was named the discovery of the year in 1999.  He is famous for his frenetic mixing style, which allowed him to work with big names like Laurent Garnier or Fatboy Slim. Stamina MC is usually accompanying him during his stage appearances – Stamina is not just talking, but sometimes he also sings. The pinnacle of their career was the Peace Parade in Sao Paulo, when they entertained a crowd of 1 million.

This leaves this year’s Sziget 2015 lineup with just two empty spots (Turrentine Jones still does not appear in the lineup, by the way): the Main Stage spot on Sunday, the 16th at 17:45 and the A38 spot on Thursday at 22:00.

76 thoughts on “DJ Marky Moved to 3AM spot on Saturday (A38 Stage)

  1. Ian Autorun now after Sigma, judging from his facebook he is even quite unknown in Hungary.
    What Sziget basically did is move a name and add a unknown Hungarian artist. Only 2 spots open now, but they have quite big international acts on the other days at that times.

  2. Saw Ian Autoran last year. He played for like 45 mins, than Borgore came out from nowhere and sent him away to play his own gig.
    Good is good, but god, what kind of cachet / organization problem they have this year?

    B*tch please…

  3. Jeez how many times do you want to write the same comment? Go do something useful, you are boooooring

  4. Wow… They never stop to amaze me..

    “We have 3 slots left to impress our audience. How should we fix this? What about just moving some of those we already have booked? Cheap & Easy. Of course lets do so without telling anyone. Maybe no one will tell that we don’t announce more artist if we just keep doing it this way..? One down, two to go.”

  5. Don’t forget that they’ve also upgraded another act from the A38 to the main too. So we’ve gone from 2 main, 1 A38 TBA to 1 main, 1 A38 TBA while making an already A38 act a main one. La Roux and The Kooks are my guesses still. Both make sense, not that the Sziget booking has made a lot of sense this year

  6. @Eddie I fear you’re right, but I really hope that can come up with something better. The way it goes now however I won’t be surprised if they just upgrade another from A38 as well (i.e Dropkick/Interpol). I cross my fingers for something that haven’t been mentioned here, but I’m not then talking about some unknown Hungarian band. Surely there must be someone within the organization that realize that this isn’t good enough and wants to put some extra effort into the last two bookings.

    When they come however don’t expect to hear about it, we’ll have to find them in the schedule 😉

  7. It says on their website they’re playing Sziget, but on the 15th, and it doesn’t say which stage

  8. Tankcsapda are playing at Esztergom Fesztivalsziget, not the Budapest Sziget Festival, so they won’t play Sziget.

  9. They’ll play on another Sziget. It’s in Esztergom and you can follow the link on their website to see it doesn’t lead to the website of Sziget in Budapest.

  10. Moving Passenger to mainstage is a good idea. He is now clashing with garrix, Dj set vs acoustic guitar? I think the garrix beats will ruin the concert.

  11. I’ve mentioned the same things about the Passenger/Garrix before as I’ve already experienced it at another festival. That move would be somewhat reasonable if they still found a similar sized artist.

    Happy to at least find out tha whatevertheirnameis was not confirmed for any MS spot 🙂

  12. Probably not impossible, but I hope they aim higher and go for Millencolin although CRVRCHES ar quite good. Twenty One Pilots would also be nice and Offspring should still have 14th or 15th available (in addition to 12th which is unlikely due to logistics).

    I doubt anything bigger as it’s easier to move someone upwards than downwards…

  13. Offspring, Stereophonics and Rudimental are available… Offspring would be great, Stereophonics would be good and maybe Rudimental would be okay, but I really hope that we’ll get a rock band for Sunday!

  14. @eddie He didn’t really say that was the case for all slots, but as none has been announced yet we must expect at least one of them to be (unfortunately, unless it’s BossHoss)

    Elsewhere at the Sziget office it seems like they’re all back from vacation as they now have updated their FB-site again. Worringly though on a question on whether the line-up is complete, they just show to the program page and didn’t answer the follow-up question.

  15. ^Really? Placebo would be great but i think that it’s impossible. Maybe Imagine Dragons, Stromae or La Roux?

  16. I wouldn’t bet on that hint for the MS slot as well. There are still some pretty cool bands available, so hopefully we’ll get something good for the last day. Fingers crossed!

