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15 thoughts on “Erik Sumo band @ Sziget 2011

  1. Blues Stage has been added to the offical sziget lineup page.

    Blues Stage

    Blue sPot – Friday, 12. August 2011.
    Blues B.R.Others – Sunday, 14. August 2011.
    Blues Mix Party: Oláh Andor, Gál Csaba Boogie+ mix&drop – From Wednesday To Sunday, 10-14. August 2011.
    Charlie Fabert Blues Band – Saturday, 13. August 2011.
    Ef Zambo Happy Dead Band – Friday, 12. August 2011.
    Fekete Jen? and friends – Thursday, 11. August 2011.
    Full Playback – Thursday, 11. August 2011.
    Gary Moore session: Póka Egon, Alapi, Tonócky, Gazdag Viktor, Büdi Szilárd, Kiru – Wednesday, 10. August 2011.
    Gyo cc and Band – Sunday, 14. August 2011.
    Jambalaja – Saturday, 13. August 2011.
    Joint Ventura V4, Lukasz Gorczyca, Jakub Št?panik – Wednesday, 10. August 2011.
    Kéknyúl Hammond Band and Magyar Bori -Friday, 12. August 2011.
    Mississippi Big Beat – Thursday, 11. August 2011.
    Pély Barna and the Funk Survivors – Sunday, 14. August 2011.
    Psyhomutans – Saturday, 13. August 2011.
    Rockability Best of – Thursday, 11. August 2011.
    Royal Express – Saturday, 13. August 2011.
    Slivovitz World Jazz – Wednesday, 10. August 2011.
    Szakcsi BluesCats – Friday, 12. August 2011.
    The Bluesberry band és Ferenc Muck – Sunday, 14. August 2011.
    Vali Racila – Wednesday, 10. August 2011.

  2. no more cash payments at sziget this year.
    don’t no if i’m happy about that (only electronic cards)

  3. I’m affraid that the 2011 edition is going to have a rather disappointing line-up… I mean it is only 7 weeks untill the kick off of the festival…

  4. Well, it depends, for me, this is the best line-up Sziget has ever made. I am extremely looking forward, almost every band is breathtaking! It will be a mind blowing festival this year!

  5. Is there some news about the replacement act for smash mouth? I agree with peter, but it my first time at sziget. so i will have fun anyway, I’ll just go to the bands I don’t know.

  6. The line-up should be complete now, only 8 weeks left. Still hoping for Q-Tip or The Roots being added though, Sziget should stop ignoring (good) hip hop.

  7. Alex it is not true. British Sea Power will perform on the 12th and Smash Mouth were booked for the 13th… the line-up is FAR NOT COMPLETE! what are you talking about?
    22 bands have been announced for main stage, there are 25 bands on the main stage each year.
    One bigger band is still to be announced for Metal Stage,
    7 bands for A38/WAN2
    Party arena misses one DJ headliner announcement and many other acts
    there will be at least 3 more bands announced for Europe Stage as far as I see…
    many acts are to be announced for meduza stage, and some stages have not yet even been mentioned, so stop this goddamn depressive speech people.
    Plus there should be some kind of a “suprise” this week again…

    Mezzezzo if its your first time at Sziget, you will learn that people that say things like “this year will be a disappointment” did not find the real spirit of the festival, you will have the most amazing time, I am quite sure 😉

    But what I wanted to say is… there are loads of bands to be announced, Sziget has over 1000 performances (not only concerts).

    As far as I see, the only stages that should have a complete line-up so far are the World Music Stage, Roma Stage and Blues Stage.
    Be patient.

  8. … not to mention that we still have no idea about the Day 0. program…

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