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EVO-K and Dansor at Sziget 2014

Two more names for Sziget 2014 in the DJ department.

Dansor and EVO-K will be playing Sziget 2014, according to their Facebook page and, respectively, website.

Dansor will be playing Sziget August 12, according to her Facebook page.

As for EVO-K, she lists the Island of Freedom in Budapest and 11 August on her website. We know what that island is!


43 thoughts on “EVO-K and Dansor at Sziget 2014

  1. Sziget Italia facebook page said next week they’ll announce a few Italian bands playing on the Europe Stage

  2. Hello.
    I have a friend who can’t come to the festival but already bought his ticket. is it possible to change names for another friend who hasn’t bought his yet?
    It’s very important :/ thank you very much.

  3. I think Sziget Italia plans to announce Italian bands not very famous worldwide and suitable for the Europe stage. The Bloody Beetroots are meant to be an international act and they would play on the Main Stage or A38 🙂

    PS. The Bloody Beetroots are confirmed for Pukkelpop (14-16th Aug) so they could easily come to Sziget, let’s hope!

  4. Thank you jason 😉 I don’t see the difference between register to another name and transfer… what is it?
    Anyway, I sent them a message, let’s hope for a good end.
    And waiting for new names…

  5. The “not transferable” means you can not pass the physical ticket to another person.

    You will have to contact them and they will probably cancel the one not needed and re-issue a new ticket in the new persons name.

    This is my understanding from previous years posts on a different Forum.

  6. Thank you jason, I hope it’s still possible 🙂
    Do you think these bands are bookable? Kodaline, Matisyahu, The Royal Concept, Flume and Asaf Avidan? 😀

  7. Great!!! I’m sure it’s good names to make people buy the discounted tickets ^^
    John Doeeeeeee!

  8. Sziget Italia wrote “new names with cool surprises ;)” Dont know what to expext…maybe the last massive headliner?

  9. If Blink 182 is announced, it will be an amazing line up !! Please John Doe give us some clues !

  10. Italian names:Aucan, Salmo, Diodato, Rumatera. Caparezza, Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino already announced…good stuff

  11. New names: Blink-182! Cee Loo Green! Jimmy Eat World! CASPER! A Day To Remember! Fedde Le Grand!

  12. Blink-QOTSA-Placebo-Macklemore-Outkast-The Prodigy-Calvin Harris.

    That’s 7 right?

    Can I still hope (0.00001%) for The Killers?

  13. OutKast play the 17th before Calvin Harris, so we still miss an headliner the 15th (if it’s not Skrillex)

  14. Oooh great! But if it’s not Skrillex that mean that Skrillex would be playing daytime (he’s main stage). Would that be possible?

  15. You’re right, the right order is:
    -QOTSA, Deadmau5
    -?, Skrillex
    -Outcast, Calvin

  16. yes, so if skrillex plays after macklemore or placebo means one of these two names will play at 19.30.

    Anyway Aug 13th is the only day Jimmy Eat The world can play

  17. Great! Imagine Dragons+Placebo+Jimmy the same day… i’ll be in front of the main stage the whole time!

    Btw on the website the non-musical program is shaping up and seems exciting 🙂

    49% so far! Amazing1

  18. “Non sul Main Stage si esibiranno Jimmy Eat World!”
    According to the Sziget Italia Fb Page

  19. Is Day 0 a bit overfulll isn’t it? Too many punk/rock bands there. Wish they mix a bit more bands and artists! Other days seem to be only indie/electro…

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