  17. Anyone by the way know if MC Dynamite will have his own show or if he will MC for the others at the Hospitality-spot?

  18. I still think it will be La Roux A38 and The Kooks main, but that’s only a guess and it probably won’t be either of them

  19. I just can’t understand, with two slots left, why they would choose to book artists that were there last year, with so many other artists on the road..

  20. Hi everybody , if someone still looking for a ticket , i’m selling my weekly ticket in a very cheap price because I can’t go this year . anyone’s interested ?

  21. Kasabian were simply great at T in the Park, looking forward to see them at Sziget!

  22. 2 other touring available names: Lenny Kravitz (he is in Europe in August) & Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (no dates for August yet). So there are a lot of bands to choose from and who can fill the Mainstage at 5:45 PM!

  23. LOL. What are you thinking guys??? There will be no Placebo Imagine dragons, Offspring, Noel G. … just be happy until they announce Tankcsapda for the last place……

  24. I came home right know from a Goran Bregovic’s gig. Pure energy! I suggest to anyone to go attending his show!

  25. @sziget: I don’t know who you are, you already made me laugh very hard once talking about forecast. Now saying that Lenny Kravitz and Gallagher can play at 5:45pm you did it twice. LOOOOOL.

  26. Lenny Kravitz isn’t even a headlining Smukfest, a festival which is a lot smaller than Sziget. Plus, Noel Gallagher is not headlining Benicassim and his solo band is not as popular as Oasis. I guess that for some ‘extra’ money, they would accept to play at 5:45 PM on the last day, by leaving the festival with a very good last impression.

  27. In this case I agree with Sziget. Noel has also played mid-day at Werchter before so people need to stop paying too much attention to the slot-times. The biggest issue here is not which artists that are available and at which times they want/do not want to play, but that the festival probably won’t book any medium+ bands anyway.

  28. look at sziget standarsd for 5:45pm man. Kooks is best scenario. And I won’t complain if it’s them

  29. As I already said somewhere, Sziget standards were the same for last year’s line-up, but there was an exception: Imagine Dragons. 😉 I’m hoping for another exception for this year, as well.

  30. I think it’s more likely that they’ll book a drunk hobo with a tambourine.
    With only two slots open I think we can be very happy if we at least recognize one of the two names that will be announced. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll just get two Hungarian names that no one knows here.

  31. If they were willing to book a bigger artist (which they’re probably not since no one is complaining and they can save money), there is also the option to move an artist from A38 and let them headline there. Time-slots aren’t everything. I’ve even been to festivals where bigger bands have asked to play an early spot, because of logistics.

  32. Don’t dream,is over… but a change like this is good for me because now i can see Marky without the early morning wake up of the last day…

  33. Antiflag won’t perform Sziget: they showed their tour dates, it ends the 8th august… Sadly

  34. @MajorLazer: you saw sigma dj set at volt, they playing live with the band and at sziget

  35. I just discovered this band called the red hot chili peppers, they have some pretty good songs, check them out! They don’t have any dates for August, so they would be perfect for that 17:45 Sunday slot. What do you guys think?
    (that’s how you sound like suggesting weezer, noel’s HFB and stuff like that -_- )

  36. @Drone

    But Weezer does do day time slots such as 17.45.
    They are also great live.

  37. The real shame is Ellie Goulding headliner… i think is the first time in her ‘carrier’…

  38. She’s headlining a 10000 capacity headliner here in Norway so she’s getting experienced 😉

  39. is there still a chance for some new names? i think that they forget about this 2 slots.

  40. They’re probably just stalling it so people will be happy with just getting some names in the end… For the last month there has almost been absolute silence from them (and John Doe for that matter)…

  41. I’m sure they have been busy with VOLT and Balaton! They HAVE to give us something this week.

  42. I think last two names will be surprise. We’ll know when we see them on stage.

  43. If they start pulling stunts like that they can might as well pack their thing.. Always sold out festivals like Glastonbury can do that, not Sziget, and especially not with two slots.

  44. @TM Lanny Kravitz headlined Werchter at this year and even if Noel played a late afternoon (not mid-afternoon) slot at that festival, Werchter has the economic power to put Alt-J in The Barn, the equivalent of A38 at that festival. That would never happen at Sziget.

