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Early-Bird Prices and Other Numbers at Sziget (2019)

Not long after the festival revealed its first major name – Ed Sheeran – for Sziget 2019, the early-bird prices for next year’s festival passes were also revealed.

Early-Bird Passes

The “Full Week” 7-Day pass now costs €299, covering the first-day performance of the redhead Game of Thrones alum and pretty much everything else offered by the event, and will grow to €339 eventually. And for the first time, there are payment plans in place for seven-day passes – you can pay them over five months (€72 per month), 4 months (€93 per month) and 3 months (€125 per month), apparently to cater to those who want a piece of the Sziget experience but can’t afford to pay the ticket in one lump sum.

There are three types of five-day passes – one that covers Sheeran and the first five days of the event, and two more valid between August 8-12 and 9-13 – that currently cost €259 and will grow to €299.The prices of the day tickets and potential weekend passes are not currently available.

Sziget 2018 by the numbers

In the post-festival press release this year, Kádár Tamás revealed that Sziget has closed this year’s event with a HUF 1.5 billion (over €4.6 million) profit. The number of attendees flocking to this year’s Sziget Festival has exceeded 565,000 but both VOLT and Balaton Sound attracted masses of visitors, and even the company’s Gourmet Festival has contributed to the profit of this year.

Sziget – 2019 and beyond

The prices for Sziget’s 2019 events will grow by a “single-digit” percentage, Kádár told the press. This won’t be the main source of the company’s revenue growth – this will be ensured by the “premium services” available at the festival grounds, like the bungalows and mobile homes that can be rented at the campsite, often at prices that are pretty high.

The good news is, though, that the company also hikes the amount reserved for paying the performers for next year’s event, by around €1.5 million. This will likely have a positive impact on the lineup of Sziget’s 2019 festivals.

At the same time, Kádár revealed that the rumors about Providence, the investment fund that owns Sziget’s majority, will not sell its interest in the company. On the contrary, he said – the company plans to invest in (buy) music festivals similar to Sziget in the coming years.

The company behind Sziget currently has five major properties in Hungary: Sziget (of course), VOLT, Balaton Sound, Gyereksziget (a free festival for children between June 1st and 23rd) and Gourmet Festival, organized in May, along with several others.

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