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Exodus re-record classic album

Gary Holt, songwriter and lead guitarist of EXODUS: “After many years in the planning and discussion stage, we have finally completed the re-recording of “Bonded By Blood.” We have decided to call it “Let There Be Blood” and it is our way of paying homage to Paul Baloff by showing how relevant these songs we had written together still are. We aren’t trying to replace the original, that’s impossible anyway. We are just giving these songs the benefit of modern production. It’s something we talked about before Paul’s death and it’s always been important to us to do. We were super excited about entering the studio once again to record these classics, and now it’s back to writing the next studio record!”

The album is a tribute to Paul Ballott, the band’s original vocalist, who died in 2002.

American thrash legends Exodus will play Sziget on August 17th, starting at 20:00 hours, at the Hammerworld Stage.

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