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Festival memories

Our reader Jane sent us her impressions of this year’s Sziget Festival.

“I had a BRILLIANT time at Sziget 2008.! Even though I had my camera stolen while I was trying to get close to the stage with balloon flowers for The Kooks!
I will definately be going again next year. If anyone has any pictures of my balloon flowers I would love to see them.
Thanks so much all at Sziget!!!!!”

3 thoughts on “Festival memories

  1. what a load of rubbish!!!pendulum and carl cox cancelling, justice playin at 12 pm, campsites un-safe and the mood at this years festival was nothing on previous years..yes maiden rocked and REM suprised but seriously the organisers have to take a long hard look at improving next years line-up..apparently 5 days meant a stronger line-up…not convinced at all…wont be telling any stories of praise upon returning home

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