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Gogol Bordello, Enter Shikari & more at Sziget 2015

Gogol Bordello and Enter Shikari are part of the latest Sziget 2015 announcement.

As promised, the organizers have released a new bunch of names for Sziget 2015. Here’s the list:

Gogol Bordello

Martin Garrix

Ting Tings


Ella Eyre

Milky Chance


Enter Shikari

Tyler The Creator

Jaguar Skills

What do you think of the announcement? Who are you looking forward to?

30 thoughts on “Gogol Bordello, Enter Shikari & more at Sziget 2015

  1. This is the complete list:
    -Main: Gogol Bordello, Martin Garrix
    -A38: The Ting Tings, Enter Shikari, Passenger, Infected Mushroom, Jungle, Ella Eyre, Camo & Crooked, Kensington, Milky Chance, Tyler the Creator, High Contrast, Jett Rebel, Fred V & Grafix, Danny Byrd and Dynamite MC, Gramatik
    -Arena: W&W, Sander Van Doorn, Bassjackers, Jaguar Skills, Julian Jordan, Sidney Samson
    -World Stage: Goran Bregovic and the Wedding and Funeral Band, Che Sudaka, Leningrad, Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, Mariza
    -Colosseum: Dixon, Gui Boratto, Michael Mayer, Marcell Dettman, My Favorite Robot, Apollonia

  2. Thanks SzigetNews and Bender!

    As said before: yes, the end show is disappointing but it’s not about the names at Sziget. Look at the other bands: Enter Shikari, Infected Mushrooms, Gogol Bordello… great bands live!
    On these 28 announced acts, only 2 are on the main stage… with Florence, Robbie and Alt-J that’s 5/28 only. We still have a lot of names to come, it’s not time to panic. TBH, i’m quite happy with these bands (and i’m listening to the ones I don’t know!).

    But I hope we will have big names on the next one 😉

  3. small announcement with small good names: The Ting Tings, Passenger, Jungle, Ella Eyre, Kensington, Milky Chance

  4. for everyone complaining about no rock/punk/metal, sziget official facebook page commented on one of their own posts addressing your concerns. they said that today’s announcement would not satisfy any rock/punk/metal cravings, but it will be worth the wait for the names. i dont think we have anything to worry about… less than 20% of the total lineup has been announced, and less than 20% of the mainstage has been released (only 5 out of a possible 28 names so far). plus much much more for party arena and the tent. it’ll be okay!!

  5. The Offspring, the Gaslight Anthem and Flogging Molly juste announced for Chiemsee Summer (19-23.08, GER). They could be part of the next annoucement. Any chances to have a very big headliner like Muse or something like that this year?
    What do you think?

  6. Looks like nobody huge is around in Europe in August (except Linkin Park but nothing is official). I think that Offspring are a possible headliner (or a pre-dj headliner like QOTSA, Placebo or OutKast last year). In 2009 they sub headlined Faith No More, but with no big bands around I can’t see them sub headlining.

  7. They would be the perfect sub for Linkin Park!
    Mumford and Sons are in Europe in june and august (reading) so we don’t know; Kings of Leon are yet to announce a tour.

    We also have some strong sub as you said who could play before a DJ like Beck.

    I still have a little hope for Coldplay though…

    Wait and see but i’m not pessimistic at all 😀

  8. I’d say that it’s likely because last year they did Europe in june-july and USA in august; this year they have announed a june-US tour. They could be the headliner for Rock’n Heim or this new festival they’ve talked about on the forum (Rock im JHQ, same week-end.

    I would be disappointed if IN THE END they don’t come.

  9. He did tell us about The Ting Tings 😉

    Carlize is definitely a fake as well as all the other ones!

  10. Linkin Park and System of a down headlining a fest’ in Canada in june (with more good bands). It’s a long shot but still…

  11. System of a Down will never play Sziget, or in Hungary. They are somehow politically mad on Hungary, about a past killing or something. I know that Sziget wrote one time that SOAD’s managers said they won’t play in Hungary. Too bad.

  12. – 07.01: Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators (US)
    – 07.02: Ignite (US), Wilkinson (UK), Bastille (UK)
    – 07.03: David Guetta (F)
    – 07.04: Fatboy Slim (UK), Nouvelle Vague (official) (F)

    Have been announced for VOLT! No Guetta, that’s a good news!

  13. Yes but it’s very rare that both festivals share names, even less for big names. Slash would have been nice yeah (as well as SOAD, thanks Nevertheless for the info!)

  14. Frequency festival announcement tomorrow! Usually Sziget and Frequency share a lot of names (headliners and smaller bands/dj’s). And Pukkelpop/Rock’n’Heim haven’t annouced anything yet… There is still a chance to have some good names to come.

  15. When does the line up poster normally get released as this may give us an indication of when some larger bands will be announced.

  16. I didn’t consider that by selling all the daily tickets for day -1 they’re gonna earn 1.500.000€. Now it makes sense.

  17. If they sell all the tickets for day -1, and that article is correct in saying that they’re attempting to push 90,000 people per day, then their sales from day -1 will total around 5,400,000 euros (if day tickets are 60 euro each). Considering day -1 usually has a very underwhelming line-up, I’d say booking Robbie was an extremely smart move in a business sense… they’ll use the earnings he brought in to bring acts they otherwise couldn’t afford later in the week (even considering they may be paying him 1.5 million euros).

  18. There are only 25.000 day tickets for day -1, the rest of the places are for the weekly ticket holders, so it’s not 5,4M. And don’t forget taxes too, which takes up about one third of the revenue. But still, it is a very good business, and they can use the revenue to book better acts

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