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Faithless on the 11th, Besh O Drom confirmed

The official French Sziget MySpace site features some interesting information today, in terms of programmation. First of all, Faithless is confirmed to play on the 11th, and some more acts playing dates (mostly World Music Main Stage ones) are now confirmed there. (thanks, Mellowmaniac)

Second of all, Besh O Drom are also mentioned as playing Sziget Festival 2010 on August 12.

All this information is reflected on our Sziget 2010 lineup page.

17 thoughts on “Faithless on the 11th, Besh O Drom confirmed

  1. 1. According to the official myspace page of Lyapis Trubetskoy they will play on Main Stage on August 13.

    2. According to the official myspace page of GWAR and The Toy Dolls they will play on August 11

    3. I found the information that English singer-songwriter Charlie Winston will play at Sziget Festival.
    but i can not find the official info.

  2. @chudo_pahan: Modified, thanks a lot! 😉 Yeah, now we’ve seen that too. Must have been a mistake.

  3. My hope for Wolfmother on Sziget 2010 is almost gone.. They are playin’ on Lollapalooza in Chicago from 6-8 august.

    So…the chance is small that they’ll return from America to Europe for Sziget I think..sigh..ah well, I’ll just have to wait for some other big names!!

  4. Yes, we saw it too. Let’s see if it gets added to his MySpace or site. Or somewhere else.

  5. I think that the story with Charlie Winston is true … he´s part of EU talent exchange service .. like the White Lies and Birdy Nam Nam last year ..

    To the rest of the line up:
    I´m really (positive) surprised that bad religion and other bigger names playing in tents. It will be hot and wet in there .. but that´s great.

    When the date and stage listenings above are true , than there are some days with a complete line up now.

    for example (4 bands on main stage/each day)
    Main Stage 11.08. Faithless, The Hives, Gwar, The Toy Dolls

    Another fact is … if billy talent and ska-p will also play on the main stage, that there are only 5 free slots to book.

  6. @ mussi:
    Last year there were 5 acts a day at the main stage.
    So that means that there are 10 free slots left on the main stage, not 5.. 😉

  7. @Mussi: let’s hope it’s confirmed one way or the other, then.
    @approx: the more, the better 🙂

  8. possibilities (they have nearby gigs):

    – Blood Red Shoes
    – LCD Soundsystem
    – Iggy & The Stooges
    – The XX
    – La Roux

  9. and 30 SECONDS TO MARS are near as well (frequency) with Portugal. The Man, Hot Chip, Skunk Anansie, White Lies, Delphic, Pola Riot and many more!
    and I think they are veeery possible, cos these are also listed there: Muse, The Cribs, Bad Religion, The Specials, Billy Talent and they are coming to Sziget!

  10. Oh yes, you’re right. We read the first tweet in a hurry and thought they were talking about the UK dates. Well, happy times for a lot of people :))

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