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Happy New Year from /

We decided to go away from the party for a few moments and wish you a very happy 2010, with everything you want and, of course, a very exciting Sziget Festival.

Lots of new things happening here these days, as you can all see (we’re planning on keeping them coming). Apart from announcing a very possible performance by Blink 182 this year, Sziget News can also be accesed now by simply typing in your web browser. We thought that would make things easier for you guys.

We also have a Twitter account – we invite you to join us so you can keep up with everything Sziget News – related. It’s

Even more, you can become a Sziget News fan on Facebook, too. This is the Sziget News Facebook page – Join us and become a fan!

That’s it for 2009. Have a great 2010!

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