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Eco-Friendly Camping Accessories For Sziget 2019

Each year, the organizers behind the Sziget Festival focus more and more on the event being as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. So much so, that the last few editions of the event have been fit to be called a “green festival” by none other than the Ministry of Environmental and Water Protection in Hungary. Among the measures introduced by the festival in the last couple of years, we find everything from recycling centres and special containers for cigarette butts to rewards offered for those who deposit PET and aluminium waste and used camping accessories at the reception, among others. But these efforts are all in vain without you, those attending the festival, playing along.

Below, we’ve selected a few festival essentials that may help you turn into a more eco-friendly camper.

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Natural insect repellent

DEET, or diethyltoluamide, is a common ingredient used in insect repelling preparations. It is also an irritant, meaning that it can harm a more sensitive skin and is also known for its toxicity for some species of fish and zooplankton. So, if you want to stay bite-free but still go eco-friendly while at Sziget, choose a DEET-free alternative, like All Terrain’s Herbal Armor DEET-Free Natural Insect Repellent Spray.

This essential oil-based product will help you keep the annoying insects away, won’t damage your clothes, and will also do no harm to your sensitive skin.

Natural Sunscreen

When it comes to summer festivals, sunscreen is a mask – after all, a flaking skin is not very attractive, and sunburn is not the most pleasant memory to take home from such an event. But sunscreen has been shown to have a negative effect on the environment – certain variants produce hydrogen peroxide when exposed to UV light, known to damage phytoplankton, and the titanium dioxide in many can accumulate in the water.

There are alternatives, to these, too – and one of them is the Green People Organic Sun Lotion SPF30. It is scent free, suitable for those with sensitive skin and rich in natural antioxidants, should you have a sensitive skin.

Solar charger

When going to Sziget, you should have a solar charger at hand for two reasons: to avoid waiting in line at the charging stations and to use renewable energy to charge your gadgets. Solar chargers are available in many shapes and sizes, from a vast variety of manufacturers.


This foldable solar charger is among the best options for festivalgoers because it is foldable, waterproof, it can handle pretty much any type of phone, and it has a pretty friendly price.

Power bank

This one is obvious – after all, you’ll want to charge your gadgets even when the sun doesn’t shine (at night, for example), right? Anker has proven itself to be a reliable and pocket-friendly manufacturer, and its PowerCore 13000 is an affordable, compact, and robust option perfect for carrying around during Sziget 2019.


Another obvious item that should always be there in your tent (or backpack) is a torch to banish the darkness at night. SUAOKI’s Camping Lantern stands out with its small size (it is ultra compact and collapsible) and the fact that it can be charged not only using your solar charger or power bank but by turning a handle, too.


Single-use plastic cutlery is one of the biggest sources of plastic pollution today. One of the best ways to avoid using it (and thus contributing to the big mass of plastic choking our world) is to use your own metal cutlery. But when it comes to festivals, this is not always easy – unless, of course, you have Orblue’s 4-in-1 Camping Utensils in your pocket.

It’s small, compact, and comes with a fork, a knife, a spoon, and a can/beer opener.

Personal hygiene

Here are two items that should be considered a “must-have” for any hiker, traveller or festivalgoer:

  • A compostable toothbrush with a handle made of biodegradable bamboo and bristles made of BPA-free nylon (it comes in a set of four, in different colours)
  • Biodegradable wet wipes to keep clean even when you don’t want to wait in line for a shower

When it rains…

If you are a seasoned Szitizen, you probably know that no edition can be complete without a downpour. And when the rain begins to fall… you’ll want to have these disposable emergency ponchos at hand. They are small, easy to put on, and will protect you from any water coming from above (unless it’s frozen, of course).

If you want to sleep

… but there is simply too much noise for you to be able to drift away, here’s a simple and eco-friendly solution for you: reusable ear plugs. These are guaranteed to keep even the noisiest concert out of your head (they have an NRR28 certified noise reduction rate) and they also come with a practical carrying case.

If you want to party

… and to express your colourful soul in a unique way but keep it temporary (because, you know, reasons) you can do so simply by using this  Temporary Hair Chalk Comb. It’s non-toxic, safe even for kids, and will turn your hair into a colourful mess (in the positive sense of the word, of course) quickly and easily.

What other festival essentials are you taking with you to Sziget 2019?

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