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Faith No More headlining Volt Festival

Good news for those of you going to Volt Festival, not the best news for those hoping for Faith No More at Sziget 2012.

Faith No More will be headlining Volt Festival. Joining them in today’s lineup announcement for Volt is Caspa, Camo & Crooker, as well as Toddla T.

Since acts are rarely shared between the two festivals, we can probably cross these off the speculation list.

Read the full announcement here.

81 thoughts on “Faith No More headlining Volt Festival

  1. 🙁 saw faith no more and then headliner got all excited and then read volt haha the volt line up at the moment is looking more exciting than sziget :/

  2. I’m actually happy, because they just were in Sziget, so we have a chance to see other great bands instead:)

  3. Last year 30 sec to mars was also headlining both festivals (Volt & Sziget), so there’s still a little bit of hope left… Faith no more would be a perfect headliner for Sziget’s metalstage!!!! Or main!!!

  4. Last year 30STM came as a last minute addition, because the whole headliner thing went crazy after Amy Winhouse’s cancelation. They announced them after VOLT took place (whicht is too late usually).

  5. hey mellowmaniac, i see that you seem to know everything, so do you maybe know if there’s a chance for kasabian @ sziget this year? 🙂

  6. @brusbrus: I just can make the assumption that it’s not very likely that they’ll be back, because the performed at Sziget in 2010 and 2011 and three years in a row would be a record for an international band! 😉

  7. Oh, I didn’t know they performed in 2010… Too bad.
    But thanks for the reply! 🙂

  8. In the case Kasabian would come to Sziget again, I think they would share the record with Danko Jones (2008, 2009 and 2010) and Leningrad (2006, 2007, 2008). 😉

  9. @Rascal: you’re right, but bigger mainstageacts usualy don’t play that often. Many people were annoyed by bands like The Killers and 30 Seconds To Mars performing twice in a row on mainstage. But I wouldn’t say that there is no chance for Kasabian – it’s just not that big!

  10. Noooooooo!!! We NEED FNM at Sziget!! What do i care that they also play Volt! FNM @ Sziget!!!! Come on 20 year anniversary needs a brilliant band that is as old as Sziget!

  11. Yeah come on why all the volt news?
    Something about Sziget please.
    FNM were one of the best headliners at Sziget in recent years and more deserving of a repeat performance than some of the other bands. Placebo were dull the very same year and yet here they come again back to bore us all to death…
    My initial thought at seeing FNM’s name mentioned was excitement followed by disappointment.

  12. Volt news is just so we can exclude acts off the speculation list (since they rarely end up playing Sziget, too). You can be sure that we’ll post Sziget-related stuff the second we have it.

  13. Would’ve liked to see FNM, kinda gettin impatient for the next big announcement, a headliner hasnt been released in almost 2 months! 🙁

  14. Sziget Festival Official wrote on Facebook: daily schedule and infos on the next week.

  15. Ok I hope for Metal bands (limp bizkit, Sepultura) or more electro bands (atari teenage riot, the subs).

    Every years, we are punk rock bands so we can hope Rancid, Antiflag or Sum 41

  16. Anti Flag would be cool, plus theyre touring on a new album (i think; I think we can expect perhaps the cure or foos perhaps.
    Although I think its pointless speculating .. It’s all so unpredictable ie LMFAO and KORN haha..

  17. Please Sziget! Give us new names! It’s taking 2 long now!!! And with names i mean real names! Headliners, metalstage names, A38 stage names, meduza names, MR2 stage names!!!! Come on!!!

  18. I Know a lot of names are al ready confirmed. But still I think it is really disappointing. I’m acutely glad, that I wont be visiting sziget this year. For a 20 year celebration, I expected far better names than yet announced. If you take a look around, which bands are touring through europe this year. It is even more disappointing.

