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First name soon, Sziget Italia says

UPDATE: The Italian Sziget office wrote us an email saying that the comment was not actually posting anything, just chating with one of Sziget’s avid fans about her decision on coming to Sziget this year or not. They are also hoping for an early announcement, just like all Sziget fans, but they do not know anything about it yet.

The first official name for Sziget Festival 2013 should be announced soon.

At least according to a reply from the administrator of the Sziget Italia Facebook page to a question by a fan.

The answer was “we’ll give you a name soon”, as you can see in the screenshot below.’

We’ll most certainly be watching.

And we’re really curious to see if the suggestions fans have been asked to make on Facebook, that we kept writing about, are taken into account.

(our thanks go to bender)

sziget italia name soon

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