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Even more metal: Turisas confirmed for Sziget 2009

Even more good news for metal fans. It seems that the metal announcements were saved for last, let’s hope they keep coming. Turisas, the Finnish Viking Metal Band, an interesting act indeed, are confirmed on their website for this year’s Sziget Festival.They will be at Sziget on Saturday, August 15, according to their official site (thanks, Mellowmaniac & chudo_pahan).

10 thoughts on “Even more metal: Turisas confirmed for Sziget 2009

  1. At least now all the metal-fans should be satisfied regarding this growing number of metal bands.

  2. It would be great to see on Day zero Slipknot or KORN =))) fnd slayer or megadeth or devildriver on rock stage +))))

  3. Slipknot or Korn would be good although I don’t think they’re particularly anti-racism, though I may be wrong.

    Yay for Turisas though

  4. wow i really like the indian jazz idea!

    but why do they keep being shady about the internationals?

    they say the mainstage has international guests..? what do they mean? a visit of nelson mandela and the dalai lama or some awesome mainstage worthy anti racism bands?

  5. @tijn:

    It’s not about being shady – they have just started to contact possible UK bands (as far as the press conference says)…

    The Rock Against Racism day is a collaboration between the Sziget festival, Love Music Hate Racism and the british embassy in Hungary. Love Music Hate Racism are taking care of finding UK bands to play at Sziget (on their last UK festival bands played like Pete Doherty, Reverend & The Maker, Kelly Rowland, The Beautiful South, Kano, Jerry Dammers) and the embassy will finance a part of it all! I guess chances are pretty high that Get Cape Wear Cape Fly will play because he is one of the organizers of LMHR, but everyone else is pretty open right now…

  6. @mellowmaniac

    yeah i know but still the earlier RAR events don’t prove anything

    i think they should come up with something concrete soon..i’m sorry i’m just psyched:p

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