  19. I think it’ll be interesting to read back over peoples comments and opinions when the full line up is announced ..

  20. People generally want huge headliners. Sziget organization told us, to justify the price increasement, that this year they would have given us the best lineup ever. For now they gave us 3 headliners as Stone Roses, Placebo and Korn while groups like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, The Cure, Pearl Jam, Green Day will be touring in Europe.
    Frankly I’m a little disappointed but I will be back to Sziget for sure, but I understand those who don’t want to come for the weak lineup.

  21. Now we’re talking, the inclusion of Pearl Jam – a band of real stature – could change many perceptions of the current line up! Green Day wouldn’t be bad either 😉

  22. If Pearl Jam, The Cure or Foo’s are announced next, regardless of the other bands announced, its understandable that peoples perceptions of the festival will change.
    But yeah, lets hope for PJ

  23. Think were due an announcement this week by the look of it :
    ‘terveink szerint jöv? héten felkerül a napi bontás, új hírekkel is jövünk, hozza majd a nyuszi! :)’ .. can someone translate that, it was said by sziget official but i can’t figure it out online!

  24. Google Translate:))))

    According to future plans? week is added to the daily demolition, new news is come, will bring the bunny!

  25. I think that new confirmations will come this week with the day repartition!!

    We can expect one or maybe two headliners and some names for the Party Arena and Metal Stage!!

  26. Just to heat up the discussion: how about Lady Gaga as Sziget headliner.!?

    Pro-Lady-Gaga@Sziget: First European show on 14.08. in Bulgaria, second European show on 16.08. in Rumania, no show in Hungary and at least one offday between shows – would fit perfectly in the schedule.

    Contra-Lady-Gaga@Sziget: most shows are arena or stadium shows (too expensive), she has a special stage which couldn’t be set up at Sziget and she hasn’t confirmed a single festival show in Europe.

  27. Think Lady Gaga is unlikely not only due to what you said about where she plays and the requirements, but the organisers aren’t stupid or out of touch, they know what people want and I’m assuming for a rock festival Lady Gaga headlining would be seen as a huge disappointment by many. I think a much worthier speculation would be that of Foo Fighters who are playing Pukklepop on the 18th August and shows at Reading/Leeds festival. Furthermore, Sziget tried to book them last year but couldn’t and I think that this year its extremely likely. Also, Pearl Jam look extremely unlikely, they’ve tour dates up until July 10th, the Eddie Vedder is on a solo tour til August 3rd.

  28. @Andy: Foo Fighters, The Cure and The Killers are still the most realistic headliner speculations.

    Pearl Jam are out of the question, because they stated that they already have announced all European dates – and Sziget isn’t mentioned.

    Lady Gaga is pretty unlikely, but I don’t agree that she wouldn’t fit Sziget. Sziget isn’t a rock festival it’s a more or less mainstreamfestival with music from rock/pop – indie – metal – worldmusic to electro and many people would have an amazing party while Lady Gaga performs.

    But you are certainly right: many people would complain – as they ALWAYS do, when a headliner is announced! 😉

  29. @mellowmaniac, yeah i mean i wouldn’t be totally peeved, she’d put on a good show I guess, but that’s not the kinda act id look forward to see.
    I think Foo’s are v likely, if the organisers have been paying attention its all everyone’s on about for Sziget and numerous other festivals. It would be criminal to spend so much money on Gaga when they could’ve booked the Foo’s.
    I’m also guessin for a new announcment this Wed/Thurs, personally, i think the lineup is good anyway just needs a killer act/headliner to please the masses.

  30. Ooooh, @Crazyfrog, now thats what id like to see! In fact it makes complete sense for an earlier day perhaps the 9th/10th.

  31. hyves are allright but no headline material… crossin my fingers for foos and maybe mars volta???

  32. @Andy says:
    April 8, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    I agree 100%!

    And Mars Volta would be an amazing metalstage headliner.
    The Hives would be cool.
    But I keep thinking about the fact that in the last years, Sziget always had one or two dance/electro headliners. I miss them in the rumors this year. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that we should look at the possible dance/electro headliners.

  33. I forgot this part, but it’s worth mentioning.
    Public Enemy will be in Europe for a long time. They have dates in July and 22/23 August they will play in the Netherlands. I don’t think that they will return to the USA in the meantime.