    Anyway I was absent on this site cos I was at Balaton Sound. Great festival, great experience again. The lineup was better than last year and even if I didn’t like it generally, it gave me some great gigs like Faithless who stole the crown for best live performance I’ve seen this year (I’ve also been to Primavera Sound and some concerts in Rock In Roma), Roni Size, Odesza, The Bloody Beetroots (SBCR dj set), Noisia Invites (Noisia + guests), Flight Facilities and a couple of more. I’m one of those who’s looking for names but cares about the general festival atmosphere and mood more. Having been to this Balaton Sound that was better than last year I can say we’re gonna have a huge Sziget.

    Having said that, if they book Roni Size for A38 I’d be the happiest man on earth. His show at Balaton Sound was brilliant. Fingers crossed.

  45. I know he played late afternoon this year, but not two years ago. Anyway that’s not the most important thing here, as my main point is just that people are paying too much attention to the time-slots. Yes some bands will “demand” to headline, but we’re then talking about the absolute biggest. For those in the next category the difference between 18 and 20 is not huge as money talks..

    Must admit that I looked into the Balaton website when someone over here told me they were “busy” with that festival and I must admit I was actually quite happy with that line-up if I were in the mood for a festival mainly focusing on electronic music. Tiësto, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, R3hab, Laidback Luke, Netsky, A-Trak++ i would love to see at Sziget. Only issue is that the festival is packed with EDM already. Ludacris could also be cool..

    By the way, was it Maxi Jazz or Faithless that appeared at Balaton? I skipped Maxi Jazz at Werchter as I saw that he didn’t play any Faithless at previous gigs but maybe I missed out on something…

  46. Both Maxi Jazz & The E-Type Boys and Faithless played. Maxi Jazz in Jager Arena and Faithless headlining the Main Stage in what was the best day of festival imo with also Bloody Beetroots, Netsky, Leftfield and else. 🙂

  47. at this point I think the remaining names will be very small, we’ve gone too far for a medium band/artist I suppose 🙂

  48. When they sponsorize the festival they say that the line-up is full, you have to discover by yourself that 2 slots are empty. This make me think that the two names won’t be mindblowin’, something at the same level of Hollywood Undead or Asaf Avidan for the Main Stage and something under the Ting Tings for the A38 (if it’s not, why would they move a band from a clashing slot of the A38 to a secondary – but even more important IMO – slot on the MS?)

  49. Found this after a long search:
    2015.08.16.VASÁRNAP 17:45 SZIGET FESZTIVÁL
    A Sziget Fesztivál utolsó napján, augusztus 16-án zenél majd 17:45-t?l a nagyszínpadon.
    Jegyek: A megvásárolt vasárnapi Kingdom of Hegyalja jegyek, valamint a bérletek érvényesek a Sziget zárónapjára.

    I’m not Hungarian, but means something like Rudimental will play a replacing concert for the cancelled Hegyalja festival? Hegyalja tickets also valid for the last day of sziget.

  50. I’ve seen Rudimental 2 times this year. They are amazing live band. So why not? also I can’t say that they are totally electronic band

  51. I said here that Rudimental are available… waiting for the official announcement! 😀

  52. It’s official! So we have a big name on mid-day, on the Mainstage, as last year (Imagine Dragons in 2014, Rudimental in 2015). 😉

  53. preparing for the influx of “OMG MORE ELECTRONIC MUSIC BOO”

    raw unadulterated ignorance. let’s preface all you morons with this: rudimental is a collection of 8 musicians (?, maybe more, maybe a few less), a large scale live band. I caught 10 minutes of their set once and they were an amazing band.

    they play DJ sets, but this appears to be a live set as it’s a late afternoon slot on a main stage. A DJ set would feel out of place. So can everyone take a moment before freaking out? Give Rudimenal a chance, they’re great and honestly 100 times better than anything I could have expected for a 5:45 slot. They headline and sub headline festivals all over the world! Sziget hooked us up, and in my opinion have somewhat regained my respect. Anyone who is of the opinion that this is a bad booking has very outdated or poor taste in music, with all due respect.

  54. They played the other stage but headlined it…not a big fan but happy to see them live. Bigger than we thought.

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