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Fanfara Transilvania and Winston McAnuff self-confirmed

Just like every year, the self-confirmed acts for Sziget 2014 start coming out way.

This time the list of self-confirmations starts with Fanfara Transilvania, most certainly for the World Music Main Stage. They’ve self-confirmed their presence on the official Facebook page. According to the quoted source, they will be playing Sziget 2014 on Sunday, August 17.

The second self-confirmed name is Winston McAnuff, a Jamaican reggae singer also known under the stage name Electric Dread. Facebook is also the source of this self-confirmation and the date is said to be August 17, too.

(Thanks go to SkaPanda!)

15 thoughts on “Fanfara Transilvania and Winston McAnuff self-confirmed

  1. ilbert dude, it’s your problem that you only know prodigy and the kinda. Brand New is like the best thing since 2003. 311 and Braid are legendary and so on. That’s the problem with Sziget visitors that they are blind, not open for anything new, about 5 years behind of the world. Keep listening to placebo and stuff.

    Archer i know it’s the US, all I was saying that this festival must be so much cheaper on the band side for the organisers and still ages better that I could ever hope for Sziget.

  2. @Art
    I agree with you on the subject ..
    i want a couple of old bands but mainly fresh acts .
    Sziget for me is mostly recreation and a nice way to celebrate that the summer has come to an end
    I think Roskilde Festival has fresh acts every year so i bought tickets that! 🙂
    Roskilde (dk)
    Siesta (swe)
    Woodstock (pl)
    Sziget (hu)
    …that’s my summer plans so far

  3. Art, you are totally right! Sziget should book Brand New, Circa Survive, The Hold Steady, 311, Justin Moore, David Nail, Say Anything, The Front Bottoms, Braid, Flobots, OPM, Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band, So So Glos, You Blew It, Seaheaven, Dinosaur Pile Up and Radical Something! Then Sziget will get at least half a million happy visitors and nobody will be complaining! And all of these visitors are superior to everybody listening to Placebo!

    No, I agree with ilbert, you must get some help. Not because they are 15 no-name bands, which some of them certainly aren’t, but rather because you are calling almost 400,000 Szitizens blind, not open for anything new and about five years behind of the world. It’s one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve read on this website in more than five years.

    Not open for anything new: in previous years both me, my friends and many of the people I’ve met at Sziget have discovered and enjoyed many bands at Sziget. Some of them were in musical genres I didn’t even know they existed before I went to Sziget for the first time. I’m hoping to discover many more bands at Sziget and I’m sure many others hope for that too. Not being open for something new certainly is not the case for most of the Szitizens I know.

    About five years behind of the world: are you telling me you knew Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Bastille, Jake Bugg, Stromae, Darkside and Starlight Girls five years ago? Bastille won the BRIT Award for best breakthrough act yesterday, Jake Bugg won the same award last year and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won the Grammy for Best New Artist earlier this year. The world has only just discovered them. Of course you may not like them or prefer other acts, but that does not make people that like these acts about five years behind of the world.

    Blind: if you don’t see Brand New, 311 and Braid are much less well-known than most acts at Sziget, it looks more like you are blind. Of course you may prefer to see bands like Brand New, 311 and Braid at Sziget, but that does not make people that don’t know these bands blind.

    Besides that I don’t think ilbert has a problem if he doesn’t know any of the bands. If you don’t like that someone doesn’t know a band you think is like the best thing since 2003, that’s rather your problem than his.

    People thinking their taste in music is better than anyone else’s, I hate that pedantic attitude! I’m glad all Szitizens I know are not like that.

  4. First, 400k visitors is invalid as they recount the camping ticket holders every day.
    2nd, that’s already bad that you have time to discover (meaning there is nothing good on, so you just wander around and find something to pass the time) new bands. A good festival should be about you have make decisions of what you can or can’t see because they clash and like at sziget that you need to use glasses to find that one good band of the day.
    3rd im sorry if im offensive at times, but im just tired of being hungarian, there this festival that considered one of the best and they can never deliver… I have hopes every year and always bigger letdown than the last year.

  5. Also when does grammy or any awards meant good music??
    Its more like companies push their crap to sell more. Its the industry. So yeah luckily i havent heard about these 5 years ago, but trust me we won’t hear anything about them in 2…
    Thw bands are i posted are consist bands, releasing quality albums without being pushed by mainstream media so yeah, quality nver equals awards…

  6. I am from hungary and been to sziget 5-6 times. Worst festival experie ever. And maybe its my disadvantage, but i need bands not sziget feeling..

  7. I must disagree – Sziget is very good:) Have been in Roskilde 2003-2007 and Sziget 2008-2012, rock werchter 2013. Sziget atmosphere is the best:) not to mention good food, climate and drinks.

  8. Being known that “Sziget spirit” is great, it’s a fact that last years sziget line up has had less rock and indie bands. I suppose it’s a matter of money (rather than opening to new genres of music), and organizers try to do their best, but I really miss more rock and indie bands, like in the early years…

    I know it depends on which bands are on tour each summer, but looking at werchter’s line up (a month before sziget), I think there are no excuses this year to ask for good non-tooexpensive bands like foster the people, dropkick murphys, the wombats, the strypes, mgmt,…

    franz ferdinand, pixies, the black keys, arctic monkeys, pearl jam and metallica are playing in werchter too, but I suppose that would be too much to ask… 🙁

    anyway, I’m counting the days till august yet, because I know that the experience will be great, as always!! (even if ska-p comes again, it’s always a really funny gig!)

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