  34. I’ve always thought of FatBoySlim as a possibility, also, Justice is another possibility. The XX are kinda danceish but theyre on the 10th, does nayone know when the next announcement may be?
    I know the sziget official on facebook suggested it’d be soon, but who knows ..

  35. sziget official on facebook said that they will reveal new infos next week (“extra surprises” – some special price discount etc) but they dont know yet when new names come. (previously they said that they can confirm new bands only when there is an agreement with them, and sziget’s aim is not to keep quiet about bands/headliners…)

  36. i think for dance/pop headliner will be Scissor Sisters. but i would like to see Jamiroquai (they have dates in Japan next weekend, so why not sziget?). and Bloc Party with Editors are touring too, it would be amazing to have them in lineup too

  37. @Crazyfrog – The only surprise to people may be Bloc Party and Florence and co.
    That line-up seems to have compromised the quality of smaller acts for the larger ones by the looks of it!

  38. For a Dance/electro headliner what do you think about Daft punk or justice. I think it’s possible because few month ago, the organisation told that a big french band will come

  39. Justice, maybe, probably likely in fact.
    Daft Punk, no chance really, theyre reforming but not touring til next year from what Ive gathered..
    Fatboy slim is another maybe i think ..

  40. @fifi, the last Daft Punk Tour was in 2007 so it is impossible to see them!
    Justice is unlikely as well : on a US/Canadian tour at the beginning of august

  41. @crazyfrog yeah just looked at tour dates and they would have to maneuver alot to get around.
    I think FatBoy Slim is a poss, he hasn’t many tour dates announced but in July they’re playing Belgium and prior to that are in and around Europe.
    Just wish they would hurry with another annoucnement

  42. The Hives, Daypark, Bush, Hot Chip, The Dandy Warhols, Miike Snow, The Drums, Dry the River, The Maccabees, Wallis Bird, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Bob Mould, Niki & The Dove, Ane Brun, Lissie, Alt J, Feed Me en Kill the Noize for frequency festival… Names that also could be performing at sziget. Placebo, Korn, XX, Glasvegas, Magnetic Man are also on frequency… Ring a bell???

  43. a lot of good names in this announcement…a lot of names I would like to see at sziget!

  44. @dreher: i hope that this is an old page…Snow Patrol is very overrated… The cribs and dandy warhols and wallis bird and the drums and dry the river would be very nice!!!!

  45. @klompje: I guess it’s a new page. They are talking about new record and Q awards which was on October 2011. I checked it with Google translate. 😉

  46. Justice sucks. Their second album is joke. They can be at party arena, but not at main srage. Fatboy slim isn’t something special too. It would be nice to have at party or a38 bands like miike snow, azari & iii or hercules & love affair. They can make audience mad. Steed lord are amazing too, but not sure if organisers know about them 😀 we need The Killers and Bloc Party. About cure or foo fighters i think tey’re possible for 0 day..

  47. …they will be on August 11 there. I, think, they will have at Sziget last headliner’s slot on August 12.

  48. @Crazfrog: Akos will be the headliner of the mainstage programm, but there is a very good chance that there will be an international program on some of the other stages!

  49. Ive not seen many people suggest the possibility of Madness playing.
    They’re touring Europe at the same time as Sziget and are in Belfast on the 17th August. Just a thought maybe ..

  50. @Sateth, Birdy Nam Nam is not such a big name.
    The only French international band that could come to Sziget : Justice.
    Big suggestion: Manu Chao who is also on tour in Europe

  51. Not many have considered the following bands from what Ive seen
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers -(Headlining at Isle of White)
    Happy Mondays
    Biffy Clyro
    Band of Skulls
    Enter Shikari
    The Shins
    Kaiser Chiefs
    .. Wouldnt surprise me to see a few of them bands there this year especially Kaiser Chiefs!

  52. Enter shikari is at VOLT festival.. so little chance they will perform at Sziget 🙁

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